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In South Africa we are not really brutal or violent people. Yes we have crime, violent crime at that but it’s not

everywhere. The way he had beaten her up was so savage I can’t even put in words. There were bruises everywhere even on her private parts. How do you get a belt that far up? Thandeka vomited after taking one look at her friend whilst Khanyi would not even come look. Her eye was swollen but I don’t remember him punching him. This must have happened after I refused to play ball. This was my fault.

“Allah should never forgive these evil men!”

Fatima cursed in a low voice. I could tell she was angry and she was not faking it.

“There is nowhere in Islam that justifies what they done. The Messenger of Allah says ‘Observe your duty to Allah in respect of the women, and treat them well!’ That is what the Holy Koran says so why are these men doing this in the name of Islam!”

Fatima went on talking to herself out loud as she cleaned the blood off her. She had passed out from all the pain making the wincing less. This was a relief to me because every wince she had made had made me feel her pain.

“Are you really going to help us or you are just saying it now because you are embarrassed of the people you call men?”

I asked her. I had to convince her that it was the right decision to help us and not change her mind.

“I might be a Muslim but I am a woman first. Imagine this poor girl being me. Imagine that? Imagine that being my daughter or my sister?”

Had we finally caught our break? She was saying that she was willing to save us. This was the same woman who had stood there and watched us be abused and now she was our friend? I am not being a sceptic here but being naïve could literally cost us our lives. We had to be careful. Before I could respond Ahmed walked in with the doctor.

“Oh no, no, what the…”

The doctor said out loud covering his mouth. I could see his disgust and horror at what he saw. I don’t blame him, we could see it too.

“Ahmed, this is wrong on so many levels!”

The doctor told our captor.

“Don’t you think I know that? Do the job you are being paid to do!”

He screamed angrily at the doctor who immediately went to check on her.

“Poor child what have they done to you!”

He asked the lifeless body of Natalie as she lay there motionless.

“She is barely alive but looking at her I think death would have been better!”

He said to no one in particular. When someone thinks death is better than living you know that they were in a serious condition.

“What did you think was going to happen when you left us here?”

I asked him. He did not respond to me but spoke to her again saying,

“These people are animals!”

Most of the blood was hone now. He gave her pain medication in the form of an injection and said she was better off sedated. This would make her heal faster and feel less pain.

“She is too swollen for me to check for any internal bleeding but as far as I can see there is none. I will have to bring proper equipment to check for it but I doubt that there is!”

He said. All I heard thought was that he could not help her. We lifted her to the bed as she had been lying on the floor.

“Please don’t wake her up. Let her sleep it through. Tomorrow around 9 in the morning I will come check on her!”

He said.

“You two girls you also need a sedative!”

He said walking to first Khanyi then Thandeka. They did not resist when e injected them. They crawled into bed and I think passed out within minutes.

“Do you also want one?”

He asked me but there was no way I was going to allow myself to be knocked out.

“No thank you!”

I responded coldly. He walked out and Fatima followed him.

“Let me walk you out I need to talk to you!”

She said to him. Was she starting the plan already? We could not trust this doctor come now. How can anyone trust a man after this? The other girls needed comforting too but they did not want me near them. Fatima had left the bucket of water and a mop there. I stood up and decided to do something I had never done before; I cleaned up Thandeka’s vomit. It was nasty yes but today I had seen worse.

“I am so sorry guys, I am so sorry!”

I said but I knew they were all fast asleep. I went to everyone’s bed to check on them before I went to my own. I had had an emotional day to be honest so I was not surprised that soon I was sleeping. I think I dreamt immediately.
In my dream I saw that Namibian girl at school walking holding hands with Neo. I ran to ask her what she thought she was doing and she turned around and laughed at me.

“You are getting what you deserve. You will do anything for inches right; you want her from Phopotha that’s why you sleep with old men. I hope their dicks are as big as the inches because that’s what you are good for!”

She laughed mocking me. This was a real dream and Neo turned around and said,

“I loved you; you thought his money was more important than that. I did everything for you, everything but how did you repay me Palesa, how?”

He asked me. I wanted to speak but I could not. Something was stopping my words from coming out. He turned around to that stupid Namibian girl and he kissed her! In front of me.

