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YES 117

Here is a sad fact, did you know that artisans or rather people who work with their hands in so called blue collar

jobs are significantly starting to make more money than us who are educated and degree’d. Ask any lady she can tell you that often she has to book her hair appointment in advance, pays an average of r350 for the style and on the day she goes there are ten other people waiting in the salon to be done by the same person. That means, let’s be conservative, on average a woman who works in a hair salon makes r2000 a day tax free. That’s 60000 a month if she worked every day for 30 days. Both your parents are lucky if they jointly bring home 40k a month in working for government or even private. In my suburb the plumbers are white and charge around 450 per blockage or maintenance thing… It’s his company and often he employs a black person who practically does all the work. So wait, a plumber can employ other people and we barely struggle to pay the lady who helps at home with your baby. That’s food for thought.

“Did you say I must not work for 3 months?”

I asked him stunned by this guy’s arrogance.

“Yes conflict of interest. Your new post made you privilege to some information that could hurt the company’s business. There is a clause in your contract that therefore prevents you from being in this field for a period of not less than 3 months!”

He explained.

You are telling me not to work are you mad?”

I asked him. I could even a vein starting to pop on my forehead. I was so angry. How could he offer me so little and expect me to grateful?

“That’s insulting and you know it. We would rather go to court and risk losing if that’s the case.”

Nthabiseng said bringing clam back to the room.

“We think it’s more than fair. She was on a new contract but because she did not even a month on it we are paying this assuming that it was the old. That to us makes four months worth of severance!”

He said. My mouth dropped on the floor.

“Did you know that 39% of black graduates are unemployed and only 8% of whites of an employable age are not!”

She said dropping a statistic out of nowhere.


He asked her.

“So when do you think she will get a job? Where?”

He asked her.

“I think you are over reaching here now. It’s not our problem go talk to your government!”

He argued. It was now our black government when just last week they were matching saying it was everyone’s government. Nthabiseng did not lose her cool though.

“It’s a good thing that the offer of her new employment was done through this office and we went through it before she accepted!”

Nthabiseng told him as she took out a copy of my contract. Nice. She came prepared.

“You guys have government contracts right?”

She asked him.

“What does that have to do with this?”

He asked her.

“Everything. You see I will play open cards with you, we have every intention of contesting this and we are willing to go and ask our friends for help. We have reason to believe that your company has been playing white workers in same posts as black people significantly more. Private company or not that’s illegal and I can assure you that every person of colour who works for you will gladly join this lawsuit!”

She said. Wait? How did she know all this though? I never before told her that because much as I suspected that the whites earned more I did not know that.

“Well that would mean getting hold of our records!”

He said smugly.

“And besides white companies are not corrupt so no one will believe you! We not the government!”

He said with a wry smile again making that analogy to the government.

“For the record we already have the records. Here is a copy and it actually came through your company AGM meeting making it public record and here is a copy of your company records from the CFOs office!”

She told him and presented them in front of him and me. Even I did not know that there had been such a meeting. Ok I did but you know how black people don’t really care when their company says AGM or posts its results. It’s not because we are ignorant but because all shareholders who stand to benefit are white and we have to be content with our wage. What she on to though.

“I see you have done your homework but we will be ready for you!”

He said now attempting to stand up. She had rattled his cage that’s for sure. I don’t think he thought this ‘darkie’ would have done this much research on his client.

“It’s alright. You can leave. We had initially intended to get about r3million out of you guys but after all this came out plus the new contract you think you can weasel out of,”

She laughed and paused before saying,

“We are suing for r7million and we have the full backing of this firm plus the friends I mentioned. That will be full compensatory pay plus damages.”

She said. I felt so lost now.

“R7million are you crazy?”

He asked shocked and even angry.

“I think you not listening. You don’t know the friends we have that is the problem for you but please you do what is best for your client. It’s ok go run to your client and tell her exactly what we said. They will know how not to treat a single black woman with a gravely ill mother when public sympathy kicks in through a very loud friend!”

She said again not revealing who the friend was.

“See you in court then!”

He said.

“I pray so. I really pray that it happens!”

She told him as he walked himself out. I was lost. When did we come to r7million? This was not the other figure we had discussed before I am certain of it.

