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YES 115

Forget everything you think you know on how God made the world beautiful and decent but we corrupted it. That’s not

entirely true is it now. If there is anything the world is blessed with its liars! It’s like when God made us he just had to give us that little extra juice to make us unpredictable. Each and every person knows a liar or two but before you lie to yourself too, how many lies have you told yourself? I bet you it’s a lot. You cannot trust anyone and sometimes even yourself. Yes people lie to themselves a lot especially these ones that go to church.

“I am not sure if he said that I can’t recall now!”

I told her a bit embarrassed by my excitement and failure to pick it up. Of course he had said that, I remember it so well!

“Oh ok then must have been some other person then!”

She said. She was not sure anymore because I had not confirmed it. I just did not know how to say it.

“You mentioned Sfiso, what happened?”

She asked me. Oh yes I had forgotten and with the excitement gone the story suddenly did not seem as important anymore but I had to tell it since I had started it! Shit! I just wanted

I did not sleep well at all.

The problem with a good liar is that to hear the truth you have to catch him off guard. You can’t confront a liar because in reality you will never know when they are being honest or dishonest. Mbuso’s story did not make sense that’s true. On the day when we had chilled with him with Nthabiseng if I recall correctly that’s when he had said his deceased girlfriend was his high school sweetheart and all that jazz. I don’t know why I had not picked that up though. I tried to call Sfiso because I needed to explain. The phone rang once and voicemail. I sent a message via sms and it had that undelivered sign. I had never chatted to him via Whatsapp and I went to check he did not have whatsapp. Something made me think of hiding my number. I did so and the phone rang but was not picked up. I put my number back to normal and called again. Once more it rang once and hung up.

“Oh come on Sfiso you can’t honestly have blocked me!”

I said out loud very much frustrated. He had actually blocked me.

What now?

Mbuso needed to be confronted and asked what’s going on. I checked through the window and his car was there. I wanted to know but I realized that the best thing to do was ask someone else. I knew who just did not know how, his sister!

I went to his place. He opened the door as though he was expecting me.

“Good morning. Thank you for yesterday. I opened up in a way I never thought I could hey!”

He said pleasantly and immediately. He was genuinely happy to see me. Ntheteng ran to me and gave me a hug.

“Hi Aunty Lungi. I am going to my aunt’s place today, I am so excited. They have a swimming pool and my other cousins are coming too.”

It was a normal week day for the rest of the world I remember as Mbuso was clearly dressed for work.

“Oh but are you not going to work?”

I asked Mbuso. It was almost 9am already meaning he was late. I did not exactly ignore Ntheteng when I asked him since she was the one who had spoken, ok wait, I did but not like that.

“I am and am very late as is. I know it’s a big ask but would you mind taking her for me, pretty please?”

He asked putting a baby face on.

“I would love to meet your sister so sure I don’t mind!”

I told him sweetly. Never kick a gift horse in the mouth. This was exactly the opportunity I had said I needed. I needed to put Mbuso to rest.

“What sister? It’s an aunt where we go with Ntheteng! I do call her my sister though because she is one of those aunts who want to be known as young and also because of Ntheteng it just became an inside joke.”

He told me. He explained that she was actually his mother’s cousin sister which I did not mind hearing and that Ntheteng never took to calling her gran that’s why she called her aunt.

“Oh ok.”

I responded.

“Let me call her and see if she is ok with you bringing her over!”

He said,

“She is very protective so she can actually shout at me for being reckless!”

He took his phone and called her in front of me. Mbuso was comfortable around me. I know Sfiso was forward and happy, Mbuso was comfortable. To allow me to take his daughter to see his aunt or whoever she was courage at its best.

“Hi hi, I won’t be able to drop Ntheti off but Lungi will bring her for me!”

He told her. I did not hear her response but I obviously heard when he said,

“Yes she is the girl I have been telling you about. Please don’t say anything to embarrass me when she comes!”

He said and he laughed. I was embarrassed and flattered at the same time. So he did talk about me? I wonder if he told them that I am already his girlfriend. When he hung up I asked him,

“What did you tell them about me?”

And he just laughed as he said,

“You must ask her! I told her you are mean, ugly, rude, proud, annoying… All the bad things you can imagine, I told them!”

He said. I knew he was joking so I did not make that an issue.

“I really have to go and thanks again for this!

He said walking and did something I did not expect. He took out something from the drawer and handed it to me.

It was a key.

“This is the spare key. Please lock up when you leave!”