“Neo stop, what are you doing?”

I asked him. I don’t know if he heard me because the words were refusing. My heart was so sore but there was nothing I could do about it.

“Why would you leave a good man to go be a side chick for someone else?”

He asked me then they both laughed. I felt myself saying no but I was helpless. That’s when I woke up with a start. It was still dark outside but it could also be the curtains causing. The curtains, which were very thick, could make the room look like it was night time. These were not curtains from Mr Price Home but real curtains. I could not see anything as someone had switched off the lights; I think it was Fatima I don’t know. I stayed away for the next two or three hours before I finally got the guts to wake up and go peep through the curtains. Indeed it was daylight with the bright sun hurting my eyes. There was just a toilet in our room so I went there to change my pad. I had been saved by my period, sigh!

“Please God, please save us!”

I said a little prayer in there. As soon as I did that I heard the key unlock from the other side. I quickly ran to my bed to pretend to be sleeping. Whoever it was did not enter immediately but instead stood by the door, with it slightly open and started talking.

“What’s your assessment though? Should we get rid of her? If she can’t be saved she becomes a risk for us.”

I heard I think Ahmed’s voice. Get rid of her? What did he mean get rid of her? Was he talking about killing her? Ah, this man, they can’t abuse someone like this then kill her. How cruel is that? No, there will be no getting rid of anyone. My heart leapt out my chest in fear for her. The danger was amplifying now.

“No, she will be fine. It’s just bruises but I must warn you, never invite whoever did this again. I have never seen such brutality in my life!”

I think that was the doctors voice but I dared not look up. He was trying to save her. Please save her.

“It was not my plan. That was the last time he comes here. If I was not me I would have killed him myself for what he did to my girl. Just make her right. We have another party in three days and it will not be here! We are living this place I am no longer comfortable!”

He said and walked away. Moving us? That was a bad idea.

“She is too weak to move!”

The doctor said to him as he walked away and I heard Ahmed say,

“Then make her better or she is gone!”

As his voice got weaker. The doctor then opened the door wide and he walked in switching on the lights. The other girls were still sleeping; I think their sedative had not worn off.

“Palesa, I know you up!”

He said when he got to her bed. He remembered my name.

“Yes I am what do you want?”

I asked him rudely.

“Come help me with her, I need to turn her over!”

He said calmly. I was looking straight at him but I noticed that he was not looking me in the eye. Something was up. I got out of bed.

“I am sorry I did not help you immediately when you asked but I will help you now.”

He said in a low voice.

“Turn her towards me please!”

He said like I was his nurse. I did not say anything but did what he asked.

“Come let me help you!”

He said unnecessarily. When he put his hands on her body he dropped something behind her.

It was a cell phone.

“I need you to send for help. I put the number of your Embassy in there and the police!”

He said. I was shocked. He really was helping.

“Why are you not calling them?”

I asked him.

“Because I will also be arrested! Listen to me…”

He continued,

“Send your location to the people at home and tell them what’s going on. The phone has whatsapp. Do this in the next ten minutes because when Fatima comes in she will take the phone so that we don’t get caught! Don’t forget there are cameras in here!”

He said and with that he stood up and walked out, switching off the lights in the process.

I was too scared to move!

******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike,

Thank you for always keeping us glued to our phones with your wonderful work. You are an awesome writer and hope you prosper in every you do.
I am 27years old, I have been in a relationship with “my boyfriend” for 8 years and recently we split. People my problem is I have never reached an orgasm in all this years I have been with him. Few years ago I slept with some guy I know because I wanted to be satisfied coz I thought maybe my man can’t and because my boyfriend was my first I figured maybe if I try it with someone else ke tlanna reg , but still next orgasm. Now since we split I found myself a guy I wouldn’t say we are dating as yet but I slept with him still no orgasm. I have no idea how orgasm feels, is there a problem with me or what? Coz I slept with 3 different people, different sizes, different positions but still I haven’t reached that point they describe at all.


40 thoughts on “Blessed 78

  1. Eish my heart bleeds for Natalie, I pray she makes it home alive. I hope they all make it home alive.

    This was a sad chapter, in fact blessed is getting rather heartbreaking.

