Young Employed and Single

YES 108

There are times when you just want to switch off your phone and shut the whole world out. These are times when you feel a need to be alone for whatever reason. I was having one of those moments right now. Somehow I appeared to be

the bad guy in all this but how was I doing so. Look at my options, Mbuso was probably seeing ESETHU, the doctor. I didn’t like her that much no wonder why I could never get her name straight. People who don’t matter to you don’t have a reason why you should know their name. Sometimes I called her Ezile sometimes I called her Esihle either way, it was because she was irrelevant to me. Then exhibit number two, Simba! I had worked with him before be it briefly but I don’t know anything about him. He was old fashioned from the sound of it would be that very strict kind of boyfriend or husband. Look at me getting carried away calling him boyfriend, the man did not even believe in dating. Who did he think he was, Christian Grey? Come on now. Women sign away their freedom to potential abuse in future because they never care to read the fine print. This man was practically telling me that things had to happen his way or else. Then there was the fan favourite, I call him fan favourite because everyone who meets him would like him, Sfiso. Sfiso was a great guy, funny, charming and good looking too. However, let’s not forget he cheated on a pregnant woman and yes he cheated with me but since when do we women forgive cheating. We all know what goes around comes around so one day if he makes me pregnant I must watch my back then because what could happen. This is reality so even I had a decision to make it’s not as clear cut as it sounds. I fell asleep on those thoughts. It was a little after six in the evening and guess what, I woke up at 5am the next morning. That’s how exhausted and emotionally drained I had been yesterday.

Missed Calls


Just imagine. No one had called me or tried to find me during that time I was asleep. I felt rather alone to be honest after that.

“Oh come on guys you can’t be all angry at me at once!”

I said out loud telling all three of my men.

“What am I supposed to do?”

I woke up and went to stand in front of the mirror. If no one wanted to talk to me, well that’s fine but I will talk to myself.

“Lungi girl make up your mind! Just bite the bullet and end up with someone!”

I told the girl in the mirror. It’s not like she spoke back or anything but I had to let it come out. Maybe I should go jogging? The thought made me lazy almost as soon as I thought it.

“You are talking to yourself!”

I told myself out loud and laughed. The perks of living alone. I went and took a bath. I was very hungry. It was too early to call my sister to enquire on my mum so I just decided 8 o’clock I will go to the hospital. I made myself a hearty breakfast with the news playing in the background. I had missed so much on what was going on in the world. Rest in Peace Uncle Kathy I said as I watched the news. So many of the old guard had passed away now first Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela now Ahmed Kathrada. I could not help but imagine what Andrew Mlangeni and Dennis Goldberg were going through because now it was only a matter of who was next, sigh!

My phone rang. I ran so fast to it because well, I wanted someone to call me. Even before I got to it I told myself whoever called me first was getting lunch on me. Ok I had spoken too soon, it was the doctor. What did she want?


I said a bit annoyed but polite nonetheless.

“Hi Lungi. I just wanted to say that you guys must come a bit later to see your mum. I have decided to do a series of tests on her so that we can make sure that she is 100% before I recommend her to be discharged.”

She explained. She was super nice to me but somewhere somehow I could not bring myself to like her.

“Oh ok that’s great thank you!”

I told her.

“Its not standard procedure but because she came here with a cancer diagnosis which now we can’t find I really need to make sure. I can’t afford to make mistakes on my friend’s mother!”

She said and she laughed at the end. I laughed too. Shit, now she was calling herself my friend.

“Yes you are right. I am grateful though for everything. I owe you lunch or dinner for sure, just us girls with no other complications!”

I told and before I could scold myself for even thinking it she responded,

“That would be great I know just the place but I have to go now!”

She said and she hung up. What had I done? I would not know what to say to her one on one. The words had just come out when I said them its not like I had really meant it. I could not help but wonder why she was working so hard to be on my good side. I tried calling Nthabiseng but her phone was off and seeing that I had free time I decided that a drive to her office was warranted. I needed to leave my house so it was a good thing.

