Missteps of a Young Wife


Our house had been empty for so long so it was possible that someone might have just decided to squat in it rent-free of course because when I was in the mad house there was no one bringing me rent money for my house so whomever was there was staying rent-free. People can be so disrespectful how do you move into someone else’s house, with no lease agreement, no contract, nothing you just move in. I grabbed the knife and stood on my toes and tiptoed to the dining room, the room was filled with cigarette smell, I was immediately grossed out, how do you smoke inside someone else’s house, at this point I was starting to get a little scared, I didn’t know if I should call out and ask if anybody was there even though it was obvious that there was someone there or if I should surprise the intruder with a knife but that could turn our bad especially since the intruder could be stronger than me and end up over-powering me and I end up with my own knife on my heart, that thought on it’s own was terrifying so I did the coward thing and shouted “Hi, it’s the owner of the house, I just want to talk please come downstairs” I got no response, I decided to speak with more authority after all this was my house and I had more right to be there than that idiot “if you don’t come down in two minutes, I am calling the police. This is your last chance.” I had no phone so this was obviously me trying to scare the guy, at the mention of police I heard the “okay, okay wait” the person said in a hoarse voice, I had another thing to worry about, what if there was more than one person in the house. “Are you coming down alone? And how many of you are here?” I asked trying very hard to sound brave even though every fibre in my being was shaking, I suddenly regretted running away from my psycho friend Lizeka, I would have sent her upstairs to go count the people up there then kill them, okay maybe not kill them just get them out of my property. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, I lifted the knife and pointed it straight towards the stairs. Something, I can’t call it a person because it had no resemblance to a human being, it was all covered up in what was supposed to be white bandages but had now turned black, I scream and ran to the back kitchen door, I was not prepared to see what I saw, he must have ran after and jumped me because suddenly I was on the floor and he was on top of me but I was not going down without a fight I was kicking and screaming at him and trying my hardest best to get him off me. Each time I kicked I would hear him scream “ahhh, ahhhhh” so he must have been in pains or I was kicking the injured parts, he was trying to speak to me but I was not hearing none of that I was too loud and my voice over-powered his.
He eventually sat on my legs so I couldn’t kick anymore and I stopped screaming and he grabbed both my arms and shouted on top of his voice “Woman please shut the fuck up” for the first time I was still, not by choice of course, I couldn’t move my legs were pinned down. There was something about that voice though, “Ohhh My God, Mthobisi is that you?” I said with tears building up in my eyes. He shook his head and looked away, it was him, why was he so filthy. “What the hell happened to you? Were you smoking in the house?” I don’t know why I asked that question out of all things that I could have asked but the cigarette smoke bothered me and when did he take up smoking, he shook his head and said to me “where have you been? I needed you.” This came as a shock to me, what did he mean? Didn’t someone tell him? “We need to get you cleaned up okay” I said as he slowly got off me, he looked disgusting, how could he let himself go like this. I asked why he was all bandaged up and he said he was in an accident and would tell me about it . I wanted to ask about our daughter but I was too scared of what the answer might be so I decided to wait for him to tell me, when two seconds passed without him saying anything about her, I could no longer hold myself. “Where is our daughter?” I asked with my voice shaking I was praying on the inside, I was not ready to hear bad news, bad news could send me back to the madhouse, he tried to smile through his pain and said “she’s safe with my mother.” I jumped and hugged him and all I heard from him were “ouch, ouchhhh” I quickly stepped back when I realised that I was hurting him, he said we will go see her when he was feeling better because he didn’t want people to see him like this. I wanted to take him upstairs but he was walking like an old man limping and having to pause after a few steps this was not the strong, powerful man I once knew, I was patient with him and told him to take his time. I took him to the guest bedroom downstairs and we went to the bathroom, I cut off the bandages even though he was protesting, I told him his wounds would get infected if he stayed with those dirty bandages if he wasn’t already infected. Gosh it looked bad, no bad is still a nice word, it looked horrific, at the sight of his injuries I almost puked. I went upstairs to get him some Dettol and cleaning stuff and came downstairs and for the first time in a long time I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to start cleaning the wounds, I wanted to throw him in the bath and scrub him but that was not going to work. I stood there looking at him absolutely clueless as to what to do, he was staring right back at me and after realising that I was not moving “Are you going to do something or are we going to stand like this the whole day?” he asked not looking to happy with me and I didn’t blame him one bit.