“Nthabiseng what’s going on?”

I asked her bewildered.

“Take a moment and digest this, only 2.9 percent of commercial agricultural land in the Free State is black owned. Less than 10% of the JSE is directly black owned”

She told me.

“I don’t understand, what does that got to do with me?”

She was acting weird.

“I read a report that said 40 000 white families own 80% of all farmable land in South Africa. It was disputed by Mail and Guardian of course; I mean they dispute anything that paints white people as greedy, abusive, liars, thieves etc you get the point!”

She continued,

“But what does that have to do with this Nthabiseng? Are we not putting the case at risk by asking for so much and who the hell is your friend?”

I asked panicking and a bit angry that she had not consulted me. I think that white guy would have negotiated.

“It has everything to do with the case. Your company is incredibly wealthy. I know there is a renewal contract your company is after from the Department of Health so they cannot afford to have bad publicity. That’s our starting point. Remember the day when you got arrested and I could not pick up my phone, I had kind of a date or rather I was spare wheel on a date.”

She explained. I promise you I am just as confused as the next person.

“Ok go on!”

I asked her.

“The two guys we went out with as I was not alone are from the EFF and high posts at that. However that is not our ace in the hole, I have not given him everything because he left too early.

She took out two more documents.

“Lungi can you read the two highlighted parts please?”

She asked me.

“Ok, one the first record, the one written from the company CFO my salary is r660 000 before tax annually.”

I told her.

“What does it say on the AGM report?”

She asked me.

“It says r888 000 before tax! I don’t understand I …”

It took a second to register and even then maybe it was because I had already had a long day it did not immediately click.

“Lungi how much money do you earn every year before tax? It’s on the pay slip?”

She asked me. So much was going through my mind right now because all this numbers were not adding up at all. What had I missed?

“Lungi on this contract that you signed it says that the company is paying you r560000”

She said and kept quiet for a moment just to make me realize what was really going on.

“They have been short paying you and have been reporting it to their board as full pay. They have been falsifying their data which is very illegal. We even have more friends on our side, SARS.”

She said with a huge smile on her face.


She stood up and held her waist to savour the moment.

“Crap you are right!”

I told her. My knowledge of law was limited I accept but she made sense. It was the numbers I had read represented 3 different people.

“So what do we do now?”

I asked.

“He will call back by the end of business day today. His client will panic. I will settle at r5million and that I can assure you will be today!”

She said so confidently. I was not as confident but I did say things were looking for me lately.

As I drove out of her office I was not even sure whether to be happy or not. I think the fight in me was dying down with all that was happening. I was tired even before the battle started. I tried again to call Sfiso, remember he had blocked me and guess what, it rang!


He said when he picked up.

I did not know what to say.

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the blogs.

I am a 16 year old girl and two of my friends one is my age and the other is 15 are both pregnant. I am not sexually active yet and the reason for me writing is that we have been discussing whether they should abort or not. We all from the township and the 15 year old is very smart school wise. She even jumped a grade that’s why she is young in our class. Both their parents are strict and I think only the 15 year will get support the 16 year old will probably be sent to a village if their parents find out. They won’t allow me to ask adults for advice and you Mr. Maphoto are the only adult I think I can open up to. I am scared for them and am scared for me too because I know my parents will blame me for their mistakes if they find out. My father is unreasonable it will be like I am the one who got pregnant. I know it sounds weird but my father once beat up my older sister (she is 18) because he saw her best friend standing with a boy kissing.

Please help me advise my friends or tell us where to go, we from Welkom to seek advice.

Thank You


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  1. Thanks Mikeesto, I have a huge crush on Nthabiseng 🙂 Reminds me of Alicia Florrick from The Good Wife, felt like I was watching one of those series like Suits… Nice one bra Mike.

    Sixteen, I’m stunned, sorry kids I really don’t know what to say to you.

  2. Yeses lungie I hope your luck doesn’t run out. Phela your ancestors are gangsta. Bangadlali ngemali tuu.
    Sixteen my lil sister I have long ago learnt not to judge a person who considers abortion. At your age what will your friends offer to their babies. If e situation is too bad termination is a solution but make sure they are ready for e consequences. The trauma that will follow and guilt.