I got to her offices and when reception called in she was there and free. I was sent straight in.

“Miss M you have been quiet you do remember we have a case to prepare for?”

She said as soon as I entered. Finally I was getting back to civilization. When you work in the corporate world there is a certain kind of energy that the work place gives you. Going to her firm, seeing people all dressed up made me miss it immediately.

“You know with the funeral and all that it was just hectic!”

I told her.

“And besides I tried calling you!”

I told her taking out my phone to show her that I had indeed tried.

“They stole my phone over the weekend imagine. I went to Maboneng and next thing it was gone!”

She explained. That’s why she had not called me back. Imagine I would still be in jail waiting for her to call me back.

“So when are you getting a new one and are you ok though?”

I asked her as she was looking for something in her desk. Nthabiseng never sat still even when she came to my place. She was not a relaxed person by nature rather a busy body. She loved this multi tasking business.

“I am thinking of getting a cheap phone hey. I am tired of getting robbed. You would think with all the police on the road that won’t happen but no, it’s even worse!”

She said and it was true. In Jhb muggings were so common it was not even news anymore. In Jhb even cops get robbed and what’s worse they get robbed of their guns! Like really? What kind of balls do the criminals have to go steal a gun on a police mans holster!

“I suggest that too. I am even scared to go jogging at times because what if they steal my shoes! Imagine walking back home shoeless and people asking me what happened?”

With that we laughed. It was funny in a way I guess but really though I would not report such a crime for fear that people will laugh at me.

“So back to your case, I went through as much of the information as you gave me. The case is there for unfair dismissal BUT there is a problem as of this morning which could back fire!”

She said her voice getting stern but she was still smiling.

“Ok what could be the problem?”

I asked her.

“Please tell me that you not see Mr. Tizora this weekend because the last instruction I gave you and I was very specific on this was for you not to see him.”

She said. I don’t know what it was about my demeanour that gave it away because immediately she said,

“No! No! No! Lungi come on. I sat with you and I begged you not to and I told you why!”

Ok now she was angry and she is not lying either because its true she had made it very clear to me but I was lonely so what can I say.


I said shrugging my shoulders.

“That’s not the problem. Sorry won’t give us those millions. I have learned that Mr. Tizora today gave your former company his intention to pull their contract of which they are arguing conflict of interest and undue influence on your part. Someone saw you together Lungi!”

She told me and now I could see it was serious. She stood up and paced as though to emphasize that this was serious.

“They got me arrested yesterday and sighted that I had stolen something!”

I told her.

“Arrested as in jail arrested?”

Nthabiseng said and her eyes lit up.

“Yes! I called you when they did but got your voicemail!”

Her jaw dropped!

“Who are these people?”

She asked herself.

“They said I stole something which was practically impossible!”

I told her starting to feel a bit relieved that I had not totally messed up for seeing Simba.

“They are running scared. We can use this! This is good! This is intimidation at the highest level. We will win this case; it’s a no brainer with this. What police station did they take you too? I need the charge sheet and the arrest record! This case won’t even go to court after this!”

She said practically whistling with joy.

“Uhm there is no arrest record?”

I told her remembering that Mbuso and Simba had come to my aid.

“What? I don’t understand? Why is there no arrest record?”

She asked me the smile disappearing off her face. She had that look of surprise on her face but also disbelief.

“Well I bribed my way out before it was done! I didn’t want a record!”

She literally sat down and put her head on the table before looking up at me as though about to cry.

“You did what?”

She wanted to cry.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked her. I was not sure what was up to be honest.

“We would have used this to our advantage in less than a week reached a settlement but you don’t even have proof of this. Why Lungi? Think friend, no one knows you went to jail because you took a shortcut!”

She lamented and that’s when it made sense to me.

I was not as clever as I thought.


They are bad for you!

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. I have a story similar to Lungi which I thought I should share.

