Missteps of a Young Wife


It was as if my ears were ringing, I could see Mavis was talking but the was just a loud ringing sound in my ears covering everything she was saying, all li heard was Lizeka had been at my house, that crazy killing bitch had set her dirty feet at my house? Who did she think she was coming to my house? Yes I admit if it wasn’t for her I probably would still be stuck in that hell hole of a mental institution and yes I did dump her in the middle of Joburg when she needed my help in getting her husband back but this is the Johannesburg jungle it was each man for himself, eat or get eaten situation.

“Ma ka-Dineo uright?” Mavis asked tapping me on my shoulder snapping me out of my thoughts, “I’m fine Mavis, can I borrow your phone please I need to call my husband.” She did and I called Mthobisi who said he was in too much pains and the nurses kept giving him little medication. I told him to scream his lungs out nurses hate noise especially at night they will end up giving him enough medication to knock him out for two days, he said he didn’t want something that would knock him out just something to ease the pain. We spoke for a couple of minutes, he asked about his daughter and Mavis, I told him all was well in the house, I didn’t mention anything about Lizeka, it was enough that my husband was in hospital I didn’t want him worrying about some psycho woman stalking his wife, I got myself into that I was going to handle the situation I didn’t want my husband thinking after all the work he did to save our daughter she was in any form of danger because if my husband believe that even for a second he was going to leave the hospital regardless of what the doctors say. After the call I told Mavis to take my baby to bed, I was exhausted and just wanted to get some shut eye. I went to bed and threw myself on top of the bed and passed out.

The following morning I was woken up by Mavis saying Mthobisi is on the phone, I wondered what could be wrong so early in the morning. “Honey is everything okay?” that was the first question I asked when I spoke to him on the phone. “All is well Honey, when are you getting your own phone? “Ahhh Mthobisi you woke me up to ask about a phone, come on man, a we talk about this when I wake up.” I said feeling very annoyed with my husband. “Honey, I just want to talk, I’m not calling to fight I promise.” I calmed myself down after all the man was in hospital fighting for his life. “Okay, what’s wrong then?” I said trying to get him to talk quickly so I could quickly go back to sleep. He told me that he appreciates all the support I’ve given him and thinks that I should spend some time with our daughter and not worry about visiting him, I told him I could do both and he said I was exhausting myself and besides he needs me to go and see Mali because it sounded like he was in serious trouble, my brother could wait, he was probably calling to borrow money, trust family to call you only when they need something from you, the rest of the times it’s like you don’t exist. I agreed with Mthobisi only because I wanted to get back to sleep. I had such a horrible nightmare after that call, in the dream Lizeka had killed Mavis and Dineo and when I was walking in he was finishing of my husband I was crying, begging and pleading with her to let him go but she said it was payment for ditching her after promising to help her, I continued an as she put the knife in Mthobisi’ s heart I woke up. I woke up sweating and crying, what a horrific dream I had just had, I check my watch next to my bed time was 12:15, Jesus did I really sleep that much, I thought. I woke up took a shower and the house was spotless, I went to the kitchen and quickly grabbed some bread and peanut butter, ate a sandwhich when Mavis came to the bedroom she was complaining about the bed crumbs that I had left all over the kitchen counter, that woman was a neat freak, I cleaned them out, she said she had made breakfast for us but because it was ow lunch time she had thrown it out, note to self speak to Mavis about wasting food.

