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YES 102

Why was my life this complicated though? Why could I not be like other girls who can attract a boyfriend with no

drama, no baggage and no stories? I often listen to girls whine about how their boyfriends are bad to them with envy because the things they complain about are so basic. You complain that your boyfriend does not call you often enough in a day, really? I mean he already calls you but because you are never satisfied with what you have you want more and wanting more leads to see the man you are with as inadequate. Good or bad, you are never happy because there will always be more out there so what you have will never be enough. Now here I was sitting next to Mbuso and he was not much but where would my pride be if wanted to be with him. He is a nice guy yes but the only reason he was where he was if I am honesty was because his wife or girlfriend, I have never actually asked, died and life insurance money ended him in the suburbs. I know a lot of men who when the money runs out become angry and bitter. Women will tell you that whatever you do never end up with a broke man because when things go south, which they often do, they are mean and resentful. I am not justifying that remark but there is truth to it.

“Lungi, you still there?”

He asked me.

“What do you mean?”

I asked him.

“I blacked out for a moment there, got lost in my thoughts. I am worried about my mum!”

I lied to him. I was not ready to tell the truth I guess. Eish the truth is an overrated thing when it can cost you something.

“Yes I know. I feel for you. Your sister is intense though, she scares me!”

He said and whistled then we burst out laughing.

“Yes you are right but she was not always like this. She is actually pretty cool but she is angry at me a lot lately!”

I confessed to him.

“Well speak to the husband so that he can fix things between the two of you! It’s not right if you are sisters!”

He advised me.

“He is the problem. I beat him up for cheating on her so she is angry because of that!”

I told him.

“What kind of a man gets beaten up by a woman though?”

He asked me laughing but he said it in Zulu.

“Where are you from Mbuso?”

I asked him.

“I am from PMB originally but moved to Jhb when I was 17. My uncle asked me to move in with him so ever since that I have lived here.”

He explained to me. The reason why I had asked him that was because of the way he had mentioned how men can never be beaten up by a woman.

“So you are saying if you and I had a fight you will hit me back?”

I asked him curiously.

“Firstly I am not violent but truth be told I will allow you to slap me once or twice but to beat me up, like I am a child, no never! I don’t advocate beating up women ever but I can’t stand there and be abused. This abuse thing can be a two way thing you know!”

It was a very diplomatic answer that he gave with fair points but somehow it was not what I wanted to hear. The problem with Zulu men is that they want to be Indoda without being indoda in actions! That was the reason why I was reluctant to date Mbuso. I know you can’t paint all men with one brush but I had dated before about 4 or 5 Zulu guys and it all ended with this power struggle in the house. One didn’t even pay the bills I was paying and he still made himself the man of the relationship. Zulu men don’t believe in a couple being best friends. I kid you not. Nhlakanipho, one of the guys I dated used to say that there are things that he can share with his guy best friend but not share with me. I told him, if he can share his dick with that best friend then yes I understand but if not then ok voetsek hamba! The nerve, sies, men can make you so angry! That’s where my mistrust for Zulu guys came from, such nonsense! Nhlakanipho, lol, that guy was something else! If ever I can sing that Adele song “Hello” he is the guy I would like to call. He had a big ambitious ego with no follow through! That’s like having a man with a big dick yet he can’t get you an orgasm.

“We are here now!”

He said when we got to Bara. I think my mind had been so preoccupied I had not even seen that we there.

“Let me call my sister!”

I told Mbuso but her phone just rang.

“She is not picking up, maybe something has happened.”

I told him panicking.

“No nothing has happened. Don’t think like that! You must always be positive. If you are negative then things also turn bad!”

He advised me. With my sister not picking up we decided to go look for them on our own. We went straight to the ward we had left them yesterday. We found a nurse there.

“Good afternoon nurse, there was a patient here last night, Mrs. Mbatha, where has she been moved to?”

I asked the woman politely. Before she could answer another nurse appeared,

“You look for the lady with the very rude daughter?”

She asked me. I could sense anger in her voice when she said that.

“Rude? I am not sure I follow maam?”

I asked politely.

