Blessed are the Blessed

Blessed Aftermath

Of all the teachers or professors you will ever have in life, hindsight will always be the best over the rest.

Hindsight is when you look back is the best teacher you will ever have. You get to tell yourself that I could have done this another way and not this way. A lot of people unfortunately usually approach hindsight with regret because we only remember past mistakes when things go wrong in future.

“You cannot leave until we take statements otherwise these men will walk free.”

One of the Dubai officers told us when we got to the hospital. They had already caught Ahmed as much as Ahmed may have thought the island was a trap for us, preventing our escape, it was trap for him too. He was caught in the stables that he had used to threaten us with.

“What’s going to happen to him?”

I asked about Ahmed as we were taken to the boat.

“He will be punished accordingly and I think he will get a death sentence!”

The lady officer escorting us said. She said it in such a casual manner but I could also sense disgust in her voice. In South Africa we don’t have the death sentence. A lot of people want it back but killing a man is not an easy thing. As far as I was concerned however it must be brought back. There is evil that has to be taken away from society permanently as opposed to such people kidnapping and raping us then we the victims paying for their upkeep in prison. I know a death sentence is final and mistakes can and will be made but imagine me, 21 years of age living for the rest of time knowing my rapist might one day walk out a free man.

Two days later.

“What have they done you? What have they done to my poor child?”

Those were the first words my mother ever said to me when we landed at the airport. I will never forget that. I will never ever forget the look of horror in her face when she hugged me and the other girls. We had versatile tickets so we just changed dates and the embassy helped with that. However, as with all things government the media was there when we landed. Our story was a big story. I remember a journalist asking me,

“Do you have regrets about what happened? Would you do anything differently?””

It was the day after we arrived that she asked this. I was in hospital and social media it trended with most of the Twitter bullies doing what they do best, laugh at us. Someone found our names even though the police had said we will remain anonymous. They made memes of us and starting writing jokes about us.

“Don’t mind them, it will blow over!”

Boitumelo encouraged me every time I picked up my phone. I kept reading the texts because I wanted the pain to come back so that I could punish myself over and over again for what I had led myself into. It’s like when you have a scar and you deliberately remove the scab so that you can feel the pain.

Neo called.

“I am so sorry!”

Was the first thing I said to him? I was dreading this phone call and now that it was here, the betrayal I had done to him felt even more profound. He really was the sweetest man I know and how do we girls repay sweet guys, we cheat on them. Life is funny I tell you.

“I am not going to shout at you. I am not going to call you names. I am sorry for what happened to you.”

He started the conversation ignoring my apology.

“But I will never forgive you. When I hang up I will block you from everything. You hurt me and yes it’s not about me but when you look in the mirror you must see Satan in you!”

He said and with that, that was the last time I ever spoke to him again.


7 days later from when we got home from Dubai I got a text from Thandeka Mkhize.

“Nicole died last night. She had a blood clot that went to her heart inducing a seizure.”

There was no further information. The pain I felt is something I can never describe to another human being. I had caused all this because well, I wanted to go to buy so that people could see I was living the high life. I tried by all means to call Thandeka to ask for more details but she ignored my calls and did not respond to my texts. Thandeka had always been a bit neutral towards me during our ordeal but losing her friend meant that she blamed me.

“You can’t go for that funeral my child people will kill you!”

My mother warned me exasperated by all the begging she had to do to try and convince me.

“Mum, I have to, we faced this ordeal together. Let them kill me because it’s what I deserve.”

I told my mother with tears running down my eyes.

“You are my child and nothing can ever justify anyone killing you.”

She told me as she hugged. My father, Boitumelo and I with my mother driving all drove out to Polokwane the Saturday of the funeral. We left at 4 am in the morning. It was dark and gloomy but 2 and a half hours later, 4 toll gates and in what was the quietest drive of my life I am sure we got there. We had gotten the address, or rather my mother had and we had come. I was scared. I won’t lie. There were so many people including their mayor. Everyone knew what had happened to her so there were a lot of opinions. Social media had made me famous enough for people to recognize me. I was like those girls that went to eat shit in Dubai. Everyone knew their real names meaning everyone knew mine. I did not care though because I had come for the quiet girl who had been raped because she wanted to party.

