Wololo Chapter Two

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A lot of people inboxed us complaining that giving you guys only one chapter of “Wololo: and “Majuba” to make a decision was unfair as it was not enough material. So today I will give you chapter two of each to balance that scale. Lol guys there is no need to be angry at me in my inbox we just blogging and its meant to be fun. Thank you for the wonderful response. Young Employed and Single therefore returns tomorrow.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto


Chapter Two

In this business you must never take anything for granted and making enemies is as easy as breathing. I was trying not to panic at this moment because this is something I already knew I just needed confirmation, my husband had hired people to put me out of business. I was not born a thug, not that I called myself that but something about it made me feel like I should have been. Fear breeds misery and giving in to it is what makes you make mistakes. I was my own person and my husband may have been the teacher but I was definitely the better of the two.

“I am not backing down!”

I told myself as I paced back and forth. I was alone now. I had a headache but it was not from stress. I had been having migraines lately so maybe I must go see the doctor.

“Kagiso would have grown balls if he thinks he can come after me!”

I told myself out loud. I was talking to myself now this is the corner he had put me in. You know as women when we date bad boys or gangsters we think that we are hard core. I was one of those girls. From the moment I met him, Kagiso Isaac Maphoto I fell in love. They called him KG as you know how all Pretoria people are. They love nicknames even the ones that don’t have cavella and gold teeth. He was skinny but muscular, you know that Nicolas Cage built, dark skinned, none of this yellow bone nonsense in a man. I was very suburban, I grew up in Waterkloof, went to Clarendon and all making me very much a cheese girl if ever there was one. I was born from a rich family and unlike my peers who were born in similar privilege I did not end up in drugs. I went to University of Pretoria and graduated with a BCOM degree. If you are my age 31, BCOM Account was the best degree back then long before Engineering drunkards became the in shit. So how does a rich suburban girl end up a gangster snob wanted by the police…? Love! I am so stupid sies! Love is the one thing that will make sure that women are never successful. I think it was a flaw in God’s plan but I have no time to whine right now, KG was coming for me! It was 2 in the morning, closer to 3 actually so I dismissed everyone and went to bed. I was tired. Mbali had a place in the back. I had security at the gate but not on my own accord, my parent’s ideas. Even criminals need security too.

“Don’t you think I must sleep in the house?”

Mbali offered but I told her no. I should not show my fear because much as she was my spy, I do not know what she was telling my husband on the other side.

“I will be fine!”

I said as I locked up. I put my gun in the safe next to my bed. I had not yet reached that stage of sleeping with under the pillow. I passed out. In the morning I woke up early to make breakfast as the nanny was not there.

“Voetsek maan!”

I heard a small voice say from outside. What was happening now? I was in the kitchen and I had not even bathed yet I was hearing such ghetto language in my house! My parents in all their glory had decided to move into their second house in Durban when I told them that my husband and I had separated. You should have seen my father’s face! If men could ululate he had done the 9th Symphony of ululations the way he was so happy.

“Are you sure? Is this a joke! I have a very good divorce lawyer on speed dial!”

He said lifting up my mum with joy when I said that but that turned sour very quickly when my mother asked,

“Why do you have a good divorce lawyer on speed dial?”

Angrily. That joyous moment for him had gone south for him really quickly because my mother was not joking. They ended up watching reruns of “How do get away with murder!” And the crime channel for the next three days! My mother’s way of proving a point and it worked too, my father got her a new car to apologize for knowing a divorce lawyer imagine. This is how I ended up living back home in Waterkloof. I had an older brother and sister but they were married and lived at their own places. Neither liked my husband.

“Lebogang Maphoto! Apologize immediately!”

I shouted through the kitchen window. Lebogang was my daughter and believe it or not she was only five years old and already she had her father’s dirty mouth!

“I am sorry mommy but this girl only understands harsh words!”

