Wololo Chapter One

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We are back at last. Please note, Blessed HAS NOT been replaced. I must emphasize this so please don’t melt down. It will be posted tomorrow. Today I decided that I would like you to read two samples of my potential new blog which as we did with Realities, you guys need to decide which blog must I write as I can’t write both.

“Wololo” is a gangster story of a woman who leads her own criminal empire at the same time trying to save herself from her estranged husband who is the one that taught her the ropes. Moreover how does she balance her family with the threat at the back of her head that she could end up in jail at any time leaving her young daughter to be raised by her worst enemy, her husband? No one ever thinks of women having positions of power in criminal organizations. The irony of this is that women would probably get away with it because everyone undermines them. There is a thin line between love and hate but in this business you can’t afford to put your emotions first. Decisions that mean life and death must be taken but does that make you a monster or just another strong phenomenal woman trying to survive in an industry dominated by men who often are not as clever as think they are!

Please read and let’s decide. I can’t write both.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto



Chapter One

“Pull the trigger!”

I can still hear him whisper in my ear to this day. That’s how it happened. Those three little words would change my life forever but I was in love.

“Don’t think about it! Just pull!”

I am not a weak person by any means but my heart was beating so fast. This was the moment. This was it.

“I am here, I have your back!”

He reassured me. The person whispering in my ear was my husband egging me on to shoot his brother. I always pose for breathe when I think of that day.

“Are you sure we have to do this?”

I asked him one last time.

“Yes! It’s the rules!”

He said clearly losing his patience. From the beginning I have to say this, I was not sorry when I killed my husband’s brother. I know I sound so cold right now but that’s far from the point. He was my brother in law and I loved him but he had to die to save all of us. I will do it all over again in a heartbeat if I had to but that’s a story for another day. I was not yet hard core then so when he took his least breathe I wept for him. He had always been nice to me but he was in the way. Life is cruel I tell you and if you don’t stand up to take what’s yours someone else will. I remember the look on his face when he realized what was about to happen. I would have shot him in the back but he did not deserve that at all. I looked him in the eye as was expected of me on someone I respected and I did it. Anyway like I said that’s a story for another day as it always brings tears to my eyes. I had someone I was dealing with right now and this time my husband was not there.

“South African people have to be the most spoilt in the world when you consider all the resources we have but our laziness to exploit them. It’s like when the white man was tired of apartheid he said to us don’t own resources, go to school and come back and work for us and we took that to heart.”

That was what he was saying. I looked at this man like he was crazy. I was holding a gun in my hand as he said this oblivious to the fact that in ten minutes time he could be dead. No one ever takes women seriously and I think it’s because of the fact we have periods and men don’t. That’s the only difference I see between men and me but then again, who cares right. We are your punching bags!

“You are not South African Kudzai! You are Zimbabwean. Just because you forged your I.D. Or you paid someone for it does not make you one of us. Let’s make that point clear before we move on!”

I told him calmly. He was bleeding at the top of his eyebrow where Zakes, my enforcer had hit him with a knobkerrie. Zakes was Zulu from some rural hole in KwaZulu Natal. When I first met him he was fighting at the taxi rank on Bree. I was driving past and they would have killed him too had he not jumped into my car that fateful day. Don’t underestimate an uneducated mob. His crime had been he stole some woman’s purse and for that they would have killed him! The animals! Regardless, he was my first personal recruit as everyone else came through my husband.

“I am South African. Xenophobia does not look good on you!”

He responded. He had no fear whatsoever in his voice and I think that is what angered me even more. I was the one with a gun, he was the one tied down but typical of all man in his head he had all the power.

“It’s not xenophobic. I am going to ask you one more time, did my husband make you steal from me? I was paying you well for those car papers, even more than him but still you choose to screw me over!”

I said standing up.

“I was having sex with your sister and your mother at that point so nope!”

He said laughing then he spit out blood towards me. It had to be my husband; I mean how else could he have known this. Even the way he was talking to me, no respect at all.


I called out. I had sent him to stand outside with the boys as I was not sure who I could trust.

“Yes mum!”

He said to me. Even though I was 29 and he was close to 40 he called me mum. I don’t know where he got that from but I was used to it.

“Go get me my ironing board!”

I told him. He blinked twice because he knew what this meant.

“Don’t forget the bowl of water this time!”

I reminded him. Last time he had forgotten it. Two minutes later he was back with the ironing board and the iron.

“What is that for?”

Kudzai asked and for the first time I think he started to appreciate the trouble he was in.

“Zakes, is Mbali still outside?”

I asked him.

“Yes she is. Must I call her?”

He asked me!

“Yes please and come with Sizwe too!”