Then I saw her mother. I had taken her daughter from her.

“Palesa ngwana ka, e tla o dule le nna!”
Palesa my child come and sit next to me!

Her mother said. I looked at her and burst out crying.

“Ke kopa tshwarelo mme! Ke ya go rapela! Ke fault yaka!”
I am asking for your forgiveness mum. I am begging you. It is all my fault.

I said to her as I fell on my knees in front of her and I cried. As a woman you don’t run out of tears. We have a fountain of them that have built from all the years of abuse and torture at the hands of men. It’s true, not all women are raped but in reality every woman has suffered some kind of abuse from the opposite sex.

“It’s not your fault my child. God wanted her. Mistakes were made yes but it’s not your fault!”

She told me consoling me when I was the one supposed to be consoling her. Thandeka was there too but she did not talk to me. I did not see Khanyi. We buried her at 11 O clock that morning at Silicon grave yard. I copied down the grave number because I needed to come back and tell her this story some day.

My parents.

From that drive home from the funeral things were never the same between us. We actually got closer. Imagine trauma can bring people together. My mother and father got back together. Personally I was not for the idea but the first three months or so they did not have a single fight. They joined the church at my mother’s insistence and she really changed. My mother had always had pride and that was her biggest sin. Pride is one of those sins that also advise you in your head that be selfish, think only of yourself and you are better than everyone else. Pride is that sin that makes you not listen to advice from anyone you think is inferior to you no matter how much that advice will benefit you. That is what pride does and my mother had that in abundance when she was married to my father. She used to call him a loser to his face, sleep out and be dropped off by other men when they were married. That is why I hated my mother. That was the reason. However, after she joined the church my mother went all out to change that aspect of her life. She put my father first and I am sure he got his first blowjob from her in his second coming so to speak because Boitumelo caught them. Ok fine over share. My father on the other hand was just grateful to be home with his girls but it was obvious that once bitten twice shy. He was not the push over he used to be. My mum did not really like being bossed around but she took it.


I saved her for last for a special reason. When I found myself a blesser Khanyi had been my biggest cheerleader and with good reason, she was my best friend. As girls we tell each other that your best friends must support you no matter what. I used to think that too but today, looking back I know I am wrong. A true friend will never ever allow you to do something that is universally wrong. No matter what or how bad a relationship you are in, your true friend will never allow to go date a man who is married or in a relationship with another person. I must emphasize this. Having your back does not come with hurting someone else in the process just because you can. My friendship with Khanyi taught me that. We all lie to each other that we must die together to prove our friendship, go to jail together and get beat up in a fight together. How does that work? Khanyi told me what a nice guy Neo was and how lucky I was to have him. Instead of saying I must respect Neo she used that same mouth to tell me how lucky I was to have a man like Sam taking care of me. Is that called having your best interests at heart? I don’t think so at all but at the time because we want to be told what we want to hear, it was perfect advice. Hindsight you little devil!

“Please don’t call me again. We have nothing to discuss.”

She told me when I put my phone on private just so she could pick up. I had called her wanting to meet up with her so we could talk. Somehow I had hurt her the most. There is a reason why girl friendships usually don’t last forever. When we wrong each other its amazing how even if you have ten years of friendship it feels like it was the greatest betrayal ever. We can forgive a boyfriend who will beat us, cheat on us, divide us after just a year of dating but a friend of ten years can be dumped and blocked simply for saying that guy is not good for you. That is the reality of us women. Loyalty to female friends comes at a prize. I say this because Khanyi was my friend.


Life and its ironies. Sam had indeed owed money to those guys but guess what, he had not sold us either. No one will ever believe me now when I say this but Sam had gone to the police to the embassy everywhere to make noise but they had not acted. It was my mother who had walked in straight into the International Relations office looked for that Clayson guy and said that she will bring every radio and TV station to their office if they did not help. She even wrote a letter to that blogger guy, what’s his name, Mike Maphoto so that he could post and raise awareness. Imagine, Mike of all people! Sam therefore walked free but he lost his wife in the process. She had been humiliated but remember if your blesser is married what do you care? His wife is not your business right but his. That’s what we tell ourselves. We don’t care who we hurt because we can’t put a face to her. So what it’s another woman being cheated on as long as I am enjoying the benefits of her husband.

