Missteps of a Young Wife


My friends were serious, I hate my mother in law with every fibre in my being but deep down I had always wished that she would change her feelings towards me and accept me as her daughter just lime my parents took my husband as their son but that was wishful thinking. If I was standing on the side of the road and there was a truck moving at hundred and twenty kilometres and Mthobisi’s mother was standing next to me, she would with no doubt in my mind and heart push me right in front of that truck that was the kind of person that she was.

I was not like that, well that’s debatable but I would like to believe that I’m a good, kind, loving person and killing my mother in law would go against all those good things I believed about myself, besides she was connected in the underworld, friends with the devil and everything so how do you kill someone like that without the whole fleet of demons coming after you, hell she was the devil herself. I had lost myself in my thoughts and had not realized that the girls were staring at me, “What?” I said wondering if I had some spinach stuck in my teeth. “Are you going to give us an answer or not?” She Rocks said looking at me with enquiring eyes, I had missed the question but didn’t want them thinking I was day-dreaming while they were trying to come up with solutions. “You didn’t hear the question, did you?” Cleo asked rolling her eyes, I smiled and lied and said I did, they both looked at me with their shoulders shrugged and at the same time said “and?” I laughed and said “and what?” Cleo getting irritated said “Should we get rid of her or not?” I smiled and said “Let me think about it, in the meantime come up with ideas of how to do it and how to get rid of the body. Do not use your phones or your laptops or any of your personal gadgets to research ways to kill a person or ways to get rid of the body” I said jokingly and we all laughed. “Someone’s been watching too much Crime Investigation channel. Don’t worry your pretty head Lee South Africa is ten years behind when it comes to such technologies” Cleo blurted “We better pray they do not catch up, can you imagine how many skeletons would pop up out of Lee’s family, she and Mthobisi combined are worse than an army” we all laughed. The girls said it was time for them to leave I decided to stay behind, my husband needed me, I was even contemplating sleeping in hospital.

