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Have you ever wondered why rich kids get the best education yet are the ones who end up in rehab for drugs and

alcohol abuse? You would think with all that education they should know better and it’s to blame them as being spoilt but actually that is not the case. Far from it actually. The problem is when you grow up with money and can afford anything; the things that other people work hard for to consider fun at are easily at your disposal. If you a rich guy you can sleep with as many girls as you want anytime anywhere because money talks. Drugs are there the next step in that evolution because frankly speaking most people can’t afford cocaine which is the holy grail of drugs whilst they can. This is what puts them above the rest as they have bricks of this stuff. That’s the problem with Dubai. They have all this money and now that they don’t know what to do with it, they use it to abuse others.

“You think I don’t want to go home too?”

I snapped back at her. I was not being mean I was being realistic. Did they really think I wanted all of us to be in this position if I could help it? This is what happens when people don’t know you well enough but are ready to judge.

“Fighting amongst ourselves won’t help anything!”

Khanyi said being the voice of reason this time.

“Sam your old man? But what does he have to gain from this? South African men are stupid you know, they will never think with this level of sophistication!”

Thandeka said. I could not help but notice that she really had this thing of looking down at South African men. She hardly ever complimented them. Even now in our situation I could not help but wonder what they had done to her.

“It’s all about money. Sam is the middle man I think. I don’t know. What I do know is that we are here and we need to get out of here? If we do it too hastily we will be caught before we even go far and we will end up in those stables he keeps telling us about!”

I warned them. Everyone went quiet. My threat was sufficient enough to reinforce the fear of danger we were in. I needed the fear to motivate them to make rash decisions.

“So what do we do when they try having sex with us?”

Nicole asked. She really was turning out to be the baby of the group. She was timid and needy.

“I think we should beat the crap out of them, bite one of their dicks off or something you know!”

Khanyi said coldly then even in this moment, we all managed to laugh, except for Nicole of course who was crying. I am not the toughest person in the world but when you are helpless crying won’t fix anything.

“No, I say we go in there and act the sluts they want us to be. He said that he has private clients right who are expecting a fight from us, we do that they will beat the crap out of us until we comply.”

Thandeka started,

“I don’t want to be beaten up knowing that I am going to be raped afterwards. The more defensive we become the more this is going to hurt us. Last thing we want again is to be separated from each other. We did not walk this whole house so we don’t even know if there are more girls here!”

She added. I don’t know if it’s because she had watched a lot of movies on the topic or what but she made sense. Resistance would mean pain in what was going to be the inevitable but something in me was telling me that complying would mean that I was allowing myself to be raped and made into a prostitute. How could that be right?

“What if us not fighting angers Ahmed?”

I asked her. He did say he wanted us to have fighting spirit.

“We will say we thought he wanted us to behave and we will also say it was because of fear.”

Thandeka said. She liked being in charge I could tell meaning wherever she was from she must have been the leading lady. I could see why Nicole looked up to her and followed her around like a kitten. In all girl crews there is always the dominant one, the leader so to speak. With Khanyi and me, I think I led because it was me with the blesser and she followed me around because of it. Power dynamics are important because if you don’t establish then there is no direction.

“You have bathed enough now; time to go to your room!”

Fatima said. I had not noticed but it was indeed an hour since we started.

“Doctor is going to come check you!”

He said as we walked out behind her in single file. We were not naked at least; we were given gowns to wear. We walked to the room briskly following her pace. We got into the room and we just stood.

“I am so scared!”

Nicole said breaking the silence.

“We all are Nicole. Toughen up!”

I said. She was annoying me now but part of me felt I was taking out my frustrations on her. I had not even sat down before Fatima came back.


She said pointing at me.


I said pointing at me too.

“Yes you, come with me!”

I was being summoned. I was so scared that they would take me and I would never see my friends again.

“Please don’t do this!”

I pleaded with Fatima but she insisted.

“The boss doesn’t want to be kept waiting we have to go now!”

She said. My friends came and hugged me and I walked out timidly behind her. I looked around to see if there were any escape routes because part of my plan was to map out the house. I was not even sure what I was looking for but I looked. The house was huge though. The door was open in the office room we went into but she knocked regardless. He motioned with his hand that I should enter. She stayed outside.

“Come I want to show you something!”

He said. I walked over to where he was slowly then he turned his laptop around. There we were bathing and talking. Everything we had said he had heard but for now that was not my problem.

“You watched us bath?”

I asked him shocked, violated and disgusted!

“Yes, there are people out there who like that kind of thing. It’s not for me of course but I make money of it so I am happy!”

He said smugly.

“How dare you?”

I asked him. I don’t know why him watching me bath felt like such a huge violation of my privacy because this stung me so hard.

“That is wrong, that is an invasion of privacy!”

I accused him angrily fighting back the tears. I was so angry. I was mad. Goodness how could he do that? He pushed me roughly and I fell into the chair but I did not stand up again because I thought he would hit me.