I swear on days like these I really missed having Priscilla around, I must have said something out loud because I saw his eyeballs almost popped out of his skull. “Priscilla” he said looking at me with a confused face, I shook my head and told him I was sorry, the medication they gave me in that place made me feel some type of way. Again he was confused by my statement “What place? What medication did your mom give you?” now I was confused, nigger thought I was at my mom’s place while I was chilling in a psychiatric hospital, what was going on in this place. I couldn’t talk about that now, I needed to clean him up and make sure he wasn’t infected, I gave myself a pep talk in my head, I was a real mental patient I tell you , I told myself that this is my husband and if the roles were reversed he would be doing the same for me, I love him and he loves me and these are just wounds nothing major. I slowly started cleaning him, it broke my heart to see him in so much pain and he was trying very hard to hide the fact that each time I touched him it hurt. When I was finally done cleaning him up he said he needed pain killers, I completely understood and at that rate I needed some too but then I remembered that I was not allowed to take pain killers because I had been close to being addicted to them. I asked him if there were any painkillers in the house so I could go and get them for him and he said he had finished them all. I told him I would go and buy some but I didn’t have any money on me, I wondered where my wallet and bag and cell phone were. He told me to get money in our bedroom upstairs in the drawer on his side of the bed, I ran up and opened the drawer and there were a few hundred Rand notes and an A4 envelope something inside told me to open the envelope as I about to open it, Mthobisi called out my name, I quickly put the envelope down and rushed downstairs. “I won’t be long” I said grabbing the car keys, he nodded then asked “Are you going dressed like that?” he said pointing at my outfit, I had actually forgotten that I was dressed like someone’s grandmother, I laughed and went back upstairs and quickly changed to skinny jeans and a tight white t-shirt, my stomach was not fully flat it needed a bit of work, but it was not bad for someone who not long ago had given birth, I was a typical woman, we are never happy about our weight. I looked at the drawer and decided to not allow the devil to use me for his evil works whatever was in that envelope was none of my business if Mthobisi wanted me to know what was in that envelope he would have told me.
I went downstairs and Mthobisi was still in the guest bedroom, he nodded and smiled and said now I looked like his beautiful wife not that granny that was invading his house, I had forgotten how funny my husband could be. I grabbed the car keys and left the house, I drove to the shopping centre and it felt so good to be so free and independent and be able to do things on my own without people watching over me and telling me when and how to do it. I went to the pharmacy and asked for the strongest painkillers, I took four packets of the painkillers and bandages and ointments and wound cleaning products. I went to the counter and paid for the stuff then left, on my way to the car I remembered that I needed to get a few things for the house so I decided to just run in and out of Pick n Pay. As soon as I went inside I saw one of the newspaper and the front page said “Mental Institution Patients burnt he hospital down” my heart started beating fast, I knew this was my hospital, I grabbed the paper and went to the counter, all the stuff I wanted to get for the house suddenly disappeared out of my head, I couldn’t even remember why I was in the store in the first place, I rushed to the counter at this stage I was shaking I paid and literally ran to the car to read the newspaper. I was still shaking while reading it, I scanned through the article and it basically said patients broke out of the mental institution and before they left, they set some of the rooms on fire, and there were patients and staff that had lost their lives but they couldn’t release the names because the families haven’t been told. “Oh God what have we done?” I might have not known about the fire but I was partially involved because I helped those fools escape, I didn’t know that the fools had set some rooms on fire. The article also mentioned that the police were looking for the patients that had managed to escape and the public was reassured that these patients would be caught and sent back to the mental institution, they probably thought we mad people were still roaming around the streets close to the institution, shame if they only knew that some of us are long gone, one thing I knew for sure they were going to come to my house, I needed to get out of the house real soon. I decided to calm down a little a bit before driving home, after a few minutes I was feeling a little bit better so I drove home. After a few streets, I heard police sirens when I looked at the review mirror I realized there were police behind me and they were stopping me.

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