Majuba 14


I had really messed up and I thought he was going to do something to me. I cried in the shower and I believe that is the only place that a woman should ever let her tears run free. Crying in front of your man sometimes portrays weakness. In our case though I did not want him to feel guilt for what had happened because I knew that was what he was going to say. He was going to say I was trying to emotionally blackmail him. I still wanted to know who the lipstick belonged to though. I was not going to let that go. It was there and I saw it.


I called out when I came out of the shower. I was only met with silence. I walked out of the bathroom and the flat was quiet. He had left. I can’t believe he left without telling me. I went into the sitting room in my towel.

“I can’t believe this guy!”

I told myself as I held my waist in disbelief. I went to the bedroom where I put on my nightdress. My phone rang and it was my sister. I could hear that she was still having fun the way the music was pumping.

“Did you get home ok? Is he still angry?”

I asked her.

“What do you expect? Why did you bring Simon to the party?”

I asked her angrily.

“I was not thinking I am sorry.”

She responded.

“Why is he still your friend and your phonebook?”

I asked her angrily.

“We were friends before you met and we will be friends after. I was not part of the relationship!”

She said defensively.

“This is the man that used to abuse me your sister and he is still your friend! Are you hearing yourself? He used to beat me up properly and you would wipe the blood off me and you tell me that he is your friend! How can you even justify that?”

I asked her again because maybe she was not thinking straight. My sister never thought straight in any case. You always had to explain something to her ten times before it clicked to her.

“I was not justifying that. He said he was sorry and I believed him. That’s why he was even trying to get you back. He has changed I promise and deserves another chance!”

She said pleading.

“Deserves another chance? I have a husband now are you crazy!”

I told and I don’t think when those words came out she had thought them through. It’s not impolite to call some people dumb or stupid because often dumb is dumb. My sister was both stupid and dumb.

“Well the way I see it you must chow his money and never give him any. That’s the way you will punish him for what he did to you. You once told me that the one thing you always regretted about him was that you never made him pay for it. This is one way!”

She explained to me. I just looked at my phone and I hung up on her without even caring. Sometimes the family God gives us looks as though he had been trying to make a prank on us and at some point will jump out of the bush and scream with a camera crew,


Nonjabulo was a disappointment. I was angry at her for what she had done and I was going to deal with her later. For now however I needed my husband. As I already had my phone in my hand I called his. It rang on the other side of the apartment.

“Just great! You left your phone!”

I said out loud to myself as I walked towards it to pick it up. In my marriage we were allowed to go through each other’s phones not that we always exercised that right. Phone politics are always the most complicated in any relationship. To touch his phone or not to touch his phone that is the question. We had decided early on that the moment we had passwords was when the lies would start.

“Let’s see who you have been talking to!”

I said out loud again. I had a reason to be suspicious so I had a right to check. There were no text messages but whatsapp messages and one of them had a number with no name. It had that accept or add contact thing in it. It was also a voice message. I listened to it.

“Hey you. Thanks for this afternoon. My party would have been a bore had you not come through! See you soon!”

It was female voice, perfect English and yeah that was that. I was boiling right now. He said he had gone for a meeting with his mum but vele now I know he was lying. The reason why he had not wanted to go to my sister’s party was because he was already double booked and had to go to this other girl’s party. See why I always men are terrible liars if you know your man.

I pondered.

He clearly did not have her number saved.

“Thank you but that was the last time we are talking. Please don’t call again. I am married, my wife is pregnant and angifuni izifebe around me!”

I responded and I blocked her number plus deleted the message of course. He was never going to see it or hear from her again. I checked his dialled numbers and received calls to see if she was there but she was not. There was no trace of her. Somehow now I felt satisfied with myself but the anger did not go away.


I cursed. I made a mistake. I should have taken the number down and called her to find out who she was. That would have been better logic! As I thought that I heard the key and enter Vusi.

“Where were you?”

I asked him angrily. I had originally planned on ignoring him when he came but clearly I was too angry for that.

“I was at the Nigerians, he asked me to help with his computer!”

He started to explain but I was hearing none of that.

“Since when are you friends with him? Where were you really Vusi? Did you go meet up with the girl who gave you the makeup and lipstick? Is that the reason why you asked me to go bath so you could sneak out?”

I asked him angrily. He had never told me to go bath before the way he had and the next thing he had snuck out. It was suspicious.

“Love calm down. Firstly I was at the Nigerian’s you can go ask him if this is true, its a ten second walk!”

He said sitting down taking a deep sigh.

“You know I am not going to do that because I am not an insecure wife that’s why you are daring me to go!”

I responded to him, raising my voice!

“Why are you raising your voice? Now you want people to hear that we are fighting?”