    I enjoyed the dose, thanks Mike and team!!!

  2. Lol @ Girly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, most women do not know what an orgasm feels like and it is sad. It first starts with you. What excites you? Have you explored your body?

    So many times we blame men for not getting us there but the onus is on us to help these men to get us to paradise.

    I find that a lot of women (those that I have had such chats with) appreciate 4play, it gets you ready for penetration, get your man to go down on you, to finger you, make you cum first before he penetrates you, 4play is vital when having sex.

    Start playing with yourself more, learn what is it that excites the hell out of you and guide those men when yall are about go frya di chips.

    Also watch porn and take hints and take it from there.

    It starts with you my sweetheart!! Good Luck!!!

  3. Girly
    your orgasm is your responsibility, learn to get yourself there..everything else will become easier.

    thanks Mike, this book is THRILLING.. it hits you right there..

  4. Mike, Thank you bhuti. Thank you I have no words but thank you love and light always.

    Girly girl, I hope you read my comment. 1. I cannot explain what an orgasm feels like, but mostly it’s excitement and a release of energy, feeling, might make you giggle, clench, different strokes for different folks. But it’s something you want to experience regularly, if not for the pleasure then fot the relaxation afterwards. Few women reach an orgasm from sexual penetration(penis in vagina), mostly an orgasm is achieved through stimulating the clitoris. So you might reach it through penetration while stimulating your clitoris. 3. Don’t expect someone to give you an orgasm if you can’t give yourself one. Weird I know but think about it. If you don’t know what gets your juices flowing, how will you be able to lead your man to your spots? Learn and get to know your body, touch yourself, play with your clitoris, get to know where you get tingly, excited, no go areas etc. 4. Watch porn. 5. How is your man supposed to know the above? You tell him, teach him, coach him. If you’re comfortable to be naked with him, be comfortable enought to tell him how you want to be pleased. Good luck and happy orgasming.

  5. this is realistic as a South African couple who are actually engaged are in trouble for being pregnant without having a marriage certificate. They dont play around but they are not angels either. Its pretty ironic that sugar babies who are “immoral” rush to Dubai when I am afraid to drink alcohol or wear short stuff twice that I have been there.

  6. keep an open mind. try toys, play with yourself, explore you body, the more you get to know which spots get you hot. you will be able to point your partner in the right direction. just relax.

  7. Oh and try a vibrator on the hood of your girly parts. that should drive you insane. you will thank me when youve experienced the sheer pleasure of that orgasm

  8. Okay after reading all the comments i realize i had been very sensitive about the way the chapters were written. Yes you guys are right, every religion us criticized and picked on so i shouldn’t be so silly as to feel bad when i know in my heart what is true. Thank you Mike for putting Fatimas input as to highlight the reality of Islam. I said i will be goin but i didnt realise what a huge fan and addict i am of this blog. If my previous comment caused offence i ask for forgiveness. Mike you are a very talented man, may God keep you healthy and happy. Peace!!

  9. SIGH!!! This needs the big screen yho… with all the cheap nonsense on Mzantsi Wethu and the knock offs on Mzantsi Magic that steal American storylines, why can’t we just be on the big screen though…
    Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Girly, Labantu bakho are lacking that ‘thing’ it’s not about size, it’s not about position, hell it aint even about foreplay. If your person is good, they can give you an orgasm just by looking at you. Nawe ke stop this exploring thing you’re on, its bordering on explicit nature so thread carefully 🙂

    Like the others said, if you can’t take yourself there, why on earth do you expect others to accomplish that? You need to own your body and be a master of your own sexuality. If you want the big O so bad then you will you get it… Happy sexing 🙂


  10. Thank you Mike…wish such awareness can be sent to school so young girls can know how cruel the world can be before even going to tertiary

  11. I hope they make it out of this alive, thanks mike.
    Girly, you and me are the same. For a long time I had no idea what orgasims felt like and I’ve been in a couple of relationships (not proud but I always fall for douche bags). My very first ever orgasims happened this year only because while my boyfriend was on top of me, and he went deeper and paused, because it felt so so good I moved my body a certain way,like I was riding him but only he was on top,I felt it asked him to not move and I did it myself, for the first time I was really moaning and boom not long after orgasm. Best feeling ever,but obviously my boyfriend was stunned, told me how I made him feel like akenzanga nto blah blah. It was my first and last,coz you know. Point is,you have to understand your body first before you expect some guy to.

