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Compliments of the New Year to you all. I really pray that we all have a much better year in 2017. I hope you all had a safe and sound festive season and did not over spend.

The blogs will be back Monday the 9th. Missteps will also be coming back. Our issues with our provider have been sorted permanently I hope. We had a problem also in that foreign readers could not access it as well as new readers simply could not catch up on the old system. We tried to fix that and the details will come down on how this week. We are also considering replacing BLESSED. The reason for this is that the story is simply refusing to move faster nor is it getting any stronger. What are your thoughts on this? A lot of people have already mentioned their dislike for the story and your input will be much appreciated. We have space for a new writer so if any of you would like to join our team please feel free to contact us.

Thank you so much for 2016 and all the support you have given us through the years.

Stay Blessed

Mike Maphoto
Thozama Mqikela
Sfiso Themba

81 thoughts on “Compliments

  1. Hi, Mikezito. I’ve been following every story with so much intrigue. Stopping Blessed is not.a great Idea yes it’s not fast paced not it’s powerful and the plot is thickings nice in the story. After all it has the makings off a full blog and not just a short story.

  2. its true blessed is very slow and upredictable in way that you cannot tell which direction its heading,,, lack a bit of direction, you don’t look forward to next chapter. please replace it. Thank God Missteps is coming cos we were about to start #BringMisstepsBack

    Compliments of the new year Mike and Team.

  3. Please replace Blessed, it doesn’t have that va va voooooom. As a matter of fact,confessions WAS very interesting compared to Blessed. So for me. Sam and Khanyi can be laid to rest

  4. Ah that breath of fresh air moment when you realize we are coming back soon, nice.

    Compliments Mikeesto and Team, hope ya’ll are well rested and fully fresh for the next epic year of making this blog the biggest worldwide. #BringMisstepsBack is a great idea, replacing Blessed before its ending though would be premature. Lets ride the wave, I would love to know how its all gonna go down and how Neo will take this whole Dubai thing.

    Happy 2017 fam

      1. Lmao!!!!! Hayi jonga andinanyani mos…. Thul’uzobona vha ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

        Happy new sweetheart ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. happy New year. im glad you are increasing in viewrship and international subscribers. I think Blessed is very interesting as a lot of girls are in this spot at the moment. the highest rate of HIV infection is with girls of Blessed’s age. Can Thandeka come back through Blessed as they are both naive college girls with similar yet differing experiences. Nelisiwe also disapperaed with her book and that of the Doctor lady so maybe a mashup is in order?

  6. Blessed has really grown on me and I would like to believe most of the readers share the same sentiments.
    Dubai still has to unfold, so does Sam’s wife and let me not forget poor little Neo.

    As for Missteps๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™‚ these are theee best news so far
    Really excited

  7. Hi Mike,
    Apologies if this question has been asked a 1000 times but Is Missteps available in stores yet

    1. Lol…nope not yet…and yes I know you asking Mike and not me , hehehehe… Peeps have been requesting that and I think that’s why Mike is bringing it back….

  8. hi Mike. please don’t replace blessed, it’s far too relevant to the way people live out there. and I’m sure one or two people will learn a lot from what is about to surface from it

  9. Hi Mike
    You are doing a great Job, the blog is amazing, it’s like my daily dosage. Please proceed with Blessed, It’s informative yet entertaining and there is so much one can relate to especially the ones in their late teens, young adults and married couples.

  10. hi mike… dont replace blessed, its so disheartening to be left dry when you are really starting to enjoy the story, there is a trend developing for almost all your stories, im sure everyone would like to see the end

    thank you

  11. Compliments for the new year Tate Mike and Jackzorro๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š. Let blessed get an ending with time. Don’t rush it please. Whatever happened to the whatsapp group?

  12. Compliments for the New Year to the team and everyone who reads your blogs. Pulling the plug on BLESSED wouldn’t be a wise move because we will be left hanging, rather continue with it and cut it short, reaching the end sooner than planned. That way we wont speculate and have endless unanswered questions.

  13. Replace blessed.
    I miss the insight of a man like you did phana Ku Mxo…the lawyer guy.
    come on mike bring something like that back.

