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Here is a reality for you, there is nothing more trusting than a South African girl who wants your money. If you

tell her you will give her money she will expect it, work for it, and demand it. We don’t back down to that because we trust you will play your part. It’s not just about money; the reason why South African girls are so bitter is because of this trust thing. We have trusted so many men in our past and they all let us down. The problem is instead of learning our lessons we tell each other how each man is different and he won’t do what the last man did. That’s how clever we are. I trusted Sam. He might have been betraying his wife but I trusted him.

“What did he say?”

I asked her.

“Not much, he said he will be on his way here in an hour or two as he has one stop to make!”

She explained. If a person is making stops in a foreign country that means they know people.

“Guys, my old man is here!”

I told the girls when I rejoined them. They laughed.

“There is nothing like Old, money is money whether it’s on a 15 year old rich kid or his 50 year old father!”

Nicole said. That’s the most she had said and the debate started which was better. The girls were so carefree and happy. It’s like they were not fazed at all by the one goal, to get money. I think maybe I had been holding back a lot because after seeing the shoes in those shops I must say I felt let down by Sam. He had been here before so how did he even fathom that 25000 was money. He should have some self respect.

“Where is he now?”

Thandeka asked.

“He is still at the airport I think!”

I told her. I had no way of calling him back because when he called his number had come off as private and when I tried his SA number it would not go through. Made me a bit anxious.

“So what are your plans guys? We did the mall and it was hectic. It is beyond huge and we only managed one section!”

I told them and Thandeka did seem surprised because she had been here before.

“The way I see it, when you come here and want to go to the mall, that day do not do anything else. You wake up in the morning and you go to the mall. As long as you know where the bathrooms and restaurants are you will be fine!”

She explained. It was good actually having someone who knew what they were doing here. Before we were doing guess work.

“But have you seen how expensive those restaurants are?”

I asked her.

“Yeah it’s crazy but forget restaurants, where can you buy cheaper designer shoes! We went to the LB shop in there and it just discouraged me from life. I swear I felt as though my life was a joke!”

Khanyi said and everyone laughed.

“Its not funny guys, Palesa tell them how bad it was.”

She said asking me to back her up.

“She is right! Its like when they made their prizes they never expected anyone from Africa to come buy them!”

I backed her up.

“I haven’t really walked around much but I will ask the guys. They know all these hidden places so I am sure one of them would know the answer to that question.”

She explained. It was only then my phone rang. It was private but I knew exactly who it was. It was Sam.

“Hey love!”

I said when I answered the phone.

“Ah you have decided to come back online!”

He said jokingly. I could hear that he was a bit tired which was for the best because imagine after the walking I had done today he wanted sex? Old men are not like younger guys, if their bodies tell them that they are tired they take its advice.

“Yeah sorry about that. I am sure you called at the same time my mother was on the line with me. Regardless why is your phone private? I wanted to call you back but I found that I could not because I did not have your number.”

I explained to him. He did not seem to mind. He told me that he needed to check in at his hotel. His client had booked him at the Burj Al Arab (that’s the cheaper one) he said so he won’t be staying with us. I was relieved at that because I was scared he might have wanted Khanyi too.

“When I am done I will come to you guys!”

He said. Ok that’s the thing with sugar daddies; they are not ashamed to hang out with young people especially if you are away on holiday. Usually, back home, they prefer to see you in private areas to avoid scrutiny but hear it was totally different. It was now me who had to swallow my pride and find a way of taking pictures alone whilst he was right there.

“I take it that’s your blesser!”

Thandeka said when I got off the phone. She made it sound so casual and normal. I really was in the right company.

“Yes. Which one is the Burj Al Arab because that’s where he is staying?”

I asked them since they seem to know the place better. I knew exactly which one it was but stunting is always called for just to maintain.

“Oh that’s fancy. It’s the one next to the mall. You know that light show; I don’t know if you guys saw it, it’s the one with the lights flashing down at the fountain!”

She explained. That was just for control so that these bitches know that my man might be old but he was rich.

“Where is he from?”

Nicole asked,

“He is South African!”

I told them proudly sitting down next to them.

“You are joking; South African men are stingy as fuck. They would never bring you to such a place. They are always worried about the budget yet they buy the biggest cars!”

Nicole said. I noticed that she was not as talkative as Thandeka. Thandeka was the bossy more assured of the two.

“I kid you not. I guess I got lucky. He claims I am his first makhwapeni but I don’t really believe him!”

I told them and they laughed. Thandeka told me that she wished she had an older blesser because dating young rich Nigerians takes its toil and eventually they start passing you around.