He said and he walked out just like that. Younger girls don’t understand the significance and trust levels that go into a man giving you his spare key. Men tend to have girls clothing in their homes. I don’t know how dumb they must be because here is the reality, if you leave me in your house alone I am going to search! I always ask those girls who say it’s rude to go through a guy’s phone why it’s ok for them to go through his wardrobes to search. A girl will tell you that she does not want to use the same bedding or utensils the other girl used no matter what but she will not say anything about using the same dick the ex she hates so much used? Logic is lacking. Once I dropped Ntheteng I was going to come search. Don’t judge me please.

The house was in the west and thankfully there was no traffic. She had sent me her location so it was pretty easy getting there.

“Hello how are you?”

The lady said when she opened up after letting me through the gate.

“Hey aunty! Is Khumo here already?”

Ntheteng asked running to give her a big hug.

“That was fast, you have not even settled yet.”

She said laughing.

“They are at the back. Sorry about that…”

She said focusing on me now as Ntheti ran through.

“I am Lynda, Aunty Lynda rather…”

She said offering me her hand and before I could even answer she went on to say,

“And you are Lungile Mbatha; I am so excited to finally meet you!”

She said pleasantly.

“Yes I am. I feel like I have already been introduced here!”

I told her and we both laughed.

“Believe me you have. Mbuso is forever asking for advice on how he can talk to you. I was expecting someone with muscles and a mean attitude the way he is so intimidated by you!”

She said ushering me.

“Khumo get off that couch right now! I will take my belt and it won’t end well!”

She shouted into the lounge as little boy probably about 4 years old was jumping up and down. He was Coloured that’s for sure and not just light skinned. He had the curls to betray that. He giggled and he ran away with Ntheteng following him.

“My sons, he is four! He has so much energy I can’t keep up with him! I honestly can’t believe we were ever that young!”

She complained as she led me into the house.

“You have a lovely home!”

I told her and I was not kidding. This house was beautiful.

“Thank you. Its hard work to keep up with it but we try.”

We got into the TV room where a man was watching TV. Don’t these people work?

“This is my …”

She hesitated and then went on,

“This is my ex husband Rodney! Rodney this is Lungi, Mbuso’s girl!”

She said excited. Ok lady I was not Mbuso’s girl, I was just the driver and girl who came to get answers about her lying nephew.

“Do you have to say ex husband?”

The man said visibly annoyed and embarrassed by how she had addressed him.

“Was I supposed to lie and say my friend?”

She asked him. Talk about an awkward moment for me.

“Never mind her, we are divorced yes but I am fighting to get her back!”

He said shaking my hand. I think that over share to be honest. I did not need to hear that at the first time of meeting them. It was none of my business.

“Thank you for finally visiting us, please sit sit, Mbuso has said so much about you I am actually excited!”

He said to me offering me a church.

“This is my son STEVE but his cousins call him Benny!”

Aunty Lynda said when a young man walked in but much to his annoyance.

“Mum I am not a Ben 10 come on guys I have a four year child how can I be given that respect!”

He said. He came and shook my hand.

“Mum, I need to go to Mary-Anne’s she did not pack his medical aid!”

He said. I take it Mary-Anne was the baby’s mother. There was a picture in the room of a white girl so I can only assume that was her. Deep stuff.

“Ok but come back immediately because I won’t be able to keep up with these two!”

She said to him but I don’t think he was listening.

“So now that it’s just us girls, when is the wedding?”

She asked me

“What wedding?”

I asked.

She looked confused.

“The wedding wedding, you know you and Mbuso?”

Even if she said wedding twice it was not going to change that it meant the same thing the first time!

******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter.

Six months ago I was in 4 year relationship with a girl I loved so much. We started dating when I met her at Pick n Pay buying condoms. Not me, her! So when she bought the condoms I was the dooshbag who teased her bout in the line because they were a lot. She took 5 boxes even. She told me that no it was not what I was thinking but rather she was going to teach a class somewhere as a volunteer. I asked if I could come and without hesitation she said yes. I did not even know her name and she did not know mine. I followed her found it was a charity group and she was a volunteer. We started dating a week later. 6 months ago she died. She had a blood clot and she died. Her family knew me and they loved me. Here is the problem; here young sister seems to have taken a keen interest in me. Every time I go there she will come and tease me the way her sister would to do (verbally). As if that’s not enough she looks and sounds like my beautiful Thando and when she does that I remember all that. The little sister has never said she wants me and I am terrified of saying the wrong thing. I could be seeing things simply because they resemble so much and I miss my Thando.

Please advise me as pursuing this girl would both be creepy and risking so much but when I look at her I see Thando.