6 months later.

I was starting to heal slowly but surely. I had dropped out of school because social media had made me the butt of every blesser joke. People would call me names when I walked and that Namibian girl actually spat at me.

“A Khandeshi is a whore by the way!”

She said to me. Remember she used to call us that and I thought it meant Kardashian but then again what’s the difference? Oh by the way, she is dating Neo now.

“Mom what’s wrong?”

I asked my mother one morning when I found her crying in the living room. My father had not been home for days so I figured very quickly that they were fighting.

“Your father has been having for the last three months. This afternoon he told me that we are over, the girl he is having an affair with is pregnant and he went to court today and married her!”

She told me.



My parents were divorced and when they got back together they never formalized it so they were both technically single. They were hence within their rights. Karma had come to bitch slap my mother in the face. Now that she had changed and repented karma had really dealt her blow. All her years of cheating on him had been returned in kind.

“But dad how can you do this to mum!”

I said shouting at my father on the phone. They had been doing so well together. Had he taken her back so he could revenge.

“I am so sorry but I was not happy and I am sorry I betrayed you!”

My father said to me with remorse in his voice.

“Baby who are you talking to on the phone?”

A voice said from behind him I think.


He answered but his voice changed.

“Let me talk to my new daughter!”

The voice asked,

“No, not now!”

He said but the voice insisted and grabbed the phone from him. No no no, this can’t be right! I knew that voice, I knew it so well when she said,

“Hey friend, I mean daughter!”

I almost had a heart attack!


I said totally confused. Its like I was losing my mind.

“In the flesh. Guess I am you now.”

She said casually and dropped the phone. How would I ever look at my mother again because to her, I was the one brought Khanyi home?

The joke was on me!

Why was I so hurt though that my father had betrayed my family to be with a girl practically his daughter’s age? Was I not that girl once? Did I even have a right to judge him? There are girls who hate their father for cheating on their mothers with younger women yet are readily getting down on their knees to suck another girls father dick in the same breathe! We cry victim when we do the same. You can’t say its revenge because that girl did nothing to you.

“I warned you about this now look at our family. Look at Khanyi!”

My little sister said to me, arms across her chest and red with anger.

She had been standing at the door when I called dad.

“Khanyi is now our step mom!”

She said.


*******The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Friends

Herein comes the end of our sad but very true story. The girl who shared her story with me wished to stay anonymous. Some of the facts have been changed to suit the storyline but, and this is important, lessons have to be learnt from this. We love money so much that we lose ourselves. Instagram is what we now call the standard and of all the APPs it has to be the worst. It has shown all girls the life they wish they could live and short cuts to getting that. There was a girl in Pretoria a few months ago, I will never forget, 15 years old who was lured to a squatter camp under false pretence by a ‘rich man’. They found her lifeless body raped and obviously dead. Do the maths? Do you blame the parents who bought their daughter a phone that can instagram then fail to monitor her activities on it? Or wait; do you blame the government that is so liberal you cannot reprimand your own child? Or even so, Do you blame the men on social media who lurk and pick up girls because it’s the easiest pastime to blame them right? I am not done, How about we blame the girl who liked things so much, she would not listen to anyone because its her right to do what she wants but when trouble comes we must all help? These are the questions I leave you with today. I will not lie; I judge stupid people who act stupidly yet think they are so clever. I judge girls who think that money is worthy of you putting yourself at risk for extra inches. I judge men who take advantage of their wealth but at the end of the day, it’s every woman’s choice to sleep with whoever she wants, when she wants and for whatever reason. Never forget though, no one will ever tell you in a taxi that you are smelling but make no mistake about it, everyone will talk about it!