Sizwe was his nephew so I could trust him. Mbali was one of the girls who worked for me in my business. She never asked questions as long as she got paid. She was also dating one of the men who were close to my husband so I often used her to bring me information. I had learned this trick from my husband so I won’t take credit for it.

“Yes mum!”

He said and he went out. I set up my ironing board, plugged it in as I sang a church song. I am big in my church and I even sing in the choir ok so I just needed the melody to set up the mood.

“Sister T come on, this is getting a bit more serious than I thought. You don’t have to do this.”

He started to plead but I totally ignored. Mbali, Zakes and Sizwe entered the room.

“Bafowethu please don’t do this!”

He pleaded yet again.

“Mbali can you make this man happy for me please!”

I said. She looked at me and smiled. I did not have to spell it out! She went towards him and he tried to wiggle himself out of the chair but we had tied him properly. Mbali pulled down his pants and he started to scream.

“Zakes, his making too much noise!”

Zakes walked to him and took his underwear and stuffed it in his mouth.

“I gave you a chance to talk. Instead you called me sfebe! You think I am stupid that’s the problem. You have been stealing from me and I heard that you and your friends raped one of my girls. Did you think I was not going to hear about it?”

I asked the very terrified man. His eyes were wide open and bloodshot as he knew what was going to happen next. I lifted the iron and with the splashed water on it so that the water made that hissing sound when it touched the hot surface. He jumped up and down in his chair trying to escape prompting Zakes and Sizwe to hold him down. He had really underestimated me. Bad mistake.

“Firstly you are going to tell me why you stole from me, if I am satisfied with your answer I will let you go. If I am not well, we shall see… Zakes take his underwear out of his mouth!”

I told him. I was so calm. I did not raise my voice. This was not a shouting contest.

“It was your husband. He came to the shop and said that he wanted to take the business back. He asked me to provide him with the paperwork for all the cars you came in with.”

He explained. I had suspected that it was my husband and now I had proof. It’s not like I could go to war with this because frankly speaking I would lose. Why this though? Why now?

“So it was not enough that I gave you a job. It was not enough that when no one wanted you I gave you everything you have?”

I asked him. I don’t take betrayal well.

“I am sorry but I am scared of your husband! Everyone is! What would you have done if you were in my shoes?”

He asked me crying out loud.

“I would have come to tell you what was going on that’s what!”

I told him. He cried even more.

“Now for raping that poor girl…”

I said suddenly. He had clearly forgotten that part.

“I forgave you for my husband, he is very scary I know but for three man raping a woman that I cannot forgive!”

I told him coldly.

He started screaming behind his gag. His dick was standing right now due to the good job that Mbali had done. I took the hot iron and I placed hit on the helmet of his thing. He screamed so loud he coughed out the gag.

“This way next time you see a woman you run!”

I told him angrily.

“I am not going to kill you. Sizwe and the boys are going to drive you to the border. You will cross that border and never come back. I will not touch your wife and kids. They are South African but if you cross me and go report to my husband, I will find you and I will cut it off!”

I said placing the iron on his hand and he screamed again. Burning flesh smells funny but sends a message too loud to ignore!

“Yes yes yes!”

He said crying. With his manhood violated and his hand burning I could see he was not sure what to sooth.

“Get this piece of shit out of here!”

I told them as I sat down. I was in danger. My husband was trying to kill me and there was not a damn person that could save me. It was either him or me but I could not say I had not seen it coming.

I had to kill him first!

*****The End******

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  1. Yabona ke opening the year having to choose is not at all what I expected. Wololo nkosiyam sounds so G my LAAAWD!

  2. i like it but i had no read the other one yet. let me go read and decide lol. but i have a great feeling i might choose this lol

  3. Morning Mike and team and welcome back. Please do not get sick again this year or have complications from previous operations. I, personally was missing you and your writing to no decimal point.

    Anyway I am a sex addict but when there is no sex then I settle for action, hardcore, guns and all things gangster. So “WOLOLO” has my vote all the way to the deciding board.

    Thank you and a warm welcome back to Blogville!

  4. This lady I like her, we need too read more about strong and fearless women who have a bit of ruthlessness. After all that’s what separates men from women.
    but choosing aww mike

  5. MHeik! Now m cönfusd ke qeta ho bala wololo n i votd majuba :-)mike i wnt dem both if u cnt majuba is leadin 4 me evn thou i lov action

  6. I just spent 45 minutes going through these amazing and interesting two chapters.Majuba made me laugh so much and wololo gave me the chills in a good way so i’m team #wololo all the way however i hope to read Majuba in future.

  7. I vote for Majuba I think we’ve had many books written from a womens perspective.. so please let Majuba come on board

  8. well, well, well! two toatally different stories! I like action movies with that adrenaline rush and chills. therefore, wololo is the one for me. Thumbs up!

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