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YES 118

When you have lived the life I have lived the last couple of months you

learn very fast that celebrating a victory is often short lived so rather do not. I was not going to celebrate this therefore I was going to hold my breathe on it. On the line I had Sfiso and he had blocked me last night so having him here really was a victory for me even though I absolutely had no idea what I was going to say to him.

“Please don’t hang up. Can we please talk! You have questions and I have answers.”

I told him before he could drop. Ok I assumed he would drop the phone.

“I want to talk in person. I don’t want to talk over the phone!”

He said sternly. There was no humor or anything like that. It was that we need to talk voice and he had never ever given me that before. Sfiso was the joker in the pack and when the joker is not smiling you know something is wrong.

“Ok fine. Where would you like to meet? I can come to you!”

I told him. I did not want to go home and be alone and I needed someone to talk to in any case.

“I am driving from Pretoria right now. How about we meet at Tasha’s Melrose Arch where we first met?”

He asked me. I had not been there I a while actually and it was convenient for me.

“That’s fine by me. I am actually five minutes from Melrose as I am in Rosebank so I will get there before you!”

I told him.

“Ok fine then.”

He dropped the phone immediately without even giving me a chance to say something else not that I would have known what to say.

“Uhm ok then! That went well!”

I said sarcastically out loud. I am one of those women who genuinely flatter themselves by saying that they owe no man answers. We all no its a lie because whether you are hard core independent or totally dependent its all a reaction to men. I wanted to tell him that Ntheteng was not my child and that I was not actually with Mbuso. I was not telling him this so we could end up together but somewhere somehow I felt that he deserved to know. I was not going to get disturbed by Mbuso as he was at work.

I did a bit of a window shopping waiting for his call. I did not want to go sit there by myself but eventually I got tired. He was taking too long kante where was he. I was too scared to call him because I did not want to scare him as I was already in trouble. Eventually he called, a full hour later imagine! I was angry but I remained calm.

“I am in parking, where are you?”

He asked so calmly. The dude did not even apologize. What happened to being a gentleman?

“I am about to get a table in Tasha’s!”

I told him.

“See you in a minute!”

He said as he hung up. I was going to keep my composure. I got a table by the door and true to his word there he was walking towards me.

“Sorry I am a bit late I ran into traffic just before I entered.”

He explained as he sat down. At least the apology came.

“Are you not going to hug me?”

I asked him.


He said and he stood up to do so. He hugged me and then sat down again.

“How are you?”

He asked and we did the pleasantries as should be done. As soon as we were don’t I started to explain

“I need you to know about yesterday!”

I started to tell him but he lifted his finger to silence me and talk to the waiter.

“Waiter can I please have a double espresso and a glass of water please!”

He told him and to me he turned and said,

“I have a killer headache so can you explain after my espresso!”

Uhm ok.

“So what are we going to do for the next five minutes? Make small talk?”

I asked him.

“All I am asking is for me to nurse my headache for a second. That’s all I am asking.”

He said to me and ok fine I was being a bit hasty and unreasonable. Let him nurse it.

“Sorry I am a bit uneasy for some reason. You can nurse your headache!”

I told him and he smiled.

“Thank you. Its been like this for the last two hours hey. Maybe I should just go to the doctor…”

He was saying but I was not listening anymore. Something had distracted me. I can’t believe it. There was Simba sitting with Nicole.

“You got to be kidding me!”

I said out loud. I could hear my heart beating fast not even feel it, I could hear it!

“I beg your pardon!”

Sfiso said as obviously my response did not match what was going on. He followed my eyes and then said,

“Who are they now?”

He asked. Simba knew everything that was going on with me and the company yet there he was. What was he doing? I think this is what Fikile Mbalula should have felt when Julius was betraying all their secrets in parliament, that sense of betrayal and heart in mouth.

“Excuse me a moment!”

I said standing up. I should not have but I could not help it. I walked towards them and Nicole saw me first.

“Lungi, fancy meeting you here!”

She said with a smile. Fake smile that is! That is the smile they gave us before they took our land and are still giving us as they take everything else too even today. Why am I so racial though? I never used to be like this. In university I used to be the person that believed that white people, white management and yes the DA was better than black run things. Its what I was taught to believe. I was supposed to be part of the new generation that integrated but why was I only seeing race.

“I can’t say its a pleasure!”

I snapped at her and turned to Simba who looked like a pastor who had been caught cheating with a congregant!