“Yes, you look alike. Your sister came here in the morning and demanded that her mother be released. She said that the nurses and doctors here cannot be trusted and that we kill people for fun. Some of the nurses wanted to beat her up even so if I were you I would not ask too many question. She was moved I don’t know where because everyone refused to help her. Your mother was conscious by the way and we were waiting for x-rays and to do a cat scan when she was taken.”

The lady explained. Eish my sister also. She just reminded me of high school. There used to be this thing called ‘after school is after school’ and once someone said that to you in front of people it meant you have been booked for a fight with someone else. My sister liked fighting back then so if she got into a fight, which she would win, that persons sister would often come to me and tell me ‘after school is after school’. I am reminded of it because now here I was blindsided trying to explain her behaviour.

“I am sorry about my sister. It must be the stress because she is not often like this. Can I apologize to the other nurses please, eish I am so embarrassed?”

I asked her.

“No its fine, we are done with her, please never bring your mother here again because we will just look at her like you sister suggested!”

She said walking away. Is there anyone with more attitude than nurses though ah? Anyway that damage was done. Mbuso and I walked to the car and eish we could not help, we both burst out laughing.

“Is this the same sister you are saying you beat up her husband, she sounds pretty scary to me?”

He asked me and he was right. My sister used to have this fighting spirit and now I could not help but wonder what had really happened to her that she was now being treated like that by her husband.

“Beats me, I am just as much in shock as you are!”

I told him. It was then my phone rang and guess what, my sister!

“I see you are out of jail, record time!”

She said cheekily.

“Yes I am and I know you think I am lying but I am not. I will take you to my house so I can show you the warrant they had. Where are you and how is mum?”

I asked her.

“I am by that Netcare next to your house and you would not believe who her doctor is, some lady who knows you and Mbuso!”

She said casually. Of all the doctors in the world, of all the hospitals she had to choose mine and Esihle as the doctor. Like come on now! Didn’t I have enough problems right now?

“Ok then we have just left Bara where you almost got us beaten up. What did you say to those nurses mara because they were more than just angry?”

I told her and she scoffed at them,

“Useless things those ones! They had not even given mama breakfast when I got there and it was at 9 imagine! I was so annoyed. I wish I knew how to sue them because I would mxim!”

She said without a care for our safety whatsoever.

“Ok I will be there now now!”

I told her as we drove there.

“So where are we going?”

Mbuso asked me. His fuel was a bit low so he drove into a garage on the side of the road. The attendant came out and he said,

“Eh jita, kopa r150!”

When he took out his wallet it looked as though he was counting his last money. It’s not that I was looking for faults but I was sitting next to him and I saw it.

“Everything is expensive nowadays hey and I hear there will be an increase again soon!”

He said casually. Why did he have to talk about money though especially after what I had just seen?

“Yeah you are right.”

“So where are we going?”

He asked me. I told him Netcare and I saw his expression change when he recognized which one it is. From where we were it was not really far.

“Guess who her doctor is, of all people, your girlfriend!”

I told him sarcastically.

“She is not my girlfriend!”

He said defensively but unconvincingly. What was up with this guy? When we got to the parking lot he turned to me and sad,

“Let me go home and check on Ntheteng. They could be back so I must make sure. Call me when you are done!”

And with that he drove off like he had blue lights. He practically ran away and stood and watched him go.


Liars most of them!

******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Good Morning

Please we need more letters. This was the last one i could find in my mail. Kindly email to the above email address

Thank You

Dear Mike

Impressive job you doing, I have been following your since Zulu girl.

I am a 30 year old lady in a relationship with a 40 year old successful businessman ,whom I love with all of my heart.

