Blessed 76

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We all know that you can’t be quick to trust someone. Ok fine that does not apply to South African girls especially

where a guy has money but in a situation like this you can’t be quick to trust someone. It’s just wise to be cautious and approach slowly you know. That was my take on it. We did not know him enough and yes he said that he was doing it to save his family what if there was no family that needed saving at all. Much as I saw him as a potential he was a chance I was not willing to take.

“Please help us escape! Please. My family has a bit of money at home they will pay you!”

Nicole blurted before I could even stop her. She was not supposed to speak this one. Since when did she speak for us? I was so surprised she did that.

“No don’t listen to her. It’s too dangerous to escape; they will kill us if we do. Ahmed said once all his money is paid to him we will be free to go!”

I jumped immediately and I am sure confusing my friends. Khanyi and Thandeka seemed to get me because neither said anything. The good doctor, if I can call him that looked confused also by us.

“Its only natural to want to escape is it not. I am surprised that you would want to stay?”

He said to me without looking me directly in the eye. I just felt as though he was hiding something.

“Don’t be please, I spoke to Ahmed earlier, he seems to be a man of his word you know and I want to go back home, alive please and I am sure you would want to reach your family alive too right!”

I reminded him. Why, if he had a family that needed rescuing would he help a stranger he had met less than an hour ago? It does not make sense.

“Nicole that’s enough, you don’t know this man he is going to go and report you and then you will be in trouble!”

I warned her in Tswana. She tried to argue but I managed to convince her to shut up and she did. When he left I emphasized to her that we need to assume that everyone who came through that do was not our friend because they were not in this house by mistake. It was not long before we were summoned. I was taken personally by Ahmed and let away from the group. The other girls were no confused when this happened. He took me to another room upstairs.

“This is your observation room. I hope you will enjoy it!”

He said cruelly. There were four big monitors in the room and I could see everything they were doing in there. I think if I counted correctly there were ten men in the room. They were chatting away but I could not hear what they were saying. They seemed happy like they were at a dinner or something. They brought in my friends and walked them to the middle. I immediately put my hands on my mouth and started crying. There were two other girls I did not recognize.

“No stop!”

I whispered through my tears but I was alone and there was no to hear me. I think I wished too soon because not hearing sound was better than what happened next. The sound was put back on. The first thing that came out was Ahmed’s voice.

“Gentleman, I know we have been trying to get this party going for a while but oh well, when the police raided us we had to change how we did business.”

He started to explain to his bunch of perverts because that is what they were, perverts!

“So now we have a full proof plan. You can see our location as change this way we monitor our communication and all you gentlemen can have peace of mind that no more raids and no more disturbances!”

He said to the men who just sat there looking at him sternly. This is why he had been warning us, his clients were unhappy with him.

“Can the party start already; some of us have businesses to run and can’t be here forever!”

One man said and they loved.

“Yeah. I pick the skinny one; she looks like she can do things to you!”

They were talking about Nicole who immediately started crying.

“See she even cries like a whore! I am going to enjoy this.”

The other men laughed. It was funny to them to have women crying in front of them.

“Is she clean?”

He asked again. He seemed to have a bit more seniority to the other men because no one spoke when he spoke.

“Yes she is. She was tested when she came and tested again an hour ago!”

Ahmed responded trying to hide his excitement but it was so obvious from up here I am certain I could touch it.

“Come with me!”

He said to Nicole standing up! Come with me? Really. Of course the stupid girl just stood there frozen in her tears.

“If I tell you that again I will have my servants whip you like a dog!”

He said and that motivated her a lot as she followed him. He stopped,

“Mohammed are you coming?”

He asked someone else. A younger looking man followed him. It was two men per girl. There were five girls and actually 8 men; I had counted 10 because I had counted a body guard looking guy and Ahmed. They would not be partaking I guess. People were distributed in rooms which the monitors followed. There was something about the man Nicole was with that made me pay more attention to her than the others. Another thing to be honest was, of the girls I liked her least meaning I would not survive looking at Khanyi and Thandeka being violated. The other girls had no screens. I could also not understand why Ahmed wanted me to see this. Was this to keep the girls in line by having me get in line? Then there was Sam, how did he even get mixed up with such people. I still could not place it! Nicole had gotten the wrong guy I was soon to learn. As soon as they walked into the room he slapped her so hard she stumbled to the other man who slapped her too!

“I swear to you by Allah if you cry one more time I will take of my belt and hit you!”


Where was the belt? The dude was wearing a dress.

“Be quiet Nicole, be quiet!”

I whispered to hear through my tears as though she could hear me.

“Please Nicole just stop crying!”

Who does not cry when they are being beaten though? She obviously cried even more and out of nowhere a belt appeared. People are cruel out there. I don’t even know how to put it in words but that men beat up Nicole like she was dog that had strayed into its owner’s enemy’s yard. When he got tired he gave the friend, who fortunately refused saying,

“No that’s enough; you still want her fresh don’t you!”

He said in what looked like pity as opposed to malice.

“I keep telling you that you are weak. These girls are for us to use! We pay a lot of money for this. Good Arab women don’t do this that’s why we asked for South African women. They enjoy being used for money. Remember when we went there and walked in that place, what was it called again?”

