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YES 113

Hey guys, there is a series called “Isithembiso” on Mzansi that people are saying is very similar to “Zulu Girl Goes to JHB”. I have not yet watched it but can anyone who has please confirm this. This is very important. Please answer this on the Facebook status I posted last night n the Diary of a Zulu Girl Facebook page. Thank you

I stood there for a second trying to think what had brought that on. What had I done wrong? Was he offended that I had a wine glass in front of me when I was with his daughter? I was not sure now. I am not naïve to the fact that I always had a way of getting caught by him with different men. I knew he liked me and he liked me a lot. The reason why he had ended up with the doctor was because I think I had played hard to get. How long though should it take a guy to shela or pursue you? I know a friend who was been in love with one girl for like five years before he even dated her. He tried to get her and she would always say no. Today they are married. I am sorry no one talks to me like that. I am not a child you scold because you can. I don’t stand for such bullshit. He needed to be put in his place! Just because he had saved my ass does not mean he can speak to me waya waya! Who does he think he is? My personality does not allow me to take such shit lying down. I needed to find out what was up so I followed him and I knocked.

He opened.


I said my heart beating so fast it was going to crack on my chest. I don’t think I have a temper but the wine had gotten me there so fast. I was actually so angry.

“I am sorry. I did not mean to talk to you like that.”

He said as soon as he saw it was me. I stumbled. That is not what I had expected.

“I don’t know what got into me. The words just came out?”

Two minutes ago he had almost bitten my ear off and now he was happy, the fuck?

“What did I do wrong?”

I asked him my blood calming down because when someone apologizes even that anger dissipates.

“And I hope you didn’t take it out on Ntheteng because God help me you will see the true me!”

I added very annoyed. I hate being called out on something I had not done. That is what he had done.

“Can you lower your voice please. Ntheteng is watching TV and still upset at me. I tried to explain to her what happened but she is not ready to hear the truth.”

He said lowering his voice. Why was he being so mysterious?

“The truth?”

I asked him.

“What truth?”

He looked at me, straight in the eye as though he was searching for something. I looked back and I could see the tears in his eyes.

“Can we go to your place rather if you don’t mind?”

I think it was this mysteriousness that made me curious otherwise he was not welcome at my house pshhh!

“Ok then.”

“Ntheti I am going with Aunty Lungi to her house please do not be mad at me!”

He told her.

The sweet little child looked at her father, folder her arms across her child and rolled her eyes looking the other way. The drama in these kids. If it was another day I would have laughed.

“This better be good!”

I told him still maintaining my attitude.

“It’s not good unfortunately.”

I stood at the door of my house as if blocking him to enter. He understood that and stopped.

“I know you might not understand but today is the day Kgabo, Ntheteng’s mother died.”

He said and he stopped. My heart literally just sank.

“O crap, you poor soul. I am so sorry!”

I told him. Tables turn so fast, I felt like total shit.

“No I am sorry. I should not have taken it out on you. I know you love my daughter I am so sorry!”

He said. Love his daughter? Crap I do love the kid though.

“Tell me about her. Don’t tell me how she died, tell me the good things, like how you met… I want to hear that story!”

I told him letting him in and sitting him down on the couch next to my wine. He looked at me in disbelief as though I was trying to trick him.

“Are you…are you sure?”

He stuttered.

“Yes I am sure. I have met her wonderful daughter so now I would like to meet her as you remember her!”

I reassured him. When someone loses someone it’s so easy for us looking in on the outside to not see what that person lost.

“Well, I met her at Public Works. Sorry her name was Kgabo Mashiane. That’s where she worked. It was the 1st of September, Spring Day to be more precise. She was wearing a pin stripe suit, blue and white and funny enough she never wore it again after we dated because I always teased her about it.”

He smiled as he said that but it was one of those smile through pain. I took a sip of my wine.

“I remember asking her why she was not wearing a dress or skirt because it was Spring Say. Note I was in my overalls and even had a bit of grease on me I am sure yet I asked her that!”