He asked me. See, I knew I had done that and I also knew he embarrassed easily. He never wanted a scene even if it was just the two of us.

“Vele my voice is raised now because you are lying to me.”

I told him without backing down. As a woman what would you do if your man came with lipstick on his clothes and acting shady around you at that. You have to ask. Its easy to say I was being unreasonable and annoying but if you love your man and that was on his clothes you would not sit back and do nothing.

“I was going to secondly, the lipstick and make up for that I apologize. At the meeting I went to with my mother if you remember there was a girl I knew from way back, she hugged me. If you want we can go meet her tomorrow so that you can see for yourself that she really is just an old friend who even my family knows. I am sorry however that I made you suspect something!”

He said to me! See I hated and loved this about him at the same time. I was trying to vent and be angry at him but he was so calm and was making me look stupid at every turn.

“Yeah arrange that!”

I told him defeated but obviously I knew he would not be able to. I had deleted the numbers and I don’t think men had a right to bring “new” old friends in the middle of a relationship. These are the people they cheat with.

“Now tell me what Simon was doing there?”

He asked me masterfully changing the topic.

“It was Nonjabulo not me. I really did not know he was going to be there. I told her in no uncertain terms that it was unacceptable!”

I explained. There was a knock on the door and I went to open. It was a woman wearing very little,

“Hi, please tell Vusi that they say you guys can come and join next door there are lots of drinks and its just the three of us!”

No worry in the world and she ran back. She might as well have been wearing a bra and panty the way she was so under dressed. My husband was angry at me, I was angry at him, perhaps we needed some letting loose. I turned around and he was in the kitchen.

“Vusi, your friends next door are invited us over for drinks!”

He looked at me like it was trick question. I could see he wanted to go badly. So he was not lying then about having been there. Eish, I should trust him more.

“There are women there who…”

He tried to explain. I don’t think he realized that I had seen her already.

“Let’s go then, they have invited us for drinks and it will be rude to decline!”

I said to him and he just stood there frozen. He really thought I was tricking him into getting in trouble.

Let’s see what he does!

*******The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Your stories have been my daily dose of entertainment for a long time now and I love them till today.

Guys I cheated on a great man. I dated ‘Mike’ for three years and he did everything for me and for us. He is a slow guy but not really a church person. Whenever there were parties he would allow me to go by myself because he hated crowds and how people got when they get drunk. He is not a big guy so I suppose he avoided violence. He was a gentleman all the time and all my friends loved him. Unfortunately I was bored all the time because he never ever wanted us to do anything together that was fun. The mall was the best we could do and we could not even do weddings because he hated them. Anyway those are the excuses that led me to cheat. I am so stupid I should say so now. I met a guy through a friend of mine. He was fun and daring. I am ashamed to say I slept with him the same weekend I met him. It was supposed to be once off but with ‘Mike’ being ‘Mike’ and me bored it happened again and again. Eventually ‘Mike’ found out and he left me. That relationship with the other guy did not work out because he told me that he wanted me when I was in a relationship so that I would never end up wanting to control him. Imagine. Its been four months since ‘Mike’ left me. I have been on a couple of dates but my heart wants to go back to ‘Mike’. I messed up and I know you guys will shout at me for it. I deserve that. The question I have though is how do I get him back. I have learned my lesson and I really do love him. I messed up and everyone messes up. How do I make it right? I don’t party anymore by the way, even stopped drinking.

Thank You


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  1. See you don’t get him back, when you decided to cheat on him with someone who’s more daring that’s when you decided the relationship was done. Do Mike a favour and let him be, don’t try and take advantage of his kindness just leave him alone

  2. I would like to read answers to this one because I myself am a “Mike”, and I left my girlfriend of many years because of same reasons. this letter just described me in every possible way, I on the other hand am struggling to move on as I am still try to figure who i am as I am have validated myself through this person for a very long time. Apologies for jacking your letter maybe I should write to Mike myself.

    1. You sure shes not ur Girlfriend?
      I mean you said the situation is similar what if shes talking about you?

  3. Dear loser Please leave Mike alone he deserves someone who will love him for him and for your information mike is still Boring and will forever be boring so bask in your misery and heal and learn from your mistakes and search for another. PLEASE LEAVE MIKE ALONE

  4. Number one rule to cheating is NEVER GET CAUGHT!!! If you’re gonna be clumsy and childish about it don’t even start.

    ‘Mike’ caught you and he left. Good for him. He should never take you back. I wish more women would do this. Leave and never look back.

  5. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Wena Loser, hlukana no Mikeesto, leave him alone and move on with your life. Sober or not, you are not good enough for a man like Mike, he deserves better. So please sisi, do not even attempt to win this guy back, just go back to booze and get yourself a dronkie to play house with.