    1. Ladies… no. no. nooo…. you have hands, there are toys (these do not necessarily mean big embarrassing tools, cute pink and small works) and buy water based lub. then put on some sexy lingerie, dim the lights play some music and have a glass of wine… have some sex-y alone time. get to your body so that you own your body. discover yourselves. so that when guy comes you are ready to explode and enjoy.
      Sunhra… i dont know what AKENZANGA NTO means mare tell that guy that he is also akenzanga nto for his selfish ways because he enjoys and come all the time and must give you a chance le wena!!

  12. Mike ever since this chapter began…I’ve been getting chills when I read. Human trafficking is real 😭 And most can’t be rescued. I hope there’s light for these girls.

  13. Hello fanmates lol,
    I really pray these girls get help soon before its too late, thank you Mike for always blessing us with a good read. Ah Girly mina nawe siyafana yazi, mxm I even have to pretend that I am enjoying it knowing very well that I ain’t sigh… reading everyone’s comments ai guess we will try it out kodwa I feel what girly is saying sometimes I feel like something is wrong with me *hides* I literally do not enjoy having sex and I think what helps me not to think too much about it is because I am in a long distance relationship so I only get laid once in a while like I go 4 to 5 months without sex and it doesn’t bother hell I even went without it for a whole full year ai kurough laphandle.

    1. Lol uhm yazi maybe something is wrong … but I had a friend who also didn’t enjoy it at all. I think certain guys have that “thing” … like my guy … *not to brag

  14. I never comment but today chapter is soo vivid its like im watching it on big screen with tears. Come to think that this is reality and some girls experience this trauma but they not here to tell the tale.

    I had to explore my body on how to reach an orgasm, glad I did that cause now just by his touch or kiss I get an orgasm. I get up to 4 or 5 orgasms per round, the feeling at the end “priceless”

  15. People are exited that the girls are going home, forgetting that Mike always has surprise in store.

    No help from me today but trust other ladies.

  16. Thank you Mike💜

    @Girly, u are missing out girl, let me take u thru the details, u gotta masturbate girl, masturbate.
    First off, go to the pharmacy and buy lubricant, then go back to ur room, sit on the bed or floor whatever, comfortably, I personally like putting a pillow against my back, sit and lean on it then open my legs

    Get urself in the mood, turn urself on, then squeeze 2drops or 3 of lube onto ur finger, slowly, start rubbing your clitoris, like be gently, don’t rush it, rub it for a go of 2 minutes until u really feel u are tuned in. if u are not used to having ur clit rubbed, this might be TOO sensitive for u, so u might not wanna rub it directly, just on the sides, that’s how I did it when I first started

    Then, u’ll increase the speed, add lube if u feel like, have fun, play with p*ssy lips, put ur finger(s) in it, but pay more attention to ur clit, it holds the paradise. when I first started, it had taken me an hour to orgasm but I didn’t wanna stop coz I was tired of not climaxing, lol, so nawe if u feel like nothing is happening, keep going, play with that clit, rub it using 1, 2, 3 or all ur fingers, just rub motions, hahaha, u’ll orgasm

    You’ll feel ur p*ssy walls contracting and relaxing in quick movement, that is called orgasmic contractions, and that feeling girl, let’s just say, u really do wanna experience it, u’d even pass out since u’ll be a new comer, fresher, lol, if u are a squirtter, u’ll squirt at that moment. since I started playing with myself, I’d come every first minute when having intercourse with my man, the other ladies are right, know ur body first.

    Good luck!

  17. Ta brada Mikie.
    Faithelina, 5 to 12 months! No no no no no! (shaking my finger sideways)
    At least get some toys. That place down there needs some service every now & then. Even if it’s “self-service” Yho kurough for real. Or UR 1 very strong woman.
    U might as well become a nun 1tym!

    1. Lol Brown Lager ai well hence I said I really don’t enjoy sex, really don’t know if I have a problem or its just the way I get laid. I don’t even crave for it sigh.

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