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YES 93

I had had an emotional last couple of days. I had lost my job, I had attended a funeral, I had almost been arrested and I had accepted a bloody calling. Then I had come home to find that another woman, one I did not quite like mind

you had taken the man I liked and you expect me to be apologetic about! Yho Shem you must have lost your mind. This was my time. I needed a break and I need to fucken get laid. Is that too much for a girl to ask for really? Girls like me who like doing things by the book are the ones that will forever be the bridesmaids and I was not about that life today. I wanted to do me, make it about me and stop apologizing for even existing. All the loose girls I knew were married and look at me, I with my big job and rules was still going home to sleep alone. Esihle had been mocking me all evening now I was going to show the object of her desire what he was missing. It’s really that simple hey and maybe if people start calling me names then maybe a man will find me desirable enough to marry! I was putting myself out there!

“What’s gotten into you?”

He asked me.

“Would you just shut up?”

I asked him. I went and pulled down his track pants. I could still smell the lotion on him; I think he had just bathed. Pity, he will have to bath again then if Esethu was indeed coming back. His dick was already up and standing at full attention. It was like one of those soldiers that wear read that guard the queen, all big tall and standing proud amen! I think it’s because of how aggressive I was demanding it. Men are weird creatures. They like women to be aggressive in bed and here is the irony, once the woman is a girlfriend she doesn’t want wild sex, she wants you to make love to her slowly and gently listening to slow music! What the fuck? No wonder why these dogs cheat because realistically that is some boring stuff right there. With you right there making slow love what what he is busy thinking about other things or other women the way he is so bored!

“I guess someone is happy to see me!”

I said sarcastically. He was lying on the bed, legs slightly apart and I came and knelt on the floor (it’s carpeted) at the base of the bed. (If there any kids time to turn away now). I took his dick into my mouth. I don’t know what a blowjob does to men but from book I have read from Cosmo to porn, blowjob is huge in the primitive psyche of men! They are weak to eat even more so than sex. He tried to sit up perhaps to see what was going on down there but with my right hand I pushed him down. There was nothing to see here.

I kissed his body inch by inch. As his dick was already up and I know mean can’t keep it up for that long anyway, I held it with a vice grip whilst I did everything else. I did not want him to lose the sensation and every time I felt it weakening or becoming flaccid I would go back to the tried and tested blowjob. Poor man was on the edge! Now tell me, could his doctor do the same thing? Did she have the patience to take care of him, I mean every inch of him the way I did? I don’t think so.

“Please can I go inside?”

He begged me.

“Go inside?”

I asked him.

“This is not a mall where you just walk in and do what you want!”

I told him.

“You have to work for it! I am not the cold storage unit at your bottle store where you just walk in, I have needs too!”

I continued. At this stage because he was so horny he would have let me done anything.

“What do you want? I can muff you! I am not really good at…”

He was about to say,

“Shhhhh love you killing the mood; move up on the bed a little!”

Remember he was still sitting on the edge,

“I am going to sit on your face!”

I could see the shock on his face horny as he was!

“Sit on my face? How?”

He asked.

“You just lie down I am the one doing the sitting remember. When I am own you face you will then muff me whilst I blow you again!”

Thank heavens a breeze had entered the room because his dick was getting flaccid again.

“OH you mean a 69!”

He said out loud.

“Dude do you want to wake up Ntheti?”

I asked him laughing.


He said. I positioned myself and facing his legs but on top of him. If you never done a 69 before then you are honestly wasting your time in whatever it is that you call sex. All the people you have slept with are not worth even being mentioned shem this thing is so amazing. He was a bit clumsy no lie but a tounge can only move in so many directions right. On my side I was slacking off a bit because I knew he was about to cum. Now was the time! I could feel it.

“I need to stand up!”

I told him. I think he realized that this was the moment! He was about to get laid! He was about to receive the blessings that every man loves!

“Ok cool!”

He said. The excitement in his voice be it only over two words was palpable. He was like a kid in the candy store! I stood up.

“I am going home now!”

I said as calmly as a lying former SABC board member during that parliamentary enquiry. I think the first time those words came out I was actually joking but his reaction made me realize that wait, I had a moment here.

“What? Going home to do what? I have condoms here!”

He said I think his mind a bit slow to process what was happening right now at this moment. I was so horny myself, my body was on fire and saying that I could here every hormone in my body curse and swear at me. They were justified too because even my brain was fighting itself on that decision.

“I just wanted to remind you that this is what you left behind for a woman you will never see because she will always be at work!”

I told him.

“You are joking right? You can’t leave me like this, come on!”

He pleaded with me like a baby sitting up. I am sure he had tears in his eyes and his dick was still at full attention. Now it was not even going down ah let’s hope he had not taken Viagra. I wish I could record this.

“You made your decision. Now look at what you are doing to Ntheteng. To you she might just be a child but she loves me not her. Kids sense something off with people and there is something off with Esethu! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

I told him as I picked up my clothes and as brave as anything I have ever been I walked from his house to mine stark naked. What was I thinking?

