Majuba Chapter Six

There are 13 sides to every story, I know you think they are only 2 sides but that’s not true, 13 … Remember that!

Londy’s Story

I remember the day I met Vusi like it was yesterday. I know he does not like mentioning the facts of our meeting but I use them to remind me of how far we had come. I was born and raised in Jozini, a lot of people have never heard of it but its there in Northern KwaZulu Natal close enough to the Swaziland border to make us relevant. I was born in a polygamous marriage but my mother had left my father when we were young so I am not really well versed in its act. In my area isthembu (polygamy) is so common when we watch people being shocked in the news we really can’t identify. I actually don’t mind it, better than having a cheating husband I say but it’s not for me. I am selfish like that. Seeing a woman want to share a man has to be one of the lowest forms of lack of self worth but then again I did say I don’t mind it. My mum was wife number three so I would not be here if I was not born out of a stokvel dick. That’s what I call isthembu, stokvel! Back to Vusi, it was at a party, a braai at that when I met him. My boyfriend of two years, Simon had insisted we go because I was that girl who always refused to go anywhere. For once I gave in because it was like the fourth party we had been invited to and he had had to go alone. He was still teaching me to drive at the time so the 20 minute trip to the venue was actually ended up a 45 minute trip with him irritated as hell. I don’t blame him for the irritation either because my heart by the time we parked was beating so fast I thought it would pop out.

“Never become a teacher! You are so impatient you know that!”

I shouted at him as we got out of the car.

“Impatient? You almost killed us twice because of not listening!”

He shouted at me. My boyfriend was the type that wore his heart on his sleeve! Guys like that tend to be impatient and say the wrong things all the time because they speak without thinking.

“I told you if you ever hit me again we are through! I told you!”

I screamed at him. Why was he angry at me? I had caught him trying to give that fat girl with the pimples his number before he kissed her. For that he had slapped me and the next thing I knew he was hitting me.

“Err how dare you hit a woman in front of people like this!”

One of the girls at the party said. I had seen her arrive and I think she was a lesbian because she came holding another girls hand. You know when you can just sense it; girls hug and touch a lot but its innocent. This was different. I come from one of those towns that lesbians are not welcome, sad but true, South Africa is not all open minded.

“Are you ok?”

A guy said to me. I was still dazed but that clap.

“Dude what the fuck is wrong with you?”

He shouted. I was not seeing clearly but I think the girls were beating him because I could hear him groaning and them screaming. Some guy said,

“If you touch my girl I will beat you up. Take it like a man because if you can hit women then they must hit you too!”

Anyway my facts are a bit blurry but that’s what I heard I think to be fair. Next thing he was driving me home, next thing that police woman had kicked him right in the balls. I know he says his stomach but I saw what I saw even if half my face was swollen.

“No he is telling the truth. The guy who did this was arrested already and he came to take me home!”

I shouted after the police woman who was already getting into her car. I helped him up.

“Stop moaning like a baby you will be fine. You a man!”

I told him and he looked up at me like I was crazy. The thing is I am used to men being macho around me but he was different in my eyes. He just looked vulnerable I guess.

“Yeah try being hit in the balls and you will see how much of a man you will be.”

He responded.

“I really would like to go now it’s a bit scary here and you don’t know which car will bump us!”

I told him.

“I could offer to drive but I can’t drive so you will have to uhm…be strong!”

I told him. He looked at me like I was angry but walked back into the car. The ride was silent until I broke the silence when we got to my house.

“Thank you for rescuing me and I am sorry about what happened with the cop!”

I told him.

“It’s ok. I really hope that was a sign you will take seriously. That guy is not good enough for you. You deserve better.”

He told me. He was still in pain but I could see it was better now.

“I know. Can I have your numbers? I would like to thank you better when I am not all swollen up and look decent!”

I told him when he got out of the car.

“Yes sure.”

He said as he gave me.

“Thanks again.”

I told him as I walked in.

“I will wait for the lights to switch on then I will drive away ok?”

He said to me and I thought that was sweet. I waved goodbye and I walked in. I switched on the lights when I entered and looked through the curtain. True to his word he drove away. Thokoza is a township and like all townships it’s not the safest place to be. I was a bit scared for him.

“Londy what are you doing here?”

My big sister asked behind me startling me in the process. The switching on of the lights had woken her up. I turned around and she opened her mouth in shock?

“What happened? Did he hit you again?”