“It’s an addictive lifestyle and because you know that SA men won’t treat you the same you will find yourself looking for another Nigerian replacement.”

I could sense a bit of regret in her voice but I was not too keen to ask her about her lifestyle. She did seem like she lived life though. You know how there are those girls who are worn out by the party scene, even their skin tone does not look good anymore because they wore too much make up, they look older than they really are, that was her.

“So your parents don’t mind all this, you being here and all?”

I asked her. It was a fair question because I know my parents minded.

“My father…”

She hesitated,

“… Passed away and it’s just my mum now but she doesn’t mind!”

I knew I had asked the wrong question because of that awkward moment and the way she downed her wine.

“I am sorry to hear that!”

I said and she responded,

“No don’t worry about it. Is there any party we can attend guys. I don’t want to sit by the pool all night!”

She said tactfully changing the subject and the girls jumped in. I was not listening to them anymore because I realized I had not called Neo. I had not told him that I left. He knew I was in Dubai with Khanyi but he thought it was because of the suicide. To him my mum had hustled me a getaway from her sugar daddy.

“Hey babes!”

I said to him when he picked up. The line was pretty bad unfortunately.

“Hey, you have been quiet was starting to worry!”

He said. I responded but he could barely hear me. At some point we gave up and decided we would try it tomorrow again. Now I was free. It was about an hour later that Sam arrived like he said. He came with him two Arab men.

“Oh my God they are gorgeous!”

Nicole whispered as they approached us. That much they were. Their skin … I don’t even know to describe.

“Why are they here with him?”

Thandeka asked suspiciously. I don’t get why she was being suspicious.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well for one Arabs never talk to us black people, I am sure you saw at the mall there was no such interaction and those two are here!”

She told me. I don’t know but I should have taken her question seriously at the time but looking back, me thinking it was because of jealousy was one of the worst decisions I have ever taken.

“Hey baby!”

Sam said when they got to us. I greeted him back without a hug because I was told that it could be illegal to do so if he is not your husband.

If a country has such rules why do we girls even mess with it?


It’s called ignorance!

******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Please pass this on to the fellow readers and on Blessed not YES. Hope you are all well.

I am 24 years old and I just finished my degree. I have been dating a Congolese fellow student for last five years from University and we graduated the same year. He is a year older and just completed his Masters program. I won’t lie, I dated him for money because he is very rich and I thought at the time that he was a typical rich guy who dates many girls. I figured that I could just put my foot in and enjoy some of the perks. He turned out to be not. In fact I cheated on him a few times. The one time that he caught me, sometime last year he forgave me. He was angry at me and even cried that I had broken his heart. It was after that I think I started really falling for him. I won’t say I am head over heels with him but now he has asked me to marry him. He gave me a ring and all. I am not ready to get married but there is not one person who knows him and us who says I will be foolish to not go through with it. My friends think I am the luckiest girl alive. I have met his parents a few times and we got along. His father however made his many from security business and I always get it at the back of my mind that one day he will investigate me especially now that I am marrying his son. I searched for the family online and by rich I mean they are really wealthy and I could be part of that. Imagine coming from a township and ended up there. Must I go through with this? I know am doing it for the wrong reasons but realistically where will I ever get a man like that again? Is marrying someone you don’t love a good idea? Please I need an objective opinion because like me, my friends only see the money and to them that’s so much better than some broke guy who will one day give me problems.

Thank You


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  1. Dee, love is overrated hun, after 5 years i would even buy myself korobela so that i can love my Congolese guy, honestly this dude loves you, so i agree with your friend marry the dude.

    Oooh NOOOOOOOO Sam akanongcola olo hlobo.

  2. Mike, Sam o dirang ? Nna ke batla go itse, i cant deal… its been 2 weeks!! The suspense thought is real.
    Dee get married and fall in love with the man… like learn to fall deeply in love him. #arranged marriages

  3. Dee, I had the same problem but my man is from Ghana. I agreed to marry him then changed my mind (I probably did this three times). The problem with me is I do not find him attractive. Yes, he is well off and takes care of me but I can not even bring myself to kiss him, and he is your typical tall dark and handsome man, so everyone says I have a problem. Everyone said I would learn to love him but after three years of trying I gave up. It was not fair on him and I knew that if I married him, eventually i would find someone I love and will want to be with that person (and i have find someone attractive since him and took a break from him to be with the other one and went back to him when the other thing failed, its bad hey). Marriage is a serious thing, to me at least; I would never go into it for the wrong reasons, yes people divorce even if they loved each other but to go in knowing you shouldnt, Its not for me shame.