I saw my baby for a few minutes then I went to find my passport in our bedroom so I could go and do a sim-swop at least I knew where the passport was. I left the house and went straight to the mall and bought myself an iPhone 7 hey my husband was nagging me about it and since I wasn’t paying for it, why not go for the best. I got the phone and fortunately I could still remember my iCloud login details so I quickly switched the phone on and my contacts populated and my messages. I found Mali’s numbers and I called him and I asked where he was to which he told me he was at home, I told him I was coming over.” I hadn’t been to Mali’s house in some time but my brother had a gorgeous place, not too big very neat and very white. He had white couches, white tv stand, white fridge, white cushion, everything in the house was white. Just by sitting down in that house you felt like you were making the house dirty. “Hey little sis, where’s Mthobisi?” He asked looking behind me. “Don’t freak out but he’s in hospital, he’s just had an operation, he’s fine, I haven’t really told anyone in the family, I didn’t want to worry anyone.” He sat me down then said now he feels bad about what he’s about to ask me. “How much do you need?” I said ready to hear a ridiculous amount. He shook his head confused “No little sis, I don’t need money, I need your help but my wife can’t know about this” I wondered if he wanted to maybe do a surprise party for her, now I was curious. “It’s your turn not to freak out now. I have a daughter whose thirteen, I only found out about her two years ago..” I was shocked I won’t lie, I tried not to freak out since he had asked me not to. “Who is the mother?” he told me it was some girl he had a one night stand with at some party he hardly even remembers the night because we were teenagers and he had been drunk. “Does Sue know?” he shook his head and said if his wife found out about it she would definitely leave him, my brother’s wife was not a big fan of kids and if it were up to her she would never ever have kids. Mali on the other hand adored kids, I didn’t understand why they had not discussed the baby issue before marriage. “How sure are you that this is your child? You know these women will give you another man’s child and ruin your marriage in the process.” I said feeling really bad for my brother I could not even begin to imagine what he was going through. He took out his phone and showed me the picture of the child, she looked exactly like him. “Oh Gosh Mali, this is your child” he nodded and said “She stays with her mother in Eastern Cape but last week the mom called me to tell me that most schools in the Eastern cape are closing down so my daughter is supposed to be starting high school but there are no high schools around her area, it would take her a walk of 80 kilometres to get to the nearest school and there are no buses or taxis that go to that school, things in the rural areas are really bad Lesedi.” I nodded agreeing with him, I had heard in the news about schools closing down in the Eastern Cape in the news. “How long are you planning on keeping this human a secret from your wife?” I asked wondering if he called me there to help him speak to his wife and revealing the secret. “I don’t know I haven’t thought that far. Sue and I are really happy and I want to keep it that way” Mali said, “Mali there is a human being out there a grown ass one who is your child and you are concerned about your happiness what about hers? Can you for one minute stop being selfish and think about that child for a second.

So basically she has no school, you have to bring her to Joburg, you can’t let a child not go to school because you and your wife are “happy” and you don’t want to screw that up.” I said fuming. “Lesedi can you stop lecturing? I called you here for that, yes I want to bring her to Joburg but she can’t stay here, not yet, I need your help little sis please” I knew where this was going and I didn’t like it at all. “No, no, no, I can’t keep your child, Mali I have my own problems do deal with, I have a small baby to take care of the last thing I need in my life is a teenager.” I said not about to allow more responsibilities in my lives. “Lesedi you are my only hope, Naledi can’t help her kids are older and she has to drive them to different schools, I really need your help here please you are my last hope, I can’t even ask my dad you know Victor he will want to call a meeting with Sue’s family and tell them about this and I need to prepare for this, please, please Lesedi.” I told him I needed to speak to Mthobisi first and he said he had already spoken to Mthobisi and Mthobisi said he was okay with it he just needed to speak to me, men will always have each other’s backs, I was obviously left in a very tight situation, I was going to get back to him and say Mthobisi didn’t agree but now that they have spoken I could not really say no. “Tell me everything I need to know about her.” I said knowing I had already lost this battle. “She’s an amazing child, she’s 13 turning 14 soon, she is friendly, honest comes from a very good home and is very disciplined and has respect.” I nodded and told him she sounds like a great child and I wouldn’t mind her staying with us but only for a few months, I gave him three months max to get his act together and then get his kid back, he promised to pay for her school fees, books, stationary and all her basic needs, I was happy with that because I was not about to inherit a child and also incur financial costs.   “There’s just one small light problem, she’s already on her way from Eastern Cape Traveling by bus and she arrives tonight.” Mali said looking nervous. “What? I’m sorry but I need more time, you will just need to keep her here for a few days, come up with a story to tell Sue” I said feeling shocked

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  1. Men have an innate talent for causing drama where there shouldnt be none ….Thandie’s mom is Lizeka uyawuthi nditshilo.

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