We stay 300kms away from each but for the 3 years that we have dated we see each other every weekend with no fail.
Each and every holiday he comes back home so visiting where he works has never been a priority for me. He supports me financially ( bought me a house and a car ) so everything was rosey until I was woken up by a very disturbing phone call this one time.
This lady called to tell me that they have been in a relationship for years and they are practically staying together. She sent me pictures of herself driving his car and a picture of them together (well half of his face was visible, you know how we take insta pics)
Even with all this evidence Mike he denies everything. He denies even knowing the girl, my sixth sense tells me it’s true.
I don’t know if I have been dogged too much in past relationship’s that I just know that people are capable of doing such things maybe I could be wrong.
What’s worse though is the fact that I feel if he came clean I would’ve been hurt yes, I would’ve screamed at him, cried and we would’ve found a way forward.
But now I’m more disturbed by the fact that he lied and I keep wondering ukuthi if he can lie when there’s so much evidence in front of him, what else is he lying about.
I do not trust him , I am so heartbroken and I can’t tell him all this cause to him ( I’m allowing liars to come between us)
I’m starting to see this person in a very disturbing way.
I don’t know what to do , should I disregard all the evidence and believe my fiancé
Or should I trust my instincts and this woman I don’t know and end this relationship.
I am not a happy lady ,Im always angry at him for lying more than im angry about the cheating ..
I don’t even know what to do


39 thoughts on “YES 102

  1. Hahaha lol Mikey! as for ” That’s like having a man with a big dick
    yet he can’t get you an orgasm” I am dead. You know I used to date a zulu man who is exactly like that, yuu they jss too much of “indoda” #RollingEyes
    Great Work Mikey! Very Proud and Thank you for sharing ur wonderful thought and stories…we really appreciate it. Keep it up!! #100%Support

    mmh God Lord my sister, but u can’t tell me you’ve been in a relationship with a guy for 3 full years and you haven’t been to where he is working and staying most of the time? how is that even possible.
    To u does that make sense??

    ok now hear me out, I am not saying ur Man is guilty but this is not something u should think some girl was jss lying about it.

    Maybe you should start visiting there more often and if he doesn’t want u to. obviously he is hiding something.

    To me, my opinion Money and what he bought should be the last thing coz really what if he can afford u both? I am jss saying he sounds like a very stable guy with money so obviously he can afford.

    but u should try get to the botton of this or else you’ll die out of stress and whatever u do, Just do know that ur HAPPINESS comes 1st and u should NOT stay in a relationship if You are not happy. Much Love ♥♥

    1. I look at guys with money through the eyes of “it aint tricking if you got it”.. these guys can afford to blow all that money so really one cant judge the level of their investment by it

  2. Thanks Mike!! I like Simba, please let her end up with Simba this Mbuso guy got too many issues eish! Anon i think hes playing you, do yourself a favour take a drive out to where he lives and go see for yourself. Do your own research i doubt she would manage a selfie and car pics if she was lying. All the best!!

  3. Thanks for a nice read Mike…

    Guys I am so in love with this Mbuso guy, there is something about him that excites me, geez I so wish his character existed and I could hit him up on Facebook or something…

    Great weekend to everyone

  4. Mike, I have read this letter before… Not having letters to post is no reason to be posting letters that we have already dealt with.

    Moving on….

      1. How am I rude? Since when is telling the truth being rude, I am not going to sugarcoat the truth to suit you or anyone sweety.. Go jump in the nearest river and see the worry in eyes, Geez!!! Yall are puppets, your attack mechanisms come rushing every time someone advises Mike, my opinion and I am entitled to it, you don’t like it, tough, just don’t make your problems mine!

        1. lol,yall try so hard to be controversial. advising Mike would have been “Mike, I have read this letter before”.. all that came after that was rude. Calm down. Its not that serious.

          1. Lol @THATgirl, tell me about it, I’m reading her reply to you and shaking my head, she’s telling Mike what to do but she says its an advice, what if to Mike, not having any letter to post means he should post old letters. Some people, bayaswabisa

        2. So, you’ve read the letter before, in your own words, move on, no need to be ungrateful. Mike writes stories, not letters. If the letter was sent twice, he’ll post it twice. If you want fresh letters, buy Drum magazine. Why must he now proof the letters written by other people? Siphi na!

      1. I was thinking I read a wrong Chapter. I had to go on top to check which chapter I was reading.

        Mike thank you for another awesome chapter.

  5. Anon
    That man is obviously lying.. but that girl could also be exaggerating the nature of their relationship.. either one of you could be the side chick really… i caught my ex at another woman’s house 3 times and STILL he lied about what was going on between them..

