Missteps of a Young Wife

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All three of us, Mthobisi, Mali and myself went silent, we were speechless after hearing what Thandie went through.  The silence was broken by Mavis clearing her throat she had been standing at the kitchen door the whole time, everyone turned to look at her and she said “I was just coming to clear the plates.”  She said walking in and collecting the plates on the table, no one had eaten much food.  We all didn’t say anything until she finished clearing up then when she had taken the plates and places them in the sink and left saying she was going to bath the baby.  “Ohh my God Thandie, going through so much trauma so young, I am so sorry.” I said standing up to give her hug.  I told Mali that she is going to need counselling, she went through hell and needs our support, Mali was still upset he said if she had not gone to the club none of this would have happened, I reminded him that we were once teenagers and irresponsible and we made mistakes Thandie made a mistake, she regrets it and has apologized for it and we need to move past it and find a way forward.  While we were still talking my phone rang it was a number I didn’t know it was a policeman he said they needed to speak to my daughter about the shooting that happened the previous night and said he said when they went back to the hospital to take statements she was gone and her friend had given them my numbers I handed the phone to Mali and told him it’s the police, he spoke to them and said he would go to the police station with Thandie so she could answer their questions.  As soon as Mali was done on the phone he told Thandie to go change from her pyjamas and get dressed because the police wanted to speak to her and because she was a minor they needed a parent or guardian to be present while they spoke to her.  I have had enough police drama to last me a last time and was not about to make a visit to the police station for anything, this was why I had handed the phone over to Mali.  When Thandie went upstairs to go and change Mali said that the police told him that G had died in hospital in the early hours of the morning, this broke my heart especially after Thandie told us that G was trying to break-up a fight.  Mali and Thandie left to go to the police station, I was mentally and physically exhausted how does someone so young bring so much drama and chaos.  I went to bed and Mthobisi said he was meeting up with some guys in thirty minutes.

I slept the entire morning and was woken up by Mavis when she told me she things something is wrong with Dineo because her temperature had been high for hours and it’s not going down, I got out of bed to go check on her and Mavis was right she was burning up, I asked her if she had given her the Panado and she said she didn’t but it didn’t seem to be making a difference.  “We have to rush her to hospital.” Mavis said looking panicky, I agreed with her and Mavis grabbed her bag and packed changing clothes, nappies and her milk, I grabbed the car keys and called my husband to tell him we were going to the hospital and that he should meet us there and luckily, he picked up his phone and said he would meet us there.  We went to Waterfall Hospital I didn’t want to go back to Casternhoff hospital and risk the chances of seeing Thandie’s evil doctor again.  We didn’t have to wait long for the doctor to see Naledi and while the doctor was busy with her Mthobisi arrived and asked what happened and I told him that her temperature was high and we were worried about her so we decided to take her to the hospital.  After a while the doctor came and told us that he had given her some medication and needed her to stay a couple of hours so they could monitor her temperature, we sat around doing nothing waiting for Dineo’s temperature to drop, babies are complicated, after a couple of hours her temperature had gone down and the doctor gave us some medication to give to her and should help.

When we got there Mali and Thandie were back at the house, Thandie had keys to the house and I had registered on the security biometrics and she could come in at the boom gate using her finger prints.  I asked him how it went and he said he doesn’t want his daughter to be mixed up with that Nozi girl she was trouble, he asked if I knew if those guys that they were with are white Afrikaner’s, he said he said when they got to the police station the parents of the guy who was killed was there very upset, they wanted Thandie to tell them where the guy who shot their son stayed and for some reason they were saying Thandie knew who the shooter, I asked him if that was true and he said Thandie swore that he didn’t know the guy and luckily someone had taken a video of the whole thing and it was exactly as Thandie has  described, I was glad that she told the truth and stuck to   her story.  Thandie was in her room the whole time while we were talking, Mthobisi told him there was something else that he needed to tell him about Thandie.  Mthobisi told him about the nude pictures and the blackmail for R10 000 or else the picture gets exposed.  Mali was not ready for all this.  “She hardly been here a month and already getting into so much trouble.  I think I made a mistake in bringing her to Johannesbug, she’s not ready for this city it is going to swallow her up and spit her out, I already have so much going on in my life I can’t afford any more drama.”  Mali said looking and sounding defeated. Mthobisi said he found who was sending the threatening messages and if Mali wanted he could teach the person a lesson, both Mali and I asked him at the same time “Who is it?” and he said it’s Nozi’s father.  His computer is filled with pictures of young naked girls and he suspects that he drugs these girls and takes these pictures when they are passed out.  “Oh my gosh, what kind of sick bastard those that to kids?” Mali asked, I knew that man was a creep I didn’t know how bad he was, I regretted having him in our house eating our food with his filthy mouth.  Mali was so shocked he had his head in his hands, I felt sorry for my brother this parenting thing was all new to him and worse of all he wasn’t starting it from the beginning he has to catch up with her and get to learn her and the way she does things and teach her about peer pressure and all these things that girls go through trying to fit in.  Mali said his daughter has put us through hell and thanked us for looking after her and he said he was taking her with him she was in her room packing her stuff, I won’t lie I was extremely relieved to hear him say that, being a parent to a teenager is no child’s play I take off my hat to any parent that is looking after a teenager.

