Blessed 72

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I woke up in a bed and I remember reading the label on the sheets. It was written 100% Egyptian cotton. Who the fuck

goes to buy cotton in a desert? I don’t know why that stuck out for me but it did. Was I back at the hotel? You know when you have been in a deep sleep the first five minutes of waking up you are completely dazed and confused. I was in that five minute zone. There was a whistling sound somewhere far in my head and a headache to boot. Someone had so kindly put a tablets and a glass of water on the headache. When you have a bad headache any pill looks good to you. It must be Khanyi who put them there so they were safe. I drank them both and the water made me feel a bit better. I tried to stand up but the room felt like it was spinning, I hate spinning things.


I called out. The room was empty but somehow calling out for her made sense.


I called out a second time and the door opened. It was not Khanyi. It was Ahmed, the guy who came with Sam. What was he doing here?

“Where are my friends? Have you seen Khanyi?”

I asked him a bit relieved. It was good to see a familiar face. At least it was feeling normal again even though I had no idea who he really was.

“Your friends are safe. They are at a different house. You are here out of courtesy to your father otherwise you would be there too!”

He said in a harsh but polite voice. Harsh but polite does that even make sense to anyone? Well it’s what happened. What did he mean by courtesy and why had we been separated? I knew something was wrong but as yet I could put a finger on it.

“My father? What do you mean?”

I asked him because I think he was insinuating that Sam was my father and I think before I blacked out someone had said something similar.

“No wait you must be confused…”

I started to protest but his phone rang.

“I will be there shortly!”

He said to whoever called him. I was so scared to speak when he walked out I kept quiet. I needed to think. Why did this man keep calling me daughter and why was I isolated from my friends? As a woman one of your biggest fears is being kidnapped or worse trafficked. I don’t know how girls do it those who date foreign men and go visit them in their countries. It’s crazy. Was I being trafficked? The realization made me sit down once more. The room was still spinning slightly as I tried to do the maths.

“I was drugged! I was drugged!”

I said first in a whisper then out loud. I had only drunk at the last minute and I remember saying it tasted funny. Did I dream that up?

“I was drugged?”

Only rich people have money to drug. Have you ever wondered why rich kids get the best education yet are the ones who end up in rehab for drugs and alcohol abuse? You would think with all that education they should know better and it’s to blame them as being spoilt but actually that is not the case. Far from it actually. The problem is when you grow up with money and can afford anything; the things that other people work hard for to consider fun at are easily at your disposal. If you a rich guy you can sleep with as many girls as you want anytime anywhere because money talks. Drugs are there the next step in that evolution because frankly speaking most people can’t afford cocaine which is the holy grail of drugs whilst they can. This is what puts them above the rest as they have bricks of this stuff.

“They had drugs; this is Dubai after all they have the money!”

I said to myself. I was going crazy talking to myself. I went to the door and tried to open it. It was a vain attempt though because something told me it would be locked but I was wrong, the door was unlocked. I thought if you are kidnapped you are supposed to be locked out. I ran out as fast as I could in the direction with the most light because I figured that was the way out. There was no one there to stop me, even Ahmed. When I got to the main door I opened it and guess what, it was open too but there was nowhere to go. We were on an island like and there was water all around. They did not have to lock me in, I was trapped as is. I could see the city in the distance and there were nearby houses close by but I was too scared to shout because I did not know who else was here.

“Miss Palesa, please come back inside all this sun is no good for you!”

The voice of a woman said to me from behind me. I was so startled I stumbled backwards.

“Who are you? How did you know my name? What do you want with me?”

I asked her. She was wearing a maid’s uniform.

“Mr. Ahmed told me to give you anything you needed so he told me your name. Don’t worry he is a good man he won’t harm you just do what he says!”

She said. I looked at her as though she was crazy for saying I could trust a man who had obviously kidnapped me and it did not help that the sun was burning me.

“I don’t want to be here!”

I told her.

“It’s not my call. You can stand outside here and burn in the sun or you can come with me.”

She said walking back into the house. I had nowhere to run so I walked back into the house like a good girl. I went back to the room I had run from. I had no purse, no phone nothing. As I had freedom of the house I walked around looking for one and I could not find it. I heard a boat arrive and five minutes later someone walked in. It was Ahmed.

“I heard you tried to leave. How did that work out for you?”

He asked me. He was not scared of me. He walked past me like I was not a threat to him.

“I want to go home please!”

I begged him.

“You are home”

He said sarcastically. He was holding a glass of whisky as he sat down. I thought Muslims don’t drink.

“Where are my friends?”