“Simba and then?”

I asked him. He was the reason I had come to their table not this barbie here!

“Lungi? What are you doing here?”

He asked standing up trying to be civil I guess I don’t know.

“I am on a lunch date with a friend and you didn’t answer my question what is this?”

I said not that it was any of his business. Ok I sounded like a jealous girlfriend but that was not the context of my question.

“What are you doing here with my enemies?”

I continued.

“Just yesterday you were talking marriage now you are going behind my back to help them drive a dagger further in my back!”

I told him angrily!

“No its not what you think! Stop!”

He said but I was already warmed up.

“Stop! They had me arrested Simba! These are my enemies!”

I reminded him.

“Oh wow now we are enemies!”

The barbie said shocked. Do you know that white people genuinely believe in their hearts that black people love them hence should be grateful for them being here? Its amazing that they cannot for one reason think of why we would collectively want them gone and hate them.

“Yes barbie now shut up its got nothing to do with you!”

I said to her.

“Lungi what are you doing, you are causing a scene!”

Simba asked calmly and trying to hush me down but I could not be hushed down.

“No I can answer that for you Simba, I am now in charge of the account you were in charge of. They gave me your job so there, now you know, can you leave.”

Barbie spoke again. Remember the day she walked into the office I said she was way too unqualified to be even my intern, well guess what, she had my job now. They had gotten rid of Rudzani then me and look at it now. When I said I was called a racist and just looking for trouble and now here we were. I did not want to feel vindicated because that would be accepting that I lost to yet another underqualified white girl.

“White privilege neh!”

I said to her and she stood up angrily.

“Get off your high horse. You quit your job or were fired for insubordination I don’t care! I got the job and you are out! You blame everyone else when you have a mean attitude of self entitlement!”

She screamed at me drawing everyones attentions. Simba stood up to come between us.

“Of course you got the job you dumb bitch, you sucking Mr. Van Zyl 58 year old dick and I have the proof for it! How old are you anyway, 21!”

I retorted. She is actually 23 but 21 made her seem even more scandalous in front of all these civilized people. She went beet red and before I could even move she somehow managed to send a hot clap my way which landed on my cheek!

Lol kodwa Satane uyangilinga! Le ntombazana ayingazi ngiwubani.

(Satan is testing me! This girl does not know who I am). I was going to show her!

“How dare you… Ngizokutshengisa ukuth ngiwubani shem!”

I screamed and I just went Zulu on her. I jumped over or around Simba and landed on her and started punching her. She was punching me back of course but I had the element of surprise as she had fallen over backward.

“Fucken white privilege I am going to teach you a lesson that you don’t slap black people because you think its you are right!”

I shouted. You see what people don’t get is that in a black country if ever you fight with a white person make it about race. You have the crowds sympathy. Simba was trying to pull me away when Sfiso got there then security.

“You will hear from my lawyers!”

She screamed at me. Her eye was already turning blue, thank heavens for my melanin dripping black girl trippin skin! No bruises on me. She even had a bust lip to add to the ambience.

“Stop acting like you are the only one with lawyers. Not only I have smacked your white privilege ass I will also wipe the court room with your white privilege so 2 0 already!”

I told her fixing up my make up.

“We have to go now!”

Sfiso staid dragging me away. Simba just stood there with hands on his head.





******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

How are you sir and thank you for reading.

I am a 27 year old male with no children and an entry level job. I met a 33 year old lady a year ago who has 2 kids with two different fathers but has a good job. She earns more than me and is already bonding a house plus has a car. I have a car too. She did not lie about her family and her kids from day one. At first I thought I was just going to sleep with her and leave because vele I was not ready for such commitment. However things did not go according to plan as I am now so in love with her. I tried to introduce her to my family but even my brothers who are normally cool with women would hear none of it. They don’t want her near me and my crazy sister even wanted to beat her up. They say I am too young and she has way too much baggage. On my side I feel like I can make my own decisions and I am old enough to make my own mistakes. I am willing to fight for her basically but a new curve ball came my way. Recently her ex, the father of the 2nd child showed up. He is 37 (older than me) and a tender dude (richer than me). He asked for her back and said he wants them to raise their child together. She told him to fuck off and much as I was happy with that I felt guilty. I can’t afford two kids let alone have my own. I felt as though I was denying her and her kids a life of luxury etc. I am working hard to upgrade myself but in this economy honestly I am not even sure if I will have a job at the end of the year. She wants me to move in with her so that I stop paying rent where I am and already my friends are laughing at me. I can’t buy her a house. I never had low self esteem issues hence why I pursued a much older woman to me but now that I am here I am drowning.