She asked me cautiously coming to me. I nodded my head and I just started crying.

“Yes he did and this time I am not going back!’

I told her. She came and she hugged me.

“Don’t make rash decisions. Sometimes men do that when they mess up. You can’t dump every guy that will make you angry, I thought you new this!”

She advised me. This was not the first time she had given me this advice about Simon.

“No not anymore. When someone starts to hit you in public you know that it’s late for you!”

I told her as I left her embrace and went straight to bed. I was tired and I was sore. I heard Nonjabulo switch off the lights. I cried once more and I fell asleep.

It was 0730 in the morning when I heard the knock. It was loud as though it was the police or something.

“Londiwe, open this door!”

I heard the voice. It was Simon. My heart leapt in fire. My instinct was that I needed something to protect myself. I heard Nonjabulo walk out of her room to go open.

“Simon so early ah… What happened to you?”

I hear her first say then ask witch shock in her voice.

“It’s a long story. Where is your sister?”

He asked my sister.

“She is sleeping. I thought we agreed that you don’t hit her again. What happened this time?”

She asked him.

“Are you not going to let me in?”

He asked her.

“Is she even here or are you covering for her? She left with some man she did not even know. I have been worried sick about her!”

He said. I immediately checked my phone but there was not one call from him. He had not even sent a whatsapp to check if I was ok so how was he worried sick about me.

“Well she is still angry at you and who can blame her! Come in, you need to calm down before you talk her and I must give you some ice or something before you can see her!”

She said to him. My sister was just something else. She could not give him ice come on; the man had just beaten me up. I got out of bed angrily.

“Simon what do you want from me? Get out of my house!”

I shouted at him. He had not even sat down. I was holding a high heeled shoe as a weapon. He was swollen all over also showing that those girls had done a good job.

“I am sorry baby. Do you want to hit me with that shoe? I deserve it.”

He stood up and he walked towards me and I raised the hand with the weapon ready to defend myself. Instead he came and knelt in front of me and started crying. He hugged me from that kneeling position meaning his head was in my pelvic area. I was still wearing the clothes from yesterday.

“I am so sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I try and be good but it doesn’t work. I told you that my ex put a curse on me with her muti so that I can never be happy with anyone else and its happening already.”

He said crying. The ex story, that’s a story for another day. My sister walked in at that moment with her ice and said,

“Aaarh that is so sweet. I wish a man can humble himself like that before me! Londy hug him back hle!”

My sister told me.

“He deserves it though. I should not even be talking to him!”

I told her.

“Ah come on. He has been punished enough and look he has more bumps and bruises than you!”

She said and it was true that he did. These girls had taught him a lesson.

“Here take the ice and tend to your man!”

She said giving it to me. I reluctantly dropped the shoe and replaced it with the ice wrapped in the table cloth.

“Ngiyabonga ukuba nawe MaMthombeni omuhle!”

(I am grateful to be with you beautiful MaMthombeni).

*********The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. I am one of your new readers and Majuba is my first book.

I am 36 and I am married with two kids. My husband and I do fairly well but we have been fighting at home lately. The problem is he wants another child and I do not. We initially agreed on two and that was fine but when one of his friends had another child it became an issue. We had never been a fighting couple before that and ever since the child ting came he passes nasty comments as often as he can. I am now afraid that he is gong to cheat on me to get this child he wants badly. I really do not want a child especially under these circumstances were it feels like I am being given an ultimatum. Can anyone please advise me on how I can get around this without losing him?

Thank You

Mother of Two

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  1. Thanks Team.
    @Mother of Two – eyi I’m dissappointed. Can you guys afford a third child – maybe you can use expenses as a reason for not having another young one. Does your husband come from a big family? Maybe that could be a reason, but you should not be forced into doing something you are not keen on; especially if it is going to be a lifetime commitment. Good luck sisi. I really feel for you.

  2. The hell!!!!! Uyabonnga?! Ubonga INI?? That she is ur punching bag?? Mcm Gosh I hate Men who hit woman and have too many excuses afterward, ex and muthi?? Yuuh mxm😑😑

    Mother of Two!

    He is ur Husband, y’all are married. If he wants a child that’s it he wants one and as long as he can afford I don’t understand why not. This is one of the reasons why people get married to have kids and wena if u don’t want you should talk to him and give him a valid reason why because he will never understand as I don’t understand myself.
    All the best

    1. Hayi Miss Veeeeee I disagree with you…they had agreed on 2 children, now the husband wants a third child becuase a friend is having a third child, surely that cannot be a valid enough reason to have another child. Why is he competing with his friend?

