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YES 92

Everyone knows giving a woman your keys is a big step in a relationship. Keys mean that you have allowed that person

to enter your private space and are welcome into it at any given moment. It’s a huge gesture and should never be taken for granted. Look, I know that Mbuso and I were not together but I have made it clear that she could not have him. I wanted him for myself. Sfiso was not my match and besides when a man loses a wife he needs two or three years to recover and for me that’s a long a time to wait. If a man replaces his wife within the year he must be investigated for murder because certainly he had a part in her death. She stood there with keys in her hand as though challenging my being there. Me being petty I immediately said,

“Ah hey Esihle how are you?”

Cheerfully so that she could not see that I had turned blue black with jealousy. Jealousy is a powerful emotion people and more often than not leads women to do petty things.

“I didn’t know you were coming back today!”

She said trying to force a smile and even though I saw teeth it did not count as one to me. This woman was my enemy. Yup, in girl world it takes very little to hold a grudge against someone and I was holding one right now.

“Yes I was coming back. It’s kind of hard to stay at a funeral after a person has been buried!”

I said sarcastically implying her dumbness. I mean that was a dumb question even if it was rhetorical right.

“Yeah I suppose! Our patient here is doing just fine!”

She said cheerfully changing the subject. I thought she was going to respond to my comment with a rude clap back but instead she made me look stupid by being the mature one.

“You back early! What happened?”

He asked her.

“That’s the thing about being on call. At times they call you in for stupid reasons and this was one of those days. It’s all sorted and besides I have an intern on duty that is really good. I told him to only call if there was an emergency!”

She explained.

‘I told him to only call even there was an emergency!”

I mockingly played with that line in my head. Who did she think she was? This woman thought she was better than everyone else that was her problem. That’s the jealousy in me speaking though; she has actually never done anything to me before in person.

“Oh great that means we can catch up on the movie. I thought I was not going to see it again today!”

He said cheerfully.

“Lungi, you got to watch this movie with us its hilarious!”

He said. I don’t know if he was deliberately being blonde to the fact that two women were fighting over him here or he genuinely could not see it. We expect men to have a radar for such things but truth be told most men are blinded by their needs at that moment.

“I am not into comedies unfortunately guys, you two enjoy!”

I said.

“No it’s not just us; Ntheteng will be joining us too. Don’t be a sore loser come on, we can all use a good laugh every now and again!”

She said to me with a wry smile. ‘Sore loser’ she really had picked her words well. Now I was damned if I didn’t stay but worse if I stayed. Staying meant that I would have to survive her rub it into my face the whole evening.

“No thanks guys. I need to go and rest!”

I said and before I even finished that statement Ntheteng ran into the room and hugged me,

“Yay aunty Lungi is staying for the movie. Can I sit with you pretty please?”

She asked and now I could not say no.

“Even the baby wants you to stay!”

She said and I could sense some sarcasm and disappointment in her voice. I was being childish but I did not want her to win. Ntheteng is a child and what she did not realize was that if her father chose her over me, in future she was creating her own evil step mother. Women might be the more loving of the two sexes but we are also known to have an evil heart when it comes to step kids. Ntheteng needed to stop being this impulsive child who said whatever she wanted in front of her father’s girlfriends.

“Ok I will stay. What movie are we watching?”

I asked her sitting down on the furthest couch. I made it such that there won’t be a dash to sit next to Mbuso. I wanted the doc to see that she was competing with herself. This was a fight for grownups and should not be held in front of kids.


Ntheteng said cheerfully. You have got to be fucken kidding me. I had stayed to watch Shrek like come on now. I had tears in my eyes as I responded,

“Oh! That’s nice!”

It was not nice at all. I am not into animation. Ntheteng went to the room and came back with her blankie. This could would be a star on Date My Family! She was actively trying to get her father a girlfriend just like those parents who come on the show. This show would be called Save My Dad from the Evil Doctor. She had it all figured out. She came and sat next to me and covered us under the blankie.

“I am so glad you stayed!”