    1. …And while you are at it, give me “Mike’s” contact details. Him and I will think of many ways of having fun. Out here playing with other children’s hearts.

  6. Haibo mndeni wami kanti sekwenzekani ubufebe obungaka kwimbokodo, Yazi ngathi buyathelela! Khuzani booh!

    #febering should be a crime nje!!!

  7. People make mistakes, God forgives each and everyone of you for committing sin after sin, now you don’t want to forgive another human why?? it is so easy for outsiders to judge but only the two of them really know what is in their hearts. its true, what she did is not okay but she recognized and acknowledged her mistake and by the looks of things, genuinely apologetic too. Please be neutral in your advises. We all have sinned, just happened that we sin differently. So lets not judge.

    My dear, go fight for your man but if he rejects you, just accept it and move on dear. Things will probably not go back to normal but try and prove yourself to him. Things happen for reasons.

    1. You know Ramil… i hear you with sin and all, mistakes and not judging. my only problem is that the mistake was repeated and now that L is feeling the heat of singletons and players outchea harassing. its rough outchea, as you can see people on the blog asking for Mikes contacts. Another thing, is that things will not be the same Mike is scarred, self esteem, stalker tendencies abuse of all sorts, cheating paranoia like this situation ya Majuba… is she ready for that? will she be able to handle this from mike? even ene she can now turn into the monster because of guilt

    2. You call fucking someone on the side repeatedly a mistake? That was no mistake but a choice she made and I am not judging her but telling her to leave the guy alone simple

    3. True that Ramil, what happened to forgiveness aah everyone is so judgmental lana haibo, the girl is sorry and acknowledges her mistakes. I agree with you Ramil she should go fight for her man and if he rejects her at least she tried but will just have to accept and move on.

  8. L… hun let this be a lesson learned. try get mike back mare know that things may never be the same… if he doesnt want you. try move…

  9. Thanks Mike,

    L…. the best thing you can do for mike is to leave him the hell alone, this is no longer about you now,if he’s not willing to take you back, be gone.

  10. My goodness love this page : wish i can write my story and here everyone’s comment maybe i will forgive also : Eih cc the man was a man and u run after ass’s (sorry for my language) so love enjoy the doughch bags coz finding another mike is rear let him be tuu

  11. Once a cheat always a cheat. Leave Mike alone. Even if you guys were to get back together things wouldn’t be the same anymore. At least not for Him.

  12. My advise is that you move on forget about Mike his purpose in your life was to teach you to never take things for granted. Going after him will be ruining the sweet memories you have of him

  13. Ayi wena Loser myeke uMake yazi manje usubona ungeke usaboreka uyena imakancane cc usazomtholanje omunye ozoba ilento oyfunayo yazi lento in’vusela ushukela nje cos nakimi kwenzeka kanje ngiythandana intombazane yabantu nayo ithanda ubumnandi yan’shiya now isilokhu ibanga isdina so nje yekela umuntu omunye nok’bora kwakhe

  14. Loser,Men can not accept cheating.If he loves your dearly,the thought of some one else eating from his cookie jar will haunt him.Going back to him may not be wise,because things the trust is broken.Move on…

  15. I can’t blv we hv people here acting lyk God as if dy nvr myk mistakes mxm LOOSER even if Mike takes you back you guys will never b hapi Agn it wil always b a cloud over Yall’s heads once u cheat u’ll never stop plus men just can’t forgive that sweedy forgive your self and go apologise to Mike for peace sake forgiving your self is de first step to moving on Let Mike Go so dt he can find someone who wil love him de way he is u want fun and all dat de tings dat Mike dsnt give you so eventhough u get bk togeda he wil stil b de sym Old guy nd wats gna stop you from cheating….Give yourself tym nd find someone who is gna gv u all de fun u want GOOD LUCK

  16. From my point of view, Mike is a principle man. He’s done with you just accept my Sisi. It’s good that you have learn from your mistake just do correction to other guy you will meet again.

  17. Nothing kills a guy more like when he loves a girl whole heartdly and she throws it back in ur face. Let Mike be you hv destroyed a good man.

  18. Ta bradaman Mikie.
    Truth is Loser, U have lost “Mike” 4gud. A mistake done twice or more becomes a habit. & the hardest thing to change on a human being is their habit, ask a smoker.
    Best is to move on & learn yo lesson.
    But some men get hooked on a particular type of women & can’t C their lives without them. If he comes back, he won’t the same “Mike” U knew. It will be a shadow of himself.
    The positive attitude is: U play to win but sometimes U win & sometimes U learn.

  19. My one problem is that I’m here searching for Mike and I won’t get him cause you broke him.
    Relationships though #Sigh
    Go apologize and keep at it but don’t turn into an obsessed stalker

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