Thank You

Mike Maphoto

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  1. WOW WOW WOW so this was a true story. My God I pray you protect our children help them to make good choices in life and as parents may we teach our children the fear of the Lord
    Thank you Bra Mike

  2. Omg i had no idea it was a true story.. Mike this has been one of your best storie ever. Thank you so very much for your time and effort put into all your stories . May God bless you immensely! Lessons were definitely learnt and i pray the girls in the story are all fine now. All the best. Cant wait for a new story!!

  3. Mike is so right. Social media has set such a high standard of living and most girls find themselves falling victim to not wanting to be “basic”. They find themselves trying to keep up with these Instagram girls without knowing what those girls do to maintain that lifestyle. These girls will be in Dubai or Nigeria busy posting pictures with no one else in them lol meanwhile behind the camera is a guy who makes them eat sh*t and take part in weird fetish based sexual acts. Lets learn a lesson from this!

  4. Very sad bhut Mike, m so hurt hle i wish we WOMEN we could open our closed minds nd do som crus introspectio.really life is a Bitch…RA LEBOHA MIKE.keep up hlee. #ONE LOVE

  5. Thanks for this story Mike. It really is educational and an eye opener. I trust we all learned a lot from this. Although sad, this story needs to be shown on TV either as a series or a movie. Any girl child at varsity needs to learn from this. Even others too. Thanks again.

  6. Standing Ovation!!! I’m sorry Nicole died but this is such an important story. May the little ones learn from it!

  7. Wow.I have no words. This was such an interesting story and an eye opener. i seriously wish every young women in the world could read this.Mike and Team; you did a very great job. the message in this story was very powerful. one day when i have a daughter i will make sure she reads this.
    I will make sure to share this story with my Namibian friends and every girl child that can learn a thing or two from this. There are a lot of Kandeshi’s that could really use such an eye opener. we call them Kandeshi’s coz They date older men and they’re liker of things as they would love to hashtag it on their Instagram Account#LikerOfThings. -they like money and will sleep with anything just to get that money and they also don’t care who they hurt in the process. Imagine we even have a song about them “Dirty Kandeshi” But Even that did not stop them.
    I am not complaining but however every ending of every story on this blog leaves me in tears or rather should i say we have a lot of sad endings. I am just here craving for a happy ending. but then again someone once said to me “Happy ending don’t make a good story, Life is no fairy tale.”
    Once Again Thank You Mike And Team.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. wow Mike. i am so speechless!! i was almost that girl, but after my mom died i had to re-introspect and focus on my studies.
    as for the 15 year from PTA, she was my friend’s niece. very sad it happened.

  9. Powerful, Mike please give a little details about Sam`s wife, I got a feeling she`s that woman we met on our mini baecation with Neo? Lie to me Mike I wont mind… 🙂

  10. Thank you very much for the story ,had no idea it was a true story ..It’s saddening what us as young girls do in order to get a luxurious life. Learnt many lessons on this story . Keep up the good work bra Mike !!!!

  11. MIKE this is far the best read ever.
    an eye opener,motivational read and a guidance to us parents.
    i wish everyone has learned a lot from this and will never forget the lessons and advise .

  12. As an older sister to a 17 year old, an 11 year old and an 8 year old, all girls. A story like this is a great way to teach and reference in years to come as each sister reaches a mature age to understand. Not only have you created a place of sharing and a culture of reading, you have a created a body of knowledge Bhut’Mike, Siyabulela kakhulu ngesipho sakho. I think Blessed not only speaks to teenagers and those who like things, but we can each learn from it. Thank you for going in deep and not being afraid to shake us and speak the truth, inyani ibuhlungu, kodwa ibalulekile.

  13. Speechless, thanks again for sharing the story with us,hope all girls who experienced this ordeal are recovering well.

    Thanks Mr Mike for narrating this heartbreaking story

  14. WOW… I even had goosebumps… I’m glad Mike didn’t listen to us when we asked for the storyline to stop. This ending is very powerful.