  14. Compliments of the new year to you and the team Bhut Mike :-). Hope the family is well rested hey… Back to the grind though ๐Ÿ™ but there’s more hope , more to do and soo much to look forward to , to archive and to conquer…

    Okay, im super psyched about Missteps yhooo I have missed that book shame. Thank you for bringing it back Mikeesto ๐Ÿ™‚ …. Blessed as much as its not gaining any momentum I wouldn’t like you to juuust replace it njeee… Lets wrap it up and then move on to the next one… Wouldn’t it be great to have a “follow up ” Memoires but from Asithandile’s point of view *hint hint*

    Anywho…Cant wait for Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. First time commenting
    YES is becoming very boring and predictable, don’t even read it just scan trough it.blessed can unfold a little faster, want to know what happens after Dubai and who is Sam’s wife, keep the intro Short.

  16. Hello Mike . Please don’t replace it am curious about the Dubai trip. You made my day yippee. # missteps . If you replace blessed please let it be with missteps. Thank you

  17. Happy new year everyone

    Don’t replace Blessed… It’s very relevant. Rather spice it up a bit while making it educational. I read Confessions in my first year of university and it helped me avoid a lot of trouble, seeing Nelisa and her troubles.

  18. No, please don’t replace Blessed. It’s intriguing and realistic. I want to see where the girls will end up.

  19. Thank you Mike and Team.I don’t know how many emails and comments I have left about bringing back missteps or at least allowing us to view it somehow someway. I didn’t mind paying really. But you didn’t give me a chance. Nonetheless, I’m really happy to hear of these new developments. Missteps was my favorite book. Still is. I didn’t like how the book written by Kanye ended I felt like the end was too wrapped up. Please don’t do this to us again. Let blessed get the end it deserves. I love the story. I have a friend in a similar situation I even introduced her to this blog and she felt like you were documenting her life. Lol.
    Keep blessed. Let us be blessed lol.
    I can’t thank y’all enough for the wisdom you have added into our lives really. I wish I could join the team but my writing skills kapepo. And I like the thrill I’m getting as an end user. Anyway I’m probably saying too too much. I’ll end here.
    Again, thanks Mike and Team.

  20. Those who always criticize and be unnecessary rude on their critics, a platform have been opened for you to write your stories on Mike’s blog….. stand up all of you, here is your chance to show your perfection! !!!!

  21. compliments to you Mike and the team.
    Blessed and Y.E.S are like my babies are started them from the beginning but I feel few you when you say it’s low. Rounding it up will be a great idea.
    Jackzorro please consider being one of the writers. I think you can keep us on our toes with your writing as we can’t wait to read your comments.

  22. compliments to you Mike and the team.
    Blessed and Y.E.S are like my babies as I started them from the beginning but I feel you when you say it’s low, rounding it up will be a great idea.
    Jackzorro please consider being one of the writers for the blog . I think you can keep us on our toes with your writing skills as we can’t wait to read all your comments.

  23. Please do replace Blessed. But can you please replace it with a diary of a #Man this time around. We only had one, “memoirs of a tired black man”, out 10 dairies. Plz Mr Mike n I hope I’m not asking too much.

  24. Welcome back yoh angikaze ngibhoreke nje kept on visiting the page now and again and another thing thank you for Missteps my favorite

  25. Yes please replace blessed. Birds was really interesting. Anyway, mike how do someone contact you for the new writer’s slot

  26. happy New Year team. I wish each and everyone of us the best this year. thank you very much..for your love and efforts.

    Bathong Mtho wa rena!! Lee the superhuman ..my soldier…die hard!!! I can’t wait

    Bathong gape blessed is super relevant, please don’t replace it.
    love love u

  27. Please don’t replace blessed . So many people can relate to the story line …please continue with it and don’t allow your writers block to influence your thoughts on the story …we love it ! Bring back missteps ….we really enjoy it ! โค๐Ÿ–’

  28. Complements of the new season Mike, Team n Family!
    When one has been hungry n thinking will be getting her food, Ai Mike very disappointed, kante wena Holiday ga e feli, next week is just too far.
    But anyhow I guess you need rest and some time off #sadthough.

    We love blessed so don’t replace it n yes do bring missteps back.

  29. Compliments to you Mike, team and the bloggers. I’m happy you have recorved. I declare devine healing upon u n hospitals won’t be yOur portion this year.

