Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW 303 Bonus

The following morning I woke up feeling very tired because I had only slept for about two hours I was tossing and turning stressing about my husband’s condition, Dineo didn’t make things easier too she kept waking up and crying it was as if she could sense that I was stressing about something. I was the first one to get up and made formula for Dineo because I did not want to breastfeed, I was worried about the medication I had been given at that mental institution and didn’t want it affecting my baby in anyway.
I woke Mavis up, I could tell that she loved sleeping but there was not time for sleeping and now that I was a free woman and could do as I pleased I appreciated freedom and was not going to waste my life away by sleeping when I could be out there living, but living was going to have to wait because right now I needed to be there for my husband. I told her I needed her to look after Dineo while I go to the hospital, the way I was so paranoid I didn’t know if I should leave Mavis in the house with Dineo or take them to the hospital with me, I was so conflicted. I decided to trust Mavis I had all her details and what would she want to do with my child when she had seven of her own to take care off. I waited for her to bath then have breakfast, I wanted her to give my daughter her full attention and not leave her alone while she goes to bath or while making breakfast, I know I was a paranoid mom but after the hell I had been through I had no choice but to always be cautious. Before I left the house I gave my daughter hundreds of kisses telling her how much I loved her and how I would be back soon for her and how we were going to play and spend time together when I got back, you would have sworn I was talking to an adult.
I drove to the hospital praying to God for a miracle, He didn’t bring me back to suffer that was one thing I had was hopeful and really believing in it that I was back to be happy, if I was meant to suffer I would have stayed in that place or even died in the fire with some of the patience but because God had bigger plans for me, he brought me back, he showed me the way, he lead me out of hell and brought me to the land of the living, I was alive and healthy and so was my daughter and my husband was soon going to walk out of that hospital and we were all going to live happily ever after, I had to keep telling myself that and keep believing that all was going to be well.
I arrived in hospital and I was told that Mthobisi’s doctor would be coming in at 10:00, I got there at 07:40, you can just imagine what time I got up, I was in for a long wait. I was also too early for visiting hours so I bribed one of the nurses to let me in, I really needed to see my husband. When I arrived in his room he was up and very happy to see me, I told him to move up in his hospital bed and got inside the bed and slept in his bed, I tried not to touch his wounds I knew how much pain that would bring, he said the doctor’s had not told him anything but he was already feeling better and ready to go home, I told him we will only go home when a doctor approves him to go home, this time we were going to do things by the books and no leaving he hospital before he was good and proper, we cuddled in the hospital bed and I fell asleep in his arms, I really needed some sleep and who knew that I would get a good dose of sleep in a hospital bed, Mthobisi was also fast asleep, I realised this when the nurse that I had paid to go and see my husband came in our room to wake us up, I was the first one to get up then I woke Mthobisi up who was even snoring. The nurse told me that the doctor had arrived, I thanked her and got out of bed. She smiled and asked if we were newly-weds I shook my head and told her we had been married for some time now, she smiled and said our love was still on fire, and we were her couple goals, whatever that meant but if only she knew how much storms we had been through she would really not wish to be us, sometimes I wished I was not me.
I went to the bathroom to fix my face, Mthobisi laughed at me when I came out and asked if I was trying to impress the doctor by fixing myself up, I rolled my eyes and walked towards his bed to plant a kiss on his lips, he asked why the doctor was not coming to his room to discuss with his what was wrong and I told him they just want me to sign some indemnity forms in case something happens to him while he’s in hospital , like him falling then the hospital won’t be liable, he believed that story and said all these institutions try to cover their asses all the times. As I was working out leave the room he said “Honey don’t forget to mention to the doctor how good I’m feeling, tell him I’m ready to go home to my beautiful wife and daughter” I smiled and said I would.
After leaving Mthobisi’s room I needed to speak to a friendly voice, I needed some motivation, I still had my husband’s phone so I decided to call my mother, I had wanted to call her sooner but with so much that was going on I had not had a chance to notify my family that I was back, she answered after a few rings, she was so happy to hear my voice, she said Mthobisi’s’ mom had told her that Mthobisi and I had gone on a couples retreat to work on our marriage, she said Mthobisi’s mom kept promising so send her the contact details of the retreat we were in. I smiled and said “Yes we were and the retreat did a great job, we are now so happy and in love mom” I was lying but I didn’t feel like explaining to my mother what an evil witch my mother in law was and how given an opportunity I would break every bone in her body and then feed her to the pigs, not even lions because lions had more class than she did, she belonged to pigs, that was her class and level. “Baby girl, you don’t sound okay, talk to me” I smiled and told her that I was tired because we had just come back from the retreat and it was in the bush somewhere in the Mpumalanga and it was a long drive back. My mom told me how much she misses Dineo and I told her I was going to bring her over on the weekend. I know I should have told her what was going on but I didn’t want to stress my mother, this was my problem and I was going to deal with it in my own way but talking to my mother had made me feel a little stronger, I was now ready to face the doctor.
I got in the doctor’s office and he put Mthobisi’s file on the table and said, “I gave your husband’s test to my colleague to get second opinion and we both came to the same conclusion, we need to amputate your husband’s leg, the infection is already starting to spread if we wait any longer, we could lose more than just one leg, we have to do the operation today.” My heart almost popped out of my mouth.

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  1. Now legs get amputated.
    This ride or die ish is not for me. No matter how much I love the person so much drama would have killed me by now.
    Thanks again Mighty Zama always a thrill to read your book.

  2. a one legged Mthobisi ,NO Guys this will kill him nje. Mthobisi uyistarring ,have you ever seen u VAN damme oyi emputee no Chuck Norris ke ai no please ****crying***

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