Missteps of a Young Wife

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Mthobisi must have heard the sound because I heard him shout my name, I struggled to get the chair off me and after a few minutes of struggling I managed to get it off. He again shouted asking if I was okay, I told him I was just cleaning the house, it was the only answer I could think of at the time, “I hope you didn’t break anything valuable.” He said and I thought I had just broken my back by being foolish but I lied and shouted back that nothing was broken I had just dropped a book. I stood up and that was hard, now I was in pains just like Mthobisi and to think I had flushed almost the whole box of painkillers down the toilet I was really an idiot. Mthobisi called my name again asking where his food was, he was worse than a baby, why the hell couldn’t he just make his own damn food. My back was soar, that stupid chair had hit me on the back. I couldn’t even walk properly that’s how much pain I was in but how was I going to explain my funny walk to my husband he had only been asleep for two hours and in that time I had managed to break my back. I tried as hard as I could to walk fine even though on the inside I was crying. Walking down the stairs was the worse I had to step with both feet on one stair at a time, days like these I wished we had no huge a normal house, I finally made it to the last stair when Mthobisi appeared from the bedroom, I guess my face must have given me away because he said “You don’t look too good. Are you okay?” I put on a fake smile and nodded and told him that I had eaten his food earlier cause I was worried it will go cold so I was going to the kitchen to make him food, he stood there watching me as I made my way to the kitchen I was in so much pain and I just wanted to put my hand on my lower back to support it but I had to act like I was fine in front of Mthobisi. The moment I got in the kitchen I could actually breath and I started rubbing my lower back. I made the toast and while waiting for it I decided to sit down, big mistake. When I wanted to stand up I couldn’t lift myself up I was in so much pain a unintentional scream came out of my mouth and Mthobisi came rushing to check on me. “I can’t get up from this chair” I said Mthobisi started laughing he must have thought I was joking until he got close and saw the tears in my eyes. “Lesedi, what’s wrong? Who hurt you?” trust my husband to always think it’s another person’s fault. I looked at him with tears dripping down my face “I’m stupid, I climbed the bed and I put one of the chairs from the study on top of the bed and climbed on top of the chair.” He looked at me like I was crazy and asked if was he sleeping for that long that I got so bored and did such a stupid and dangerous thing. I told him the truth, I was tired of his stares like I had just lost my mind, he laughed at me for being silly for even thinking that he would bring another woman into our home, he told me he respected me too much to even think of doing that. “Then what are you doing with make-up bags in your car?” I asked angry because this was all his fault I was in pains because of him, because of the nonsense that I saw in his car. “Honey after Dineo was kidnapped I promised myself that I was not going to loose another child and I will do everything in my powers to find her, I made a few links here and there and when the people who had our child found out who I was they traded her to bigger players, my enemies who took full advantage of the situation. There was this woman whom they used to breastfeed the baby, they actually paid her for her services and I managed to get close to her without telling her that I was the father of the child she was being paid to breastfeed. The thought of another woman breast-feeding my child made me sick in the pit of my stomach, what if she had some disease and ends up infecting my child. Mthobisi explained that he got close to her and started taking her out on dates but the woman was not interested in sex because she had just lost her husband and a baby in a tragic accident, so all she wanted to do was talk he was basically her shoulder to lean on and she was left with nothing which is why she could take a job of breastfeeding a stranger’s child and not have a problem with it. I asked Mthobisi if she knew the child was kidnaped, Mthobisi said after spending a lot of time with her and speaking to her he found out that she was being lied to, the people that had our daughter had told her that the child’s mother was in a comma she had gone into a comma after giving birth to the child and the lady felt like she was helping the mother of the child and the child. I could not believe my ears, these people steal my child then put me in a fake comma and this woman taking payment for breastfeeding, the things people in Joburg will do for money make priests blush. “So where is she now?” I asked Mthobisi waiting to hear him say they have a date the following day or something stupid like that, I was ready for it. “After getting to know each other well, I felt I should open up to her, I felt she needed to know the truth about why I was there, so I told her and she got very angry and she was meant to go feed our baby that afternoon, when she got there it was only the new body guards that were there and she took our child and went home with her telling the body guard she would bring the child in the evening after supper, I had no idea she had done this and had gone to do other things she tried to get hold of me, but the time I got to her house her house was set on fire.” My heart started beating fast, I stared wondering if Mthobisi had lied to me earlier when he said our child was safe, I wanted to tell him to stop telling me this story because I was not ready to hear about the hell that my child went through. He said he was outside and wasn’t sure