I asked him

“Don’t worry I will take you to them shortly. I want to confirm something before I go, is Sam your father or not?”

He asked me. I thought about this carefully. If I said no I would be in trouble because earlier he had said the only reason why I had a bed was because he was my father.

“He is my father and when he hears of this he is going to be so mad at you!”

I said threateningly.

“No he won’t be mad at me my dear. Your father is the one who brought you here to seal a deal. We have business dealings and he has not been doing his bit. We agreed with him that he should bring you here on holiday so that well, he can get us the contracts we want and you are his surety. He does not deliver and well…”

He left the last part hanging. Was he joking? This felt so unreal. It felt like a nightmare and very soon I will wake up from it.

“Please take me to my friends or bring them here!”

I pleaded with him.

“They are here already! I went to pick them up when I left here.”

How come I had not heard their footsteps as they walked in?

“Come with me!”

He said as he walked out again. I followed him immediately but at a distance. When we got to the lounge area there they were still wearing the same clothes they wore yesterday standing huddled together crying. My heart broke.


I said and I ran to her and I hugged. They all hugged me back.

“Palesa what’s going on?”

Thandeka asked me. Her fear was palpable.

“I also don’t know I just woke up!”

I lied to her. I had not just woken up but I did kind of have an idea of what had happened.

“Enough with reunion. You all belong to me now until my needs are satisfied. I am not a rapist, I will not beat you nor force myself on you but, if I ask for something and you refuse you will not eat, you will not get water and you will sit outside the whole day. It might sound like it’s a small punishment but this is Dubai and if there is something that Allah gave us in abundance its heat! Do I make myself clear?”

He asked and no one responded.

“I said do I make myself clear!!!”

He shouted this time which made me jump a little startled by the force of it.

“Yes you do!”

We all answered. When I tried to run away I had been outside for five minutes only and the sun had dealt with me. As for now we knew what was about happen. As a woman you don’t have to be told. You just know.

“You two, I want you to touch each other!”

He said pointing to Khanyi and Nicole.

“What the fuck? Have you lost your mind! L will do no such thing!”

Khanyi retorted. He slapped her so hard I swear I thought it was lightening striking. What happened to him saying there will be no violence? She flew across the room like a rag doll. Thandeka ran to help her and he bellowed,

“Stop right there! I did not say you can go to her unless you also want a beating.”

He said and Thandeka froze. Khanyi was sobbing on the floor.

“Now I am going to say it again, this time I will use my horse whip if you disobey me!”

He said so casually it was not even funny. He was so calm.

“I said, you two, touch each other…”

He instructed again. Khanyi stood up slowly and there was a bit of blood on the side of her lips. She was shaking like a leaf and all that back chat was gone.

We were in danger!

*******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Impressive job you doing, I have been following your since Zulu girl.

I am a 30 year old lady in a relationship with a 40 year old successful businessman, whom I love with all of my heart.

We stay 300kms away from each but for the 3 years that we have dated we see each other every weekend with no fail.
Each and every holiday he comes back home so visiting where he works has never been a priority for me. He supports me financially ( bought me a house and a car ) so everything was rosey until I was woken up by a very disturbing phone call this one time.
This lady called to tell me that they have been in a relationship for years and they are practically staying together. She sent me pictures of herself driving his car and a picture of them together ( well half of his face was visible, you know how we take insta pics)
Even with all this evidence Mike he denies everything. He denies even knowing the girl, my sixth sense tells me it’s true.
I don’t know if I have been dogged too much in past relationship’s that I just know that people are capable of doing such things maybe I could be rong.
What’s worse though is the fact that I feel if he came clean I would’ve been hurt yes,I would’ve screamed at him, cried and we would’ve found a way forward.
But now I’m more disturbed by the fact that he lied and I keep wondering ukuthI if he can lie when there’s so much evidence infront of him , what else is he lying about.
I do not trust him , I am so heartbroken and I can’t tell him all this cause to him ( I’m allowing liars to come between us)
I’m starting to see this person in a very disturbing way.
I don’t know what to do , should I disregard all the evidence and believe my fiancé
Or should I trust my instincts and this woman I don’t know and end this relationship.
I am not a happy lady ,Im always angry at him for lying more than im angry about the cheating ..
I don’t even know what to do


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  1. Lol! you have the evidence and you are still trying to dupe yourself into believing he’s not being dishonest?.. yazi sometimes we walk into ovens and want to blame the baker for hitting the ‘on’ switch.. sesi, clearly this man is lying to you. Now decide if you are leaving or staying with the trash bag. finish.

