Majuba Chapter Seven


“Dream big they say, shoot for the stars! Everywhere you look as a man we are told how to treat women but here is the reality, usually when you go all out to treat women they in turn treat you like shit!”

Say what,

“Hold up, hold up you are on life radio sir you can’t swear like this!”

I was listening to Power FM as I drove home. My stomach hurt from the beating from the cop. I should have taken the cops number plate and sued them but who was going to believe. The show was a call in show and this guy had found his girlfriend cheating.

“We were perfect. When I met her she had nothing. She had a 6 month baby, a bottom of the food chain job and was in debt. She trusted no man after the way her baby daddy abused her and there I came along. I taught her how to believe again and we found love. I built her up, used my connections to get her a job she could not qualify for on any other day and all was perfect.”

The guy continued. For some reason it caught my attention because normally these shows irritate the crap out of me.

“This morning I decided that today was the day, imagine. I went and bought an expensive ring in Sandton and figured because I am such a clutz I must take it home and hide it so I can surprise her later!”

The man started crying. I am very certain the man was crying and the presenter heard that too and consoled him,

“Take your time sir; I hope you are not alone right now…”

She said,

“I am fine. Sorry about that. I decided to take the ring home because I did not want to lose it. When I got home I found she had packed all her bags and left a letter saying that she was going back to the father of her child. This is 4 years after I met her and started dating her!”

The man said and he cried, right there on radio. I listened on because I really felt for this guy. A caller called in, her name was Anna I remember this so well for she said this,

“Why did you take four years before you could marry her? Did you think your money was enough to show how much you loved her? You should have given her a ring long ago and now that someone else has come along you cry foul!”

The lady said and I could not believe it. Now it was his fault that she cheated. Now it was his fault that he bought a ring and she left him. How deep was that? I switched off the radio and stopped listening. It was not worth it. My phone rang and it was Tumi calling, my best friend.

“Dude are you on your way back?”

He asked me.

“I hope you got her numbers after all that heroism!”

He said laughing at me. Funny enough I actually did not get a good look at her but I think she was pretty. I could not even remember.

That is how I met Londiwe so at least now you have a bit of background.


Where were we…? Oh yes my wife was about to make love to me. I love sex, everyone loves sex if they have it right and people who tell you that they are taking a sabbatical from it clearly have had bad sex all along. Do you take a sabbatical from eating? I don’t think so! When you are married sex is not an everyday thing and I know people will tell you three times a week what what but those people must be unemployed. It rarely ever is spontaneous but with me I was lucky, Londiwe loved teasing and playing sex games. It’s not a black people thing unfortunately and of all the women I have dated she was the only one who genuinely had a kinky side. So there she was now grinding down on me when there was a knock on the door.

“Shhhhh don’t open!”

Londiwe whispered.

Of course I was not going to open. Not now, not when my wife was doing these things to me.

“Like really!”

The person knocked again.


A voice shouted from outside. What the hell? It was my mother’s voice! Of all people in the world she was the last person I expected.


I said throwing my wife off me. For some reason it felt as though I had been caught doing something I should not be doing.


My wife said out loud.

“Sorry baby. That’s my mum!”

I said in a very loud whisper!

“Yeah I know that!”

She said so annoyed. We both rushed to dress up. My mum did not stop knocking if anything she intensified it.

“Vusi, I can hear you open up!”

She shouted.

“I am coming mum!”

I shouted out a bit annoyed also at her insistence. She had this tendency of showing up unannounced and the last time I had complained about it she had responded with,

“The nine months I carried you I never heard you say you must call first before giving birth to me!”

And with that she had won the argument. This was unnecessary and uncalled for. When we were both decent I stood up and went to open for her.

“Hi mum!”

I said when I opened the door.

“What took you so long? You could hear me knocking yet you let me knock for so long!”

She said walking in past me.

“Londy my child sorry to barge in like this how are you?”