    Remember the famous line: deny deny deny, even when you are caught red handed,

    At this point its about what you are willing to put up with sesi. That man is a lying cheater.. are you staying or going?

  6. ANON – The hoe in me says – keep the man, his house & his car & ignore the side chic.
    She called you because she sees you as a threat & wants you out of the picture – we are women & we do that all the time anyway.
    Other option is to pay a surprise visit to your man & find side chic there at their *house* & cry.

    The choice is yours. Personally I would stay.

    1. i totally agree with you Roses… heck keep everything make sure its under your name and start a Mad Money account…. save save save save invest invest invest!!!! For Rainy Days….

  7. Waze wa rude Lekgarebe …………

    Thanks Mike for a nice read . I think Lungi should just give in to the sangoma thing and live happily ever aftr

  8. Thobela ke go lotsha ba gagesho

    Happy Friday

    @Lekgarebe – botse bo ka go se ose dirago? Mahlabisha dihlong!
    #Penelope(DateMyFamily) manners must fall

  9. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy… Happy Friday ya’ll

    Mara some family members here are out of order, so now not only is Mike suppose to bless us with chapters day in day out, he must read letters and remember them so as to not post repeats? Like so much freaking admin for a free platform that he is not obligated to maintain?

    Bafethu sometimes nje you just gotta shut up if you aint got things to say, like the world will not stop or lose anything if it doesn’t receive your worthless two cents.

    Lekgarebe, you are out of line, you are out of order and for someone that’s followed this blog for so long, you ought to know better.


    1. LOL!!! Heh banna, now I am the bad guy for asking him not to repost letters?

      Ae I am done with this issue.

      1. you did not ASK him to do anything.. go read your comment again. RUDE! Mike ase super human that he must remember every single letter that has been posted. I’m gonna go ahead and assume you dont work with emails regularly because i will tell you now that one can easily lose track of whats been addressed and what hasnt.. All you needed to do was mention that this letter had been posted before.. you sound like you know Mike did that on purpose. bathong.

  10. Mbuso ….kwaaaaaaksss… okay Lekgarebe awukwazi ukukhuluma cc read your message carefully and you will see ukuthi it has more sarcasm than advice and be a lady just apologise…

  11. If u have nothing Positive to say, KEEP QUITE and let the Man carry on writing in “HIS” Blog…

  12. Good morning family, its too early in the morning to be fighting tlheng, heck its friday. Khumbaaaaayah!!! #peacelovehappiness on this blog.
    Thank you Mike for sharing your talent with us!!!
    Dear Everyone who has written a letter and got advice on the blog, please kindly write to us again and please give us feedback so that we understand what works and what does not work.
    thank you, we would greatly appreciate, the feedback.

    happy friday fam, enjoy the weekend.
    Love from BW


  14. If his picture is half and hers is full for “insta purposes” it means she’s the side chick and she’s been told… and wants you out of the way so she can be upgraded…my take🤷🏽‍♀️

    I mean if they’ve been dating for years, surely they have normal pics that are kept on the phone for WhatsApp ke…angithi???!

  15. Ta brada man Mikie.
    Yes we have read this letter B4 but it can still help somebody in similar situation. U know like horoscopes, out of billions on this globe any prediction can be exact on thousands if not millions of people.
    Sisi the money is gud, invest it wisely. Get advice from him to be a business woman.
    UR not staying together all the time & things cud happen. We R human. After yo brief investigation make yo decision. Only then.

  16. Thanks Mike

    As I enjoy the drama. ..hai. if the letter is a repeat then Anon a man with cash has many options accept she’s a side ,wena why would u allow him to stay alone like really u nuts…lol move in with that man n be house wife cause he can afford.

    This means we as readers we have good memories I even remember Jackzorro letter it real out here…guess what I’m a broke guy looking for love but I have R900 in my name with so much debt,handsome with a job missing my ex baby mama cause financially we complemented each other…only .life neh

  17. Thank you Mike for a great Chapter, And I agree if you do not have anything positive to say just keep quiet I mean really, Mike is doing us all a favor by posting on this blog mxm some people don’t have brains and are very ungrateful… Bhut Mike please ignore some of these senseless people most of us here love your work and appreciate your efforts and thank you.

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