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Have you ever experienced real fear in your life? Everybody claims to know what it is but not many have actually experienced it at its raw force. I was one of those people up till now. They say bad things dont happen to good people so this somehow meant I was a bad person. I was paralyzed. I did not know what to do. I looked in the room to see if I could protect myself with something but there was nothing. I could not scream because it’s not like anyone could help me now. The fear spread through my body as though it was ice water being poured into my veins. I clenched my fists so that I could steady myself and be ready to think of what to say when he came in. I needed to convince him that I was not the one who must go to this evil man. The way he had beaten her up was not natural. I looked at the monitor and I saw the evil man sitting on the edge of the bed waiting patiently. I heard people come up the stairs and I knew immediately who it was. It was Ahmed. He was turning on his word. Had he not said I was not to be touched? All religions are the same then, we all have liars. I was shaking like a leaf at this stage and even now trying to steady myself I could literally hear my teeth clatter. I heard him put in the key, O God, and saw then saw the door handle turn downward, please God. He opened the door and stepped in,

“It’s your turn, I can’t disappoint a client!”

He said so casually like this was client trying to buy Colgate at the tuck-shop and Aqua fresh was the only brand left.

“I am not going! I would rather die!”

I told him defiantly through those very clattering teeth. After seeing what I had witnessed death was better. There was going to be a war tonight that’s for sure.

“He likes that fight in a girl but you saw how cruel he is. He will beat you up for it but that’s your choice! Be stubborn!”

He said coldly. How could he be so cruel? Even if we were just his goods a proper businessman protects his investment right.

“You are weak! You said you would protect us but now you are allowing your so called clients to protect your goods! What kind of business man does that? You want us around for longer not just for one session!”

I advised him. I can’t believe I was advising a low life pimp on how best to prostitute us.

“Well I have no choice!”

He said but. I knew I had touched a nerve. I am not sure which part though. That’s when I felt it, I felt as though I was peeing and I could not hold it in. It was hot and sticky. I felt as though I was having a runny tummy. I have never been so happy in my life. I knew what it was.

“Thank you Jesus!”

I whispered. I don’t suffer from period pains like other girls so I don’t the get warning signs. I am one of those girls who always walk with a tampon or a pad in my handbag. That’s my fate but because I have seen girls who suffer from period pains I would rather have no warning than be bedridden with pain.

“Well if he wants to have sex with a girl on her period then that’s fine but it will be messy!”

I told him.

“You are lying!”

He accused me. I have never done this before and I will never do this again I suppose. No one, not my mom not my female friends nor my boyfriend has ever seen my discharge. I am super sensitive during that time of the month but without hesitation I lifted my skirt and pulled my underwear down.

“That is disgusting!”

He said angrily and stepped back outside.


He cursed out loudly from the passage. Muslim men are like ZCC men, they don’t believe that a woman on her periods should be in the company of a man. I know married people where the wife has to sleep in a different bed if she is on her periods. It’s amazing that rape for some men is not disgusting but periods are. God had answered my prayers this once and thank heavens I had not taken those pills to postpone my periods when I left South Africa as I had planned. What had stopped me? Oh yes, time! I was supposed to go see the gynae but things got hectic.


Ahmed called his lady servant. I heard what sounded like a lightning strike but that was him slapping her. He said something to him in his language that was barely audible to me. I heard her pleading then he slapped her again. This time in English he shouted,

“Clean her up you dog!”

And walk away. Fatima practically ran into her room. She was sobbing but not wailing.

“Come with me!”

She said to me angrily. I think had it not been because I had just saved myself from rape I would have felt sorry for her. This time I was perfect.

“Why didn’t you say you on your periods?”

She asked me angrily. I wanted to respond but she did not deserve an answer. I just followed and got out of there as quickly as I could.


She said when we got to the bathroom. I wish I could run away but how. I did not even know how to move from one floor to the other.

“I will bring you pads!”

She said. I was a tampon person myself but I was not going to complain. I took off my clothes and this time I used the shower. I cried again in the shower but my mind was on my girls and how I was going to look at them when they came back. Fatima came and took me from the shower and the girls were not back yet.

“Where are they? Come on what kind of a woman are you? He treats you like a dog, he is raping young girls and you just stand there and don’t protect us. Are you even a woman? Where I come from women protect each other!”