Here goes: I am 25 and I find myself dating three guys at the same time. I am sleeping with all three. Two work far away from me whilst one lives and works here in Johannesburg. The two who work far one is an engineer whilst the other is completing his PhD and a lecturer at a university. The one here in Johannesburg is well, unemployed. I am closest to the one close by because he is near me. We get along so well and he makes me laugh. I am genuinely happy with him when we are together but ever since he lost his job he does not seem to be looking for a job. He has lost all his ambition and all he says is that the best thing in his life is me and without me he will die. I keep encouraging him to get a job but he is just not motivated enough. Our sex life is ok but not the best. That credit goes to the engineer and if a woman can love a man on sex alone this guy is the one. He calls a lot of times but because I work shifts I get away with a lot. He seems loyal and says that in August he wants to meet my parents so that we can start the formal processes. His problem, he drinks a lot. It’s like there is a drinking well in Secunda because he is always drunk. We fight about this and he argues that would I rather he was spending his free time with other women? I don’t like it when he says that I feel like he is saying he has this habit as a way of doing me a favour. The lecturer guy is the one that I think at the moment I can do without. He is moody and loves church a bit too much. I was introduced to him by my family because our families know each other. My parents like him a lot and part of me does like him. I have gone to his place a few times and we are cool. He is the type that cooks for you and washes your feet. He worships me but when his moods take over it’s like he has bipolar. He gets really angry at nothing which makes me fear him at times. I don’t know whom to choose?

Please advise


27 thoughts on “YES 108

  1. First of all, can I ask you to respect yourself?
    I would say choose none at this point. Get out of all of them (your relationships), that also means stop sleeping with all of them, be on your own, analyze your situation and decide on who you want to be with. When you decide, chose them because you love them and you will tolerate them and support them, not because they are nice, affluent or they are handsome. Life is not about unemployment, Engineering or PHDs. Just choose the one you can live with.

    Another option is to leave all 3, give yourself and your vigina a breather, go start afresh with someone who you think meets all your requirements. Good luck sweety.

  2. nice life problems. Uncle Bob says a woman is more confused by good sex that she forgets the dude has no money.

    wake up baby @ 25 you shud know better, tsaya le engineer la letagwa.

  3. But what does ur heart say, who do u truly LOVE. When u know that choose him… At the end the decision is urs. Choose whom u love but the engineering guy seems to be the one

  4. Mara why okare re amogela bofebe? In a country with so much many people dying of HIV related deaths, we are encouraging her whoring.. Like really? Appalling and disappointing.

    @ Johannesburg none of those men deserve you, you are an unfaithful, greedy, selfish girl who has no regards for other peoples feelings.

    You lack integrity and worst of all gaote tshole, gaona taba. please read the letter of that girl from EC whom got HIV and is in University, the letter was posted on MAJUBA yesterday, if that is not an eye opener for you then ngwaneshu kannete aketsebe kereng ko wena. O hloka Modimo.


  5. Thanks Mike. well said Lekgarebe le le botse la mopedi. This is really bad. Also don’t be fooled Engineers from Secunda single?????mmmmh be careful. I hope you use protection while you still trying to make a decision and it is 99.99 percent safe I think. I stand to be corrected.

  6. Choose no one, why? Because most often than not in this situations, what happens is that if you choose A, your heart will feel like you should have choosen B, if you choose B your heart will then feel like you should have choosen C and vise versa. That will course problems because you will dump but keep going back. Mina ngithi option leave them all.

  7. Its very easy for a woman to stay loyal and know who she wants, so if you can’t decide between the three leave them all because non of them stands out

  8. Dankie Meneer Mikie.
    Johannesburg, why don’t U look for another 3more. The more the marrier! Like really, U want us to help U choose while U’ve been sleeping with them all. More like glorified whoring but who am I to judge!
    How about a fresh start or stay single like Lungi. Bcz U gonna cheat on any one that U choose anyway! None is suitable for U. U want a perfect man & UR not perfect yoself.

  9. Girl!!!!! Live your best thot life, is there a need to choose thou date all 3 of them until you get bored or are certain about one

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