Majuba Chapter Eight


It was a full two weeks later when I got the courage to call Vusi back. I don’t know what took me so long but most likely the fact that Simon had gone all out to be sweet and romantic. He bought me flowers even though I didn’t really like them; he took me shopping and even bought something for my sister too. He did his utmost to be humble and contrite. It’s not easy to just ignore a guy especially if your sister loves him and constantly advocating for him. I had not forgiven him though.

“I am really sorry for having done that to you. Those girls taught me a lesson I will never forget!”

He said to me one evening after he had made dinner for me.

“What lesson was that? Shouldn’t you have known it already?”

I asked him with a bit of snap in their voice. Men should know in their bones that you can never hit a woman. It’s not something someone else teaches you. It should be the humanity in you. We are not savages. That is how is see it. I could see him tense up.

“I know I messed up and you can see I am trying now. I am not raising my voice anymore; I am doing everything by the book. You know that night when I could not find you I really panicked. I thought something had happened to you!”

In my head I was thinking wow this guy really has a nerve. So I should just say we should move on. I was scared of him and even now as he tried to soften himself in front of me he had taught me to fear him. Do you have any idea how fear can cripple a person?

“Dinner was nice thank you. You really should cook more often you actually have a gift at this!”

I said changing the subject. I was lying though. The meat was raw and biting into was like biting into a leather belt. I don’t know why I had agreed to him making pap because it felt like he had boiled rolls of toilet paper, not even the expensive kind at that. It was mushy and disgusting but here I was afraid to tell him the truth because I just wanted him to continue being nice. It should have been a funny moment shared between lovers but it was more like torture that I had to be grateful for.

“Ok cool thanks. Next time I could do with a few lessons ok!”

He said taking his compliment with pride. It’s what he wanted to hear so I told him. I could see he had tried, eve using a recipe book for the meat but fuck him and fuck his cooking mxim!

“I am getting rid of my old phone. I think my problem comes from the fact that too many people have my number and I want to change that!”

He was telling me when my mind drifted off. Whatever happened to that guy who rescued me? I am talking about Vusi. He had been so sweet Shem. I found myself laughing inward as to how the police woman had hit him for me. It was not funny yes I know but there was a moment in that.

“Londy are you listening?”

Simon said shaking me. Goodness I had gotten lost.

“Sorry love something drew my attention, what were you saying?”

I asked him. He was so annoyed because I think he had said a lot I am not sure. His body tensed up and for a moment there I thought he would slap me but he did not.

“No its nothing. Share your thoughts please?”

He asked me. Lol, never! He wanted me to tell him about how I was thinking about how that guy, Vusi had driven me home and made sure I was safe. He had even waited outside to make sure I had gotten in safely something which Simon never did. When Simon dropped me off normally he left me at the gate and just drove off. One time he dropped me off around 1am in the morning and drove off. My sister was also out and she was late in coming back. I did not have keys then and her battery was flat. I sat outside for a full hour. It was so terrifying.

“Uthanda izinto!”

I told him as I brushed him off.

Fortunately it worked.

“Tomorrow I am going to Cape Town. Will be back in about 3 days but I will send you my itinerary!”

He was telling me when I came to. He was not lying and when he went to Cape Town I called Vusi.

“Hi Vusi its Londiwe from…”

I did not even finish,

“Yes Londy how are you? Goodness when you went quiet I was a bit worried and I was even thinking of driving back to where I dropped you off just did not know the way!”

He said. He remembered me by name.

“Yeah it’s probably a good idea hey because I get lost too especially when I take the wrong taxi. This place is so confusing! Did you drive out ok that night?”

I asked him. Wow I am very shameful; I was only asking him two weeks later.

“Yes I did. I followed the moon!”

He said and we both laughed. I got his joke.

“So when are you taking me out for that thank you that you promised. I am a meat person myself but will settle for chicken if I really have to!”

He said and again we laughed.

“I wish I could say tonight but I don’t even have a cent to my name!”

I confessed and much as it was embarrassing to say so, something about him made me feel at ease.

“Tell you what, I am going to ewallet you money to put in your account this way that excuse goes away and you have at least 10c in your wallet. Then tonight if you meant I will take you out and dinner will be on me meaning that I will be thank myself with your company. Is that fair?”

He asked me and I was shocked.

“Are you serious dude? Say no because definitely I will take the money but what if I don’t show up?”

I asked him and he laughed.

“Its your loss if you don’t and besides it’s a beautiful evening, Friday night surely you will rather be out in good company than at home counting the spiders!”

He said and he was right. I agreed to dinner with him. We agreed that I would come to town and this was probably a month or two before Uber so I had to take a taxi. He would drive me back. He came to pick me up in town.