I told her which was not entirely true. In South Africa yes there are a group of women, mostly in organizations that will protect a stranger but reality is South African women do not stand up for each other. Do this maths, we are roughly 52 percent of the population, only 17 percent of us are CEOs, 30 something percent are Members of Parliament etc. We don’t support each other and it’s not just in South Africa, ask Hillary Clinton what it means to be a woman. Other women were more than willing to vote for a man who called them prostitutes, a molester and a bigot just because a woman cannot be trusted in top job!

“You need to learn your place because that mouth of yours will get you hurt some day!”

She said and left. I did not wait long. Thandeka was the first to come in. She went and sat in the corner and could not look my way. What should I do now? I wanted to stand up and go hug but my bones would not move. You just know when someone does not want to be spoken too. When Khanyi came in however it was different. Instinct made me get up immediately and run to her.


I said as I wrapped my arms around her but my best friend pushed me away violently.

“Don’t touch me!”

She hissed at me like a snake.

“Stay the fuck away from me!”

She emphasized. She went and sat down but I was not going to lose my friend.

“Khanyi come on…”

I pleaded with her.

“If only you knew how it felt. Leave me alone please Palesa.”

Khanyi said turning away from me. She hated me. She hated what had been done to her and to her I had caused it.

“I am sorry!”

I said to her as my heart was breaking at that moment.

“The day someone steps on your head because it is fun for him to do so is the day you will be sorry! The guy fucked me in my ass, do you hear me, in my ass! He told me that vagina was too loose! I am practically a virgin and he told me that! Where were you when that was happening? We were treated like animals and all you get to say is I am sorry? Get the fuck out our faces!”

Khanyi said and she best out crying. I was the enemy and this time Thandeka did not defend me. 30 minutes later, no maybe 45 minutes as I did not have a watch, Natalie was carried in. I ran to her.

“What did you do to her?”

I asked the men but they did not reply.

“Get the doctor!”

Ahmed said from the door.

“What did you do to her?”

I asked him angrily.

“It’s your entire fault!”

He said staring at me coldly.

“My fault? What do you mean?”

I asked him angrily!

“I said get the doctor!”

He shouted again to one of the men. I think someone had gone already but I was not sure.

“What do you think his reaction was when I told him that the girl upstairs was on her periods? He took it out on her!”

He said and walked. They were blood coming out from everywhere.

“Please just leave. We will take care of her!”

I told him but obviously he had to call Fatima. It’s like she did everything for him. Why didn’t she just poison him? She made his food and his drinks. When she walked in she froze a little then went into action.

“Help me clean her up!”

She said. She had come with a dish with warm water. I guess we were not going to the bathroom. She was actually crying. As she sat next to her helpless body.

“This is against everything Allah teaches! This is not who we are!”

She hissed out loud but I was not buying it. That is what all Muslims say but their people still bomb and kill regardless.

“Then do something about it. Help us please!”

I pleaded with her.

“I am going to help you I promise!”

She said.

Hope at last.

*******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for sharing your talent with us. We can be demanding at times but it’s worth it.

I am 29 and I got married 2 years ago. I started cheating on my husband with a guy from work. It started off as just flirting then next we were having sex at least twice a week. My husband has never found out. I am not trying to get out of the relationship with this man but I am failing. It has become so routine that I must get my two sessions with him. What’s worse is that he got married three weeks ago. I was invited to the wedding but I chose not to go. His wife is pregnant already but a friend of a friend tells me that the kid is actually not his. He has not said this to me but because I am jealous I want to tell him. He won’t believe me probably and it might sour things between us so am scared. We have already slept with each other since his wedding. His wife was at work and we went to his house. I have thought of focusing on my husband but I always find something lacking in him. I don’t even know what that something is but it’s not there. If I divorce him I will humiliate him because his family loves me and always tell him that he is the only one of his brothers who got blessed. I am so confused.

How do I get rid of the other guy and how do I fall in love with my husband again?

Thank You


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  1. Oh Mike i am a huge fan of yours but why must u pick on our religion so? Islam is nothin like these pig heads you wrie about. I lived in Dubai for many years and i witnessed nothing of the sort. And yes this probably does happen there but it happens everywhere with every religion!! I hate that she just said that this is what muslims do we bomb people like WTF!! Are you tryin to instill hatred for our religion through your blog! Very upsetting and disappointed in this. I was a fan frm the first chapter of diary of a zulu girl through every blog of urs but now i leave. This just shows me how narrow minded people can be.