She defended herself in fairly decent English. She was shouting at Karen, the white kid she played with from next door. Five years old. She was my greatest joy Lebogang BUT and I say this with a sigh of giving up, she had taken after her father. Do you have any idea how nasty that is? You are a beautiful woman, smart and classy but your child, a girl at that takes the ugly looks plus dumbness of the father! Who fails crèche really? I mean I did not know it was possible until my daughter did! I would have called the teachers racist but guess what, her father wanted her to know where he grew up so it was a crèche from ekasi with a black teacher with questionable education too and she failed! The father laughed it off and the father laughed it off saying it’s because she was young. That’s when I took her out by force and the problems between her fathers reached a boiling point.

“I told you I don’t want to hear you using such language!”

I reprimanded her angrily.

“Say sorry to Karen right now!”

I told her in English so the white kid won’t run home and report that she was being called Satan!

“I am sorry Karen. You are my best friend!”

My daughter said and went in to hug Karen who hugged back and continued playing. I know when my daughter does not mean something and this was one of those moments. My phone rang and it was Zakes.

“I just spoke to Sizwe. There was a problem!”

Crap! I don’t need such news so early in the morning.

“What happened?”

I asked him.

“He tried to escape and he was run over by a truck. It’s messy!”

He said getting straight to the point. This was a problem. I had never wanted to kill him because if my husband ever looked for him I should be able to point to where he is.

“How did he escape? Where were they?”

I asked him.

“Close to the border and there is more, Sizwe has been arrested!”

This was just ruining my day. I had to get him out because if he talked that would be the end of us all. If I could not get him out I don’t think Zakes would appreciate having to make a hit on his cousin in jail.

“So what are you still doing here? You should be on your way there to get him out!”

I told him. The good thing about South African police is that they can be bought. There is not a self respecting criminal who does not have at least one police man in his pocket. Dockets don’t disappear because you bribed a stranger, its someone in your pocket.

“I am on my way there already! I did not want to make a move without your say so!”

He said humbly. He was right too. When you are a crime boss, the moment your underlings start taking decisions without you, it means they will one day try to over throw you!

“Ok, I will call Freddie and see what can be done!”

I told him genuinely nervous. I had taken a risk sending Sizwe but at the moment I did not know who was loyal to me and who was on my husband’s payroll. Freddie was a high ranking official in the Gauteng police department and he had connections all over the country. He was an expensive greedy corrupt bastard but he got the job done for me all the time. My only problem with him was that he wanted me. Every cop wants to fuck the wife of a gangster; it’s like a fetish for them! Gangsters have hot wives, cops have wives they can afford…eish that was harsh!

“Mmmm you only call me when you need something beautiful one!”

He said in his sleazy voice.

“Eish you know me very well. How are you?”

I asked him.

“I am good but can’t wait to hear when we are going away together! You know just you and me!”

That was always his line!

“One day is one day but I have an emergency, is it safe to talk!”

I asked him.

“Give me a second!”

He said but did not hang up. I could hear him walking around. Calling him was safe because he had bought a sim card on the streets and had made me buy one as well. They both had RICA but in other people’s names as they were street things. If ever they traced the calls they would never trace them to us.

“I can talk now!”

He said. I told him the situation. He listened attentively.

“Don’t worry it’s a small thing! I will sort it out but this time you owe me lunch at least! I will even pay!”

He said and he laughed it off. As he hung up I heard my daughter outside shouting

“Daddy, daddy, daddy!”

Shit. I ran to my room and took my gun. I should never have sent Zakes away! I was exposed alone and something told me he knew Zakes was not here!

I had been played.

********The End**********

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  1. Thanks MIkeesto, yazini neh, I will wait for the masses to decide, its harsh to have to choose one over the other coz both these works of art are magnificent. Talent on overload Mr Maphoto, and your brother is a ganster lol.