  30. Compliments of the New Year Everybody. Hope you all had a fantabulous one. Grudges, Lies and heartaches I hope stayed in 2016 AND WE HAVE LET GO. No more Playing victim. Time to be fresh and start again and Learn from mistakes. Let go of negetivity and all those who influeanced us negetivly, those who played us and thought we were stupid enough to stay and enjoy thier show, those who wanted to destroy us, show them how strong you, yes they might have stolen a part already but now let us rub that hole tenderlovingly. TIME to concentrate on US, yes YOU. Love yourself more, take care of yourself, enjoy yourself. TIME TO DO YOU. Hek even go Bunjy Jumping if you want ๐Ÿ™‚ YOU CAN DO ANYTHING AND BE ANYTHING JUST PUT YOUR MIND TO IT……….LET THE FORCES BE WITH YOU ALL

    Abuti Mike, you cant just leave us hanging in the New year aowa. WE WANT TO GO TO DUBUI Haibo this man…. where else are we going to get the opportunity ? Let Palesa get to Dubui Please…. just that. What better way to pave way for 20Sfebenteen …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. This dropping of books before they end or ending them prematurely especially because of a few opinions is really emotional abuse, we connect with the books, the character’s and the story line, when u drop them or end them its like taking away a part of us. Some of us love blessed, those who don’t like it don’t have to read it, they can just

  32. This dropping of books before they end or ending them prematurely especially because of a few opinions is really emotional abuse, we connect with the books, the character’s and the story line, when u drop them or end them its like taking away a part of us. Some of us love blessed, those who don’t like it don’t have to read it, they can just read Yes and leave blessed to us untill it ends. I think you need to realise that you can’t always make everyone happy cause u have different people from different worlds and different age groups and lifestyles on this blog. This is me pleading for blessed and for all other books that have been cut off and those that might still be cut off in future. Please Mike

  33. please dnt replace blessed. it reminds me so much of zulu gal goes to JHB and confession and i feel like we need that. its the reasons i came back again.

  34. Happy new year to you too, Mike & Team.
    Please don’t replace blessed.
    Soo happy that you’re thinking of bringing Missteps back. Can Confessions come back too though? I really miss Neli. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  35. Compliments to Mike, the team and the whole family of DOAZG. I don’t think replacing Blessed is a good idea though ,let’s rather hear how Dubai goes for the girls and see how everything turn out from there. M so glad to hear you bringing Missteps back, but is it continuing or starting from chapter one? M one of the readers who didn’t finish it becoz of those passwords, they were really giving me a tough time, so I stopped reading it.

  36. Please don’t replace blessed.. I’m a student surrounded by other students partaking in the blesser life, although I already have my own opinion on this and already know the consequences of it, it’s extremely intresting to hear about it’s pros and cons from a different perspective especially since people can comment on your blog… rather finish it than to cancel it

  37. Compliments of the new year Mile and team.

    Bringing missteps will be the best start to 2017, so will replacing Blessed be. The story lacks “that thing” I have been following the blog from start and have enjoyed all the stories beside Blessed. I tried reading it but just couldn’t connect with it. So please replace it.

  38. Compliments Fam.

    Mike No….I want to go to Dubai. No ways. Please take me there.

  39. I don’t really like blessed as much as i love your work mr Maphoto…. however, I would like to see where Palesa will end up…. may u please sum it up nd not just leave it hanging.

  40. Compliments to you Mike, the team and readers

    I really love your work I read everyday bt i aslo stopped reading blessed ibingcoba so replacing it would actualy be a great idea. today is my 1st time commenting, gues new year new beginnings. one more thing, is there no way of adding that “like” option on readers comments coz you know I’d really like to LIKe, Like and Liiiike JACKZORO’S comments.

  41. Replacing blessed would a very bad idea im sure we all want to know what happens at the end and its my favorite

  42. please replace Blessed, its boring and i stopped reading it a long time ago. Rather come up with something from a guys perspective like Escapades of a Toyboy/Ben 10……Thanx Mike for the blogs.

  43. Compliments Mike & DOZG family. I am 100% behind the replacement of blessed. Patiently waiting for the new one.

  44. Compliments Brother Mike and DOZG fam. good to have everyone back. Exciting news tsa Missstep!!! after a 1.5 yr break!!! Mike im happy with wrapping up Blessed nicely not cut throat. Liking the idea of new stock and all.

  45. Compliments of the New Year dear peeps and welcome back Abhuti Mike and team. Please don’t replace Blessed, I agree with those who say it is relevant to the way young people are living today. Rather close it in style.

    Your stories are great Mike but the comments ziyandigqiba nje ezinye, ezinye ziyandakha, worse the 20sfebenteen term, kwaaaaaaa!

    I learn a lot from this blog and from the readers. Keep up the good work Team Mike

  46. Hey Mike

    No please don’t replace Blessed we love it and it seems like its getting interesting, please hle.
    Oh and why is every post of Blessed and YES so slow the wait is just too much can’t you perhaps post an episode at least once a day and not skip days.

    Just asking.

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