    1. Stop choosing bits and pieces to complain about,I’m Muslim and don’t care what’s written..I enjoy reading

    2. Funny how you enjoyed other chapters, etc.just because they were about other people, religion, but once it touches yours you leaving, hahaha. Shows how you not honest with yourself and want to seem perfect. No one is, no religion is. I’ve been where you are, but truth be told Mike doesn’t just write by thumb sucking things, he.actually does his research, chances are some South African women went through this and this should be a lesson to us. By the way I know my fellow black people are full of shit, but Muslim around me showed me flames, they are actually worse. My advice to you, when reading these blogs, take something good from them cause they always teach us something

    3. I just think it was something that was said at that given moment cause of what they’re going through. Before the character was kidnapped she worshipped Arab men but obviously this is happening and she’s not thinking about what she’s saying. Unfortunately many human beings are guilty of generalising when in a shitty situation, so don’t take offense at the end of the day this is fiction. Period!

  2. I’m sorry Mike but this episode of Blessed was, for me, very ignorant…. The whole bombing buildings by Islamic people thing was quite offensive.. People did not vote for Hilary not because she is a woman but because of the whole fiasco with deleting emails. I sometimes feel a lot of female bashing in your diaries and it is quite worrying because you do it a lot

    1. Remember we are talking in context. The character is a 20 year old student so how worldly do you think she would be? Ignorance is what most people are so why must the character be a super human. In this incident she is in a Muslim country about to be raped so do you think she will have nice things to say about Muslims? Please read in context.

      1. you took the words right out of my mouth. there is nothing ignorant about this chapter. reality is Islamic people are knowing for bombing buildings there are even movies about it. it my not be 100% true but it is how they have been stereotyped. and Muslim people are known to be cruel and have no respect for women (I say this coming from a Muslim back ground fathers family are all Muslims)

      2. Well said Dear, it is natural for a young girl to feel that way about Muslims imagine the pain Humiliation and fear they feeling at that very moment.

    2. You comment is baseless and pretty narrow for someone who seems to be complaining about specifics. You need to read up on what goes on in the world around you because Hilary firstly did not lose due to deleted emails, and secondly how is it offensive if and i quote ‘That is what all Muslims say but their people still bomb and kill regardless’ how is this statement offensive? Because Islam is not bombing people, not all Muslims are bombing people, but those that are bombing people are mostly Muslims, they claim to represent Islam and proudly call themselves Muslims… How is stating what everyone in the world KNOWS offensive? Because the statement didnt say all Muslims are suicide bombers…

      Read tu.

      1. I mentioned the deleted emails because they kept bringing it up during the debates AND that caused doubt because people felt that she was not open and they did not know what they would get with her. With Trump you knew what you were getting…. that was the general feel during their presidential campaign. She did not lose solely because of that ( tapes/emails) but I was mentioning them as a means to dispute the fact that she lost because she is Female. I was not this dumb at 20. The deleted emails did play a factor
        Read tu

      2. Stop being sensitive about ur religion it’s OK to read about how S.A WONEM r insulted but u get offended about ur religion pls get real

    3. It’s people like yourself who feel the need to call out Mike on his character portrayals that just demotivate the rest of us and I believe even Mike himself. Just because you have the privilege to engage with the author doesn’t mean you should Call him out on your insecurities. Accept Islam for how other people view it also. Just because your perception is different doesn’t mean it’s the only valid perception. It is a reality that Muslim men do horrible things maybe just not the ones you know. Please take care to read in context of the characters and take that into consideration. And yes I’m Muslim.

      1. People attack Christianity every other day, from the false prophets, back biting, being judgemental etc but life goes on. People talk bad about African tradition, YES highlights how taboo is being a sangoma in our society so Islam on not an exception to all criticism that other religions get.

        1. Bathong. Was about to say that. Christianity it’s scrutinized every other day even Mike has written about it. Did u hear us pulling selfrightous cards… NO

    4. Mike keep doing the good work, what you do best , we learning everyday and you are the best.. offensive wa manyala. read in context.