“Where do you think you are Palesa?”

He asked me sternly.

“This is not a hotel. You are part of a brothel now and I can use and sell you to anyone as I like! I listened to everything you said about escaping. I would like to see you try and when you are caught you will see the consequences!”

He warned me.

“But you said Sam had to pay you some money and it was done! We could go home after that!”

I reminded him in panic.

“I say a lot of things which I do not mean. It’s my nature and besides I doubt Sam would do what he has to do in time even for his daughter!”

He said standing up. He walked up to me and he touched me on the shoulder and I cringed, moving my body away to the point of almost falling off the chair.

“Do that again and I will beat you so bad, you won’t wake up for three days!”

He said very calmly. He wanted to beat me up because I did not want him to touch me? I sat back on the chair.

“Now let’s do that again…”

He said. His touch was cold even in this hot place and his hands were rough for a rich guy.

“You know what I like about South African girls…”

He whispered in my ear as he bent over me. I could smell tobacco on his breathe and I think he had had a drink but probably hours ago.

“…they are so gullible. They think they are so independent and have all these rights but they have one weakness, money! They like money so much they are willing to betray everything and everyone they trust!”

He added.

“Take your friends for example, if I was to offer them money or freedom, how many do you think would sell you out right now? How many do you think would want you to suffer the way they are about to suffer at my hand?”

He asked me. I was not sure where he was going with this but even now I knew Thandeka and Nicole would bail on me and Khanyi, Khanyi would be my Judas Iscariot in a heartbeat.

“So now, I want you to kneel, so that daddies little girl can give me a blowjob. If you do it wrong, I will cane you! You will not be part of the party of the party tonight because I will keep my word to your father that you will not be touched. When he fails me, which he will, I promise you that you will do things for me that you have never even heard of!”

He said menacingly. As he pulled down his zip, the phone rang.


He said angrily as he picked up. He spoke on the phone in his language and I could see something was wrong.


He called out to his lady servant and she came running.

“Take her to the other girls. Get them ready, our first guest has arrived 2 hours too early!”

He said sounding annoyed. I did not even know what time it was but things were about to go down. If I sat this one out the girls were going to hate me and gang up on me eventually.

“The girls won’t do it without me! Please if they do anything I must do it too!”

I pleaded with him.


He said as he walked out angrily.

*******The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I hear that you have been sick and I am sorry to hear that. I hope by the time you read and post this you will have fully recovered.

My problem: I have been dating this guy for five years. I have a daughter who is 9 years old now. This guy has done a lot for me, he paid the bills, he raised my child and he raised me to be honest. I love him and he loves me. I am 30 now and when he found me I was abandoned by my baby daddy, was barely surviving even though I had a job and in debt. In the five years however this guy was not very open about his life and even today I still feel like I know nothing about him. He never beat me up and I don’t think he ever cheated on me either. The problem is he does not want to commit to me in marriage. I keep asking him what’s stopping him if he says he loves me so much but I don’t get straight answers. I am so tired. I am emotionally exhausted with him. We never fight but I feel like my life is not moving forward. We are just circling in the same space. I want to get married and have more kids but he does not seem to want that. I have asked him several times and he says he is listening but does nothing about it. When I see him I am not happy I just want out now. I sound so ungrateful for all he has done for me but I want more with my life. Is it so bad to want more?

What should I do?

Thank You


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  1. Thanks Mikeesto, Lol! Dubai neh, feels like I’m watching a movie, Taken to be more particular minus the kickass Dad who plays hero… Poor blessee’s bathong.

    Frustrated, lets unpack this quickly, your baby daddy ditched you, that man had no intentions of making an honest woman out of you. Then comes this Knight and rescues you from the world and yourself and treats you right and takes care of you and your daughter…. then you still want more. Bathi yini konje, GREED. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more, in fact we encourage people to strive for more oko, but I-context yale wanting more needs to be explored.

    If you want more by not being satisfied with your job and studying further then its fine. If you are not satisfied with your car and you save up to buy another one then wanting more is fine. If you don’t like your shack/flat/townhouse or RDP and want a mansion then wanting more is fine. Sisi wanting a guy to marry you and defining that as wanting more out of a relationship is reckless, stats show currently that people getting married are more likely to divorce within 5 years, the odds are ridiculous.

    Just being Mrs nton-nton is not an achievement, marriage aint no certficate to hang on your wall. You need to have goals that are more vast than just being someone’s wife, surely there’s more you want in life… Marriage aint no pap n vleis ousie, and some niggers can smell a Never-To-Marry type from miles away. Just love your man and enjoy the perks knowing that if he cheats, or you cheat then you can walk out at any time with no hassles like filing divorce papers and battling for ownership of your property. but ke kukuwe sisi.