He asked Mohammed who seemed more terrified of him than anything else.


He responded really trying not to look at Nicole who was now weeping silently in the corner.

“Yes Sandton, remember how many girls approached us? Young girls who barely had breasts. We took some to the hotel, they like money. They want to be whores, a nation of infidels so let’s treat them like that!”

He said and Mohammed laughed nervously.

“You, whore, stand up, take of your clothes and go bend over the bed bending facing the other side or I will whip you again!”

She was in so much pain and from here I could see the belt marks on her body. She was light skinned so they made red lines all over which were zig zagged to show the direction in which the belt had landed.

“Do it now!”

Mohammed said but I think it was more in fear for her being whipped again. Poor Nicole stood up and shivered as she walked to the bed. She was broken. She was sobbing now but not crying. She took off her last remaining garments and bent over the bed without further motivation. He smiled.

“Every bitch can be broken. It’s what they are meant for!”

The guy said and he went to her, without lube or anything and he thrust into her. I could feel her pain, her dryness, her degradation as he thrust in an out of her.

“Oh wow he was right she is so fresh. She is almost a virgin. I like her I like her!”

He bellowed as he did his thing. I could not look any longer. I looked for something to switch of the noises and the screen but there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. I found myself bunched up in the corner, sitting on the floor, hands on my head covering my ears but the monitors were on full blast. I could hear Thandeka, Khanyi and of course Nicole screaming in pain as the men moaned in joy.

“Why God? Why God? Please come rescue us, please God, I am sorry, I am sorry, please God do not abandon us now!”

I prayed. I did not even go through Jesus this time; I bypassed Him and asked God for help. I had messed up. It was all me. Now I realized that I should not have volunteered to be raped. It suddenly all went quiet. It’s like these men were synchronized because they literally stopped at the same time. I immediately jumped up because I wanted to check on Nicole, she had got the worst of it. My timing was well, bad!

“Mohammed, go call me Ahmed!”

The evil Arab man said. Mohammed was actually a man servant. This guy liked to have sex with someone else watching. Ahmed seemed to be close because he came in two seconds later.

“I enjoyed her. Look at her, no more crying now but I am bored already!”

He said to him. Ahmed seemed scared of this man and dared not look him in the eye.

“I know you always keep an extra girl upstairs, go get her. I want her! A fresh girl not these girls who have already been used up!”

He said to Ahmed. Instinctively Ahmed looking at the camera!

Shit, he was thinking of me!

Hell no!

The sadistic bastard wanted me to join them.

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter and so glad to see that you are back.

I am a married woman and have been married for 11 years. They have not always been the best and am 36 now. My husband who I believe I still love has been abusive and a cheat from probably the third month of our marriage. I discovered that he has been sleeping with one of his cousins, and I mean cousin as in she is his mothers cousins child from the time when we got married. This girl was very close to us and we helped educate her. She was around 17 at the time we got married and from what I found out they were already sleeping together then. Imagine for 11 years I could not tell my husband was cheating? Where was I all this time? I am so angry at myself. She even lived with us at some point and about five years ago I went to work in Cape Town for like 6 months. She had to come stay with him to take care of my kids. I can’t get the thought out of my head that they were sleeping in my bed together in my absence. I am not paranoid. I found out about them on his whatsapp. The girl has a second phone which she hardly ever uses. She forgot it at the house about a month ago when she came to visit. She has always had it. I had been suspecting my husband of cheating for a while and I had gotten a number just saved as T on his phone. He had dialled it and I had seen him a few weeks prior. When I took the number and later tried it by accident when she left her phone, it had rang. That’s how I knew it was her. It was just instinct I think. I investigated further and found out all this.

I want to destroy this man. I don’t just want revenge I want to destroy him. I know it will get me nothing people on the outside can see but it will get me satisfaction. I so wish she was 15 when they started so that I can have him arrested for statutory rape. I really do. I am angry but I will have no regrets when I send the father of my children to his grave. Right now I am still at home with him and he does not know that I know. I just don’t have a plan yet but I can’t let him get away with this.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.

Thank You


27 thoughts on “Blessed 76

  1. Palesa its only fair that u also undergo the same predicament otherwise khanyi will hate u forever…… Johannesburg good luck with your destruction please don’t get arrested in the process

  2. I was hoping the police were going to barge in. this is crazy. I know people sterotype SA girls but is the reputation that bad and international? Oh God can we go to Dubai and rescue them? Thank you Mike and all the best with your recovery.

  3. My intestines jumped to mu throat as i read the rape scene. This os educational, though it felt so real. I can actually feel for Nicole, even worse for the one who watched as she knows what awaits. Doea this happen on Dubai for real? Ot jas always been my wish to work there but now I’m thinking Twice.

    Whaaat, this man though. I say go for it girl to get the satisfaction you longing for. Just be smart that whatever you do don’t lemd you on the wrong side of the law. That girl prolly did it for money. I took a man to prison once and to this day i sent him a clear message to never touch me, that I don’t regret but it’s a story for another day.

