Missteps of a Young Wife


I started sweating, I had just read a few minutes ago that I was wanted by police they might not have mentioned my name but I knew I was definitely on the wanted list and now police stopping me, this was not good, I didn’t know if I should stop or go, I knew if I stopped I was going to be taken and sent back to that hell hole and I couldn’t leave my husband, not when he needed me like this. I mounted up some guts and stepped out of the car, I didn’t even bother waiting for them to come to me, they were approaching my car. It was two male police officers, I said a little thank you prayer that it wasn’t female cops, there is nothing more difficult to convince than a female policewoman “I guess you know why we stopped you, good thing you are handing yourself over and not making this situation difficult for all of us.” I looked at him and pretended not to know what he was talking about. “You could have killed someone with your recklessness” the second cop said “I swear it wasn’t me, it was those crazy people, I left before them, I had nothing to do with that fire” I said close to crying now. They both looked at each other and the other one asked “ukhuluma ngani lo-Sisi?” direct translation what is this lady talking about, the other cop just shrugged his shoulders and asked if I was okay because they were asking me about the red robot that I had just skipped which constituted as reckless driving and I could have knocked over a person and killed them or even worse there could have been another coming and I could have collided with it, they were speaking to me as if I was an idiot, then one of them asked if I even had a license because no person with a license would drive like that, shit, I had no wallet and obviously that is where all my personal belonging were. I smiled and apologised for the confusion, I told them I was very stressed because I had left a sick child at home and the way I was so worried about my son whose temperature was very high up I could not even concentrate on the road I did not even realise that I had skipped a red robot that part was at least true. They told me to get my license and I went to the car and one followed me to the car while the other checked the car license disk. I opened the cabby holder and there was a lady’s scarf and a make-up bag, now I know for a fact that Mthobisi’ s mom does not use make-up and that scarf was too elegant to be his mother’s scarf and that stuff definitely did not belong to me, I must have let my thoughts take over because I heard the cop ask what was taking me so long, I quickly grabbed some of the extra money that I had taken to go buy medicine for Mthobisi and gave it to the cop it must have been over R300, the cop was salivating and said “this is a very good drivers license, travel safe my sister” I got in the car and the other who was checking my disk said to the one I had given money as I was driving off. “iyahlanya le-one le, bamuloyile straight” direct translation this one is crazy, she’s been bewitched, he couldn’t even wait for me to drive away before talking about me, I didn’t care what they said about me, fact of the matter I was now free, I was a free women and with freedom comes great responsibility I was soon going to learn that.
When I got back to the house I found Mthobisi in the bathroom downstairs, he was standing by the sink, I grabbed a bottle of painkillers and stood with them next to the toilet and I calmly said “these pills can make your pain go away and I will give them to you under one condition, one condition only, you tell me which whore you brought to our house and let her drive our car. If you don’t tell me I will throw these pills down this toilet the choice is yours.” I said holding the bottle above the toilet. He looked at me and tried to act like he didn’t know what I was talking about and I dropped three pills in the toilet. “Lesedi, what the hell is wrong with you, I’m in pains and you want to play silly little game, grow the fuck up man.” I dropped another three. “Okay, okay, you’ve made your point…” I looked at him and told him the bottle was becoming empty he needed to speak fast. “What makes you think there was another woman?” he asked, I am not a fool Mthobisi, you can do all things but don’t treat me like an idiot.” I said dropping two more pills in the toilet, he tried moving closer to me and I said if he moves one more inch I’m going to throw the whole bottle in the toilet. “There was a lady whom I gave a lift to she had some information about the whereabouts of our baby and the only way for me to get our child was to be close to her, I was doing that to save our baby’s life.” I dropped to the ground and I told him he needed to tell me everything. “I will I promise, just stop throwing the pills in the toilet.” He said moving closer to me, he said he was cold and would tell me after he warmed up. I gave him the rest of the painkiller that were left I never told him there was another box, I wanted him to suffer and be stressed just like I was stressed by seeing another’s woman’s things in my husband’s car. I gave him the pills and put the ointment in his body his back had bad bruises, arms were terrible it looked like was burnt alive. After I had put the ointment I told him he needed to stay without the bandage for a couple of hours and I would bandage him later before he goes to bed, he agreed because he knew putting