    2. eish its a bit diffcullt to say just coz he is her husband she must just comply… in relationships and marriages we compromise and these guys have two kids already from what I have picked up. She is not comfortable with have another baby but the man doesnt understand..I dont know I just think its her body and if she is not ready to carry another child she does not need to be guilt-tripped into it.

    3. Men don’t carry, give birth to and raise children. The initial agreement was two he should stop being jealous qha yena le ndoda tshi

  3. We only want one child . Wow. 3 ? Next it will be 5 because the friend is having five and please manage the 2 first in this downgrade economy. Yes children are a blessing but they are an investment as well so it’s not enough to have as many children as you biologically can and then today’s society makes you and your family suffer as well. Thanks Majuba seems to be a balanced story as often we blame one party or the woman for he picking and not knowing how to take care of her men when the wife has become such a person as a child of polygamy and then an a used woman.

  4. Thanks bhut’Mike and team
    Mother of two, I agree with Nana, speak with your husband and reason with him. Tell him he is being unfair for wanting a child just because his friend is having another one, this should not be a competition. You should not be subjected to abuse just because he has had a sudden change of mind because his friend is having another child. If this was purely from him wanting another child for whatever reason maybe this would be a different scenario mara having a child just because your friend is having another one is both childish and stupid. If his friend is moving to a 5 million rand house, will he also want to move to the same area and subject you to unnecessary debt just so he can compete with him? Hayi uyageza umyeni wakho kule trip shem.
    I wish you all the best though.

  5. Thanks Mikeesto, great read yhowe!!

    Have to agree with Ms Vee here, wasnt the whole point of getting married starting a family? Did you not in turn promise the in laws with many grand childrenz? His latest motivation for wanting a kid is besides the point, the man wants a baby, give him one. You have to play your part is the woman of the house here, two kids qha? I have two kids and I aint even wed yet so why would ‘start a family’ of four people qha… Ngeke sisi you are being selfish, your clock is ticking give that man a kid.


    1. Hhayi bo Jack…lol…lol..waze wangihlekisa. Your reasoning though…lol…So women are for making babies, mind you she has to have this baby not him. But you’re a guy, and what you guys want you must get right, regardless of she wants.

      1. Anditsho Micasa but we all have roles to play though lol! Important roles at that, if men had to carry babies we would suck at it. So no, women are not for making babies but they are the passage to which we can receive such blessings. I fully respect the right a woman has to her body and if she wants a baby or not, but in marriage yours is mine and mine is yours…. Should we null and void this point just because we agreed to have only two kids? What if its two girls, who carries the family name and bloodline? LOL I just feel the lady is being unfair and keeping her options open just in case the future happens and she remarries LOL!!

        1. I see what you did there with the lol’s….hahahahaha…I see where you are coming from. BUT do you remember the letter by a married who felt his wife resented him and their twins, because they had agreed they will not have any kids and he forced the matter regardless. It’s not like they have NO kids. And whop is to say third time around will be a son, if the issue is carrying on the bloodline? It could well be a another daughter. Kwenziwe njani ke. Akhiqize kuze kuphuma insizwa? Nah dude. There is much truth to “don’t compete with the Jones'” His friend can have 30 kids if that what works for him and his wife. Akakwazi ukuthi njalo his buddies have something naye useyayayifuna? Be real man. As for her biological clock ticking away, kwakutheni bethunana naleliwashi elincinciza our doom and gloom? Maybe the husband should just be a man and stick to his word, because that’s what real men do!!!!

    2. Usually I agree with you Jack but today I dont. You don’t get married coz you want kids, you get married because you want to spend the rest of your life with a certain individual. Kwizinto zabantwana you agree kuqalwa uba how many kids do you want, and remember pregnancy is not a blissful journey. So when this guy comes efuna another one he’s the one being selfish not the wife. Emtshatweni you need to have agreements and sticj to them, ungajiki phakathi. The guy must just live with the decision or give a valid reason why he wants a baby so bad. Maybe lo sisi can compromise and give him, but she must not do it if she doesn’t want. If uzo cheater umfana he’s gonna do it anyway regardless of having a child or not.

  6. Miss Veee, You sound like a 9 year old girl. The fuck you mean she must give him a child if he wants one? Ngubani ozothwala esisisu? Who must undergo emotional, physical and psychological change for this child to be borne? Who must take time off work, time off life raising a baby when it is borne? hey sugeza apha wena yesses!