    5. Maybe every black South African girl should take offense with this diary because they have been labelled as gold diggers, Wits students also coz I’m pretty sure I read about how they love blessers..I could write a long list..but you know what, none has complained bcoz we all know it’s just a story, might be true in most instances but Mike never said Varze is a bomber..but then if you feel like leaving then Bye Felicia, I mean Varze

  3. Mike, im shaking within in my bones… marrow. this is so graphic. so sad. these girls bathong, and liking things…
    Thank you

  4. I literally felt like I was watching a movie Mike, then it hit me that these things do happen to girls somewhere, out there, some because they associated themselves with bad people, some because they were promised modelling jobs and some unfortunately because they got kidnapped and trafficked. What you write here, all of it, it happens out here, it’s even worse reading it than watching it on TV because reading allows you to play with your imagination and what I just imagined here made my blood boil, skin cringe, hair curls, I was panicking throughout this whole chapter.

    Let’s advise our girls to take care of themselves, accept what they can’t change and never be too materialistic when you can’t afford most of the things you like because the consequence are more drastic and life threatening, all that won’t be worth it when you’re on your death bed or being molested/ sexualy abused in a foreign country or right at your country.

    I have never wrote anything here, but I just couldn’t help it today, I’m so touched and moved by this chapter.
    This is a huge lesson, Mike you probably saved a girl or two out there today just by writing this.
    Hope the girls make it out of there alive, expose and sue the living shit out of Sam, not all South African men are trash!

  5. Lebo o re tlwaela blind.. keeping your legs closed is really not rocket science. Leave that man and his marriage alone, busy interfering with another woman’s household because yours is lacking. O sele, work on your marriage and stop wasting your energy on another woman’s husband. Yerrr.. your letter made me angry. Surely you have a functioning brain, this is simpler than a 1+1 sum.. LEAVE THAT WOMAN’S MAN ALONE AND FIX YOUR ISSUES WITH YOUR MARRIAGE! If you cant, then leave your husband and go find a single man who doesnt have a pregnant wife waiting for him at home.

    why do yall mess with one another like this kule life ntoza? hai suka

    1. Dude I’m so angry, like WT Incredible F is with people lately, and its not only Lebo, nayo leya idiot that’s busy cheating on a pregnant woman with this sorry excuse of a wife nje… Yerr people are loose yong!!

      Yazini Lebo, God sees you yeva, dont blame the world or anyone when this shit that you catching on catches up to you, because it will, one sorry ass day.


      1. its quite angering yazi.. how do you cheat on an entire pregnant wife in your marital home?! how do you leave your entire husband at home and go to another man’s house to go sleep with him? then she turns around and wants to ruin her partner in crime’s marriage just because yena she’s not happy in hers.. awaymurrrr!

  6. Thanks Mike
    QnA – Just let your husband find you and threaten to dump your S then you will be quick to preserve your marriage. Oh, when that happen the other guy will not want anything to do with you. Alternatively, let the wife catch you and threaten to tell your husband if she ever catches you.

  7. Oh my God I can’t even speak. This is heartbreaking:-(

    As for wena Lebo…. uyinja. You have a man why can’t you be satisfied with that? Uyinja sies. Uyinja.

  8. Sad story. Thanks Bro Mike. This is so sad. We need to teach our kids ukuthi Ukuthanda izinto can land you in deep trouble.

    Lebo: Why did u get married? U are still in the honeymoon phase, but you are already cheating??? What are your reasons for telling this guy about his child not being his? Are you trying to destroy his life like you are destroying yours? Or are you hoping that he will leave his wife for u? You even went to his house and slept with him there. What happened to respecting the other woman’s home? How would you feel if your husband brought umakhwapheni and slept with her in your bed? U have no respect for your self. U need to start with self love and respect. Then figure out what you want in life. Clearly u were not ready to get married. It’s like you are obsessed with this man. Or is it just lust and jealousy that is driving u? This about the consequences when your husband and all family find out. You need a lots of self introspection gal…

  9. QnA- You two are very selfish, don’t you think you are humiliating your husband already by cheating on him, if you don’t love him why don’t you just devorce him so he can find someone who’ll love & respect him. I can’t believe that you also want to ruin your bf’s marriage by “hearsay” rumours, are you even sure, even if it were true how can you be jealous while you are also married. Sisi please get your life together before you ruin many people’s lives by being selfish.