if the lady, I shall call her Lady P because he never told me her name, so he didn’t know if Lady P was inside the house or not and as he was standing outside the house he heard cries of the baby and there was no doubt in his mind that was his daughter and without thinking or any plan he ran inside the house. “There was fire everywhere, I couldn’t see, I turned back and got out of the house and then went to the tap outside and made my clothes and self wet throwing water with a bucket then I ran back inside praying that Dineo doesn’t stop crying so I can follow the sound of her voice, she was inside the wardrobe and there was fire all around her, I didn’t care about the fire I just wanted to get to my baby, I grabbed her and at this stage my pants were in fire burning I didn’t care I just needed to get my child out of there.” I asked what about the lady where was she and he said she was there she had fallen close to the bed he tried waking her up and she wouldn’t get up he figured that she must have inhaled smoke, he tried to drag her out but the fire was getting out of hand so he needed to make a decision so he decide to run outside and take Dineo and put her in the car then come back for Lady X which was exactly what he did but by the time he got back the roof had fallen closing the front door so he couldn’t get inside the house, he tired the front door it had burglar gates he tried breaking it and he couldn’t and at this time the fire fighters came and told him to move out of the way and go stand outside he said he couldn’t wait there for too long because he was worried that Dineo might have inhaled smoke and he needed to get her to a hospital and was worried that those cronies who told her could also be around so he got in the car and drove to the nearest hospital. Dineo was checked and he was told she was fine so he decided to bring her home to me so I could see that our child was alive, when he came home I was nowhere to be seen, he didn’t know what had happened to me and decided to take Dineo to his mom and that is when his mom told him that I was at my mom’s place and my mom had taken me to some retreat because I was not dealing well with all the stress that was going on in my life. He said he dropped Naledi with his mom’s helper and didn’t want his mother to see him in that condition and just kept communicating with his mother on the phone, he had not yet gone to see my parents because he also didn’t want my parents seeing him like that. I asked how long was he in the house for and he said it’s been three day, so all this was recent, I asked if he ever found out what happened to Lady P and he said she died in that fire, I felt bad for her, that woman was my hero, I know I hated her at first but that was before I knew the whole story, if it wasn’t for her we would still not have our baby back. “I want to go see her” I said getting excited. “Who?” Mthobisi asked, I told him I want to go and see our daughter, he told me I could go but he wasn’t coming with me, I begged and begged until he agreed so while he ate I bandaged him up, I was really excited about seeing my daughter again. When I was done with Mthobisi he looked much better than when I first saw him, I asked him where he go the first bandages and he said in the hospital when he took our daughter to get checked. We went to the car and I drove, we arrived in Daveyton when the sun was setting and it was starting to get dark. Mthbobisi was wearing loose fitting track pants and a jacket and a cap we tried very hard to cover his injuries. His mom wasn’t there luckily for us, the first thing I did was grab my daughter and hug her very tight while tears were flowing down my face like an opened tap, I could not believe that after all these months I was finally holding her in my arms, she started crying I guess she didn’t remember me not that I blamed her she had been with so many people but that was all going to change soon, I was going to spend every minute of my life with her and I was going to spoil her and treat her like a princess that she was she deserved it after going through the hell she went through, I honestly never thought that I would see my daughter again.
A few minutes later Mthobisi’s mother arrived, my mood changed she was very surprised to see me here. “Lesedi, when did you get out?” she asked giving me a side eye, I ignored her question because I didn’t understand it. She said I was in a retreat to Mthobisi so a person can leave the retreat whenever they want. The helper looked at me and said “Ohh so you are Lesedi, there is so many of your documents here laying around I didn’t know what to do with them.” Okay that was even more confusing I never had any mail come to Mthobisi’ s mother’s house before I could explain that to her she had already left the room she came back a few seconds later carrying documents with my name on the, when I saw the name on top of the documents my blood froze, it was the same mental institution’s name that I was in, how the hell did those get here I wondered, I paged through the document’s, then I saw something that got me so mad I was ready to kill my mother in-law. “You had me committed to that mental institution citing that I was a danger to myself and people around me and I shouldn’t be allowed visitors! You had me locked up with mad people for months, while your son needed my help. What kind of a monster are you?” I said throwing the documents at her.

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  1. Hi Mike and Zama,
    Is the anyway readers can be able to catch up with MOAYW? I just came back from maternity leave and i lost out on about 3months. How does one catch up please???

  2. OMG!!!!! that women is a true monster in law how can she do that to poor lesedi mara…..!tanx bra MIke and Thozama, i really missed lesedi n mthobisi

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