  15. WOW!!!thank you bhuti Mike
    I just wish my peers who are ‘sugar babies’ followed this story, as much as we love things especially at varsity, one shouldn’t lose their morals in the name of loving material things, ladies let’s work hard and not rely on men and those sugar daddies , I learnt a lot

  16. Wow. thank you Mike.

    As for Nicole I am so sorry she passed away yoh what makes it worse is that it is a true story. Khanyi yena did she not learn from the horrible experience or is she bitter with Palesa and is taking revenge like really guess some of us will never learn, does she think marrying her so called best friend’s father will bring her peace and happiness in life? aah no I doubt it she is digging her own grave. If I was her I would have first healed from this terrible ordeal and never ever look at a older men romantically, rather find myself a guy my age or a little bit older but not a mkhulu bae haayi that’s just wrong nje. In fact I pray all these girls repent and ask God for forgiveness and start living a clean life #Blessersmustfall, as Nicole does not have that second chance in life to rectify her mistakes but they do and it seems like they taking it for granted.

    Mike please inform us more about what happened to Thandeka, Khanyi and Palesa in a years time or 2. thanks again for the good read you talented and God bless you because some of us now know what we shouldn’t and should be doing in life luxury life is not worth your life.

  17. Salute Mr Maphotho! Thank you and the lady that shared the story for creating the awareness! The fact that this is a true story cuts even deeper.
    When Blessed started getting deep, I recommended it to my sisters and young cousins just so they can be aware of the dangers that lurk out there. I wasn’t even planning on reading today until one of my cousins called me in tears because everything hit home! The person I least expected to be falling victim to such a life! Mike my baby was in tears, confessed everything to me on her blesser life, a secret life that she hid from us so well! Right now I am also in tears, mixed emotions, tears from the storyline, tears from what the actual lady had to endure, tears from what my cousin has been getting up to without our knowledge, but most importantly tears from how you and this lady helped her come to her senses and the realisation that these things are real!
    Currently I don’t know how to help her but I know it must have taken a lot for her to open up this way, and we’ll figure it all out in time. I just know that this also made me realize that I need to be more approachable with them, open up that window for them to be able to come to me when they need guidance. Our family doesn’t have the most open and understanding people, at least if one of us can be that for them so we can talk about these things!
    Once again, thank you for this story, it helped uncover something similar that was happening right under our nose that we were unaware of and had it not been for this then we might have just realised it too late! I simply cannot thank you enough, I cannot thank this lady enough for sharing her story!
    To my cousin, I got you Babe, today you took the first step to saving yourself! I got you love and we’ll figure it all out! Thank you for coming to your senses and thank you for entrusting me with your problems! I got you babe!

  18. Wow… I cried, what an ending!!! I hope
    we’re all learning from this as young women… Thank you Mike you have touched my soul your work is admirable God Bless You & your talent

  19. This was was a real eye opener. We just have to learn to appreciate what we have. Thank you Bhut Mike for sharing this story with us.

  20. Wow this story was a true one :O so well written Mike and u really know how to keep the readers in suspense. I think it has been your best so far… Please bless us with more of your talent. To the lady who this happened to, I hope you are able to move on from this trauma one day. You deserve happiness and love just like the next person. Men like Sam should be locked up, they are pimps of the worst kind. I cant wait to read more of your work Mike, God bless and stay well

  21. Yho! True like iyho!
    Now tell me bhuti Mikie, why is this not on national TV to teach our sugar-loving girls?
    Ministers just talk about blessers on TV but here is a true story that cud be dramatised to really get to the intended young girls.
    Thank U & thnx to the lady who shared her story with us. Hope it gets to the material & label loving girls who sell their womanhood.

  22. Thank you buti Mike even though its not a happy ending but its a eye opener not for ladies only even for you brother’s because you have sisters and cousins so we must introduce this one to them . only if it was possible for us to see this life on life but I salute you girl to be so brave and tell your story

  23. Wow! I’m left speechless. Thank you Mike for opening our eyes. I just hope that we ladies will learn from Palesa’s mistakes

  24. Wow Mr Maphotho ua so gifted thle… i applaud u for the amazing work that you do and may the good lord bless u abundantly for the amazing work that u do….