She said to her. My mum was well educated and had a decent job to match. She was an executive and ran her life like she was that. She was actually quite an intimidating person I must say even for me her son.

“Its fine we missed you. You have not been here in a while!”

My wife said coming to hug her. That was not true; my mother was last here two weeks ago.

“I know hey we have been busy which is what brings me here today. Please get me some tea dear!”

She said to my wife as she sat down.

“I want to talk to my son!”

Well it was obvious, why else was she here.

“There is a tender coming out at work. It’s not a tender per se but they are hiring an outside contractor to upgrade some of the systems. It’s not in the budget so we won’t be able to afford a big company so I suggested that they use you!”

She said and had this look of glee on her face. I was supposed to say thank you but I needed clarity first.

“When do they need me?”

I asked her.

“I told her that you can start on Monday. It will take about a week or so!”

She said to me.

“I appreciate that but mum you know I have a job that pays me monthly which I have to go to!”

I protested.

“I did not send you to school to work for other people. When will you stop making excuses to owning your life? Come on!”

She snapped back at me.

“You will go get a sick note for the week this way you can do the other job. You will get paid and I am sure you can put the money to good use like having a wedding with my beautiful makoti here!”

She said as Londy walked back in. Talk about timing. She almost spilt the tea with excitement hearing my mother say that.

“Londy don’t you want a wedding soon?”

She asked her.

“Yes of course I do and I have so many ideas for it!”

Wow! I knew what my mother was doing. She had transferred the pressure to Londy who was then going to demand that I take the job.

“It’s settled then!”

My mother said happily.

“Now we have to go meet one of the guys who are in charge of the contract. I told him I am bringing you over!”

She went on.

“Mum I was in the middle of something. I can’t go right now. We have to reschedule!”

I told her standing up.

“What could be possibly more important right now? Londy back me up here, he has an opportunity to make you both a lot of money yet he thinks sitting at home playing house is more important right now!”

She said turning the question to my wife. Well the question put my wife cornered Londy obviously because how else could she answer.

“Go with your mom she makes sense!”

Londy said supportively. My mum knew just the right words to say to manipulate anyone. She would have made a brilliant politician had she chosen that bath.

“Ok then but we cannot stay long. Baby are you coming with us?”

I asked Londy who immediately nodded her head and said,

“No thanks, this is business, you need to put your best foot forward and me being there hardly looks professional!”

She told me and my mother smiled.

“Even your wife has more sense than you. Let’s go then because we are already behind time!”

She added.

“But why didn’t you just call before you came?”

I asked her.

“I mean you could have told me over the phone where we can meet and so on!”

“I know I could have but you would have made excuses and would have refused to come. I know you to well, I raised you! Now freshen up let’s go!”

She responded already standing up.

“Thank you for always being the voice of reason!”

She told my wife and took her leave. I went and freshened up for about two minutes because my mother said there was no time. I could not help but feel I had the smell of sex on me but she made it sound urgent.

“Love I will be back as soon as possible,”

I told Londiwe on my way out.


That was her response. My mother was already by her car but I told her I was going to drive behind her. The last thing I wanted was getting stuck wherever we are going waiting for her. I had left for maybe 10 minutes when I got a sms on my phone.

“This is what I always say, you said you wanted to come home and work and made us leave my sisters party yet when your mother comes you drop everything. I see how it works!”

That was from Londiwe.

Ah mara!

******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

This Majuba story is lit thou Bhuti Mike only a few chapters and I’m already in love…..Thank you