What should I do and ladies if any of you have dated younger men what do you expect of us?

Thank You


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  1. Haibo ama ancestors kaLungi are just messing her up left right and center. I guess now they have gotten rid of Simba, considering the person he is I doubt he will see Lungi the same way ever again.
    Fkboy, I really dont understand why you let everyone in your family and your friends know all the details about your lover. It’s like telling your family that your significant other cheated, you will forgive but they never will. SOme things are meant to be kept between the two of you. I can’t help but think this is partly your fault, but if you love her and she loves you then stick to your guns and choose her just as much as she is choosing you.

  2. Maara Lungile why vele, not only you have man problem, you also have temper problem! Yeer. Guess what, all R3milliom or R5 million is gone!!!! You video will b all over the social media. And and doubt that your lawyer will be happy about this is she didn’t dish you. Yeer ntombazane!

  3. Mike – please change Lungile’s surname…. I can’t be sharing a surname nalomsangano! Why does she keep putting herself in such situations? All she needed to do was go over, greet them and fuck’n sit down and continue her conversation with Sfiso. Mmmnnxxx, Lungi must just go stay eBhubesini with Mehlememba until she starts thinking straight!!!!
    @Fkboy – stay at being Fuckboy with this lady. In life, you must know your limits, do not bite off something you can’t chew.

  4. Lungi Mara? But I understand where she is coming from, I’m glad she showed that barbie girl her true colours.

  5. If I was in Lungi’s shoes, I’d run I tell you. It’s like one drama after the other, it reminds me of Thandeka Mkhize in DOAZG

    Fk mfan’omdala ,You are complicating things for yourself dude. If you decide to stay with this woman, make sure that uzoymela into oykhethile no matter what coz to me u are unsure of whether you want to follow your heart and stay with her or listen to your family and friends to leave her. Make up your mind. ooh as for dating a younger guy, I’ve never, but I believe u need to be yourself and talk to her to find out what she expects from you . All the best of luck

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, the drama iyhoo, catfights and all πŸ™‚

    I agree with Lilz, this is your fault to some extent, cant you keep your mouth shut bro? Mean like your family aint gotta know the ins and outs of your relations. Personally I feel like you have a lot of conflict within you to be able to offer this woman any stability, it aint even about your wallet my guy. This woman wants you and is serious about you and wena you are busy battling with your own self, your family and your self esteem.

    Thanks Mikeesto, the drama iyhoo, catfights and all πŸ™‚

    I agree with Lilz, this is your fault to some extent, can’t you keep your mouth shut bro? Mean like your family aint gotta know the ins and outs of your relations. Personally I feel like you have a lot of conflict within you to be able to offer this woman any stability, it aint even about your wallet my guy. This woman wants you and is serious about you and wena you are busy battling with your own self, your family and your self-esteem.

    I think you still need to do some growing up, no offence. You went into this for the wrong reasons, Your family is only seeing smoke because you lit the fire, you are in way over your head and hence the doubts that are starting to cloud you. At 27 no gawdamn body should even be making input without your consent and here you are trying to prove you can make your own decisions to your family, come on. Offer this woman what she’s worth or otherwise jump ship before her kids get to familiar with or attached to you. These exes will still come and go because they are those baby’s fathers, you need to accept and respect that, you need to also trust her more, she chose you. You’ve painted yourself as half a loser, she still chose you and asked you to move in with her and her kids. Give yourself some credit my guy and just continue to upgrade yourself. Learn to be more positive and optimistic Coz not even having surety that you will be working come year end just goes deep into what kind of thoughts you are allowing to manifest in your mind. Get rid of that nonsense and just excel at what you do.

    It rains in the Cape finally πŸ™‚ Happy Freedom day tomorrow fam, lot of people suffered for this freedom. Lots of them died fighting for this freedom, 23 years on and majority of our people are still suffering. I hope we get to realise the potential we have as people, as a country and as human beings. Our country is being exploited for narrow interests of a few select that seek to undermine the freedom our people fought so bravely for… Let us not give up, let us not tire #ZumaMustGo #ZumaMustFall
    #Asijiki and I aint campaigning but enough is enough yho!