    Mother of two. You have to speak to your husband, if he will not listen and you fight when yout try to talk. Send him an email. Give him your reasons why it is not good for you guys to have a child. Then ask him to give you his reasons why he thinks a new baby will edify the family.

    If that does not work, Go to a gynea and get yourself a MIRENA. It is a contraceptive IUD. There is one for 3, 5 and 10 years. it is 99.99% effective. It is free at public hospitals if you don’t have Medical aid. Alternatively, you can pay cash, it won’t cost more than R2000 for the Mirena and the gynea consultation fees. It takes about 20 minutes for insertion and you are sorted. It is pain free. For me it felt like I had had rough sex for a few hours. Then tell him you are ready to try for a baby. He will never catch you out like pills because they insert it in your uteris. Enjoy the great sex without worrying about pregnancy.

    1. I hear Chezz about the Mirena but what happens when the husband finds out about it coz the string can be felt sometimes. I have the copper and sometimes my BF can feel it. I think she must just stand her ground nje provided she also has valid reasons of not wanting baby number 3, coz if she goes ahead with it just for peace’s sake then she might end up resenting the husband or even the child.

      There is nothing as sad as watching a child being mistreated because of their parents’ sins…

  7. Just cause as I man I had agreed to having two children with you in the past doesn’t mean it’s the be all and end all of decision making. Things change, circumstances evolve and we are bound to make life adjustments, if that means adding one or few more to the litter then so be it.

    If my wife wants to be headstrong and tell me about gaining weight and taking time off, then that means she’s thinking of just herself and not Us as a unit. In turn would it it not be befitting that I do the same, seek fulfilment elsewhere that I’m not getting from home? Yes it could have taken a friend having a new small child to make me feel broody but that doesn’t mean I’m competing, I just miss the feeling and want to give it another go, right a few wrongs of my younger past.

    Are you seriously going to deny me a child just because we had agreed to have only two, eons ago…? My dear beautiful wife, please do not worry when you see less of me, also do not be surprised when our family budget get’s extended to new expenses. Do not give my children, be it unbeknown to you, hassles when they are listed in my last will and testament.

    In this time remember I had asked you and your response was “I don’t want more”…

  8. get family planning injection and let him “eat” it raw he will sweat for donkey years trying for a baby.
    the good part of babymakimg is sex but the after effects are mostly borne by u cc.

  9. Londy was being bullied now she is doing the bullying…LIFE!

    I don’t think however it is selfish of you to not want another based on the fact that there was an agreement of 2. Secondly, is he really doing it because he enjoys fatherhood so much or is just Testosterone contest with his friend. Will he be around the clock to help you and has he been there before. Its tricky because as a woman, pregnancy comes with a lot of physical and emotional demands men will never understand. Everything in marriage is a consultation, so if you were to put some contraceptive without his knowledge, that would be dishonest in your marriage. Rather be honest with your real feelings and try make him understand or better still, he must convince genuinely why you should have another one….Communication is vital, whether to each other, or get a third party who can assist with both of you getting your feelings across.

  10. today’s chapter throw me off somehow. I thought the story was being told from the guy’s perspective. eish maybe the stress of life it’s getting to me hard. LOL

  11. Nice read Mike, Chezz don’t come with Xhosa crook tendencies here, why would one trick their spouse if the guy was open about it? It is not like he came wearing a condom and took it out during sex, he`s communicating/negotiating for the 3rd one…

    Mother of Twee you should seat your man down and discuss this matter with him.
    I don’t think your man would give you such a lousy reasoning for wanting a kid just because his friend has, you are the one assuming this right?

    And just because he agreed on 2 kids it doesn`t mean he can`t change his mind, sisi you also have to give valid reasons as to why you cant have the 3rd one.

    Count your blessings lavo!