on the bandages was going to also be another painful process. When I was done, he asked if I could make him something to eat while he sits in the guest bedroom because it had the sun coming in directly from the big windows. I agreed because I also knew it was not good to take medication on an empty stomach. I quickly made him a toasted sandwich with ham, cheese and tomatoes, the sandwich maker was taking too long, I was dying to find out how my husband cheated on me in the name of our child. I made him coffee since he had said he was cold and went back to the bedroom, I found him fast asleep. I decided not to wake him up, it’s not like he was going anywhere, I was still going to be there when he got up. I ate his food myself and went to the kitchen and poured myself juice for some reason, I was no longer a big fan of coffee I guess after tasting the poisonous coffee from the crazy place it was enough to put everyone off coffee for a very long time.
I went upstairs to investigate check if there were any underwear’s laying around, one thing I know about ladies is they love leaving evidence behind, some way to make the next woman who comes to know that she was there and is something important to the man. I really do not get the significance of leaving your stuff at a man’s house when you know he’s not yours, unless if Mthobisi had promised this poor soul that I hoped I never got to meet a life with him, then they were both screwed because I was not going anywhere. The first place I went was the drawer where I had taken money from and surprise, surprise the envelope was gone. I went through every drawer and there was nothing unusual, I went through his wardrobe examining his favourite clothes and trying to look for make -up in his shirts or lipstick and smelling them to see if there were any women fragrancies on them, I believe that all women were born with natural detective instincts, women can dig up things that you had no idea anyone knew about them, a woman can compile a file with your history and tell you what you had each day for breakfast, lunch and super for the past three years, this is why most men who are being stocked by a woman end up marrying them because the files those women stalker hold can destroy their lives so the saying keep your enemies closer works in these situations. I might have been born with detective instincts but I knew here I was dealing with a pro, as soon as I left the house he probably limped around and destroyed all evidence, bloody hell maybe even those cops were sent by him to keep me distracted for a few minutes while he cleaned the place up. Men can drive us crazy on the seriousness, I mean here’s what happens with most women especially the married one and the desperate not to be single ones, they go all out and get all this evidence that proves that the man is cheating and they come and lay everything in front of the man hoping he would confess and apologise but what does the man do, he denies every single thing, denies it so well that you start doubting yourself and the minute that you start doubting yourself that is when he has you exactly where he wants you and he will end up convincing you that he’s clean as a whistle and that people are jealous of your relationship and once a lady hears that line of people being jealous of her relationship she starts seeing jealousy from the friends who were helping her and starts turning against the friends, I’ve seen women turn against their own families all because a man said “they are jealous of our relationship” and she believes him, well I was not going to be naïve I was going into this war with full force. I must have looked in all the rooms upstairs searching for some sort of evidence and there was nothing I was now starting to feel a little bit foolish. I must say there was a bit of relief in not finding another woman’s clothes in my home, I don’t know how I would have taken it. I gave up and just threw myself on top of the bed and faced the ceiling as I was laying there looking up, I remembered in our old place in Fourways when cops came to our house how Mthobisi had hidden a bad inside the ceiling, I needed to get up there, I stood on top of the bed and couldn’t reach the ceiling, I needed a chair, this was the only way I was going to be able to get up there, I went to Mthobisi’s study and grabbed one of his office chairs, there was only one problem it had wheels, I wheeled it out of the room and into our bedroom then I climbed on top of the bed and pulled up the chair, it was not stable but this was going to be a quick job, I climbed on top of the chair it was a bit wobbly but I was in a mission, I needed to find out the truth. I tried pushing the ceiling to the side it wouldn’t’ move, I pushed harder and still it wasn’t move I decided to use all my strength and with full force I tried to push it forward I lost my balance and fell flat on my face and the heavy chair rolled off the bed and fell on top of me.

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  1. Lol Lesedi is a serious investigator I tell u, I don’t know if she’s still looking for a woman belongings or the brown envelope

  2. 😂😂😂 actually I missed misteps
    Lesedi makes my life, but I still have a lot of questions.
    Where is the baby? What was in the envolpe? What exactly happened to Mtho?

    Damn I love this storyline

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