Majuba 15


What is it about modern women that makes them so daring? I have no problem with freedom and independence but here was a woman talking about sleeping with me in front of her boyfriend or husband. I don’t want to be seen as oppressing female rights but even as a man if I was sitting with my wife and secretly telling another woman the things I would like to do to her that would be wrong on so many levels. This was crossing a line.

“Baby why do you always want to hear what we talk about?”

His woman asked him.

“I was not asking you, I was asking him what you said.”

He said curtly. Was he suspecting something? I don’t need this huge man suspecting something going on between me and his wife.

“I was not listening. I didn’t think they would be talking about us. With my wife when she is with her sister I just choose not to pay attention!”

I told him trying to look busy on his computer. It was not even a big problem with it.

“I think I would like to put my hands inside his pants, maybe give him a good tug you know!”

The friend said and they laughed. I was so uncomfortable to the point that I wanted to leave.

“What is wrong you seem nervous?”

He spoke again. I was visibly sweating I won’t lie because of what they were saying.

“I am fine. You computer is fixed!”

I told him standing up as soon as I was done.

“Oh brilliant! How much do I owe you?”

He asked me.

“We are neighbours. We look out for each other so you owe me nothing!”

I told him already walking myself to the door. I did not want to linger unnecessarily longer here with these crazy women.

“Thank you very much brother. I knew you were a good guy the moment I asked you!”

He said. He walked me to the door and then I left. I am sure my Londy was done bathing by now so I now had to confront her. This is the problem with postponing a fight because it means that when you get home you still had to go through with it. The talk was brief and when Nobuhle came to invite us for drinks at their place I got the surprise of my life when Londiwe said she wanted to go.

“Are you seriously saying we must go to a party there?”

I asked her. She looked excited about it.

“I don’t see the problem, you are coming from there and I see why. She looked very nice!”

My wife said cheekily. She was now insinuating that I had gone there because of the ladies. What she did not know was that it was those ladies that made me not want to go there in the first place.

“I can’t believe you. I thought you said we are not fighting anymore. Is this really what we must do every night?”

I asked her. She looked confused by what I had said.

“I was teasing Vusi. Come on

“I don’t think you want to go to a party there. These people are not our friends!”

I warned her.

“Love we are already fighting. We have had a bad day and if we sit in the house and just look at each other we are going to get onto each other’s nerves!”

Londy said already at the door.

“Nobuhle called you Sister Bettina have you forgotten that?”

I reminded her. That had hurt her I recall and maybe will drive sense into her.

“So you remember her name! I thought you said you don’t know it!”

She said. I had never actually mentioned her name out loud not because I had something to hide but she was irrelevant. I stood there for a moment and she said,

“Dude are you coming?”

By the way it sounded it felt as though she was the one who had been invited not me. Amazing really.

“Hey guys!”

My wife said cheerfully as we entered. This had to be the most awkward thing ever. My wife hated this man and she had told me several times. She hated him because she called him abusive so what were we doing here.

“Hi neighbour! Finally we meet in person in better circumstances!”

Nobuhle said as soon as we walked in. I thought Londiwe was going to act funny but when is coming to pretending there are women who take the cake and my wife was one of them. She could pretend to like someone with such perfection even I would end up like that person.

‘I am glad too, this thing of passing each other in the corridor does not really work when you are neighbors!”

My wife said politely. Everyone was introduced and I got the other womans name was Mbali. I went to sit next to the big guy who was more fascinated with his computer now that it was working than us.

“So you know I.T. Like that gigabyte woman?”

He said and everyone laughed. I did not get the joke.

“What woman?”

I asked them. Nobuhle in her short shorts and crop top then said,

“Come on dude you not staying under a rock, everyone knows the story of the ministers wife!”

I honestly didn’t know what she was talking about and being told that I don’t know by this dumb looking woman actually hurt a bit.

“Never mind her! You going to be late tomorrow again!”

Her boyfriend warned her.

“I will not be late. I have been drinking water for a while now Mbali and now Londiwe are the ones drinking.”

Nobuhle said. I was tempted to ask her were she worked. Dressed like that probably in a club somewhere. I did not ask however because did not want Londiwe thinking I took too much interest.

“I don’t understand this woman. I take care of her. I want to be like you, you go to work, make all the money and bring it all back for her to spend. This one wants to work and then still come spend my money!”

We all laughed at the same time. It was funny and with his accent it made it even funnier.

“I told you I cannot be a housewife. I enjoy partying yes baby but that does not mean I have a head.”

She explained. I could see the shock on Londiwe’s face. She was thinking exactly what I was thinking I am certain and unlike me her curiosity got the better of her,

“Where do you work?”

She asked taking a sip off whatever it is that they had poured for her. I can promise you we have seen this lady several times but never during the day. I always assumed that the reason was because she nursing a hangover by day.

“Take a guess!”

She asked us and oh come on. She wanted us to expose our prejudices. My wife got stuck and I took the polite “profession” people assume when someone looks like that.

“You work retail!”

I asked and everyone laughed be it nervously.