  12. Hair guys stop being selfish when one gets married its also because uzokwandisa I family n it might be that the man had always wanted another kid and now his friend having one just made the feeling worse, he wouldn’t ask for a kid that he can’t afford sisi give that man a kid or accept a step kid from outside you have a choice choose wisely…beside those who say its her body remember that when you are married u give up the I for We so there’s no mine there’s ours

  13. Of I were in your position I would use contraceptives without him knowing and would go on with my life. Raising a baby is emotionally expensive but also one of the most rewarding experiences. You can’t be bullied into having one of you are not ready. If he wants to cheat unfortunately you can’t stop him… Good luck xoxoxoxo

  14. I tend to differ… God united people in marriage so that they can produce Godly offsprings… Meaning it does not matter how many kids you have, the purpose of getting married is to build a family… So I also say if he has changed his mind about having 2 and discussed it with you then go for it. Maybe at the time he wasn’t sure of where will he be standing financially at this time… Now he sees that he can afford a big family. And he is being open about it, so many married people would kill to have big families but abakwazi due to complications… Count yourself blessed

  15. A few days ago i was questioning Londy’s behaviour and trying to understand her so today’s chapter just covered all that.
    It will be interesting to see these different point of views.
    Eish today’s letter is a bit tricky for me coz i feel like there’s more to this and your husband would tell this story differently but angazi…however the undercover usage of Mirena sounds like witchcraft on another level i wouldn’t advise it. try talking to him like Faebopo said,
    Thanx Mike

  16. Ae this Majuba feels like I am re reading Memoirs, only difference ke the names.

    #Yawns, Yall can crucify me its fine akena taba ready but my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  17. Thanks Abuti Mike. When u have time can u plz outline these 13 sides to every story coz I always say there are 3: your side my side and the truth

  18. Dankie Bra Mike I’m loving Majuba as much as I loved Memoirs…lol.To the Mother of 2 sisi believe it or not that Man has a brain and can think 4 himself,Maybe just maybe he had always wanted this 3rd child but he didn’t say coz of wat u say was your original agreement so maybe his friend having another baby was motivation enough 4 him to speak out not a “competition”(like wtf?who competes in making babies anyway?),I’m sure if he cud carry it he cud but I love the fact that he has communicated his desire to have another lil one unlike our fathers…lol….but ke sisi its up to you like everyone said ur the one who’s gonna carry the baby and just tell him the reasons why u don’t wanna have another addition to the family,he sounds like what we are told a “man” should be,don’t worry about the original agreement as u know some people change their minds more than others .

  19. The shock and disappointment flowing in me right now, I can’t believe some of you ladies would actually take contraceptives without you husband knowing😯😕… I’m sorry buh that’s selfish on so many levels, do you wah that shiiiii does to a man, which man’s self-esteem wouldn’t be lowered due to ‘shooting blanks’?!?
    Mother of 2 we all change our minds bou suhmin at some point don’t we?!? Juss cause you want suhmin now doesn’t mean you’ll be keen for it tomorrow, months/weeks/years or even a few hours from now so you can’t say you had ‘initially agreed on 2 kids’ as if you guys were bound by contract whilst you’re bound by life..
    Communicate with each other and try resolve the issue, unfortunately one has to compromise buh question is who?!?

    1. I think it’s more stupid and evil than selfish…all those people who got married for all the wrong reasons!

  20. Thank you Mike for yet another great read!! Eish Londy and her sister…!

    Mother of two, I get your problem with hubby’s change of heart in wanting to have a 3rd child and to be honest I would have a big problem with it too. It’s about principles as a couple!
    Now the issue is on the table and you need to discuss it with your husband and address how it came about and convince him why you are against having a 3rd child. If you take away how him wanting a third child came about just find out within yourself if you really don’t wanna have another. I do not agree with falling pregnant ungafuni and what others have been implying regarding your role as a married woman (I wonder how many are married women who have said that) because a child should come into a healthy environment! Both parents should be welcoming & agreeing. Having a child goes beyond finances, it also involves emotional well-being amongst other things and it’s a lifetime commitment! Parenting is challenging in our lifetime!!

  21. I don’t get why this is a biggie ask any woman a generation before you all have hidden contraceptive from their husbands,

    Have the conversation with him, over and over in time he will get over it.

    Me am getting my behind sterilized and keeping my mouth shut.

    Like Jack said we have our roles, sadly the female roles are near impossible to sustain.

  22. Sisi, give your man a bells. When your 2 kids have grown up, gone to tertiary, they will leave u. This last born since u r 36. will keep u company. Life is cruel out here. U saying u are doing well together and the guy can afford. Why mara uncisha omunye umntwana ofuna ukuthenga amapampers. The feeling of having a child in us men iyafika when u see your children growing up. You feel like u r losing them and want that innocence when they were young. This will strengthen your bond of marriage. Let’s say u disagree and he goes and get the baby outside. Will you be able to live with yourself knowing you wrecked your marriage?

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