Missteps of a Young Wife


Where the hell could they be, I looked all over the parking area and nothing, they were nowhere to be found, I didn’t have a phone so there was no way for me to call Mavis I didn’t even have her numbers. It suddenly dawned on me, what if Mavis had taken my daughter, I didn’t know anything about this woman, we had just taken her, well not even taken we had literally just stole her from my mother in laws house and I left her with my baby, I was so angry with myself I wanted to punch myself in the face, how could I be so stupid and irresponsible?
With Mthobisi being in so much pain I could not think straight he was my only concern at the time, besides I trusted that woman, I thought she could be trusted. I looked everywhere for them, I even looked under the car, I went to the security at the boom gates and asked if they had seeing a woman and a baby walking out of there and the stupid security man asked me if I knew how many people went past that gate in a day, did I expect him to make know everyone that goes in and out. I was not in the mood for this security’s drama, I decided to walk back to the car and gather my thoughts, I didn’t know if I should go back and tell Mtohbisi what had transpired but the man was all drugged up he was not going to be able to hear or help me, I needed my strong husband back to help me with this. I sat in the car thinking of what to do next, I had just got my daughter back and now I had lost her again, I was a bad mother, maybe this was God showing me that I didn’t deserve to have a child in my life. A phone vibrated and when I looked it was Mthobisi’s phone vibrating, it must have fallen on the floor when we went inside the hospital. I picked up the phone from the floor and scrolled through his phone book, I found his mother’s numbers and without thinking I dialled her number and she picked up after the second ring. “Son, I knew you were going to come to your senses and apologize for what that crazy woman did to me.” This woman was really insane, she was blaming me for her own shit. “Florence, it’s Lesedi, Mthobisi is in hospital and Mavis kidnapped Dineo, I need Mavi’s numbers” I called her by her first name there was no time for respect, besides that woman didn’t respect me, if you want respect you have to earn it. “What the hell did you do to my son? You should have stayed in that mental institution with people like you. You’ve only been back for a couple of hours but look at the damage you have already caused, I was right when I said you are a danger to yourself and people around you, you should be ashamed of yourself” as much as I hated hearing what she was saying to me she was hitting right in the heart. “Florence this is not the time to be throwing blame around, I need you to just tell what her bloody numbers are. I am going through hell right now and I don’t need you to be attacking me like this” there was a silent pause and for a second I thought she had hung up the phone. “Heloo?” I said trying to see if the stupid woman was still on the phone all she said was “Go to hell” and then she hung up the phone. This woman was a witch who needed to be burnt in front of the community with people throwing stones at her while she’s burning. I knew calling her back would not serve any purpose.
I decided to drive around looking for them, I knew chances of finding them were very slim but sitting in the car was driving me insane. I drove out and had to go through the boom gate with that stupid security guard. He asked if I had found my mother, I gave him the middle finger because my voice was tired of talking from my mother in law. I paid the parking fee and drove out of the hospital a few meters away I saw a woman carrying a child walking towards the hospital as I got closer to them I realized that this was Mavis, I almost ran them over. I stopped right in front of them and got out of the car and grabbed my child away from Mavis and asked her “Where the hell did you take my child to?” I asked her very angry. She looked at me confused and said they just went for a walk because Dineo was getting reckless with sitting in the car, I honestly misjudged the poor woman, all she was doing was trying to help. There was a car behind us hooting for me to move my car because I had just parked my car in the middle of the road, I gave Dineo to Mavis and told her to get in the car and she came in and I drove to the house, all the way home Mavis apologized for stressing me. Mthobisi’s mom called in Mthobisi’s phone and I ignored the call. She called Mavis immediately after and I told her to also ignore the call, I was sick of that woman and I wished to God that she was not related to me.
When we got to the house, I looked for the forms that the agent had given me for the nanny to fill in when I was interviewing for a nanny to look after my child, I gave it to Mavis and I asked her to fill in all her details including 3 references and I didn’t want her to add Mthobisi’s mom as one of the references, she filled in the form and gave me her id I took it to Mthobisi’s study to make copies, I wanted to be on the safe side, I needed to be safe than sorry, I needed to know where she was from and if I could I was going to finger print her to check if she had any criminal record, but I decided to go easy on the paranoia. After I was done with all the paperwork I showed Mavis around the house, then I gave Dineo a bath while she prepared dinner, the only reason I let her make dinner was because Mthobisi was not there, ladies never let another woman prepare food for your husband especially when you are around and are just feeling lazy, I was not threatened or anything like that by Mavis she was old enough to be my mother but for all I knew she could have a daughter whose the same age as me that she wishes could find a man like mine and that is where witchcraft starts when you start wishing for other people’s life and people start using love potions and all other crazy things to try and steal your life and happiness. Dineo loved her bath, she didn’t want to get out she cried when I got her out of the bath, she was a little bit of a cry baby though. She fell asleep while I was dressing her which made things easier for me because she stopped moving around and I put her to bed and she looked so peaceful, my heart was filled with joy for being able to put my daughter to bed, I had missed the small moments like putting her to sleep and giving her a bath, the only person missing now from my perfect family picture was my husband. I left Dineo in her room and went to go join Mavis in the kitchen, I decided this was a perfect time to get to know her. She had seven grandchildren and was staying with all of them, I asked if they were from one mother and she said she had two daughter’s and one son but they were all gone now, they all passed away and left her with the seven grandchildren. She said she struggled to make ends meet until she meet Mthobisi’s mother whom she thought was a very nice person until she saw what she did to me.

I asked her what she meant by that, she told me how after Mthobisi went missing Mavis and my mother in law came to my house and they knocked at my door for a long time and I wouldn’t open but they could see me through the window. She said Mthobisi’s mom called some guys to come and break the door, and they found me just sitting in the couch starring in the air and she told Mthobisi’s mom to call an ambulance for me and get me to hospital because they didn’t know how long I had been sitting there for and I could be dehydrated and she said Mthobisi’s mom went outside and made a call but she didn’t know that she was calling a mental institution she only realised that when guys dressed in white came instead of paramedics. She told me that when we went to the house she gave me those papers on purpose she wanted me to know that my mother in law was the one who took me to that place. She said when Mthobisi came back and was calling his mom to find out where I was Florence told him that my mom had taken me to a retreat to calm me down from the stress of not knowing here my husband and child were missing. I could not believe the lengths my mother in law was willing to go through to keep me away from her son, we were married for crying out loud it’s not like I was some chick that was passing by, I honestly did not know when she was going to get over her issues and realise that I was not going anywhere. Mavis and I ate, her food was really terrible but because I was hungry I ate and finished my whole plate, hunger will humble you. I showed Mavis Priscilla’s old room and told her to use it, I of course didn’t tell her that the previous person who used to stay in that room had been murdered in the very same house we were in, it was too much information to give out on the first day at the job. Before going to bed I went to pop in on my daughter’s room and she was fast asleep, I picked her up and took her to my room, there was no way I was going to let her sleep alone after I had almost lost her again, this child meant everything to me. That night I could not sleep I was glad to have my daughter with me but at the same time I was worried sick about my husband.

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