He added. I could see he was going into a comfort zone and I wanted to encourage him to speak. This was my chance of finally getting to know this guy because in all honesty, I had hung out with him so many times and I knew nothing about him.

“You know nowadays in this shallow society people judge you on how you are dressed and what you do. She saw right through that. She asked me out, the very same day I met her. I even joked that I could not afford to take her out because it was middle of the month some of us get paid on the 25th. You know what she told me, a real man will make a plan.”

He said and I found that he was smiling as he shook he is head.

“Fortunately and unfortunately for me a friend of hers was having an all white party that night with a celebrity host meaning I did not have to buy food or drinks. It’s so weird I felt as though I was out my league but she insisted I wear white and be formal. I mean what kind of black man owns white clothes right? I had roughly five hours to get this right that time I was broke for days. She did not know me but she had met my boss several times because he was trying to get a tender from her Department. She liked him I guess because she trusted me from day one. A white collar girl trusting a blue collar guy like me, I was out of my league. She was too good for me even then!”

The story was actually quite romantic come to think of it. She somehow reminded me of me, how she had demanded and how she had gotten him to do things her way. Ok fine maybe not on the white collar vs blue collar stuff but every girl once to believe she sees no status in a person to talk to them.

“So what did you do?”

I asked him.

“I borrowed from my friends and the car too. Imagine, that was our first date. I was driving a blue Bantam and in her driveway she had a Mazda 2, a lime green one of all colours. She insisted we use my car when hers way better than mine. I never lied to her about who I was and how much I had struggled growing up but she saw right through that. A year later on the very same day we met we got married.”

He said and tried to stand up so I could not see his tears running freely down his cheeks. I took his hand and pulled him down.

“Don’t look away, I am here!”

I told him. He needed to be comforted and at this stage I needed comforting too because I had tears in my eyes. I allowed them to run down my cheeks not because I wanted him to see that I was sharing his pain. I just could not stop them.

I remember at the funeral saying,

“When you first meet a person you say whatever you want, play games even because you have nothing to lose, when you get to know the person you start to watch what you say in order to protect the relationship.”

He continued his face wet with tears,

“That was me. I came from saying from saying all these nasty things mostly to cover up for what I was lacking to finding myself trying to be better for her. She changed a lot in me that girl and then she gave me Ntheteng! What will I do without Ntheteng?”

He sighed and he held his breathe. I had bitten off my that I could chew. I was crying, ah, was I not supposed to be the comforter?

“When Ntheti was born she insisted on her being born by her grandmothers side. There was a clinic next to the grandmothers place. I could not be there because that tender my boss had gotten it. Its got nothing to do with her before you think was corrupt…”

He said and we both laughed.

“I was not there. Seven hours of labour and I was not there. I felt so bad and I made sure every single moment I spent with her after that I made it up to her.”

He said and that was way too sweet.

“Then I remember the day she died like it was yesterday. I keep asking what I could have done differently. We were not happy with each other. That’s the true story, we were not happy with each other that morning. I never told anyone this. One of her colleagues was pursuing her at work. I was still a mechanic obviously and I saw a Whatsapp from him where he took a picture of her car and his car in the parking lot. She had told me about him initially but I had laughed it off. That morning it had annoyed me so much and we had fought about it. Then the accident happened… Her hand was severed off her body and…”

His voice trailed off at the end and a lump had formed in his throat. I sat there stunned, I was crying and I could not even stand up because he was crying too. I seem to remember him saying that her mother had died giving child birth and that she had been raped. Ok fine he had not mentioned the rape obviously so at least that was consistent I was going to ask though,

“But didnt you say her mother died giving birth to her?”

I asked him.

“I did. She could not love Ntheteng. When she gave birth its like her soul died with her. she tried so hard but the fact that she had been raped made her love and hate at the same time. Her accident was meant to happen the moment she was raped because everything fell apart from there. She was never the same and I should have kept a closer look at her but I failed. I failed her!”