“I wonder why everyone always assumes retail!”

She said throwing her hands up in the air a bit unnecessarily to add to the blonde demeanour she had. I wish I could tell her why everyone that looks like her is presumed to work retail but it would most certainly be impolite.

“It’s your dress code boo boo! They think that there is a shop that dresses the way you do but if you ask them what shop they can’t tell you!”

She said and it got a little awkward.

“I don’t know then and I am sorry if I offended you with retail!”

I said quickly trying to move on.

“No don’t worry about it, even this fool when he first me he thought I worked at Forever New. I actually work at Standard Bank!”

She announced. There was silence between Londiwe and I because eh…banking?

“Oh that’s nice. Are you a teller?”

My wife asked. You know a lot of people do not realize that there is so much to banking than just the moody person who helps you. Bank tellers have to be the angriest people you will ever meet especially the day after government workers or teachers get paid and they have to answer dumb questions all day.

“Nope am not a teller. I am actually a Corporate Account Compliance officer and that comes with a BCom Accounting degree!”

She said taking a sip of her water. I drank too. I don’t know when I got that drink but it was there. I took a gulp.

“Goodness wow!”

Londiwe said out loud. A woman’s clothes definitely should never be made to define her. I had been prejudiced. I had thought she was a nobody because of the way she dressed. Wow.

“That’s nice. That means you work in Braam then?”

I asked her seeing that our silence was going to make it awkward.

“Yes I do. Don’t worry you not the first people to think that, everyone does!”

She said and moved on to the next topic immediately. I turned to her boyfriend who was back on the computer again. Had even paid attention to that exchange.

“Love the girls and I want to go buy drinks. Is that fine?”

The girls and I.

“You have all been drinking I don’t think that’s wise!”

I responded without actually putting much thought into it. Its logic.

“I stopped drinking a while back remember!”

Nobuhle said. I really did not want Londiwe to be friends with this woman. I could sense a bad influence from a mile away. I was about to say no but I noticed Londiwe was giving me that,

“Don’t embarrass me in front of my friends!”

Look and these people were not even her friends.

“Ok cool go!”

I was going to regret this one decision in future!

I should have trusted my instinct and said no.

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am very interested in knowing how you come up with a story every single day. Don’t you get headaches because I know from personal experience even writing a paragraph is a mission. Well done sir for what you have achieved here and your talent is just something else.

I am a 29 year old man and I am in love with two women. I know I am already viewed as a dog for this but it’s the truth. I have dated my first girlfriend for three years but I met her around the same time with the second girl. It was at a party so girl 2 was at the part. When we started dating I kept it a secret so I was cheating. Within a month they found out about each other through mutual friends. They confronted me and both dumped me. We had the same circle of friends however which made us gravitate to each other and I started dating them both and they both know about each other. They are very different people and they get along well enough. I know this is odd but we even hang out together all three of us. I don’t do anything overly affectionate for either when it’s the 3 of us for fear of making an awkward situation worse. The problem now is I am ready to get married and so are they. They both work decent jobs so they are not in it for money. I can’t marry both. I am even ashamed to say this. They come from modern homes so their parents will never accept anyway. Girl one wants a baby and girl two does not, not now anyway. I brought this topic up when the 3 of us where together and they both turned on me saying that each should have been told separately. I am not sure what to do. I accept I made this mess and really advice on how to do the right thing.

Thank You


18 thoughts on “Majuba 15

  1. Oh wow, Acacia. A young polygamist! Marry both girls, I am pretty sure they won’t have a problem marrying you since they do not mind polygamous dating.

  2. Maybe Im wrong but in this day and age are there few women who can share a man and have no issues. Three of you had/have same circle of friends; you might find out that one of them really loves you and the other one is just doing it for fun. Saying marry both might sound like a best option but the trick question is who really loves you between the two. What was the reason for them to dump you and then date you again?. The sore loser in all of this at the end of the day it could be you. All the best in your decision.

  3. tell both of them that you have a medical problem with your pipi who ever sticks for such is your wife

  4. First world problems nyhani. Anyway, now that I have judged you let me say, Wowza! I am a firm believer in that we were not born to be monogamous, we just choose it because it is all we have ever known. I also believe that polygamist relationships could work if done the correct way, with openness and communication. Ultimately, the one thing that destroys monogamous relationships is the betrayal of one partner by another. And that betrayal stems from the lies, break of trust and the breaking of the agreement between two people. The agreement at the start of each relationship that you are mine and I am yours and no other should entertain a 3rd party. Kanti, if you are honest and open from the start about your intentions of not being with only one wife and make an informed decision all three of you and communicate about the family issues, you could have two wives. But at the same time, you could go about it the wrong way and lose both these women. Find out what you want, how you want it , find out what they want and how they want it. See if you can meet each other in the middle and make an informed decision and take the necessary steps. But if you do not communicate honestly, you will lose and hurt people in the process. By the way always practice safe sex

  5. I can’t wait for the next chapter.Im really enjoying majuba . Thank you bra Mike Ur truly talented

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