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  1. May he get well soon, we love and !is him…God is good n we have faith that he will make him well again 🌼❤😘

  2. When life gives you lemons, take a step back, and perhaps another one and breath and when you are good and ready start making your lemonade. Sepedi sere bophelo ga bona motloga pele. Nxanxabe ka mararankodi a ohlakaneng le wona. Re na le wena dithapelong. At no stage feel no pressure to come back even though we might be inquiring everyday. We will be here when you are well and recovered abutiMike.

  3. Hi Sfiso and Mike,
    I will also keep him in my prayers, I suggest he just relax until he is fully recovered.

    In prayer


  4. I hope everything goes well with Mike may good God watches over u and carry all your burdens on u behalf and may he keep u safe. Um so sorry your going threw all this. Stay strong Mike please!
    We love you

  5. Thanks for the update sfiso.
    Well said NtswakiRoro.
    Do take all the time you need bro Mike, yes we miss you and your work but we can bear not getting our daily dose for some time, as long as you promise to fight and fight and fight and NEVER GIVE UP, the Almighty will also be there by your side lifting you up and bear in mind that you not alone will be with you in our prayers.
    Lots of love Mike.

  6. Ahaaaawu kodwa yini & Jackzorro u are 100% right ubuthakathi buzohluleka
    Father in the name of Jesus we come before you today & we surrender Mr Mike Mapotho,heal him oh Lord & restore his health condition.We trust you Lord as your name is above all names & you are the Lord of honour. Father we pray in Jesus name,Amen.

    Thank you for the heads-up Sfiso

  7. I’m leading a protest march to the powers that be. I demand that talented people be exempt from any form of suffering. Imagine when a literary genious has to be comforted. Where do we find his match. Someone who will soothe with the power of speech!

    Get better soon Ta Mike. That’s all my short vocabulary can manage.

  8. Thanks for the update.

    Mike get well soon, it happens to the best of is but don’t loose hope,joy cometh in the morning. Don’t loose hope,we serve a living God,He’s in fact paving your way to greatness. This too shall pass

  9. Oh yes He cares, I know He cares
    His heart is touched with my grief
    When the days are weary, the nights are dreary
    I know my Saviour cares.. .You are Heald in the powerful name of Jesus Christ!

  10. Mike my brother,friend I really never had I have tears in my eyes hope u see this n we love u and u been my spiritual healer through ur great work.Please take all the time u need cause we dont know what is going on in ur life ,speedy recovery.

    Im really broken my bra.Be blessed Sir

  11. Thank you Sfiso for keeping us updated.
    Mike I will continue keeping you in my prayers not just for your talent but for the person you are first. May the good Lord continue protecting you, Amen.

  12. Bhut’Mike all will soon be okay. Just take one step at a time. And you are not alone, our Lord Jesus Christ is with you…with us all the time; meditate with His word. ALL, WILL SOON BE OKAY!

  13. Speedy recovery Mr Maphotho! As we r prayin 4 ur health! May Jehovah Rafah heal u n protect u 4rm d sprit of sickness! Stay strong n take as much needed tym 2 fully recover n b well again! Much marato abuti

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