    There comes a point in life where we need to be honest with ourselves, somethings were not meant for us, I would love to be on a beach somewhere ngok ngok but I’m ouchea rehabilitating peoples shit on a daily… So me being a billionaire with a private island looks pretty much like fiction. Ive accepted that and I will rather settle to go to Langebaan nomntu wam and spend a couple of K’s and act like a boss only to regret wasting so much shit later. Nawe ke be honest with you, if you couldn’t sort your own finances before this guy came along, how the hell do you figure you would manage running a big ass organisation like Marriage? It comes with wicked Aunts, monster in-laws, nasty uncles and just too much drama.

    Stay in your lane


    1. Jackzorro…
      Much as Men make excuses about this marriage issue…. Paying Lobola is commitment enough to show he plans to be with you longer. This thing of just enjoying a relationship with no attachment isn’t helping either.
      Im sure the sister here wants commitment nje she’s not being selfish or Greedy as you say.

      1. But why must a Man’s commitment be measured by the amount of cows he gives your family? What if I don’t want any association between our ancestors… what if nje I want you to be my girlfriend for life? What if I don’t want to marry you at all but want to be with you for life? Hayi ngeke singaphela. We can co-exist as people siphilisane kamnandi nje without complicating our lives and indebting ourselves for nonsense. La lobola could’ve been a down payment for a second bond or a school fees for our child at some fancy school. Ya’ll are quick to want to be lobola’d and yet ya’ll lazy AF, can’t cook, drink like your dads and fart worse than a horse… haska lobola yourself girly or move on to another desperate soul looking to tie ish down by ‘paying’ for commitment..

  2. Thanks Mike…Jackzorro u have a point baba…awume ngomshado ntokazi ubuzowucabanga nini ukube usanoBaby daddy awuthilele iHobby Encono kunale oyicabangayo

  3. Thanks Mike…..
    Dear I understand where you stand…. Most men have commitment phobia….but I think its selfishness on their side. I think you have to yalk to your man first find out if he ever plans to have a family or future with you, your guy probably has an issue with Marriage and the pros n cons that come with it but as Africans no wife comes for free that he knows. I personally believe paying Lobola is commitment enough too…. if he doesn’t want fancy certificates…..
    Talk to him and hear what he says…. But dont ever lose sight of the future you want for yourself.

  4. Glad you back and better writing as well happy.frustrated be happy you in a relationship trust me relationship is less complicated than marriage

  5. Brada Mikie, the gud Lord has been with U. Our prayers havd been answered. U have a msg to deliver to the youth of today. Dubai is not all glory & glitter. Thnx for that.
    Dear Frustrated, as U said U don’t know this guy well enough even after 5yrs. If he wanted U t know & wanted the same things as U, commitment, marriage, family etc he wud have been more open to U.
    IC 3things. 1) He had a big secret like a past relationship/wife etc. Or 2) he is not interested with marriage completely myb due to past experiences or he is simply loves being single & the freedom it comes with. 3) He cud be bisexual. I know U don’t want to hear all these possibilities as UR focused on yo goal of getting him committing.
    Take a step back. Be in touch with his relatives (sister, brother, cousins, granny). That cud giv U some insight of yo man if he is still yo man. If he can’t show U any of his relatives, then forget. He has served his purpose in yo life. Time to move on.

  6. Five years later you should at least know his relatives or where he is from (home land). If you know none of these then I see a red flag. There’s two possibilities, (1) perhaps he is currently or was previously married or separated. Explore this thought well. (2) he just doesn’t see the need for marriage as a tool to show his commitment. The second possibility is understandable and you should respect him for it.

    Just because this man was nice enough to support you through life when you were at your low doesn’t mean you’re indebted to him. He did it out of kindness, you appreciate klaar. Don’t let that be an emotional blackmail factor like Many countries who cry we helped your country with independence and try exploit resources.

    However, don’t try fix something that isn’t broken. If you can see a lifetime with this man stay but get into a civil partnership, court and document those things before you start playing house because yes, I see you don’t want to have the second child out of wedlock. Consult your mother and family on this issue also.

    If marriage is something you desperately seek by all means leave. I’m sure that you will be resourceful and sort yourself out, consider the child though as the child might lose a parental figure.

  7. Dear Frustrated,
    Do you.You are not forced to settle for less than what you want simply because at some point your life was a mess….of jr odnot yhr marrying type he should tell uou so that you make your own decisions too…..marriage is not everything bit honesty in a relationship is….he could wale up and marry someone else tomorrow…..Also dont compromise on your principles for someone who will not comprise theirs for you…..9years no kids and hes said nothing,maybe he doesnt eant them at all but you do….recipe for misery.Follow your gut my dear but dont stay because you are grateful or feel indebted…….another thing some of the worlds greatest success stories were people that failed a few times,you’ll do great in marriage even if your life was a mess before,you’ll avhieve a lot of you put your mind to it ( a bit of luck too,izinhlanhla zabantu ayifani)…never settle for ok either, at least no one should comvince you too…ways aim for the best.

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