Missteps of a Young Wife

MOAYW 297 Bonus

This woman was seriously psychotic, and the more time I spent with her the more I realized she belonged in that mental institution and running away with her was a big mistake. “Whoa!!! I can’t help you kill anyone, besides isn’t she your friend? Shouldn’t you be killing your husband instead?” I asked surprised by this woman who was blaming another woman for her husband who couldn’t keep his pants closed, she looked at me like I had just thrown her with the biggest insult in the history of insults. “If I kill my husband then who is going to look after me?” Wow!! This was the same woman whom the previous day had called me spoilt. I asked why couldn’t she just go back to school study get a certificate or diploma and she again looked as if I was crazy and said “I’ am too old for that, my time has expired” I wondered how old she was but then remembered that the last time I asked her questions I got a bucket of tears I was not ready for another so I didn’t bother asking.
I came up with a plan, “you know when I told you guys in the therapy session that my husband was a mafia that was not a lie it was the truth, he has connections in every corner of this earth and if we speak to him he will definitely help you kill your husband’s mistress” she shook her head and said if my husband was that good why did he send me to a mental institution. I explained that my child was kidnaped and he was hardly ever at home, he was not there to support me and help me understand the situation and that is how I lost my mind, this was half the truth of course, I didn’t mention the fact that my husband was missing, she didn’t need to know that, I needed to go home, I was going to deal with her issues when I was at my own house, I missed my bed, I missed my lousy cooking, I missed the small everyday things that we take for granted and being copped up in that place with that psycho was not helping me one bit. I also explained that it wasn’t my husband who took me to that place but my parents because they were worried that I would end up hurting myself. She seemed to be a bit convinced by my story, she agreed that she was going to come with me to my place, the joy that filled my heart knowing that I would be going home. She took a shower and while she was showering I choose an outfit from her aunt’s wardrobe, the clothes looked better on that particular day, maybe it was because I knew I would be wearing my own clothes soon. I took a long blue skirt and a white blouse I wanted to look beautiful, the skirt was big I found a safety pin and used it on the waist to make the skirt smaller, I checked myself in the dusty mirror and had to find a cloth to wipe the dust off so that I could be able to see myself, I didn’t look bad at all. My crazy friend came out of the shower and choose an outfit while I washed the dishes the least we could do was leave the house clean after breaking the bathroom window.