He started crying again. There was silence and he stood up, opened the sliding door and walked onto the veranda for air. I understood what he meant, after she gave birth she was a shell of her former self and to Mbuso he felt not only had he failed her when she was raped, when she gave birth to the unwanted child he was not there either and to him she had died that moment. It was not a physical death but the Kgabo he knew was gone at childbirth. her physical death was like a second death then.

A good five minutes I cried there and then my front door opened and there was Ntheteng,

“Aunty Lungi where is my dad, I am now scared to sit by myself… Why are you crying?”

She asked me and I just stood up and ran to her and hugged her.

He was right, she really was not ready to hear this story?

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hello Mike and readers

I have a problem two years back my boyfriends Mom once said to me that she will always blame me for her son’s wrong doing and I told her that it’s wrong and unfair because he is a grown men and I won’t even responsible for his action just because we love together and I then stop talking and going to her house. Now the problem is my boyfriend wants to pay Lobola and the Mother won’t give her blessings because for some reason she feels like I have to apologise to her for not allowing her to bully mw around. So, my boyfriend granny said she thinks its best I go to my boyfriends mom and apologise even though I did nothing wrong. My question here is why should I apologise? I never disrespected her even once; we had a wonderful relationship until the day she decided to insult me by saying she will always blame me for her son’s bad behaviour. I love my boyfriend but to apologise for something that I did not do. Sigh!

Kind Regards

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  1. Bad behaviour? what bad behaviour? your letter has so many holes lol.. but you sound like me.. proud and stubborn.. do you love your bf? you wanna be his wife?… go have a sit down with his mother and get to the bottom of both your feelings and try to work it out.

  2. Im confused or do i have it completely wrong,wasn’t Nthetheng born out of rape? and didn’t the mother die during labor?

        1. because her and Mbuso have been trying for a while with no lucky if I remember correctly.. I think it was just her maternal instincts that made her keep the baby!

  3. Confused: You have to look at the bigger picture. If you love this man like you say you do, unfortunately this is the price you have to pay (not saying you did anything wrong here) but you will have to go and apologize to her for the greater good. Absolutely nothing will come off you if you do, keep your eyes on the price girl, it might even turn things around for your mom-in-law and your relationship as well. DO IT!

  4. Thanks Mike, can Lungi not fall in love and settle with Mbuso out of pity. I don’t see this ending well, can’t they just be friends and get over the sequel tension already. Confused, your story doesn’t make sense but I gather you want people to tell you that your boyfriend’s mother must apologise to you? Sisi, I don’t know where you grew up but please understand that in the black culture your age means not only wisdom but that you’ve earned the right to never apologise no matter how wrong you are. His mother will not apologise to you, the sooner you get that, the better your life will be. You need to swallow your pride if you wanna be with that man. Go apologise to her, you’ll lose nothing from that, as opposed to the alternative. In relationships you can be right or you can be happy, you choose. Unfortunately if your boyfriend values his mother’s blessing and opinion that much, there’s much more of this to come.

    1. I guess I was wrong about the sexual tension then 🙂 I’m just gonna leave that “sequel” there, whatever it’s supposed to mean.

  5. What an emotional chapter so early I’m crying and people are asking me who died. Thank you Mikey.
    @confused…there’s no other solution than to sit down and talk to her, don’t attack her coz u really sound angry and ask your boyfriend’s granny to be present maybe she can help, good luck
    #isithembiso I only saw one episode last week and funny enough while watching it Mike Maphoto crossed my mind and i thought maybe you wrote it and searched for your name at the end of the episode but i didn’t found it so i brushed it off

  6. The relationship with mother in law is doomed already, if she bullies you like this before you guys even get married I feel for you

  7. Confused, swallow your pride and apologise, in your marriage you will be doing alot of that so you better start now.

    But do tell us what bad behaviour your boyfriend gets up to, seems more interesting than you MIL drama

    1. I know hey, I’ve got pop corns ready waiting on her to spill the beans on this boyfriend’s worst behaviour lol!

      1. We want the dirt…lol…funny enough she doesn’t seem bothered by the “bad behavior” that’s giving her mother in law a stroke….#MOAYW bhwahahahaha

  8. Mike askies i dont have facebook. But here is my take on isithembiso, the stort line asifani nese the dairy of zulu girl nakancane nje. U can watch it on youtube 1st episode was on the 3rd of april.