Thank You


29 thoughts on “YES 115

  1. Thanks Team.
    @Skhumbuzo – sorry to hear about your ladys’ passing. Just reading how you guys met and got along; makes me believe that she was a beautiful soul and one in a million. Am not sure about the little sister, maybe just stop going there and limit / reduce communication with Thandos’ family. My heart breaks for you…

  2. Lol ok I see Aunty Lynda… When is Nelisa’s story being continued?
    Benny had a kid? Lol, what a wow. So Lynda finally divorced Rodney?

    1. eyhooo Thandi yazi I was wondering why those names were so familiar Kanti it’s thee “Rodney and Lynda”

  3. oh my- It only clicked now that it was Lynda and Rodney! Benny has a child? eish! Skhumbuzo, in our culture its okay to marry the young sister but Thando sounds like she was such a great girl perhaps you are still in mourning. Why dont you get time to heal and then afterwards see if you can date the little sister for who she is and not her resemblance to your deceased girl.

  4. Oh my Rodney kaNelisa…nice bhuti a Mike.

    Skhumbuzo I’m sorry for your loss, I can only imagine what it is you’re going through. I did not read thou saying that you and thando were married so i don’t see why you have to keep going to her home. That alone will stop you from moving on. Just stop going there and heal at your own place and own pace

  5. Thanks Mikeesto, very interesting chapter this was.

    Skhumbuzo sbalie yours is a sad and painful story. The beginning was so magical and the sudden end to this was just defeating. You cant replace Thando, you shouldnt even try because that would be unfair on her memory. Mourn and move on buddy, dont try and date the little sister becasue she reminds you of Thando, if something comes out of that, let it be on its own terms, not because your memory of Thando is making you see things that may not even be there. It will be hard ntanga but this too shall pass. Qina ndoda.


  6. Ohhhhh snaaaap!!!! Thank you Bhut Mike 🙂 goodness me a blast from the past. I like this intertwinement with these books 🙂 ….it gives it that thing man…

    Eish Skhumbuzo 🙁 askies bhut wam for your loss. You sound like you had a beautiful soul in your Thando and you loved her too bits….and you still love her…. Losing a loved one is never an easy thing be strong hey.
    You probably will always love her because you didn’t break up with her, but rather lost her…so the unfinished business will always linger no matter what…. With regards to the sister, I say you need to work on yourself first and mourn your beautiful Thando 🙂 , you will never get over the loss but rather come to terms with it and you will then be able to deal with the pain better.
    I don’t want you getting yourself involved with the sister because you will end up comparing her to your Thando and that is just a recipe for disaster…

    So heal first and theen decide if you want to date the sister or not…and date her for who SHE IS and NOT because she reminds you of your late girlfriend… she may look like her but her personality is very much different form hers, that I can assure you of….

    All the best nhe

  7. kahle! kahle! is Nelisa still writing exams lol cause she left us going to prepare for her examination.

    eyhooo! brother Mike u just reminded me of our sugar baby Nelisa…

  8. Wow wow wow Mike how I love you,shame ba go tlogele, great work ey may the almighty bless you more and more.

    Skhumbuzo losing someone is not easy and it’s even worse when you have constant reminder of the person, you might be feeling like your late gf sister can occupy the void that your late gf left but truth is she may not as everyone is unique and by the time you realise that ,its gonna break you down once more coz that poor soul can’t be replaced. So grieve and reduce your visitations then if the feeling is still there and it’s strong then talk to her family about it and surely they’ll grant you their blessings to be with her sister.
    Good luck

  9. @namibian_gurl, Rodney was Nelisa’s blesser, the one who owned a flat where Nelisa was staying while “studying”.
    Loving the remixes Ntate Mikie, don’t stop, keep them coming.
    Sku, askis mchana. Ditto advice, take some time out to heal first B4 tasting more waters

  10. I need to go back and read missteps. I really don’t remember anything. Yhooooo there’s more the 300 chapters

  11. Benny has a kid?? All the wows🙌🏽
    Hunky Benny and his white girlfriend done did the dammmn thing with the curly hair man (FYI Khumo is a Ginger in my head)

    I’m glad aunt Lynda left uMalume Rodney but him still lurking around makes my heart sing and dance❤️

    It’s beautiful how all these stories are coming together.

    But hold up why did Sfiso block Lungi manje? It’s children even if I say so myself.
    As for Mbuso, 😅🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. @ Mike just thought I should tell you this ne: YES is my favourite. I love it. Great work you doing with it mona fase. Thank you.

    SKHUMBA you are just hurting, tlogela go nagana ka marato right now and concentrate on healing. I suggest you stop going to your late girlfriend’s place as this will just continue making you feel things that are not there, seems like you are looking for a rebound.

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