  3. Termination of pregnancy is free at all government hospitals. It is safe and a girl is allowed to do it without adult supervision from the age of 12. If they decide to abort, they must please not go to back door abortions. After the abortions they must get contraceptives. There’s a 3 month injection, there’s pills, there’s an arm patch and there’s an iud(loop). I recommend the iud. There’s a copper iud and a Mirena. Both are free from government hospitals and clinics and they last for 5years and 10 years. The mirena has no side effects other than stopping your periods. It takes about 10 minutes and no pain to insert.
    I you have medical aid or money, your gynea can write a prescription and you buy it at a pharmacy, it usually goes for R1200. Add your gynea’s consultation fees and you’ll know how much you have to spend.

    It is worrysome that people do not use condoms when we preach this all day and all night. Your friends must decide what to do. We can’t help them. They must get ready to deal with the ramifications of their decisions whether they keep the babbies or not. And you sixteen. When you eventually start being sexually active, use condoms, get contraceptives.

    1. I wouldn’t suggest a Mirena or IUD, the side affects that come with it are not desireable. Maybe the pill or injection would be a safer option considering the circumstances. I only point this out as I have experienced servere side affects such as extremely heavy bleeding accompanied with blood clots. Ladies a word of advise before deciding on a contraceptive, please research the side effects as well. All the best to you young ladies.

      1. As extra info: as with any medication ig a certain contraceptive does not worl go bacl to the clinic…we are unique and all react differently,together with the medical practioner you’ll find whats best….used loop for 7 years and absolutely no side effects,no wieght gain,cramps zero…..2 planned pregnancies happened withim 1 and 2 months respectovely after removal.back on it and all is as advised but speak to tour doc fund whats works for your body.

  4. My advice will b for them to abort cause it tough raising kid especial when you don’t have any income family support is not everything will dey regret only time will tell hope dey learn something out of this situation

  5. Teenage pregnancy is ruining our black youth. A pregnant girl may leave school or becomes severely compromised in terms of future prospects and is forced to work at low level paying jobs which are a hard and vicious cycle to leave. Are the fathers of the children teenagers because if it’s an older man who fathered the 15 year old’s baby then that is statutory rape and he can be imprisoned. I am pro choice and I hope they can get abortion services at it is there. We need to learn how to birth in season and not just fall pregnant. I’m not blaming the girls but next time they need to make informed sexual decisions to protect themselves just as they took off their clothes and laid down with the boys . Boys need to condomise and accept a no for sex as a no and not pressurize the girl . I also know that 16 and pregnant is filming in SA and I hope it becomes a wake up call to the youth of SA. We need to take it seriously and as young people, we need to advise teenagers and listen to them because they hear all about sec from the playground when many sexual decisions could have been more informed when an older person spoke frankly about sex. It’s up to us. If you are 21 years and older and have a teen around you , speak to them . The fate of the black people is in our hands because of we sleep and impregnate teenagers that’s one more family whose journey to generational wealth will be a difficult one. The reason why these white people are successful (the older ones anyway) is that they know when to give birth and plan for the offspring . That’s why they can drive to university and travel abroad and prosper and not taste poverty. If these teenage girls are pregnant and struggle now, getting to the boardroom is just more harder and then they won’t be able to make a plan for your kids and grandkids one day

    1. Spot on Nana. Generational poverty is a cycle that we need to break. This extracaricular breeding we black people do is highly unnecessary and just messes us up as a people.

  6. Firstly, you and your friends are still young to be engaging is sexual activities. Secondly, if the men who impregnated your friends are older than them, then by the law that is statutory rape and can be arrested and charged for statutory rape. I would advise you to first speak to an adult, since your parents are not open and understanding, maybe speak to a teacher or close open aunt about sex, about statutory rape, about consent, about waiting for the right time to engage in sexual activities.

    Now for your problem, Chezz gave some really sound advice on where you could possibly go. I would also advise you to find your nearest Maries Stopes. Marie Stopes provides counselling, provides information on sex, relationships and family planning, contreceptives, female health, pap smears at less than R500, Maries Stopes does not just provide termination services.