    1. Nope there is no confusion. The way Mbuso sees it, the wife when she gave birth could have just died. She shut down. We didn’t say how long she was alive after she gave birth. When he explained it he said she died giving birth because to him that was the last time he recognised the bubbly witty loving woman he had married.

  9. one pastor once said wether you are right or wrong u have no right to hold an offence. apologise to her even though you did nothing wrong.

  10. Confused, if you love your man and want to be with him for life you need to learn to choose your battles wisely and one with your mother in law is not be chosen. That women gave birth to your future husband and no matter what she will always have a say when it comes to him and when there is an misunderstanding she will side with his son OKO. So, do yourself a favor and not sweat the small staff, some of the things she say save yourself the energy and fights by just saying OKAY mama, if it is too big to handle tell your hubby to be to deal with it cause it is better for him to call his mother into order than you because at the end of the day whether married or not you will always be an outsider.

  11. Thanks Mikeesto, almost cried hey, just a tiny bit of little almost. Sad chapter yeses.

    Confused, yabona ke sisi, if you allow this woman to win this round she will have one over you and she will make sure you know it. You did nothing wrong, now she is busy playing God on people’s lives dictating to the terms of your lobola?? Makayonya lomama. Do not apologise and this guy of yours who has shady things going on need not get a blessing to marry you. Kudala abantu beshada without no damn blessings from witchy people and still they going strong.

    There will never be peace with that woman sisi so even if you apologise, she will ask why it took you so long as a makoti in waiting to humble yourself, you will only get insults out of it. That woman better stay in her lane or marry her son her own damn self tshini!!


  12. Mike I commend you for your writing abilities. this death thing I deep shame. and truelly I understand why a rape victim would “die” during child birth coz the child serves as a constant reminder to her ordeal. and not many women can love a child conceived in that manner. I know I wouldn’t be able to.

  13. Thanks Mikeesto for the daily dose.

    Confused go and apologise to your mamazala sisi if u really want your bf’s ring in your finger. Ungumntana and please act like one. Awukendi nokwenda sowufuna ukuma ejijini nomamazala wakho abt who is right or who is wrong??? Hayi ntombi cha akwenziwa kanjalo. Andendanga ndisitsho nje zange ndenda ke futhi, but umntu omdala uyakuhlala emdala kuwe. Go and apologise and come back and tell us if u developed a rash all over your body for swallowing your pride and apologised to your mama’s bf.

  14. I don’t have facebook either but Mike the background of the main character is a Zulu girl who think they are smart going to Jozi. I too thought it was you who wrote the story since you once said you were busy with the screenplay.
    However this story does not have foreign character kinda like Zulu girl and Confessions coming together.

    Confused just apologise for the blessing don’t worry if she has such tendencies she will one day be chucked out by her own son. Evil does eventually come out be patient remember to humble yourself kuphela. Your future hubby has to see you trying instead of breaking apart.

  15. Thanks Bhut Mike yhoooo hay shame Kgabo was dealt a bad card though. I know of women who lack love for their kids because the Dad up and left, and now to love a child born of rape…. Yhooooo thats supper ubber deep…can’t deal..

    Yeee confused. Please share what this bad behavior your mom in law is going on about that is sooo deep that it causes trouble in ya’lls relationship. Clearly there is more to it than what meets the eye here.