“There is something off about Esethu!”

I told myself when I closed the door behind me at my house.

“Did I just say that?”

I asked myself out loud. I had just played dirty and like all things dirty there are always consequences. I was still horny though. I went to my secret drawer and took out my long lost friend, my vibrator. I had not used BoyBoy in a long time and I am sure even he was surprised to see me!

“I just left a beautiful man there for you boy so don’t let me down!”

I said to my vibrator as I had to the shower! I was losing it; I was talking to my vibrator that’s how horny I was.

Mbuso was not going to forget it this in a long time I told myself and I laughed.

“Lungile you have lost your mind!”

I told myself as I pushed the own button and the vibrator came to life then guess what, not ten seconds later the battery died!


I screamed out loud in frustration. You got to be fucken kidding me! Really! If it was those ancestors again they were messing with sacred things now! Come on!

*********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am so honored that you are reading my letter. Your work has inspired my students for a long time and I always encourage them to read.

As you might have guessed I am a high school teacher. I am 39 and I have been married to my husband for 15 years now. We started dating when I was in college and got married the year I graduated. I was a virgin when we started dating. My husband has been good to me and the problem is me. I cheated with a colleague about 10 years ago when my husband and I were fighting a lot. It was fun and dangerous and that element never left me. I have gone on to cheat at different times with probably four other men during the marriage. He had never cheated once or I had never caught him. I was never caught either. Three months ago I found out that on a business trip he had slept with a prostitute. He had paid for sex to sleep with a prostitute. I mean how low can he get. He had slept with someone for money. I found out because I overheard his friend shouting at him for making such a bad judgement call. The people I slept with also gave me gifts and money but I was having affairs not going to pay for sex. My husband and I have a healthy sex life and even the day he left for that trip we had sex. Why then would he do that? Do you think he found out about me? I am angry and hurt. It might sound selfish but I never got caught and he did. He has been apologizing since but I find myself reluctant to go near him. That is disease territory. We have two kids by the way.

Why am I failing to forgive? I have done worse to him over time and yes he might not know but I know.

What should I do?

Thank You

Bad Teacher

31 thoughts on “YES 93

  1. Mike than once again for the fabulous chapter

    Bad teacher please forgive your husband. You are no saint either

  2. Lungile though, Ah….

    Bad teacher. You are just being human, selfish and only thinking of your own needs, so what he paid for sex, you are not better than him. You two deserve each other. I hope i am not coming out as judgemental here coz really I am not being so. But both you and your husband cheat on each other, you might as well declare your marriage an open one and live your lives honestly since you cant be faithful… but the hypocrisy must end hey.

  3. Thanks Mike,
    Yoh Bad Teacher
    You should be the last person to be mad, yes he has never caught you but honestly speaking he only slept with a prostitute and he did not go out there and give his feelings, emotions as well as his body to another individual. Wena bad teacher you have been going out there on numerous occasions to get laid and be made to feel special by other men who most probably only saw you as a thing for sex only anyway. But hey if we were to compare apples with apples your sins deserve the darkest little corner in hell and he’s would only deserve the room without air conditioning in hell. Jut forgive the guy and move on and hope he never finds out about your continued infidelity cause you will definitely find yourself old,divorced and very much alone.

  4. Bad Teacher

    is funny how human beings are judgemental. you had numerous affairs and is justifiable because those men are not prostitutes. madam, look yourself in the mirror and ask if you like what you are seeing. you are as dirty as you think your husband is. Maybe he wanted the spice that you cant give, that why he chose a prostitute, the same way you chose “fun and dangerous” wen you are cheating.for heaven sake sex workers are normal human beings who happen to be trading with their body and not all of them are having disease as you claim is a disease territory. just grow up, it is your guilty conscious that is dealing with you

  5. Hahaha!! Boy Boy is not happy with Lungi and she just pushed horny Mbu right into Esuthu’s hands. smhh…
    Bad Teacher i think you are unfair and selfish about the situation…, wena sisi you are cheating both emotionally and physically. every person outside of your marriage is disease territory sis. you are no better that your husband you are actually worse cos of the emotional investment, if he has never done it before and paid for sex, there is a very good chance he used protection because he is certain that its DISEASE TERRITORY…. where as wena you might not be careful because you are having an affair and you other partners may have other multiple partners themselves, you are living in a bubble to think you are better off.

    think about this… an affair, did you and all the other men get tested? did you always use protection? we all know you will you use protection for the first 2-5 times then no more, especially when you get comfortable in the affair or side relationship. do you and hubby use protection? what are the chances you will go back home every night during you 1yr affair and expose him to dangerous disease territory?

    and im not saying he is a saint mare you are not looking at this fairly. at all.

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, I did anticipate a wet Monday, not blue balls ashoooo!!

    Bad Mistress, someone said recently that I’m more critical when it’s the females that cheated and more sympathetic when its dudes, Let’s try this again.