When I got back to Mthobisi’s room he was up. I asked how he was feeling and he said he felt like death, he didn’t know the operation was going to be so draining. We sat and chatted, he asked for his phone and asked me to go get him some water, when I looked on the table next to his bed the water that he had previously asked me to go and get for him was still there bottle not even touched it was still sealed. I shook my head and walked out, something at the back of my mind told me to stand around and listen to his conversation, curiosity was killing me. His bed had a curtain opened all around it so I stood outside the curtain and listened, I could hear the phone dialing and I stood there wondering what the big secret was, after a few minutes I heard someone shout my name “Lesedi” I almost jumped out of my skin with shock, it was Mthobisi I kept my mouth shut, he shouted again loud and again I was still “dammit woman I can see your legs under the curtain” shit I was caught red-handed, I sheepishly smiled and opened the curtain and said “oh sorry baby, I dropped one of my earrings, I was just concentrating on finding it, I didn’t hear your call my name” he tilted his head and looked at me then said “which one cause they both on your ears” my lying skills had failed me dismally, they just turned from a hundred to a zero without any notice to me. I laughed nervously, I hate being caught in a lie and finding myself unable to defend myself. “I’m so silly, I heard something drop and I automatically thought it was one of my earrings” I said feeling both my ears to double check my stupidity, and if I could I would have kicked myself for not removing one of the earrings on my ears, such an amateur mistake. Mthobisi looked at me as if waiting for me to say something, and I looked back at him feeling very silly. “The water?” he asked “ohh that, okay let me go and fetch you some” I said feeling annoyed because now he knew I was standing there to listen to his conversation and he’s still not letting me listen even though he knew what I wanted, such an ass. I went to the canteen to go and get him tap water, I was too annoyed to buy him bottled water, he didn’t deserve it. I took one of those paper cups and asked one of the ladies who worked there to get me tap water they told me there were water stands all around and I could fill my cup from there, I told them I needed specifically tap water I couldn’t explain why but people are always so curious, wanting to know why, I lied and said my husband just had an operation and specifically asked for tap water, they felt sorry for me and got me my damn water. I went back to my husband’s room if he wasn’t sleeping in a hospital bed and had not just had an operation I would have thrown hi with that glass of water, but I decide to be a sweet respectful wife and place the plastic glass next to his bed. He was done on the phone, he looked pleased with himself. “I got a call from your brother when you were gone” I rolled my eyes wanting to ask if he meant when he chased me away, but I asked what Mali wanted and he said he my step brother who is Victor’s son said there was something he needed to speak to the both of us about. I asked if it was something serious, with my bad luck I didn’t want to take any chances, before Mthobisi could even answer I had grabbed his phone and was getting ready to dial, I dialed the last number assuming it was my stepbrother’s number. “What are you doing?” Mthobisi asked the phone was in my ear and the other number was ringing. “I’m calling my brother back” I said. “MT? Why you calling back so soon, give me a chance to work my magic” a woman said as soon as she answered my phone. Mthobis was trying to get my attention. “Whose she?” I said removing the phone off my ear holding it with my left hand and pointing at it with my right hand. “My lawyer’s secretary.” He said calm as a cucumber, I put the phone back in my ear and said “It’s his wife” there was silence for a few seconds “ohhhh uhmmm I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. Can I help you with something?” I wanted to say stop calling my husband but I decided to play it cool and old her I pocket dialed her number by mistake and hung up. I gave Mthobisi his phone back and told him to show me my brother’s number which he did and I called him back, I was really starting to worry about what was going on with my brother, he hardly ever called and when he did there was always something wrong. The phone rang with no answer until it reached voicemail, I wasn’t giving up I called again and this time he picked up, he sounded like he had been running. “Mali, what’s wrong? Mthobisi called saying you want to speak to us both” I heard a bit of hesitation and that’s when I started getting nervous. “Can you talk?” I asked feeling like I had caught him at the wrong time. “Hey little sis, I’m good thanks for checking up on me. Ohhh you want to catch up, yes definitely I can come and give you some advice, okay little sis, take care, bye” the next thing I heard was the phone being dropped in my ear, I swear Mali was an idiot, he had just had a conversation with himself while I was on the phone with him, he didn’t bother answering any of my questions. “Okay, that was weird.” I said looking at the phone. “What happened?” Mthobisi asked I told him about my brother’s weird ramblings and answering things that I didn’t say then hanging up. “He was probably with his wife and I get the feeling that whatever he wants to speak to us about he doesn’t want her to know” he said confidently “Rubbish, my brother doesn’t keep any secrets from his wife” Mthobisi laughed so loud, I looked at him and asked what he knew that I didn’t, he just shook his head and said nothing he said I knew as much as he did. It was getting late and Mthobisi told me I should go home and I should also buy myself a phone so he could be able to reach me, he gave me his card. I left him with his phone, I was sad to be leaving my husband in hospital but I was happy that at home I was not going to be alone, my daughter was going to be at home waiting for her, I couldn’t wait to put her against my chest. I didn’t feel like going to the mall, I just wanted to go to my daughter malls were always busy and I didn’t have energy for it so I drove straight home.

When I got home Mavis had cooked dinner, he house was clean the baby had already had a bath, everything was handled, this woman knew her story, I gave her a huge because I was exhausted and I would not have been able to do anything all I wanted was a nice long warm bath. I wanted to hold Dineo but she said I should take a shower first because I had spent my entire day in hospital so I probably had germs all over me, that made sense especially when I had not agreed to letting my daughter go to the hospital because I was worried about the germs. I quickly went upstairs and took a shower then came downstairs in a gown and started playing with her she was such a happy child and I was tickling her then Mavis said something that got me a bit shaken. “There was a lady here earlier who came with security looking for you.” Mavis said to me, I was still focusing on my baby when I asked “Did she give you her name?” I assumed it must have been Cleo or She Rocks. “She said her name was Lizeka, she left her numbers, she said can you call her urgently”

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  1. 😂😂😂 Wow what a pure genius!! Ofcourse he could see your feet silly.
    This episode made my day…but I’m wondering who Lizeka really is, I mean she killed her own aunt after all…

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