“I finally get to see what you look like, I have been imagining you all along and you look nothing like the guy I had in mind!”

I told him and he laughed.

“But you saw me the other night!”

He protested.

“It was dark and half of my face looked like Blade Nzimande with mumps, trust me I hardly saw you!”

He burst out laughing.

“I am sorry I don’t mean to laugh but goodness leave poor Blade alone!”

He said to me and I laughed too. He was actually good looking, Vusi that is not Blade. His phone rang on the car and he picked up.

“Hi mum what’s up?”

It was his mother. Ok that’s stating the obvious.

“Vusi I needed you to come help me with something on my computer. It’s giving me a blue screen and I have files on it which I need to access.”

His mother said.

“Mum I am in the car with a girl going on a date. Can we do this tomorrow?”

He said pleasantly.

“Vusimuzi Zungu, the day I went into labour with your big head I did not ask my body to first allow me to watch TV before I could go give birth to you. How dare you tell me you going on a date is more important than me doing my work? Bring your date over so I can meet her whilst you fix my computer. I am expecting you in thirty minutes!”

She said and she hung up the phone. Awkward moment. What was he going to do now?

“Seems like I am going to be breaking a record today, you going to meet my mother on the first date!”

He said calmly. What the fuck? This guy had no back bone. He was such a mama’s boy. Come on!

“You can drop me off at the taxi I don’t think I will be comfortable with that?”

I told him. He parked the car on the side of the road. Don’t worry we were still in town.

“Come on please, how will I explain to my mum what happened to you? She will think I lied about you being in the car in the first place and will never drop it. She is like that. I will owe you one!”

He pleaded with me. There was something genuine about him but let’s be honest, all mama’s boys are. We call it being raised right but in all honesty they put they mothers first. That was our first date.


I was so annoyed at him; Vusi put his mother first no matter what. How would you feel if you were having sex and your man interrupted it so that he can run after his erratic mother? That was Vusi for you and it happened all the time. It might seem like I was being selfish but whenever I had something to do with my family Vusi would trivialize it and make it seem like I was being irrational and greedy. When it comes to his mom he would make it seem like it was the most important thing ever. So what my family did not have their resources and education did that mean they were not important enough for him to acknowledge.

“Baby come on it’s not like that!”

He responded.

“No Vusi it’s always like that. What happened to the lots of work you had to do? Is it not work anymore because your mother called?”

I texted back and his response was,


I kid you not. That is all he said and I was supposed to just take it and smile yhooo Shem. At that moment Nonjabulo called,

“Sis where are you? Mum is throwing up a bit but please come and take her home. My people are not having fun and I can’t leave them here by themselves. Some of these people will rob you with a smile!”

She said sounding concerned. I could hear the music pumping and I knew how irresponsible my sister could be. I had to go pick up my mother.

“I am going to pick up my mum. She is not well!”

I sent a text via whatsapp to Vusi. As I was in a rush, I did not notice that it did not go through.

1 Tick!

Since when did Whatsapp become such a problem in our relationship eish?

1 Tick!

********The End ********


Hello Mike and readers
I’d like to thank you for the wonderful stories, you really are talented.
So I’m 29 and my boyfriend is 30, we have a 5months old baby and we stay together. My boyfriend is one of a kind he does things that I’ve never imagine men can do his caring ,loving and all and he adores our baby so much he would do anything for us now my problem is that he is not faithful I’ve caught him flirt with girls on social networks more than 4 times and once I found a picture of him kissing some girl on his phone and another thing he just likes to spend his time out of the house doing God knows what it’s like he can’t spend the whole day with us ,I’ve tried speaking to him about this but he just won’t stop , he is an aspiring business man and he makes that an excuse to stay out till late he will tell me that he going to a meeting and come back late at night .every time we break up he cries like a baby saying he can’t leave without me now this thing has driven me to a point were now I’ve started flirting with guys to get back at him but it doesn’t help cause that’s not who I am . People tell me that he’s a good guy and I will never find a guy like him if I leave him just because he cheats ,they say men cheat and I need to accept that, I love him and I don’t want my baby to grow up without his father . Do you think I’m a fool to stay in this relationship for the sake of my baby because besides cheating he is amazing?
Thank you and sorry for the essay!!

18 thoughts on “Majuba Chapter Eight

  1. Thanks Team…
    Q & A: some people will never stop cheating. I know of a guy that is super rich, does anything and everything for his wife and his family but just cannot stay without seeing other ladies. Kunzima la emnyango!

  2. Caring and cheating have never gone hand in hand. does he care about your feelings when he is cheating? Sisi this man is not in love with you and one day he will fall in love whilst on his cheating escapades and will leave you life a sack of hot potatoes! Hhe banna! Kante what is a good man these days? When you count the qualities of a good man does the list involve “cheater? Ay bafazi nehlule!