    You cheated on your husband, repeatedly, with multiple people. He cheated on you, with a prostitute. A once off occasion, no feelings or emotions involved. Wena you even confess to having affairs with your group of men and that makes it ok?? What are you teaching our kids?

    You have not grasped the true meaning of right and wrong yet you stand in front of kids advocating that, you are a hypocrite. So my conclusion is that ya’ll are both messed up people, ya’ll are both screwed and I pity your children. That marriage will not survive because the fundamental principles of honesty and loyalty have been breached beyond reconcilable levels. I hope ya’ll overcome this, but for the sake of righteousness, ya’ll deserve loneliness till your old age, like I said, I pity your children.


  7. Bad teacher, TJO you are super crazy. I mean you had affairs and were emotionally and physically cheating. He paid for sex so what. stop being childish and sort yourself out. if there were levels for cheating, your type is the worst. like really???

  8. Ihee bad teacher awunyi perhaps? How low can your husband go for paying for sex, when you were involved with 5 different men and had emotional relationship as well with, while all he did was have sex with someone he would probably never see again,not saying what he did was right but you are selfish and have a nerve of judging and finding it hard to forgive. Awuzibheke wena kuqala

  9. I dream to live in a world where people actually take time to read and seek understanding about everything and not just a few selective topics. Maybe in that reading they will get to understand themselves and the way the world works. But alas, here we are. Thank you bhut’ Mike kqala. Secondly, sisi, prostitutes are there to provide a service, it is a business like a salon. You get your hair relaxed, washed, styled and you pay and leave a satisfied customer. Prostitution is the same, you get your service, pay for it and leave a satisfied customer. To those judging the profession, please get off your high horses and face reality; not everyone has the means to study and not everyone gets to have a job with a salary slip. Clearly if this can be a business that has been around for years, and is still thriving then there is a market for it. Your husband needed services provided, whether it was for instant satisfaction or to try something new, (You say you guys have a great sex life, but that is your perspective not his) maybe he wanted to try something that he knows you would never agree to. Or he wanted to experience someone else, like you did with four other people. That does not make what he did right, but consider what I just said with what Mike wrote about ‘marriage material sex’. Also, the human anatomy is not designed for monogamy which is why people cheat. Same old story in most marriages, trying to attain the unattainable. Do unto others as you would like to be done unto you. I am sorry you feel betrayed but you have no leg to stand on here. Speak to yourself and get over it if you want to continue living a lie. Because dear, you have been living a lie nonke kulondlu

    1. I couldn’t have said it better…. Hit it right on the nail,…. She needs to get over herself lona and speak to herself qha

    2. you were coming right until “the human anatomy is not designed for monogamy”.. please school me some more on this..

      1. By definition, monogamy is a practice and or habit of having one partner or one sexual partner. It is not something we are born with. We are naturally polygamous but choose to work and exist in monogamous relationships. Ima! We are a reading people, please find and read this book and it will give you some insight into my statement. The Myth of monogamy: Fidelity and infidelity in Animals and people by David Barash and Judith Eve.

        1. I’ll do that.. because that which you are stating is somewhat foreign to me. Thanks for the reference, I will give “educated” opinions once I’ve read it.

  10. Why is cheating so easy mara bathong?.. I crave a love where we both think twice and consider whats at stake before ever stepping out on one another.. why is commitment made out to be so difficult.. just choose your man/woman every day over everyone else.. if uyahluleka, stand up and leave man.. stop destroying one another man hai suka fokof.. this letter is stupid. Yall deserve each other, I hope guilt comes over you strongly that you confess so he too can feel how you’re feeling about him towards you.. nibe miserable #nonke.. busy defiling the beauty of marriage.

  11. Why is it that what all people do in this day and age is cheat haayi this is bad is there still true love out there sigh… Bad Teacher get over yourself and just forgive or rather tell him the truth and lets see who gets mad even more #IsmellDIVORCEcases

  12. Bad teacher you’ve committed adultery that is more than what your husband did. But I get you its always painful when the tables turn. Just put your self in his shoes when he finds out about your shenanigans, then you will know what to do. You must never confess the man would kill you. Go to the grave with your guilt.

  13. Bad Teacher your morals are screwed up sisi So you think having an affair is better than buying a round of sex from a prostitute …nice life problems…The day your husband comes home with an illegitimate child from an affair you will see that your cheating ass is trifling

  14. Lol, Bad Teacher, you should be relieved that at least you are not the only one doing this. don’t get mad. he Paid, you were also getting gifts from your sides, infact you received more than him. He wont be getting phone calls and texts from this woman. , Prostitutes are professional they know what they are suppose to do, you pay, they deliver, No feelings, no feedback, no explanations, that’s it.

  15. Ta Mikie, whatba chapter!
    More like self-righteous Teacher. Bcz U use a red pen doesn’t givr U the right to mark ❌yo husband’s shortfalls. Put away the answer book so U can also work out a solution to yo own shortcomings.

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