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MOAYW 306 Bonus

Our original doctor who was now the group leader of these doctors was the first one to speak, “We came to different conclusions and we will afford you the opportunity to choose between the two conclusions and just remember whatever decision you go with today you will have to live with it for the rest of your life” he said looking at Mthobisi, at this point I was shaking so hard I wasn’t sure if my knees were going to be able to carry me any longer, I held on the bed to try and balance myself. “Okay out with it.” I said losing my patience with these doctors.
The doctor who whom I had previously thought looked familiar said “so you know about the first option of amputating Mthobisi’s legs but three of us have found that we can go a different route and not have his legs amputated, it’s risky but I think it’s worth the try” I wanted to hug this man for being so positive, he was the first doctor to give us hope. “Tell us what needs to be done and we will do it” She Rocks said. “We will have to get him to surgery as soon as possible to remove the infected parts and I believe that way we could save the rest of his legs, the infection has not spread too far but with all that said there are chances that with this operation there could be some bacteria that has already spread to other parts of the body undetected, I need you all to understand that this will be highly risky and if we miss anything or anything goes undetected it could mean possible death.” The group leader doctor took over and said “On the other hand having his legs amputated will not have so many complications, it will be a quicker operation and I have already spoken to my other colleagues who specialise in prosthetics and would be very helpful in your transition” I thanked all the doctors for their hard work and dedication and told them we will go with the new option, Mthobisi agreed with me and I asked Mthobisi if he was prepared to have an operation today and he said if it was going to decrease the pain he was in then he was up for it.

We were given consent forms that stated that if anything happened to Mthobisi we could not sue the doctor’s or the hospital and he is doing this operation fully aware of the implications, Mthobisi signed it and as the doctors were leaving She Rocks asked the one that I had kept saying looks familiar if they had meet before and he said he wasn’t sure because he meets a lot of people in his line of work, which actually made a lot of sense. The nurses came to get Mthobisi for his surgery everything was happening so fast. I kissed him and told him how much I loved him and told him I would be waiting for him when he comes out of his operation. I wanted to be with my child but my husband needed me I had to be there for him and I couldn’t risk bringing her to hospital with all the germs around and risk her getting sick.
The girls and I decided to go and grab some food to eat, I had not eaten all day and it was already afternoon and we had been told the operation would take a couple of hours. Luckily the rain had stopped so we went to a small restaurant, everything in the menu looked good but I had no appetite, so ordered a burger and chips while Cleo ordered a huge ass steak and She Rocks ordered ribs, the girls were really hungry, but when the food came all we all ate was a few chips, the stress was killing us slowly, I could see they were trying to be strong for me but they were as scared as I was. I was drained and exhausted and just wanted to go home with my husband so we could be with our daughter and just have a happy normal life with no stress. Cleo suggested we get some wine to calm our nerves, I hadn’t had alcohol in months and I was afraid of what it might do to me, so I said I would pass but they were more than welcomed to have some, they had one bottle amongst themselves but the wine was not helping them with anything. After two hours, we decided to go back to the hospital, I was just praying that all went well with my husband’s operation. When we arrived at the hospital we went straight to his room, he was still not back. We sat on his bed and I asked She Rocks about her job, she said it was amazing, she loved it but it was so lonely, Cleo said she should find a man. I rolled my eyes and told Cleo that a man is not an answer to every woman’s problem. Cleo said “but a man can help with a lot of downstairs problem and I get the feeling that sister girl here is suffering from salt” we all laughed and She Rock looked at Cleo and said “there are toys for that problem silly” this time we all burst out laughing She Rocks continued “only problem is after the toy has serviced you, it doesn’t cuddle with you and keep you warm at night.” I laughed and said “There are blow up dolls you can cuddle with” it was all laughter in the room. “I have missed you ladies so much with all your crazy talks, I am so happy to be back.” Mthobisi’s phone rang, it was his mother, this woman was a thorn in my ass. “What do you want?” I asked annoyed that she still had the nerve to call, I knew at some point I was going to have to forgive her but that was not going to be now I was not ready, I was still too hurt and I wished to God she would understand that and leave us alone.

“I’m looking for you actually, the police are here looking for you. You didn’t tell me you escaped from the mental institution. Where are you so I can send them your way.” She said in a smug voice, how I wished I was close by so I could straggle her and not let go until she took her last breath. “Listen here you miserable woman….” Before I could finish the sentence Mthobisi was driven in still in the bed by the hospital porters, I dropped the phone and rushed to his side. “How’s he doing? How did the operation go?” I asked anxiously they told me the doctor was on his way to explain and they transferred my husband to his bed and they left with their bed. He was still unconscious, I guess the medication they gave him before the operation knocked him out. A few minutes later the doctor that we had thought looked familiar came he was on his own he explained that operation went well and they just needed to monitor him for the next few days to make sure that there were no complications, we were all so relieved our prayers had been answered. I thanked the doctor and he left as soon as he left She Rocks said it bothered her that she couldn’t remember where she knew the doctor from. We were all so happy that everything went well with my husband’s operation. We decided to go sit at the hospital canteen so he could rest without us making noise.
“Can you believe Mthobisi’s mother just called to tell me that the police are looking for me because I had escaped the mental place.” I said very annoyed with my mother in law I did not understand that woman, she was a mystery to me, each time I thought I had figured her out she would just go out of her way to do something completely out. “I would not be surprised if she’s the one that called the police and told them you were at her house, that woman is petty, she’s probably very upset about the fact that you took her helper.” Cleo said and she was right that was absolutely something that my mother in law would do but I had no time to worry about her, my husband was my first priority, she was going to make a plan on what she does with her cops, at that moment I could not give a rats ass. “I think you should open a case against her, get a restraining order and tell the police how she kidnapped you, drugged you and probably bribed that place you were in to keep you there and feed you drugs that mess up your brains.” She Rocks said, I told her I had no proof of any of that and if I told that to any person they would think I am definitely crazy and the police would probably send me back to the crazy people’s place. “Yep police will not help with anything, they are useless as far as I’m concerned, remember how they tortured you Lee after we arrived at the airport from Cape Town? I get shivers just thinking about that, they will definitely not help you.”
Mthobisi’s mom had a way of just complicating my life, I knew it was just a matter of time before she sent those police to my house and I could lose everything again, I could go back to that hell, I needed to act and act fast before this woman ruined my life again.
“I have a plan” She Rocks whispered, both Cleo and I asked her why she was whispering and she looked at Cleo then me and said “Let’s get rid of that bitch, let’s kill her.” I was never ready for this and one thing I knew from past experiences once it comes out of one person’s mouth it was going to happen… to be honest I don’t know how I felt about killing my mother in law.

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