  2. how about you go visit him for about two weeks(don’t announce when you are going there to him) and assess 5he situation yourself (go through the house when he is not around) ….this could have been one of those girls he had fun with ,a fling, the only problem is that he lied about it if that is the case….. unfortunately we can’t make the decision to stay or leave for you but think about whether u want to believe someone you don’t know and end it or spend your days angry at a man you love for lying to you because either way the trust is gone

  3. but like did we as readers ever miss signs that Sam was capable of such evil!!!???? like why would he do that!? was this his plan all along!? was the secretary aware of what he was capable of!? I just hope his evil ass pays when all this is over Mike like otherwise I would be really hurt bathong don’t be that guy who let’s the bad guys win ka go kopa tlhe

  4. but like did we as readers ever miss signs that Sam was capable of such evil!!!???? like why would he do that!? was this his plan all along!? was the secretary aware of what he was capable of!? I just hope his evil ass pays when all this is over Mike like otherwise I would be really hurt bathong don’t be that guy who let’s the bad guys win ka go kopa tlhe!!

    1. I was asking my self that,like how did I not read Sam’s intentions,I think the secretary knows she probably gets a cut.-I guess si gullible ke *shrugs*

  5. thanks mikey.


    can’t you bless us with another chapter?

    look at it this way, yesterday was Sunday (church day) where we’ve been taught to give…… this book is called blessed, I think you should consider living up to its name and just bless us with another chapter brother Mike.

    #TheNextChapterChallenge #MikeIsOurBlesser

    get on with it and don’t let your awesome writing skills go to waste!! Accept the challenge! Bless us Mr M

    pretty please!!

      1. I don’t think asking for more was such a good idea after all!! 🙁

        we have been denied our daily dose for 2 days now.

  6. I really hope this trafficking ends this week. I’ve never been trafficked nor know someone who’s been, but the idea of it makes me cringe.

  7. Like Mike, im so creeped out i dont even want to go to Jubye, my friend has just been on my case about blessing ourselves and go there…. firstly its dam expensive (might have to save for 1.5 years) and secondly… i dont want to be sex traffic-d. Id rather be on that island with someone with that yum yum guy with WOW skin at my own accord. (now that would be more fun)

  8. I remember my boyfriend telling me that blessees only show us the good things that happen..the iphones, the weaves, the bags and the nice life problems and they don’t show us the other side…the emotional abuse, insane sexual demands & giving up your freedom
    is it worth it Palesa?
    if I was khanyi I would never forgive her..
    thanks Mike

  9. Anon, I was in the similar situation aswel, you need to decide what is important to you. Because it seems like you don’t want to loose the benefits that came with dating your man (car and the house).When I found out that my “boyfriend” of 4 months was actually engaged to another woman,I bogged him immediately, I didn’t even confront him, because I knew he was going to deny , so instead I decided to cut contact immediately and became the most busy person on earth. If you value your own sanity you will leave this 2 timing man.

  10. Thanks Mikey, you are the best.

    Anon, That is the truest truth right there, especially if you have never been to his house. So, if you cant afford to lose the benefits from him, and feel that you need to see more of these truths, you need to adjust as follows: , enjoy the benefits only, don’t invest on that relationship, don’t fall pregnant, (highlight this one) and be loyal to yourself only.

  11. Thanx bhuti Mike awesome 1!
    Mhhhh Palesa only if u knew ukthanda izinto akbusisiwe, chances for u to come back to beautiful Mzansi are slim but lets hope Nigerians will come to your rescue for the sake of Thandeka

    Anon pls trust your sixth senses ths 2 timing bastard is lying and pls dont give back car and house those are your asserts lol

  12. Wow I’m shivering, thank God I’ve never been a blessee. Feeling sorry for the girls

    Woman always know the truth. Last year I suspected my fiancé and he denied any cheating. It didn’t take a month his floozy confronted me and he denied everything while he was around when she did. I was so dumb and forgave him and guess 2 months down the line there was another woman.

    Deep down you knowthe truth and only you can decide what to do next. Material things will never replace your happiness . Good luck

  13. Wooouuuhh thanks team, imisebenzi yokuthanda izinto …. injena ke!

    Q & A: amadoda anemali nje dali wodoti!!!! Ngiyaphela lapho…. kubaleka isingisi uma ngicabanga ubufebe bendoda enemali. Sebeyotolika abalandelayo!