I could see the doc roll her eyes from the corner of my eyes but I did not look at her. This little game was not healthy for the child and I should know better.

“When did you guys start watching the movie?”

I asked. They had already watched ten minutes of the movie earlier but for my sake they decided to go back to the start.

“We watched before she went on call!”

Mbuso answered. This means that she had been here all along. She had a key and am certain she had her clothes here too. Did he fuck her? That was the first thing that came to mind when he said that.

“Oh I see. You guys must have been having a good time then!”

I said sarcastically.

“Not really! Dad was grumpy and sitting on the couch like a big cabbage and aunty was fussing over him. Daddy makes a bad patient right?”

Ntheteng said asking her.

“He surely does!”

She said and patted him on the cheek. That was meant for me. I did not respond. I had to endure and hour and a half watching the man I wanted sitting so close to another woman. I should never have said yes.

We chatted the movie and there were a lot of giggles from the two of them. She kissed him on the cheek every now and again. I tried not to pay attention but she was clearly doing it to show me up. She was putting me in my place and it was working. My ancestors were working for me when her phone rang towards the end of the movie.

“Crap, they need me at the hospital!”

She said suddenly standing up. She did not even pick it up, she knew! Ntheteng had fallen asleep possibly ten minutes into the movie. I had not even noticed as I was too busy eye balling these two.

“Are you for real, it’s like 1030pm?”

He protested.

“Yes I am sure! This is what I hate about being on call!”

She cleaned herself up quickly. I pretended to focus on the movie. Her phone rang again.

“Shit, it’s urgent. See you later guys!”

She said and she ran out. I sat there frozen for a while then she came again.

“Forgot my car keys!”

She said and ran out again.

“I supposed I must leave now that your girlfriend is gone!”

I said cheekily.

“It’s up to you!”

He said calmly. See he did not even deny it! The bastard. I stood up to leave then I don’t know what came into me I just said it out loud,

“Do you have condoms?”

I asked him.

“I beg your pardon!”

He asked me shocked by that question.

“You heard me, you not a child, do you have a condom?”

I asked him again.

“Yes I do! Why?”

He answered. What the fuck was I doing?

“Take Ntheteng to bed and come to your bedroom and find out why!”

I told him boldly. I was wearing a dress from the funeral and as I said this I stood up and removed my panties right there and then. I could feel myself do it and there was a voice screaming in me to stop but would it be so horrible if I shagged the man I wanted. So what that shalotan was his girlfriend but can I get what I want this once and stop being polite about it.

“Are you serious?”

He asked me again practically drooling.

“Yes unless you want me to change my mind!”

I said. I don’t think I even finished that sentence. He ran and picked her up so fast, took her to bed and two minutes later he was in his bedroom and I was standing there waiting for him. Her bags were in the room meaning indeed she had slept here or intended to.

“What about Esihle?”

He asked me thinking I would feel guilty. What about her? Lol, yeah I said lol, she is not my sister!

“Fuck that bitch!”

I said coldly removing the dress allowing it to fall on to the floor leaving me buck naked.

“Thank you Jesus!”

He said as he stepped forward towards me.

*******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Reading your work has been an absolute pleasure over the years and you unfortunately do not get the recognition you deserve.

I don’t know how to put this delicately but I am in love with my sister’s husband and she is in love with my husband. We are not twins, she is older than me by two years but her husband is the same age as her. My husband is older than all of us. How we got into this mess beats me. I met my husband at university. He was a PhD student when I was completing my undergrad hence our four year age difference. We got along very well and I got pregnant. We got married. My sister and her husband were colleagues when they met and eventually married too. Her husband used to annoy me but the more he became family I realized we had so much in common. When they would visit you would find my husband (who is a very quiet guy) talking to my sister for hours at an end. It was quite bizarre because my husband does not talk. It did not take long before my mother called us (my sister and I) aside to ask what was going on with the four of us. I don’t think we realized at that time that we were each other’s perfect matches. My sister and I laughed about it, denied it and then eventually discussed it. I started missing her husband whenever he left and found myself fantasizing about him. It was wrong and I tried hard not to fall for him but it was just a slippery slope. My sister confessed that she had once had a fantasy about my husband but that’s all she shared. This is not normal guys. I love my husband but I love the other guy more. Is it even love? Maybe I just like him because he is not mine. I don’t know what to do. My marriage is starting to suffer now because I find myself day dreaming about this dude. As far as we are concerned the guys don’t know. They get along well enough and even go out just the two of them on ‘play dates’ as we call them. We do a lot of things together as couples weddings, funerals, parties, events and I think its us (the sisters) who have pushed for it just so we can be in each other’s mans company.