So here is my story I have a boyfriend he paid half my Lobola in 2014 we now have a son his 5 months…so I’ve been with my guy for 3 years now everything was okay but then you know guys he started cheating on me multiple times I forgave him but never healed I kept asking myself questions I still do even today….so I got pregnant and had a baby it’s like he. Completely shut down we didn’t talk like we use to things became different I felt like his cheating I mean I was fat and flabby with stretch marks all over I felt dead inside because of him….so I started chatting to a guy friend I loved the attention he got me he understood me but I didn’t cheat I just loved flirting with him over the phone we never met it never got far…so my boyfriend found our texts I must say it broke him I saw it in his eyes now I feel so bad I feel like I broke our already broken relationship more I want to fix it I don’t know how though because we don’t talk much but I want to tell him what I’m going thru..what’s on my mind but I can’t I’m so afraid because of what I did and I feel I’ve might be pushing him more to his unfaithful ways….I am going insane…please help me how do I fix my relationship…..I love this guy I can’t imagine my life without him….but how do I tell him I’m not happy I want us to go back to what we were

Please help me

Shattered heart

26 thoughts on “Majuba Chapter Seven

  1. Shattered, I am not trying to be rude but please use punctuation so we can understand your story. May God help you find a solution to your predicament. Love, MM

  2. shattered heart this guy has cheated on you multiple times like you said, he put your health at risk but you want to apologize for flirting with someone who you didn’t even meet, girl DONT BE STUPID.
    He’s the one who should try to make it work, I mean he messed up from the beginning.
    You broke him because of stupid texts, bullshit. BULLSHIT you hear me. He is the one who broke you, he broke you so bad that you feel like your wouldn’t be the same without him, well of coz it won’t be, you’ll be much happier and stress free.
    And so what if you’re fat and full of stretch marks, it shows that you just had a child, it’s not a big deal.
    Who tricked you into believing that another human being can complete you, when all they can & supposed to do is to complement you.

  3. Thanks Mike, this Londy is psycho shem. Shattered Heart, how is it that he cheats, multiple times, you get hurt and still stay with him yet you flirt once and you’re the one feeling sorry for him wanting to fix your relationship that he turned into a community centre? Tjo! Guys stay winning in this life! I wish there was a course in self esteem we could all take as women. This is self inflicted though.

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, very nice read 🙂 The books are lit day in and out.

    Shattered heart this line “I love this guy I can’t imagine my life without him” this is the revolutionary f-up in all relationships. Like who the hell is this guy GOD?? Were you like manufactured to only function if he is a component in your life? Hayi sisi maan love yourself. And then you say ‘ but you know guys, he started cheating’ This aint normal… Not all guys do that and it doesn’t mean that its acceptable practice for guys to cheat… Hhe banna!!

    My dear this guy wasn’t around 3 and half years ago and your life was perfectly fine, I don’t understand how you have managed to convince yourself that you are better off sharing him with multiple people. This guy may have paid half a lobola for you but he is no good, he might as well have given your family a 5KG braai pack coz that don’t mean shit. Mntase zthande, you’ve done the ‘Mthande’ and it aint working zo Zthande girly. This man aint worth your stress, he aint even worth your time and attention. Stop feeling guilty for making yourself feel good where he has failed you. He was busy entertaining other people who the hell did he think was making you happy?

    Let your son grow yeva, coz 5months you can’t be sleeping around okwangok vha, but once he gets to a year and you are still with this douche then get your freak on. Like Mbalula said, you must outgun them. if he cheats you cheat harder, I can’t believe I’m saying this but cheat back suster. We need to draw the line at some point, if this isn’t a person you are willing to become then leave his sorry ass.

    You can live without this guy, he is a douche, you deserve better. Say those things to yourself til you start believing them coz you are failing yourself, you are failing your son and your family by allowing this boy to do you like this. If you want to stay with him still then you need to be sent to a mental facility coz awukho right e head.


    1. In as much as I hear and understand you jack as well as the other readers I feel that you guys seem to be missing a huge aspect in all of this. If you guys carefully read the letter one thing is clear that she is being abused not just emotionally but also psychologically, therefore it assists her not for yol to be bashing her like this. I can tell you now that she is trapped in a cycle of abuse that so many women find themselves in yet are afraid to even seek counsel on.