  25. Thanks for this true story if only every girl n wealthy men can read this our world would be a better place…I can’t believe I’m cryn at this point..this had to be thee best eye opener ever..may God bless u Mike ur talent is out of this world..u r thee best writer ever..I Love U 😘

  26. It sucks how Palesa comes out as the villian to everyone including colleagues in the blessee industry and the so-called friend who encouraged her behavior

  27. Many thanks Mike. This story was truly an eye opener. Because of some of the explicit sex scenes I have not yet shared Blessed with my nieces; however I have realized that the lesson(s) to be learnt outweigh it all. I guess, as an adult, I will have to monitor how they relate to the story and guide where necessary.
    To you Mike, my brother, I pray that your recent psychological ordeal was not in some way induced by the journey you had to walk from the story you heard from the girl who went through this ordeal and the story you had to relay to us all. What happened to Palesa and the other girls was too much for me as a reader and I cannot imagine how it was for you as a writer as you had to mentally immerse yourself into your characters.
    Either way…I salute you Mr. Maphoto and stories like these need to be televised. I wish I had power to help you show your work to all people through TV. Well done.

  28. A very sad ending indeed Abhuti Mike. It had me in tears at work nogal. Thank u so much for sharing your God given talent with us. I want my daughter othanda izinto akhe asifunde esistory.

  29. Such an eye opener wish all these blessee can read this. The fact that its a true story had me in tears to whats happening to young gals who love material things. THANK YOU BRA MIKE

  30. Thank Bra Mike, it was a good story indeed, lot’s of life lessons to learn from.
    I guess we always look out for no1, otherwise why would Palesa’s father marry a kid his daughter’s age especially with what they went through and their (Khanyi & Palesa) damaged relationship.
    At least Palesa’s mother found Jesus, she needed Him alright!
    Sam got out scot free??? Really!!!

  31. ey yaz i had a heavy heart after reading this.We live in a society where u are crucified for being basic because it’s boring and uzenza ngcono…i’m one of those basic girls ngebhadi.

    Peer pressure is very much alive and you find yourself doing wrong things all in the name of fitting in.Likeability kills us as young women.I nearly fell in the same trap when my so called friends told me to lose a few inches,to speak English with a twang,to style my boring afro,to bleach my Naomi Campbell complexion so that i can get a BLESSER…hell naw i ain’t doin that😃

    But on the real though just wanted to thank Mike and his team for blessing us with such beautiful is very much appreciated we have never met you guys but we respect and admire your work.
    Again…Thank you team

  32. Thank you so much Mike God bless you and the lady who shared her story, I wish we call all make awareness for the story to rich as many your girls as it can.

    Tsulaaarr all the best to you and your cousin, you have started the 1st step . all will be well

  33. i started reading this last week from the first chapter and i was hooked. thi is a true reflection of at is happening in ourlives. well done mr maphoto.

  34. Gosh! I have been reading ur blogs for the past I don’t even know how many years Mike! I remember when I stumbled upon diary of a zulu girl and got hooked! All the way from Zim I must be among ur top fans. But I have never commented, not once. Ever.

    But this!!!! This!!! Wuuu shem! U have outdone yourself. The tears I shed over the past few weeks, the emotions I felt.. U have outdone yourself. Thank u. Thank the lady who was brave enough to tell her story too. This was amazing. Absolutely amazing. U are amazing. U are talented, and thank u for sharing that with us. So so much.

    Love and appreciation from across the border. Keep shining!

    P.S Jackzorro I beeeeeeen seeing u.. side entertainer, and ur “blog crush” (forgotten her name)

  35. Mike please bring this to our tv screens hle. Masenze kwenzeke . Thank you so much for sharing this with us.Though most people do not know about your blog,hence we should bring this on mzansi magic or SABC lol. I can’t wait!

  36. Thank you so much Mike. You are very talented, keep up the great work. This is such a sad, true story. I have learnt valuable lessons.

  37. U hv talent i must say!few men can be so articulate in writing the way you do in ur blog potraying as a woman.u knw how womens brains are wired.Good job well executed.

  38. So without reading the part 2 of zulu girl goes to jhb, we already know where Thandeka ended up. This is too sad and also an eye-opener for us young girls

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