I want out of this mess to focus on my marriage. It’s wrong I am first to accept. What do I do? I don’t know what my sister’s plan is but I have told her that we are playing with danger.

Please advise


30 thoughts on “YES 92

  1. Ta Bra Mike for the daily dozeee!! Lungi please dont do it!!!!

    2017 is starting off on all kinds of weird things… Benoni, ga ke itse.

  2. What about Esihle? What about her really….. Got so annoyed about that. If you want to fuck just do it and stop playing hard to get.

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one, Lungi though…. I anticipate a very wet Monday 🙂

    Benoni, Haven’t laughed so hard in ages, yazini neh, Your life problems are epic. Is it possible that you guys would swap? Like maybe get drunk so hard and do a four some, if it works and ya’ll are still perfect for the imperfect partners then make this shit official. There more you let this slide, the more room you are creating of causing infidelity between all involved. Kanti if ya’ll address this head on for what it is and explore it, it might just turn out to be the greatest thing ever.

    Like I have never heard of such hey, ever, but it excites me. Please do it, have a ceremony of husband exchange and just dala what you must. Please write back by June and tell us what are the developments… Eish this story though 🙂 🙂


    1. I agree with you Jackzorro! They must just have an orgy but they must all be sober. So that they can fully experience it and decide from there. As far as I see, it is just lust. Bang the hell out of each other’s husbands and call it a day. It is guaranteed that you will enjoy the sister’s hubby more because he is something new. But instead of using the orgy as an excuse, use it as a way to put things into perspective. Kuzoba Nzima.

  4. Hahahahaha i drama yalapha….Esihle uzobuya nise busy ke. Hahahaha

    Monday is far though.

    Benoni……Yhooo mfondini…..njani skeem. Haai wena no sis wakho kodwa.
    Haai i honestly dont know uthin vha.

  5. Mbuso is such a turd actually… ugh

    Benoni… usenxakini sisi. I don’t even know how to advise you but I wish you all the best

  6. I dont know if Im evil and twisted but Benoni I would suggest that you and your sister exchange husbands for one night. Just shag and get it over and done with!!. Im sure you guys are just lusting over the other’s husband and not actually inlove.

  7. Kodwa Lungi sis’wami, wasemaMbatheni, wenzani???? Just move on and leave Mbuso and the Dr alone. Eish, I seriously don’t believe in fighting for a man, a person needs to see and realise your worth uzimele nje wedwa! You are trying too hard – but then again ke, we all think differently!
    As for Benoni: ‘Ihhhe! Hhhayyyyi bo!’ Just stop doing together, one of you moves to a different town or something, but this can’t be right.

  8. Hheee oLungi abandoning your panties so fast lol Benoni I totally agree with Jackzoro invite us when you are doing the husband exchange ceremony lmao

  9. @Lungile so much of a descent girl with morals

    She described Miriam as a loose canon bt she fucks for the sake of fucking

  10. Mike can we please get YES tomorrow please please please. Monday is too far ngekhe ndyakcela buti.
    So curious of what will happen next.

  11. OMG. Lungy is so selfish … she doesn’t want the man than she should let someone have him … a man needs someone to take care of him. She wants the attention from every where…

    Benoni ..I think it’s just wanting something that’s not yours and when you get him it wnt be soo cool and beside that ke…You guys get bored with being with same person for long (I think)

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