  2. AE kannete Mike. No Majuba please. Enough of the love stories already…we could do with some action…and some of us are outside South Africa so misstreps was unfairly taken from us….pleeeeeeease go with wololo. Inside of me still lives an aspiring gangster

    1. Lol!! Aspiring G huh… Contact me once you reach Lord status, I could do with a contact like that on speed dial 🙂

  3. I would like to explain the difference between Missteps and Wololo …. Missteps main character is a woman who because of love found herself falling into crime. Hers was a reaction to things around that made her become more like her man. Wololo is a woman who believes that in her husbands crime empire she can do better she can stand alone. She was betrayed by him with his affairs and failure to grow up. In essence in Missteps her power grew the more she tried to protect her marriage and in Wololo her power grew the moment she realized she did not have to be under the thumb of a man who disrespects her. Mthobisi is nothing like KG. And dear readers… please do not be scared of powerful women lol. Every powerful woman I have no one likes. Nothabo in Realities was not like because she knew her worth and had it been her husband that was cheating people would have accepted. She cheated and we called self righteous what what. I want independent women in our stories and it should not be structured in a manner that love family and marriage should bind them. I hope I made sense lol

  4. Great work Mike, I’m with Jackzorro choosing would be a sin.

    Just 1 question Mike, is there any particular reason why you are writing these in the past tense? Just wondering.

      1. It’s okay, I just thought you changed something in the way you write when you wrote these 2 and there was significance. It’s not bad, it’s consistent and only changes when they speak which is also consistent.

        Thank you for paying attention to us and for blessing us with your talent.

    1. TO the stories are not in past tense more than the fact that they are in a narrative mode. Someone is telling us a story of what happened to them so obviously they wont say “I am waking up now and I am brushing my teeth” Instead they will say I woke up and brushed my teeth and got ready for work” something like this. Hope I make sense

    1. I can’t do both. With Missteps coming back and us offering a writing slot to another up and coming writer there will be no space. So far we are speaking to 3 potential writers and just waiting on their samples. What if all 3 are that good? They all deserve a chance and opportunity.

      1. Speaking of which, how does one get to write for the blog? I would like to take a chance sometime.

        Great work, abuti Mike. but nna ke kgopela Majuba. Me and violence/action are not friends

        1. Writing with us is simple really. Send us your sample story and if there is something to work with we will be interested. The aim is to get more people reading. I heard a statistic from Basic Education that only 29 percent of adults read and with parents that number is less. That can’t be right

  5. Nice one Mike, I really cant relate with Wololo and for that its even hard to read the whole chapter, sinje ngamajuba please man!

  6. Honestly I wouldn’t mind reading both at the same time but seeing as majority voted Majuba will we get a chance to read wololo?

  7. Majuba is so played out and cliché. It’s nice to read but doesn’t keep you on your toes with thrill to read the next chapter. As for Wololo there’s an eager to know what will happen next, it’s different, and also I feel like it’s showing of how Mikes writing ability has evolved, it doesn’t put him in a box in terms of content and writing.

  8. Memoirs of a tired husband did express thangs from a guy point of view, we’ve read bou love and relationships so many times bathong , Wololo offers suhmin different on the table, it’s juss full of suspense Mara ke guess I’m wasting my time since it’s evident majority are going with Majuba mxm…

  9. Mike, thank you for sharing your talent. Both blogs are well written. However given that one should choose; and that I keep putting myself in this Gangsteress’ shoes when I read this blog feeling like I’m running ish lol; can we please get Wololo!

  10. Wololo guys, wouldn’t you agree that we need some variety? We can’t always be reading about relationships 😑.
    Wololo please!!!

  11. A e mike u are gting me confsd joale i 1st votd majuba but nw i feel wololo is the ish! I vote wololo my mnd is mde up

  12. 1st time I comment.
    Wololo please, it’s really a different perspective. A strong powerful woman faced with a different kind of challenge in her life. Please toe bhut ‘ Mike hle

  13. Majuba for me.
    i think it will be much more educational in a subject that society is avoiding and pretending it’s not happening.

  14. Oh my its been a while since I checked, to see 2 of them plus missteps so excited ..to vote I go for wololo thank you.

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