    1. Hi Jack,

      I am planning to do CPT in July but I hear it will be rainy, please advise when is the best time to visit cape town?

      1. If you love summer weather then rather come over between Nov-Mar season. The rains can get hectic over here June-July but then again Cape weather is unpredictable. With global warming, it just might be that it wont be bad πŸ™‚

  7. I’m so over Lungi hai. Mike can’t you make her smarter? Whooooa uyakhathaza nangu umphefumulo. There’s no blaming ancestors here, she’s just plain stupid. Why couldn’t she focus on the reason she was there in the first place?!

  8. Why can’t lungie learn to behave like the smart girl she claims to be. Now she is flushing millions in the drain all because of jealousy ah. Nthabiseng must drop this girl

  9. Eish, Lungi’s situation made me run outta words. Who does that, i’m actually angry had to remind myself that this is a story. With the way things unfolded, I wont be surprised if the part where Nicole slapped her is not recorded on video, only the one where she went bessek will be recorded. From this alone not only will she lose the money, she will also lose Sfiso and Simba and Nicole will have the last laugh.

    Fkboy, if you continue this way this woman will realise that she has no man but a boy, we don’t like boys, do some growing up very quickly and act like the man you claim to be.

  10. Lungi truly needs to control her temper. She left Sfiso sitting alone just to interfere with Simba and Barbie,no! Sometimes you just need to turn the other cheek.
    @Fkboy – your relationship has nothing to do with your family/friends… Do what you think is best for you. Its your happiness at the end of the day. Age doesn’t matter anyway. Good luck.

  11. Ai Lungi shem always messed up..uzohlala ay 1 ngoba akasile, all these men will runaway#I give up

  12. Hahaha goooo Lungi!! Stand up for what u feel is right!! Yes finally take all that pent up anger out on them white biatch.. glad this happened I dunno y everyone else so angry tho im happy she shows them shes not fukn afraid of them mum!!

  13. Uyahlanya nangu umuntu, i dont understand why is mad at simba. Ngoba naye she is with her fuck buddie sfiso. Nothing will ever come rite for lungi until she accepts her calling qha!!

  14. Heh uLungi yet she claims to be ‘well educated’… Akacabangi shame. She has messed up the whole thing.

  15. Thank you Mike..
    Eish…Lungi mare….Temper…….temper ….but than again sometimes when we find ourselves in situations like this, especially if we feel betrayed were our man are concerned we tend to react without thinking…I think thats what Lungi did.

  16. Why in the world would Lungi think there’s something up between Simba & Nicole? How is she forgetting that Simba works with the company SHE left? Why didn’t she just take pictures or record. Like, I have so many Qs. I had to read this at intervals and come back because I’m THAT mad. FOk.! This is why white folks keep winning, they pick their battles. Og Lungi! Haik.

  17. its sad some educated people fail to get wisdom along the way They become book smart and not life smart

  18. Gosh Lungi makes me wanna shoot myself on the head. Who on Earth can be that STUPID?!?!? Tjerre dumb girl. UMUNCU uLungile nx!

  19. Lungile has the same mentality as that woman who got on top of her cheating boyfriends car akacingi qha qwaba!!!

  20. No YES today? I keep coming to the website to check, or are you still on holiday Mike:)?

  21. lol this girl reminds me of myself to some extent… ever so impulsive. but haaaayi this time I can’t relate lol I would have made sure I cash in because that laanie klaaped me instead of fighting back

  22. I hope Mike is okay … Getting worried now πŸ™ … Bhuti Sifiso , an update would be much appreciated please

  23. Hey guys Mike is well, just saw he updated on Facebook last night that he’s busy with something that also involve writing and will only post on Monday.
    Let’s be patient bo mghane

  24. Lungi is annoying, I don’t understand her at times. She is too confused this woman, o ntena gore
    Fkboy, sheba if u love her and she loves u, sit down like grown golks and sort out what could u do to better yourselves as a unit. Indaba yani straight, hai funi ruler.

  25. I’m praying there’s a post today, I’m missing the blog so much, getting withdrawals eish!

    1. You are not the only one. When I tried checking earlier, I got a notice that the site is temporarily down.

      Now we await the update

  26. someone please let Mr Maphoto not to slaughter us with hunger please. silambile and we are bored. I hope all is well in Mike’s world though

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