    So you have two options here really… You can apologise to this woman for peacesake and for that blessing for Lobola if you really love your boyfriend that much. But brace yourself for further bully ke sisi because this woman will make sure she bullies you at every chance she gets because, well you will apologise for the sake of peace everytime…

    Alternatively, you can sit her down and try and iron out your issues and get to the bottom of this without you coming out as the whimp in all of it…

    But ke bare in mind sisi that, YOU are a child compared to this woman… Much as we say she is bullying you lets try and not disrespect umntu omdala… And 2 she is your future mother inlaw so you need to thread carefully with this as this may determine your relationship with her and possibly the whole family, and will cause tension between you and your boyfriend…
    Dont try and compete with her… I repeat DO NOT COMPETE with her, you will come out short ntanga…

    All the best nhe, and remember this whole situation is putting your boyfriend at a very very difficult place… So when you decide what to do, think of him and how he feels…


  16. Mike, if it is your story, that Isithembiso, why do you tell us this late because I could have watched from first episode? Anyway, I will watch from today. I have a feeling it is, the way I love Thandeka……………. I will comment of fb once I have watched and confirmed.

  17. if you love that boy like you say you do you will apologise, not because you are wrong, but because you love your guy. Compromising starts now, you should be able to compromise anything just to be with your man. you can say sorry and dont mean it cc just for the sake of peace.

  18. Confusing chapter Herr Mikei myb due to that twist nyana abt death or no death & second death. But will wait for comment from the enlightened peers here.
    Sistaz call for a close family meeting & let her state her side of story& state yours, then YES, do apologise, even if U see the colour as lime while she says it’s green.
    Then in future she will know when to challenge U as shewill know U call a meeting for her. She won’t want to be seen as the offender all the time. U will be indirectly forcing her to act her age. Some MILs love drama. U can’t be another drama queen in yo BF’s family fighting with her. It never ends well especially if yo BF is “backboneless”.

  19. Guys…did we just read the same story? Coz Mbuso just explained why he felt wifey died at child birth before she actually died in an accident! I feel that we are not focusing here…..and the other one is asking why didn’t Mike tell us she had a series coz they could have watched from the beggining…. Aaai I give up! Mike was the one asking if we have seen it since he heard it sounds like his stories which is not……is it English or selective reading????? Thanks Mike…keep up the good work….Niya ndinxila bahlali!

    1. lol me and you share the same feeling. abantu bakho focus and Mike is allowed to twist the story to keep it interesting.

      1. Theres no English gone wrong here…. Initially Mike posted the story differently as a result the confusion…. He did fix it though probably why you didnt see it. Initially it wasnt making sense but Mike did fix it. We not making things up here we were concerned readers. If you didnt see it dont assume….

    2. You could visit chapter 46 and see what we talking about then you could come tell us how English let us down.
      If you read the Chapter after Mike edited it then you surely didn’t see what we saw.

  20. Confused, apologise and then work on asserting urself as an adult and a human being during the relationship you are about to embark on with her. A person who is old enough to be married is no longer a child by the way so don’t allow yourself to be belittled because humans give birth. Always be the peaceful one but stand ur ground. Tough but not impossible.

  21. Hi Mike, Please clarify…. Why is Mbuso changing the story now?
    On Y.E.S 46 he said, “We had been high school sweethearts so we had dated forever even right through university.”
    On Y.E.S 113 he said, “”Well, I met her at Public Works…. That’s where she worked…..”
    What she tod Lungi on Y.E.S 46 is different from what he’s telling her on Y.E.S 113? Why is that?
    Which one is true? Was he lying before and telling the truth now? Was he telling the truth before and he’s lying now?

    1. Thank you for the reminder I actually thought I waz tbe crazy one but having gone back to Chapter 46 it cleared my confusion… Mike did twist it

  22. Confused…Id say just swallow your pride and apologise. Beside you apologising doesnt make you wrong but the bigger person. Even grandmas bf advised you to do so. Im saying this cause we dont know what bad behavior your bf has been up to and how are you an accessory to this misbehaving accordeing to your future mama zala.

  23. Loved this chapter. The beauty of literature! Twists and turns. Reminded me of Shakespeare and his sonnets.

  24. Mbuso was trying to protect his wife from Lungi. He couldn’t very well do that by telling the correct sequence of events. He had to embellish her.
    I think he partly lied the first time, and now this is the true story.

    I would have done the same

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