    I support

    1. This happens not only in Dubai but other places too, even here in South Africa most likely. Human trafficking is a very real ladies. Stay vigilant.

  4. Ey Ey Ey honestly the right thing to say to you right now is try to move on and just focus on your kids and life but then again I myself would destroy him

  5. QA Jozi I think there is no revenge better than living your man or exposing them to family. Don’t you dare do something were you will end up on the wrong side of the law. Just divorce the joke and go for counseling before you do something you will live to regret, because there is never a perfect devious plan.

  6. This was hard to read but necessary, real eye opener. Most foreign men will tell you that South African women love money. No foreign man respects us. This does not happen only in Dubai even here at home women end up in situations like this because of money.

  7. Thanks Team. This is some scary ishhh going on in Dubai. Love of money though…. See where it has landed these children.
    As for Jhb – am lost for words. I can somehow understand your pain, anger, anguish but please think things through… This is the season of Lent, look to the Man above for guidance… Wish you all the best sisi

  8. Human trafficking is really real its no joke and it happens in large amounts around the world and money is the root of all evil. To the lady in Jo’burg please don’t do anything that will end you in jail and that will give this lady and your husband a chance to do whatever freely because you will be in jail and she will help raise your children now that will kill you instead of him. If you want to revenge him leave him to his own misery tell the family and divorce his ass or go look for a love potion pour it in his drink let him drink it and divorce him he will be after you and you can do whatever you want with him regards to punishment

  9. Think this was a necessary description of what happens in this world and how we are not exempt from any of it. Once watched the movie, ‘Traffic’ which is three hours of the horror of human trafficking based on true encounters could not sleep for months thinking that those girls are people’s daughters, sisters, grandchildren and in reality, Liam Neeson is not going to rescue you and avenge your trauma, death and pain. Human trafficking is a multi billion dollar industry and is real and unfortunately, traffickers target countries like ours. Countries where it is easy to move into and leave with who you want, countries that won’t stand still when a group of girls go missing. The sad reality is that you don’t even have to be a liker of things to be targeted. Please, If you have daughters, are a female always be vigilant and aware. Listen to your gut, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is., doubt should always raise questions and get those answers, someone needs to know where you are, wherever you go.

  10. Thanks Mikeesto, what a sad chapter yho!!

    Jozi, I envy the satisfaction you will get from the dish you are busy cooking for this dude, Pac said revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting ***** so DALA WHAT YOU MUST sisi, these cheats must be punished.

  11. Jozi I understand that this man has betrayed you but think of your children first,yes he must be a pervert but the kids still need their Father,unfortunately u did not laborate on what kind of a father he is to the kids, secondly if you endedup being arrested your kids will be the one.that will suffer the most so my 2cent opinion just walk away Karma is a bitch ,one day he will pay for his actions so just LEAVE him,his not worth messing up your life,at 36 u still young you can start afresh

  12. Where are Thandekas Nigerians, only they are my last hope. Please rescue the girls Mike I cant deal any more. Kodwa Palesa and liking things.

  13. I know it cud happen even to decent girls but at least it’s not for greedy reasons like for likers of things. God have mercy. Ta brada Mikie. What an eye opener!
    Revange is a meal best served cold. But remember there are more ppl in jail who thot they had committed a “perfect crime”.
    If it makes U happy go ahead.
    My advice tho wud be 4U to just walk away. Is it Celine Dion’s song? Karma is female, she’s always on yo side as a lady. Whatever decision U take, Gudluck, U gonna need it.

  14. Mike, palesa must also taste her own medicine, how will she ever learn if she don’t know how it feels like, it was because of her love of money, that’s why they got in this situation. She had all the benefits and now she us s walking away untouched. Its so unfair on other girls..

  15. U know sadly, SA woman are known for the love of money n sex . The other year, while in tertiary, I had went to buy from these Indian furniture shops. So I driven with 1 Indian for delivery. .. jeez the things he said about us SA woman. Promising me to buy me a smart fone if I slept with him. Wen I refused he went on to tell me how SA girls love sex n money n how was I different. To say i was disgusted is an underestimate. Reading this I feel so shallow being a South African

  16. As much as we want to pin everything on humantrafficking, the reality is there are SA women and other nationalities that go to Dubai and allow these men to do corpohillia on them, sleep with animals and all these disgusting things. Usually these girls have a huge following on instagram and claim to be “models”. The men DM them and agree on what will happen, like they’ll make you have sex with their young sons, group of men, pee on you etc and then they pay you in things like taking you on a shopping trip, paying for your hotel and giving you an allowance.

    Don’t be fooled by Instagram “bad bitches” , most of them are escorts to these men in Dubai cause they pay the most.

    There was a website called “Tag the sponsor” where most of these girls were exposed, that’s where I found out about all this. There a number of your favourite celebs and instagram baddies that were exposed on there as well. But because it was an American website it didn’t do the rounds on social media around South Africa. The page has since been closed, people fought to get the page closed.

    But yeah this is the reality of what people do, most of these girls living their best lives on social media are empty souls with a lot of meterialistic riches. Be happy with what you have and if you wanna change it, work hard and earn an honest living.

    Sorry if there are in typos in advance, not gonna proof read.

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