“Okay I found some money in my aunt’s underwear’s drawer that’s where she always kept her money,” Lizeka said appearing in front of me in the kitchen, that was gross but money was money, no one knows where the money they holding in their hands or keeping in their wallets has been so I was not about to judge. We didn’t have handbags or anything with us, Lizeka took one of her aunt’s old handbags she said just so we look a bit normal I just shook my head and we headed out. She at least knew where to catch taxis we walked there and the was a taxi waiting to fill up, I told Lizeka we should sit in the front row since all the other seats were only left with one person to fill them up, she looked inside and then immediately said to me we should wait for another taxi. This woman was crazy, I could see the people inside had been there for some time and people were coming in dribs and drabs and now she expected me to wait for this taxi to fill up and watch it drive off then wait four hours for the next taxi to fill up, that was not going to happen I dragged her by the hand and pulled her inside the taxi she had no choice but to follow me inside. I could see she was annoyed but she kept her head down and tried very hard not to look at the people at the back, she kept her head down, that was very random but it was none of my business I was just excited about going home. While we were sitting in the taxi waiting I heard people whispering and when I would turn to look back they would be pointing at us, ohh God our pictures must have been in the newspapers, but black people are no snitches they were not going to tell on us, besides airtime is too expensive. The taxi finally filled up after almost half an hour of waiting and the driver came and everyone started passing the money to the front. We had to pass the change back to the people as Lizeka was handing change back to some old lady who was sitting behind us she looked at her with disgust in her face and said “I will not take money from a killer, keep it” Lizeka looked like she was about to cry after hearing that. I grabbed the money from her hand and said “thanks we’ll take it” I then continued facing the front and everyone in the taxi went silent even the whispers stopped and suddenly it hit me, that old lady had just said Lizeka was a killer, not a mental patient like someone would have said if our pictures were on the papers and had seen them, I quickly turned around and face a lady and said “sorry what did you call my friend?” I said pointing at Lizeka. The old lady didn’t waste any time before answering she said “ohhh, she killed her aunt, everyone here knows it” my eyes popped wide opened at this new information, were we staying at the aunt’s place that she had killed, oh my gosh this woman was something else. Lizeka shouted “short left driver. You old lady better stop talking shit that you know nothing about or I will sue you for every last penny that you have” the driver stopped the taxi on the left side of the road and Lizeka opened the door and everyone in the taxi including the old lady started shouting and screaming at her and calling her all sorts of names, this community really hated her. She grabbed my hand and we got out, I didn’t know what to make of this but it made sense that she didn’t want to get in that taxi in the first place.
We were now standing in middle of nowhere, Lizeka got us off the taxi before our stop, we had to walk all the way to the main taxi rank where we would be catching taxis to Johannesburg which was far from where we got off. All the way to the taxi rant all Lizeka was doing was swearing and cursing at that old lady and everyone in the taxi, I started wondering how safe was I with this crazy woman. I made sure I walked behind her and kept a safe following distance, I didn’t want her sneaking up on me and killing me like she did with her aunt and maybe there was even more people that she had killed, I know I was a kettle calling the pot black but his was different. I was in complete silence just following behind her. We finally arrived at the taxi rank and I have never been so happy to see so many taxi drivers around, I felt like hugging them but I knew I would probably get weird looks and inappropriate comments from them, I was so relieved to have people around me and not be around this killer of a woman. We went to the taxis that was going to Johannesburg and got inside and it quickly filled up thank goodness, I was over sitting in taxis waiting for people to fill it up, I was starting to feel like a taxi marshal, always counting how many people are left before we can go. Lizeka and I were both silent all the way to Joburg and on the way I was now not sure where to take her, when we were at her aunt’s house before I discovered that she killed her aunt I was convinced that I was going to take her to mine and Mthobisi’s place but now my mind had completely changed since I knew what type of person she was, I did not want to be alone with her, I could not afford to be alone with her, I didn’t know what she was capable of to make matters worse she was not opened either. I didn’t want to take her to my parent’s house and she ends up killing my parents, I was really in a tight spot, I honestly didn’t know what to do with this woman, the distance to Joburg was quite long, Lizeka fell asleep during the ride, I couldn’t sleep I was too stressed thinking about what to do next. Her aunt’s bag that she took and had put the money in was in between us and she was snoring away, not loud snores to be fair, I saw this as a sign from God, I slowly unzipped the bag and removed R50 then closed it again, I also had R10 change that the old lady didn’t want to take from Lizeka on our first taxi ride. I had enough money to get me to either my mom’s house or my own house, the taxi dropped us at MTN taxi rank, I don’t know what day it was but it must have been during the week because the taxi rank was super buys just from outside I could see people moving up and down. I loved Joburg and its busyness, I woke Lizeka up and told her we had arrived, to be honest if I was not sitting at the window and had to go pass her to get out of the taxi I would not have woken her up. She woke up and looked and around and I told her to get out to which she did and she asked where to from here, I told her we needed to take another taxi to get to Faraday taxi rank and that was going to cost us about R3,50 I knew she didn’t have any coins so I told her that those taxi drivers are very rude and want the exact amount, I told her we needed to get change otherwise they will throw us out. We went to a street vendor I choose one that was the busiest and knew it would take forever to serve us and might not even have change. As we were waiting Lizeka opened the handbag and as she was about to take money out, out of nowhere a young guy came running and snatched the handbag away from her and ran with it, Lizeka jumped and ran after him and I was so surprised by what had just happened, it wouldn’t have happened better even if I planned it myself, God was on my side that day I could feel it, I ran the opposite direction back to MTN Taxi rank, I quickly went to the Midrand line and they needed one person to fill the taxi and I got in and the taxi immediately took off, I was so happy I wanted to dance, the stupid taxi driver drove pass the street vendor we had been trying to buy from and there was Lizeka back at the stand with her aunt’s bag in hand, the girl was a fighter shem, how did she manage to get the handbag back so quickly, she was looking around obviously looking for me, I slid down the chair trying to hide from her, luckily for me she was looking the other way, the taxi drove past her without her seeing me, what a relief. The taxi ride to home was very quick, I had literally spent most of my day in taxis. When I arrived at the estate the security guards recognised me and let me in, I walked to our house feeling very nervous and anxious. We always kept a spare key under a rock at the back of the house and I don’t think anyone ever used that spare key, I wasn’t even sure if it was still there or if the rains had washed it away. I went straight to the back and lifted every stone I could get and nothing, no key on any of them. I was now feeling defeated, I didn’t know what to do next I just sat there out of plans and out of ideas.
After some time I started walking around then I decided to break the door open, I was tired of being stuck outside of my own house, I first tried opening it and the door opened, oh my gosh I could not believe this, I walked in and went to the kitchen and opened the fridge, thank goodness there was some food, I grabbed some juice and drank from the bottle, then I heard something fall upstairs, that is when I realized I was not alone in the house, no wonder the back door was opened, I grabbed the biggest knife in the kitchen….

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  1. I hope they didn’t sell her house….. I have a Lizeka will find Lesedi come what may. OH GOD where is Mthobisi thou… Maybe keeping a low profile somewhere and waiting for dust to settle

  2. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
    Missteps is such a great read! Keeps me at the edge of my sit.
    Who could be upstairs I wonder

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