    To the Muslims who are offended- please stop being so ignorant because these things do happen and so is the bombing as per reports on the news but does that mean its all the Muslims? NO! Just like with the “SA Christian girls” being gold diggers /blessees, yes we have those girls but not all of us are like that, There’s a lot of us who are very independent with careers who don’t depend on men for money & you quite enjoyed reading about that & we were not offended!

    1. Actually I was offended because I am South African. I’m not offended because a) I’m a practising Muslim b) a female… so yes I have written an email to Mike about the woman bashing on his diaries.
      It was your call not to take offense but then again you have no right to tell me what to feel.

  10. Yoh lebo! I have no compassion becuase you live in a world where we all watched Intersexions. What the actuall Fuck! this is why even trump said all we Africans do is have sex and drink. Why really?

  11. Jackzorro: I’m not saying people solely did not vote for Hilary because of the deleted emails nor was it because SHE IS FEMALE ( as the diary depicts)… I was merely stating one of the reasons why her run for President was not successful and that causes a lot of doubt…. As a female studying in the US, practising Islam I find the chapter very ignorant and derogatory and stereotypical.
    How is it any different from saying South African black men are rapists and murders ( I did not say ALL but our jails are filled with them)

  12. Mike wow such great talent im hooked please publish blessed too my daughter has to read it.Lebo you cant leave your man for just a fling and going to her house udlala ngomlilo cc ungakwenzi angafuni kwenziwe kuwe, anither thing why must you leave your husband is he going to leave his wife for you.Phuma emshadweni wabo umntwana wale ndoda why uba yi invistigator.Be wise 80 – 20 rule

  13. hey people are difficult. Last year it was SA people on xenophobia – do you want me to hate them all because of that NO. If we say Muslims are this bad it is not about you tu ke sese diragalang in life. you are not going to run around protecting watever pple say bout your Alla kana gatweng. consider taht this is fiction do you expect Mike to specific buka e tla nna busula. if you need reality ready biography.
    nna ke mono hela .
    BW aka Bdab

  14. Bt guys hw will palesa learn if she doesnt experience wht the other gals experience.i thnk its only fair tht she experiences it honestly its nt fair on the othr gals

  15. I knew Palesa was going to get away with it, she will returned to south Africa untouched, its either Sam came through for her or this Fatima or the doctor save them before she suffer this abuse, its really hurt breaking because she was the one who got all the benefits, Sam was her Blesser and now other suffers and she is not, I just hope that girls who are reading this must know that in real life, they won’t be any Cosmo or your periods coming to save u, in real life, people suffer in this human trafficking. I wish Palesa had suffered just like the rest of them, just as a lesson to our kids.

    1. I feel sorry for the girls especially khanyi coz at some point she didnt want to go anymore. Palesa begged her to go now she is suffering and Palesa is spared.this is heartbreaking

  16. At flowerzzz, Paesa has been spared, its her own doing but she walk away untouched. She got all the benefits. I was hoping she would also suffer, but let’s hope she will also learn by what she witnessed. BT I doubt she will learn anything. She got away with it. I feel sorry for the others.

  17. Can the Dubai chapter end now – it’s so sad, scary, heartbreaking – kubuhlungu kimina ngila! 😭😭😭

  18. Yho but my heart though, can the girls be saved already because I don’t think I can take anymore of this!

    I have a problem though with some of y’all putting all blame on Palesa. Yes she is tjatjarag, yes she made a bad call by jumping on the blesser train and wanting to be part of the Dubai hashtag, but surely she can’t be blamed for the human trafficking debacle, she didn’t force Khanyi to come with, at some point Khanyi was the one supporting her to keep Sam happy so that both of them get to reap the rewards of going to Dubai. Each of them are suffering because of their lack of better judgement and being too forward, Palesa can’t take all the blame on this one, she didn’t force anyone to do anything and she is as much victim in this as the rest. The fact that her prayers were answered and she got spared for now doesn’t make her the villain here! I do understand Khanyi’s feelings at the moment I probably would also feel the same, but it is all blame shifting nothing else. But to wish that Palesa suffers all of this and more I just don’t think is fair because she didn’t get them here willingly she was naive and is also a victim of perverts that live amongst us!
    Let this be a lesson to us all, not all that glitters is gold! Human trafficking is real and it can happen to any of us, through someone you trust, when you least expect it.
    Thanks Mike for raising this awareness, many girls need to read this so they can know the realities that lurk out there. I’m older and wiser now and probably would not fall victim to this so naively, but chances are if I had the same opportunity 10 years ago (I was actually the Khanyi type, let the friend get chowed while I enjoy the benefits) I could have found myself in such a situation! This will definitely be an eye opener to many!