  7. In this day and age I do not know how many platforms are there in SA (but there are numerous) regarding consequences of having sex at an early age and having unprotected sex but oh well these things happen, don’t they? I am not judging; just saddened by this. I do not really have advice about their situation but either way (abort of keep babies) there will be consequences. You need to speak to someone older and wiser though coz y’all still very young. Your friends will need counselling too, I suggest you find a counsellor or Social Worker in or near your home town and soon coz the longer they prolong this the worse it will become. Do you trust your older sis? Maybe speak to her as well, maybe she can assist. I applaude you for not engaging in sex yet and I hope that when you do you will protect yourself both from unplanned pregnancy and disease.
    All the best sanas

  8. Thank you Mike for yet another daily dose!

    Sixteen I am not for abortion at any day and any stage in my life but this case is so sensitive and delicate. I think your friends need to opt for termination and after that they need to stay away from boys… they must recite this “Books Before Boys Because Boys Brings Babies” those are the 7B’s that every young girl needs to knows every morning when she wakes up.

  9. Oh my goodness! I’m outraged at the disrespect from white people. Nxa these people mara lenna. Breaks my heart.

  10. Thank you Mike, yho just looved Nthabiseng she brought it!!!
    Dear Sixteen I first would like to say I am proud of you for taking care of yourself and making good choices for you. 2ndly am proud of you for being supportive to your friends and ask for help on their behalf. I would personally recommend your friends call Childine at 080 00 55 555 or Lovelife or even Lifeline for counseling so they can make informed decisions or choices regarding the situation they are already in- the pregnancy and family and challenges they have. You can Google the other numbers I don’t know them off by heart. I hope this helps because I trust that sexual health and responsibilities will be addressed for future additional to addressing the current. Take care and continue to look after yourself and not allow anyone pressure you.

  11. I agree with you Jackzorro, she is the kind of lawyer who knows we need legal representation.
    Thank you bra Mike for this inspiring chapter!!

  12. Sixteen, your friends need to ask themselves if they will be able to bring up these children And provide the best lives possible for these kids, this includes food, shelter, medical aid and all other things. They aren’t mentally and emotionally ready for a child at this tender age even if they convince themselves they are. Children are expensive and it’s a lifetime commitment. What about the fathers of these children? Have your friends told them? They need to. Are they responsible guys? Will they offer support? I bet not. It’s easier for a guy to say he’s not ready and walk away. With that said, your friends must decide fast if they want to abort or not. If they wait too long the abortion could be risky (less than 3 months ideal). If they decide to keep the babies then it’s important for them to start pre-natal care (vitamins, ultrasounds etc), if not they can risk the lives of the babies and their long term health. Concealing a pregnancy is not easy and all the stress and anxiety will definitely affect the pregnancy. Early pregnancy and sexual activity can lead to cancer (uterine & cervical) later on in life so it’s best to not engage until your body is fully developed.

    Whatever you do decide, speak to an adult first (23y/o cousin, older aunties anyone older than you guys) because you cannot go through this alone. Inform the fathers too, the girls didn’t end up in the situation by themselves after all.

  13. Seriously am getting tired of these ‘abortions’ you drain the energy I have… I mean we are taught at schools that when you open your legs for boys you’ll get pregnant so didn’t your friends know that pregnancy exists or they thought it’s not real and they have to experience it for themselves? Hai we seriously failing as a society I mean how did we come to this though, our fellow sisters getting pregnant at such a young age? The only way they’ll own up is for them to have those babies, just last week a young girl felt guilty after having an abortion on the letter Mr Maphoto posted and wanted to have another child to ease her conscience, I repeat NO to Abortion let them have those babies coz it’s the only way they’ll own up, parents will be mad but they’ll come around.

  14. Wow, 15, 16??? Tjo! No judgement. BIG ups to U young lady for being such a gud friend tho. Still battling to comprehend but t!sh happens I suppose. Ta Meneer Mikie.

  15. Yooh Mike m so impressed dis chapter is👌u teach us so much about so many things.working in the private sector is so hard coz dey get away with so much i luv dis chapter it was such n eye opener.big ups to you m jst so so so impressed

  16. Such an informative chapter…….power to Nthabiseng! Lungi its your time to get out of this problem, you have super woman there as you laywer.

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