Mthobisi said we we didn’t mind looking after her until he sorted things out with Sue, I gave my husband the most dirtiest look after I heard him say that, was he crazy, I loved my brother but looking after his daughter was very challenging every day I was hit by some sort of surprise, my life was too crazy as it was I didn’t need any more craziness in it.  Mali said he was going to deal with all his problems at once and maybe these things were happening because he was running away from his problems, Thandie was his child and he needed to deal with her not us, he said Sue was still in shock she was going to get used to this, he was going to give her time but he loved his wife and his daughter and was not willing to lose either one of them.  I was proud of my brother, it was high time he became a responsible man.  Mthobisi asked him what he wanted him to do with Nozi’s father and Mali said he just wants all the pictures destroyed and will think of an appropriate punishment that a pervert like him deserves.  Thandie came downstairs with her bags and she thanked Mthobisi and I for looking after her and thanked Mavis too for everything she did for her, she hugged Dineo and told her that she was going to miss her and she and her father left, the relief that went through my body after they left, I could now at least breathe without worrying about her whereabouts and what danger she was getting herself into.  That night I sept like a baby, a very heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

The following morning, I woke up feeling fresh happy I was the first one up, even before Mavis, I left Mthobisi in bed and went to go make everyone breakfast I was in the kitchen singing and humming, feeling like a new person while making breakfast, the world was a beautiful place again, I could hear the birds singing outside and I wanted to join them.   While I was still in my happy mood there were, footsteps coming from outside the kitchen I just assumed that it was Mavis because she was an early riser but to my surprise it was Lizeka the crazy woman I had meet in the psychiatric hospital and she was holding Dineo.  I almost dropped the pan that I had just taken out of the cupboard to make eggs.  “Wat the hell are you doing with my baby?  How the hell did you get inside my house?”   she smiles and told me she was here to collect what was owed to her I had promised to help her kill the woman who stole her husband from her and it was now pay back time…..

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  2. If you’re cancelling the blog or you won’t be able to post, the decent thing would be to tell us because sone of us actually look forward to reading your work.! and if you cannot deliver then tlogela once.

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  5. Did this book ever get published? I would really pay for it rather than snippets….it is painful…I need to know what Action-Man-Mtho done did now….March2017???

  6. It has been such a sad reading of this book that has a brilliant story line for me and yet at every stage, your SMS portal failed to send me my pin to unlock the Premium reading material. No one bothers to attend to your queries whether here, Face Book and per email. I have never been so disappointed and frustrated. So I ask, why not package about ten chapters or so at a price and after receiving our POP’s you have someone email us the purchased material per email? If this is frustrating, I can imagine how things are for you doing the administration hereof however, it does not mean that I should cede my SMS deductions that were made to get my reading PIN!!!

  7. Hi Mike

    This sms system thing does not work for some of us, please advise as I stopped reading MISSTEPS at chapter 144 because I still have not received a pin. Is there perhaps another way to read MISSTEPS or an app I could perhaps download?
    This is frustrating as I have been your fan since 2015 and still read your other stories YES is my favorite but I would really like to continue with MISSTEPs as it was one of my favorites.

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