  14. Ta bhuti Mike. Lessons are there but I have a feeling blessies are attracted to danger. They will read about this but will still go ahead looking for blessers. U must C how these 20something girls look at men their fathers’ age with hunting eyes. This is not funny anymo. They’re not shy or ashamed. It’s like a fashion statement. Just short of standing at a street corner selling their wares directly.
    Anony, if U can’t investigate on yo own, then hire a pro PI. After all U won’t be paying for it yoself since he blesses U all the time.
    Confront him with facts & make yo decision. But again it seems U’ve made yo decision already since UR not worried much about the possible cheating but rather the potential lying. Men lie, women lie! We all lie!

  15. Thanks mike eyi sad chapter but inkinga yafana alot of gals will read this n instead of learning from it umuntu uzothi mina ill b cautious ngeke yenzeke kumina lento… ladies human trafficking is real

  16. Girl, even before yu confronted him, you already knew you wont leave him.
    Decide if u r happy being the other woman or you want to put your sanity & health first.

  17. This is totally not NORMAL… i do hope our Mike is ok. Rre Sfiso Themba please may we have Feedback on what is going on with Mike?

  18. Wow Abuti Mike, u are really talented bra, showing us the other side to this blessed and blesser world. I havent seen it coming esistunt sika Ancestor Sam.

    QnA: the writing is on the wall here. Men live double lives period and without an ounce of conscience ke futhi. They feel that they have a right to dating more than one woman. Do your own investigation and please do come back and update us ukuba kuthe kanti kwenzekani kanye.

  19. Mike, thanks for showing us the reality behind being a Blessee, my 20year old niece just confessed to me about the abuse and trauma she goes through. I know she have a Blesser and I have tried to get her to dump him but she is too deep in that life because he buys her expensive things. Today after she read this chapter of blessed,, she open up to me about things that really gave me a cringe, thank you Mike for opening our eyes to the ugly truth that everyone is trying to hide

  20. Thanks Mike wish ngabe wonke amantombazane athathanda izinto ngokweqile abengayfunda lento yazi. ANON indaba yakho iyazwakala cc umuntu lona uphika ngamabomu ngenhlanhla uthe lo-cc wak’4nela I ges u hv I’number yakho ngcono kuba wambuza ukuthi ukutshenela ukuthi kube njani if ezothi ufuna wazi nxt thng wena okumele uycele kuye ukuthi nibekhona nonke nobatha2 khona kuzovela iqiniso lonke noqamba amanga lendoda ephika konke iphika nethombe zayo wish ngabe ngyamuzwa uthin mesephika eyethombe so lendoda ngeke yakwazi uk’phika niphambi kwayo nonke or leli lokuthi awsamethembi awazi kahle noma kumele uvele ushiye phansi leyoke eyakho cc ngizwile uthi uyak’ support usunendlu nemoto ngaphezulu ngenxa yakhe kanti ngizwile uthi umangabe uyavuma ubungandinwa nikhulume nithole nendlela yokuya phambili so loko nje kukodwa kumi kuthi vele wena awnankinga nokuthi unaye omunye umuntu ngisho kanjalo cos ngizwele phela lapha uthi khona beningazama ukthola indlela eyaphambili if kuthiwa uyavuma den umbuzo wami uthi manje kunganike ufikelwa kona umcabango wok’hlukana naye cos already wena usushilo ungahlala mayevuma ukuthi konke luku kuyiqiniso manje ungamshiya ngoba ephika bside all ds ke cc’wami 99% wamadoda ngeke ahlale athandane nawe wedwa nahlukene kanje ngendawo zok’hlala zama ukwenza loku engithe kwenze ngenhla ukthola lowesmame nibenonke if ngempela usaymisele uk’thola okungaphezulu kunaloku ngaphendle kwaloko lendoda if ingakashintshi entweni ebizenza b4 isak’thanda njengona futhi ik’hlonipha qhubeka cc uthande indoda yakho loku makuyinyaniso skawara inokhutshanake yona wokuzibonakalisa ek’gcineni

  21. Okay now Im really really really worried. Can someone, anyone PLEASE tell us if Bhut Mike is Okay. This is sooo unlike him to just go all MIA on us without a word.

  22. aw Kodwa Mike you getting us all worried manje. kuyenzakalani vele manje. uphi no Jackzozo ke azosi intertainer while sisalindile.
    i hope u laydi wheleva you are …

  23. Mike, hope everything is okay is not like you to go away like these please can someone tell us what’s really going on please.

  24. I so hope all is well with Bhuti Mike apho akhoyo let’s all be patient and maybe one of the team members will answer out emails and put us out of our misery #Holdingthumbs

  25. Yoh I just hope mike is well… lol guys Mike is missing and so is Jackzorro… am I missing something here?? *thinking* lol

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