  3. Q&A: its good n all 4 a man to be a good man at home n society applauds him and people say all men cheat however the horror starts when he bring HIV at home then no matter how great a guy is fact of the matter is he was irresponsible n selfish enough to not protect himself n u out der. buy him condoms sis lots of them so maybe he will use them

  4. Thanks Bhut Mikeeestoo 😉. Heeey umnandi loMajuba man….

    QnA: Ask yourself this…. are you willing to stay with this man who is potentially putting your life at risk?? Because he will bring all types of desease and infections….Are you willing to put up with his cheating ways because “hes a good guy”?? If he’s such a “good guy” why cant he stay faithful to you??
    What will you be teaching your child if you up with his nonsense??

    So you telling me people say you must overlook his cheating ways because “hes a good guy “.

    Would he be sooo overbearing had it been you doing all this cheating and flirting? You must ask hin that…

    Dont settle for less my sister simply because people say hes a food guy. There are maaaaany good guys out there.
    All the best

  5. Today’s comments are relevant to me. Im in a similar situation. But I recently left the guy because I wasn’t happy with the whole cheating. It’s like by forgiving him, I’m making room for more. To me it seemed like if he cheats on me he doesn’t care. At the same time I fear there might be worse men than him. I don’t think there’s still loyal men out there, and by loyal I mean those that cheat once or twice coz those that don’t cheat completely don’t exist.

    1. You are rather of a pessimistic view about men my dear. Have some faith, we aint all dogs and those that were are changing their ways. One men at a time, one day at a time.

  6. Thanks Mike for our daily dose

    Q&A It looks like this man is doing all the good things to cover up his cheating ass. I suggest you buy him condoms and ask him, actually beg him to use them so he doesn’t bring you stds that will complicate your life, or better yet kill you. If he doesn’t show you any kind of change after that, then leave him coz he doesn’t have a concience.

  7. Thanks bhuti Mike.

    Q &A: How can someone be a good guy whereas he is unfaithful to u and cheating? what i dnt understand is the word ‘caring ‘ maybe financial nhe coz don’t think he is bonding with his child at all coz buya late moss according to ur letter. Shiya cc lomntu he not worth ur love at all.

  8. Listen sisi there is no good man ekujolelayo. When your partner cares for you it means he or she doesn’t want to see you hurt. So this one is hurting you deliberately and if you stay there, what lesson are you teaching your child. Women must just stop accepting shit from men, and we are the ones ababiza yonke lento, by saying such things. All men cheat my left foot….there are good, real men out there, and I am sure yours is waiting for you.

  9. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    A lot of brothers are failing our sisters but then again our sisters our failing themselves equally if not more. I always think back to high school, even primary, out of the top 10 smartest in class, 80% was girls. The bottom was 95% guys and what happens… Those very smart top 3 girls that could have the world at their feet end up being scaftins to those very idiots that failed every test, bunked classes and became street smart. It’s a stupid cycle really. How dumb can you be that you allow a situation that doesn’t favour you to seem normal? Being cheated on once is a clear indication of the exit door, it’s a deal breaker. Forgiving really needs one to be so defeated with low esteem that they have no choice but to stay. The question boils down to why the other cheated, the obvious answer is ‘it was a mistake’. My thing is this though, between the flirting, touching,kissing, stripping, positioning, inserting and moving while moaning and groaning and cumming inside another person, where was the actual mistake?

    If a motherf*cker can’t answer that question, you walk the hell out of that door and don’t look back because that is a whole load of bs. Aint no mistake in sex, not 110BC not 250AD and sure as hell not in 2017.

    (Parental Guidance is advised)

  10. I am softening up to Londy shame…there is always two sides to every story.

    Maybe his “people” define caring in a different way. No man that cares for you would do something he knows will hurt you. He has to “care” all round and his cheating is not part of him being “caring”.

  11. Vusi’s mother reminds me of Terrence J ‘S Mother in Think Like A Man, very intimidating with no boundaries. I bet she doesn’t have a husband. But she’s funny I like her 9-months jokes lmao. Anyway this is a pretty relevant story, talent at its best. mama’s boys are usually well mannered, knows how to treat a woman but the problem comes when they start putting their mothers before you. Nah fam you married now act like a husband already.

  12. this is a tough one well ppl a man can cheat and still be caring at the same time i knw ur all gonna throw insults at this but its true carring is when a person is there for you at all time respect you makes you laugh and put you fst .well some man do that nd stll go out side and cheat MY ADVICE Is u knw that he loves you and he cares about you vele umdlise finish mfake i korobela avele ozele mayebona omunye abantu wesfazane

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