Missteps of a Young Wife


I looked at her in amazement, was this woman serious, she wanted us to commit mass suicide, I could not believe this, she was already making her way to the bedroom to go look for her aunt’s gun, I stood there confused, the siren sounds were getting closer and Lizeka was getting ready to kill us both, I didn’t know if I should run to the sound of where the sirens were coming from or try and stop Lizeka from finding the gun and killing us both, she was crazy, she could snap and do anything and in court plead insanity and not even go to jail, I mean she had just escaped from a mental institution no court will send a crazy person to jail. I decided to run to the sirens they were the safer options here.

As I opened the door to run out I heard her shout from behind “where are you going?” I quickly moved inside the house and closed the door and told her that I was checking how far the police were, she had the gun in her hand, I was sweating with fear. She came close to me and opened the door and as she opened the door we saw blue lights and red lights but wait, they were not stopping they were still speeding off, the bloody sirens were not for us, this crazy woman almost killed us for something that wasn’t even real, that is when I knew that I needed to get as far away from her as possible and I needed to do it with the speed of lightening. She looked at me and hugged me and started jumping up and down saying we were not going back to the crazy prison, this was unbelievable, this was the same woman who a few minutes ago wanted to blow our brains out in bid of running away from the cops.

I told her I was tired and we should go to bed, she asked if I wanted to share the bed with her and I lied and told her that I was not really a good person to share a bed with because I kicked and snored while sleeping, that was enough to put her off the idea of playing room-mates she said we can sleep in different bedrooms, I was happy with that plan because I knew that night was going to be my chance to escape from her crazy ass. I slept in the same room that I had slept in earlier, which suited me just fine, I didn’t even care that the bed was hard. As soon as I got to bed, I decided that I was going to wait for an hour until Lizeka feel asleep then I would get out of that place, I was going to walk until the sun comes out then try to get a lift, I mean who could say no to a person that’s dressed like an old lady I mean my outfit screamed old and sweet, I slept with my clothes this was to ensure that when time came for me to run out of the house I would not have to change into clothes, I would just run out of that house. I don’t know what happened but I passed out and by the time I woke up the sun was already out, I was so angry with myself how could I sleep so much, I decided to go and try my luck still maybe my crazy housemate was still asleep.

I got out of bed and headed for the door and opened it slowly to make sure there were no loud sudden noises, then I walked slowly on my toes, passed the bedroom where she was sleeping the room was closed and I had no desires of checking if she was still asleep, my aim was to get to the kitchen door and run out of there. When I got to the kitchen there she was making breakfast, I smiled and greated her acting like all is good in the world. “Where did you get the eggs from?” she said our neighbours had chickens that were making cuckling sounds all morning and kept her awake half the morning, so she decided to go and wring the chicken’s necks and so she woke up and went to their yard and to her surprise the chicken had laid eggs, so the eggs saved the chicken’s lives and are saving our lives because now we get to have breakfast. She said since we didn’t have bread, it was useless to fry the eggs so she was boiling them, I didn’t mind food was food to me either way. She asked where I was going before she interrupted me and I told her I wanted to get some fresh air because that was something that I was not used to in that mental institution, she needed and told me she would come join me outside because the eggs were going to take a while.

We went outside and we started chatting about this and that, what I noticed about her was she was always searching information about me while giving very little to none about herself, I wondered what her game plan was here because I could tell that this chick had a plan, my brain was starting to function a little bit better, I guess the drugs were wearing off, she told me I needed to drink lots of water when I told her that at times I feel like I am getting overwhelmed by my own thought, she said the drugs that they had put on us at that place made us feel like zombies, we felt nothing, we couldn’t think and function like normal human beings, the thought of that place pisses me off. “Who put you there and why?” I asked her knowing she was going to avoid the question, she starred into space for a few minutes then turned to look at me and said “my husband.” Shit, now I wanted to know more. “What? Your own husband? Were you really loosing your mind? Couldn’t he have taken you to psychologists instead? I asked, she shook her head and I could see tears building up in her eyes. “My husband was having an affair with a friend of mine that we attended church with, when I meet my husband I was a virgin, he was the first and only man that I have ever slept with, I’ve never tasted any other you know, and I feel like I have deprived myself of so much all in the name of love.

What is that? Does it even exist or is it something that is a figment of our imagination, I mean have you ever meet someone who is truly happy and can tell you that they are happy in their relationship, trust me it’s always one sided in relationships, there is that one person who lives in the fantasy world and believes that they are in love and does everything in their powers to make the other person happy and there will always be that one who is not satisfied with the relationship but is to much of a coward to tell the happy fool that he or she is not happy and ends up playing along this happy couple nonsense game. The one who lives in the imaginary world believes all is well and hunky dory while the one who is miserable is dying inside, always wishing he had something or someone else, no matter how much the other person bends over backwards the bastard is just never happy.” I looked at her thinking this woman was really hurt. “I’m sorry for bring up old wounds” I said to her, really feeling guilty for asking her about her husband, now I understood why she was always so negative at the therapy sessions about other people’s problems. She smiled and said it was okay, it was good to talk about it and she continued “Anyway this affair had been going on for a year by the time I found out. We would have home cells at our house and my husband would insist that people sleep over because it was too late to drive home, some of these people stayed in our area so I didn’t get why he would say it was too late to drive.

Most of them would turn down his offer because I mean it’s ridiculous if you think about it but at that moment I was so blinded by my own imaginary world that I didn’t see it, I didn’t realize that each time he offered this my friend would take him on his offer, I also didn’t realize that each that that this particular friend was there I would wake up with massive headaches the following day. I didn’t realize that every night when she would sleep over, she and my husband would pour sleeping pills in my tea to make me sleep while they had some good times. When I found out, it was too late she was pregnant with my husband’s child. That was the day that my whole world fell apart, you could say it’s the day I lost my mind.” She said pushing tears with the back of her hand.” I wanted to hug her but then realized that was the mental institution mentality, this nonsense of hugging people unnecessarily. She turned and looked at me and told me that we should go back inside the eggs are probably done, we went back ate and I as the frit one to shower. I came out and


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  1. I hope Lizeka is not gonna “kidnap” Lesedi answer cash up on her, I hope she’s not making up that story to win Lesedi’s trust…. she’s very smart for a housewife who was easily fooled by then again love blinds even the best of us…. Thank you Mike

  2. Welcome Back Lesedi I know I surely missed u. Thank u so much Mike for giving us a chance to read again.

    Gossssh I love this book…

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