      Let me first applaude you cc for writing this letter, sounds to me like a cry for help. Secondly you need to go to any social work offices and ask to see a social worker or counsellor and then take it from there. Yes your broken and it might seem as though this guy is your everything but believe me when I say his not instead your son is your everything.
      If you don’t seek counseling for yourself at least do it for your son, coz surely he deserves better. Best of luck on your journey to healing and deliverance

      1. Didn’t actually see it from that angle, great observation Flammy but we aint bashing, its tough love.

  5. Trust is a very big thing once broken very hard to regain. You did not come into this world with that man you have only known him for four so surely you have lived without him before so you can still live without him after. Stop making excuses you are UNHAPPY deal with that and choose HAPPINESS, love is many things but never unhappy, if I was you I would leave because nothing can be solved without talking.

  6. why are you worried when you were just texting the guy while yena he cheated on you multiple times? sister what goes around comes around, he must just be strong and nawe you must just bury your guilty feelings qha ke ngoba naye he buried his.

  7. It’s amazing what low self esteem can do to one, this guy has been unfaithful to you countless times but here you are blaming yourself that you might have pushed him to doing it? My heart is honestly bleeding cause of what we women put ourselves through in the name of love. When are we going to wake up and smell the coffee ? When are we going to stop carrying other people’s sins on our own shoulders? What about the number of times he broke you with his infidelities? When are you going to stop and think about yourself for once and do what’s best for you? Ai this letter honestly ruined my morning

  8. Well well said Jackzorro…I did the same I was in it …something happened to me I flirted with guys n he thought I was cheating when he was physically abusing me and cheating so many times …now that I left him he’s now behaving it happened for four years …I left him a year ago now hiz good but m nomo going back de….Londiww is a psycho

  9. Londy uyatringa shame….Nice one

    Shattered, you cant break someone who was already broken. Now do you want to be broken because of him. Is it worth it???

  10. tell him truth sis forward this letter as it is just tell the truth and let go he is not ready for marriage

  11. Mike give us the like button for the comments nyana there…sometimes all you gotta do is hit like you know

  12. shattered you have a low self esteem.this guy cheated yet you still find your self to be the guilty one. stop making excuses for him.

  13. Hello shattered, I hardly Comment but I cannot let this one pass.

    Are you trying to say you love him more than you love yourself? Do you trust him more than you trust yourself? Is there even trust? He will not see your worth because you don’t see it. You made it okay to be broken by this man the moment you thought “you know guys”. Jackzorro is absolutely right, its not normal and it shouldnt be. You are going to be a broken parent who will as a result raise a broken son and the son will break another woman’s daughter. Just stop it

    You are enough! You are beautiful enough and smart enough for the heart that is meant to love you. You deserve commitment and true devotion. You deserve Happiness NOW! not a memory you have of it.

    Any man who makes you feel less than you are, question your place, makes you anxious and insecure and then sits there and does nothing is not worth the guilt you are feeling, not worth a single more personal dilemma.

    Until you understand that you are enough, there is no answer you are gonna find here and no advice you are gonna take. I do however say walk away, you deserve better… I hope oneday you believe this

    Love and light

  14. Hehehe Londi #clapsonce kusazoba mnandi

    Shattered u need Somizi to say wuuuu shem to this dude… half lobola =half commitment. Makayozisakaza emhlangeni Nxxxx

  15. Jackzarro ngithand iscefe….

    Shattered all I’ll say is, there was life before him, there’ll be life after him

  16. This Londy character. I zip it.
    Dankie brada Mikie.
    It seems yo “stay-in” baby father is half of everything. He paid half lobola, is half the man in the house, has half a heart, gives U half the love U deserve, treats U like half a woman, is half the father to yo child, has half promises. Thr list goes on.
    U half cheated (flirted) then all of a sudden he makes U feel guilty & lose half the self-esteem U had left. How many more halves are U gonna accumulate?
    Even in Revelations, John talks about lukewarm water & God was gonna spit the previously chosen tribe. “Spit” this half-man from yo life B4 U become half a woman he makes U believe UR.

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