  19. As a mom to girls, an aunt to nieces. This chapter hit home. I pray to God that our children don’t get to through this painful experience.

    Mike can this experience end, its painful to read. The sad thing is it happens. This is why 12 year olds are in the streets of Johannesburg at night so they can service perverted old men in our own backyard. Can Sam be somewhat exposed because these traffickers and abusers are people we know and trust.

  20. Thank you Sam for the daily dose.

    Yoh kodwa this is sad yazi can’t wait to read what happens next, will the girls be saved or will they be stuck in Dubai until they die. Eish Girls we need to be careful with this blesses and sugar daddy business its not worth it really. Shame Khanyi I feel for you nana that must of been really horrible but Nicole’s part is so sad imagine being beat up while being raped and more beating because the pervert wanted new meat haayi whoever that guy is I pray God deals with him and make him suffer x10 more then what he did to the poor girl.

  21. My heat broke for Khanyi.. I mean the ass? Really? #As_I_cringe… And Nicole.. oh God what has that bastard done to her though? I hope she lives

  22. How many movies have been made about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have lost count all of these were depicting Muslims as suicidal bomb maniacs but yet I am intelligent enough to know that not all are like that , but just few crazy ones who have taken their believes to the extreme. So all of you taking offence do us a favour stop reading you won’t be missed.

  23. Kwaaaaaa when they ignore varze cause of her stupidity and ignorance… its a story doll, which educates some of us and others to be entertained, don’t take it to heart…

    Mike you good and keep up with the good work, and please don’t give up due to negative and ignorant people like varze.. I mean Mike didn’t even start this for you bra… leave already… you won’t be missed..

  24. Those who are offended please guys take a chill pill hawu, when you at the cinema and the movie is about Muslims bombing people, what do you do?. …bhuti Mike is been writing about so many things on this blog that is touching everyone’s believe, from Sangomas, cheating wife, mthobisi nobugebengu bakhe, South African girls nokuthanda imali etc, mara nike nasizwa sioffended come nina kahleni nje ukusiphaphela, ,,,,,,,,,,

  25. Guys please read in context….. seniyagula stru manje- don’t read such if ninezinhliziyo ezincane(…
    as for you Lebo- Your day is coming, KARMA is a bitch

  26. LOL!!! I am a staunch ZCC member and I must say some of the things Mike writes about my church is uncalled for, so I can relate to how muslims feel about this. Mike just needs to learn not to be brutal and judgemental about our religions that’s all!!!

    1. Yall cant want Mike to stunt his creative because you take offense.. not be brutal and judgemental? If you read in context, you would understand that Mike is not posting anything as his personal view.. ITS A STORY guys.. its not ever presented as fact.

  27. The fact that people are getting offended, researching and all shows how really good you are. Thank you Mike. We don’t want predictable chapters here. Big ups to you 🙂

  28. If you are confident about who you are…zcc or Muslim….you should know better and stick to what you know regardless of what other people never complained when its about other religions….seems as if you are so embarrassed about yourselves. The ignorant ones are yourselves…. Do you write emails to all the movie writers and book writers just because they say what you don’t want to hear!!!NO!! SA is a free country and Mike has a right to say whatever he feels like.

    You guys are such hypocrites…you claim to be following Mike from the beginning….. Which means you believe everything that he has said about other cultures or religions coz I never heard you complain. Arghh maan Muslim see Voet / wena zcc you just like squeezing yourself in.

    Go read the bible or something and leave us in peace.

  29. This is very sad 🙂 and what you said about women not supporting each other is so true Bhuti Mike,a lot of people in top positions would rather create a post for a man then for another female and kubuhlungu loko. we should be uplifting each other ngayo yonke indela.

    ay you truly are gifted sir you raising up serious and ery valid points hey

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