Missteps of a Young Wife


To people who were walking pass the house it must have sounded like a sheeben, I didn’t care, besides it was not my house if anyone was going to be judged for being ratchet it was going to be my mother in law, it was her house after all. I was screaming at Mthobisi’s mother for what she did and she was screaming at her helper for bringing me the documents, her screaming at the poor woman just blew my mind, she wasn’t even apologizing to me, I don’t even think the woman saw anything wrong in what she did. “How do you sleep at night? You don’t deserve to be called a mother, what kind of a mother does that to her own son’s wife?” I said shouting at my mother in law, my words were falling on deaf ears, she was shouting at her helper “How dare you bring those documents? They had nothing to do with you, I should have known hiring a helper who is studying at night school is a huge mistake, reading every single thing, even things that don’t involve them.

Your job here is to look after the baby and clean the house, you have no business reading my documents.” I swear no one was listening to anyone, the only person who did not say a word was my husband, he took our daughter and went out of the room we were sitting in and left the three of us having our screaming match. The best part about the helper, she was not taking Mthobisi’s mom shit laying down she was firing back. “You told me education is important now you are insulting me for being educated. What do you want from me? Do you want me to be illiterate? How was I to know that those documents were yours when they had Lesedi’s name on them, you should have told me.” Mthobisi walked back in the room with our daughter and a bag and said “Honey, let’s go.” The room went silent for a few seconds, he caught me off guard with his statement of leaving I still wanted to scream some more at his mother. “Where are you taking my granddaughter?” Mthobisi’ s mom asked him and he never even bothered replying he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door. I had no choice but to follow. “Take me with you, your mother will kill me if you leave me with her” the nanny said in a pleading voice looking at both of us. Mthobisi and I both looked at each other and I nodded he shrugged his shoulders and told her to pack her bags she has five minutes to get ready, I don’t think I have ever seen a person that excited to leave a place like that woman she ran out of the room leaving us to face her evil master. “You taking everything from me now, even my helper.” My mother in law said staring at me with fire in her eyes, that woman had a tendency of blaming me for everything that goes wrong in her life, this time I was not going to feel bad or intimidated by her, I had lost the small ounce of respect that I still had left for her, I stared back at her with a huge smile on my face, she deserved to be alone and miserable. Within five minutes the nanny was back carrying a small suitcase and she said she was ready to go.

As we were walking out my mother in law noticed that Mthobisi was limping she asked what happened to him walking towards us to check on him and he closed the door on her face, I wanted to play that picture of him closing the door to his mother over and over again in my head, it made my heart dance a little bit. We walked to the car and I had to drive, Mthobisi’ s pains were getting worse so he asked the nanny to hold our daughter whom for some reason after we left the house started crying I guess she was now used to her grandmother, well that was about to change I was going to do everything in my powers to make sure that evil woman never sees my daughter again, yes I was going to be petty and deprive her of a relationship with her grandchild but that woman didn’t deserve a relationship with my daughter, she hated me and at some point I believed that she was going to turn my own child against me. Her nanny managed to calm Dineo down, she was really good with her, Mthobisi on the other hand was in so much pains it broke my heart. “Did you bring any of those painkillers with you” Mthobisi asked me and I shook my head and told him we could stop at a pharmacy and get him some, the nanny butted in and said “I’m sorry to just jump in but you need to go to the hospital.” I turned and gave her a dirty look, for my own selfish reasons I didn’t want Mthobisi to go to the hospital, I had just got my man back and I didn’t want to be apart from him, I knew taking him to the hospital could mean him being admitted and I didn’t want to be without him not even for one night, I had been without him for so long and this woman bringing up hospital was really unnecessary. “I’m sorry but I didn’t get your name” I said trying to maintain my cool, she said her name was Mavis. I wanted to say Mavis stay out of this but my mama brought up to respect my elders so I kept my mouth shut and instead went to Benoni since it was on our way back and stopped at Rynfield shopping centre, I found a pharmacy and left everyone in the car and ran inside the pharmacy, the way I was so stressed I skipped the line and told the people who were in the line that I had an emergency, it was three white people in the line and they said it was okay.

I ran to the counter and told the person behind the counter that my husband was in the car and he was in terrible pains he had burnt wounds and she asked if he’s been to the doctor I said yes but we forgot his pain killers at home in Midrand and that was too far I needed some strong painkillers, luckily it was for one of those sympathetic young white ladies, she rushed and told me to give him two of the painkillers and they will numb the pain and will also make him drowsy. I thanked her and she told me to go to another counter to pay, I rushed there and luckily there was no one in that line, I grabbed a bottle of water and paid.
When I got back to the car Mthobisi was worse, I handed him two painkillers and the water, he drank them without asking ant questions, after he drank them I decided that we should wait in the parking lot and wait for the pills to kick-in, we waited and waited but he was not getting any better so I decided to double the dosage, I gave him another two, Mavis kept mumbling under her breath that we should take Mthobisi to the hospital, I tried very hard to ignore her, I was praying on the inside that the pills would make him feel better. He said I should start driving and that he feels a little better, I started driving and on the way home he said “Honey, please let’s just go to the hospital, this pain is unbearable” tears started filling my eyes I felt like if he goes to a hospital I might never see him again, I swear that mental place messed up my head, now I couldn’t trust any hospitals “I’m not going to die, I’m okay I just need strong medication that pharmacies can’t give me without a prescription”, Mthobisi said when he saw me wiping tears away from my eyes. I nodded and told him I understood I just hated seeing him in so much pain which was also true, I drove to the nearest hospital and we went in and we had to fill forms and a nurse checked him and said his wounds didn’t look good and a doctor would see him shortly. Mavis and Dineo waited in the car I didn’t want my daughter breathing all the gems inside the hospital. A doctor came and said Mthobisi would have to be admitted they needed to determined how bad his wounds were and see if he had an infection, that’s when I started taking this whole thing seriously, no wonder he was in so much pain, he could have some serious infection. They wheeled him in a bed and took him to a hospital room, I followed right behind him, they put him in a drip which I was told had very strong medication in it and I could see because my husband was dosing off. I went with him to his room, he kept asking if I was okay, he was worried about me but he was the one in hospital. I stayed with him until he finally slept properly without waking up. I had to see the doctor to make sure that Mthobisi would be okay, I found him and he said he was going to get second opinion from another doctor but his wounds didn’t look so good and he wishes that Mthobisi could have gone to the hospital sooner, he didn’t want to say anything earlier in front of him and stress him but all the signs were there that he had an infection in his leg, and he was worried about it spreading. I was in disbelief, I had taken this thing so lightly but I guess because my husband has always been so strong, I never really thought his illness could be serious, I mean he had been staying in the house with his pains.

I told the doctor to get second, third and fourth opinion, I told him he needs to do everything in his powers to make sure that my husband gets better. He promised that he would try his best, I had no faith in doctors but I didn’t want to express this and hurt his feelings which could cause him not to work hard in making my husband feel better. I thanked him and as much as I would have loved to have stayed in the hospital with my husband much longer I couldn’t I had a baby to take care of, I hated leaving Mthobisi there, I went back to his room and kissed him on the lips and told him how much I loved him and how I was now going home to take care of our daughter, I promised that I would be back and told him not to give up hope and that he was going to get better and I was going to make sure that he gets better and stays better, he was fast asleep and couldn’t hear a single word. I left and went back to the car, I just wanted to hug my baby and I knew she was going to make me feel a little better.
When I got to the car, I got the shock of my life, Mavis was not there and neither was my daughter, the car was empty. Panic set in, the first thing that went to my head was they have been kidnapped.

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