  4. Dee an old woman ones told me that she regret marrying for love because now she has to work for money and said in this time and age, one should marry for money and work for love. not sure how true that is but at the end…..the decision is yours and you dated this guy for a long time so are you planning to start afresh again with someone else?

    You have started falling for him, the rest will follow as time goes.

  5. Dee..get married or love won’t feed u, spoil you and clothe you..
    dating a foreign guy us flippen addictive..I know. I have made peace with that fact..#TeamNigeria

    and pila pila Sam story sa gae keng?? I’m so scared for Palesa le Khanyi!!! gotlo nyewa..I’m sure life will never be the same after Dubai & im so sorry to my long lost friend Thandeka..the looks are fading..& rip to your dad

    Mike..will we ever know more about S?

    1. I know what ur saying girl foreign men just know how to worship a woman. they know a woman’s value. I think SA men are so used to having beautiful women that they don’t appreciate… #team nigeria

  6. The is a quote that says ‘if you hold a men’s hand and you feel butterflies let go of that men coz he is not the men for you, but if you hold a men’s hand and feel security and protected hold on to tht hand coz that’s the men for you. Women longs for love and attention and men want respect. With him being rich and loving you, if you respect him as a men then marry him. But if you dnt respect him, dnt because tht would be a fucked up marriage…
    You already great with your in laws, now why would u want to do something tht will make daddy investigate you, are u planning in cheating on him while married? If thts the case don’t marry the poor guy

  7. Sam what are you upto ,can’t wait for Thursday .

    Dee I had a Venda guy who loves me so much and never gave him a chance and I regret that now. Yes I met someone I loved but he broke my loving heart. I learned that I’ll rather marry the man who worship the ground that I walked on.

    Is better to cry in X6 than on the bicycle, men are men and you’re lucky to have such a man. Marry your man and live richly ever after.

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, UAE baby, Inshallah!!

    Dee, Now let’s come back to earth quick before this acceptance of gold digging is further advanced as something good. Wena as a person, as motho wa modimo do you think you deserve marriage? Bafethu marriage aint fish and chips, marriage aint vat n sit and marriage is sure as hell no business transaction. Where is your pride ngwanyana? You proudly say you dated him for the perks coz his rich, you slept with this man for over 5 years because he was loaded?? A hooker at best, a gold digger commonly and ya’ll are ouchea making this shit sound legit?!

    I’m disgusted. We keep saying unions of marriage are not the same in this day and age and I wonder why we all seem surprised, we be marrying for wrong reasons. If you cannot for the life of you guarantee your vagina is exclusive to one person, why on heavenly hell would you stand in front of God and say ‘I DO’? For money, the root of all evil? And ya’ll are so quick to pronounce women independence yet you want a man who can take you to Dubai, a rich hunk to spoil and fuck you good. What about your independence, why can’t you get out there and get your own? You graduated right, so I assume you have a job, why can’t you make your way up like normal decent people? But ke if there is a quickie way to do it then I’m sure it’s best to lay on your back rather than the old fashion eat your own sweat.

    Ubufebe multiplied by prostitution disguised as relationships that benefit mutually, I beg to differ shem. I wonder my these dudes be falling in love with hoes and breaking hearts of good girls… It’s sad really. Dee, do what your heart thinks is best, or rather your wallet.


    1. Appreciate your comments but i think you are now overdoing your thing and its not cool. You are becoming too judgemental. Please tone down. She knows who she is and what she did, she didn’t hide that..calling someone a hoe and other bad words doesn’t make you a better person.

    2. We sick and tired of being cheated on Jack. Might aswell cash in on it. The bible says men shall eat their own sweat not women. #TeamCryInAmercedes

    3. Prostitution or not, you will never have enough money. Whether working or not. Men are the same. It’s better I cry for a filthy rich one. Besides it’s rare to have it all and when you have a love filled relationship, sometimes the money ain’t there and vice versa. I’m more about the money than I am about love, I’ve been hurt so bad by a guy I was willing to grow and be better with. So vele I’d rather be hurt where the money is at if I had to choose!

    4. Jackzorro, wena I wish to sit down le wena for coffee and just have a conversation. You seem like a really interesting person to befriend. ..I hope you are like this not only behind text.

  9. In the long run we’ll see that marriage is more than just money and shopping sprees, holidays and fancy cars! People believe that change is the only constant yet they live all their lives fighting it…. Its sad that innocent children are born in to such agreements based on money and a supposed good life and one wonders why society is broken! Its all a poverty mindset and its set to live with the reality that Africa is a supremely rich continent but the african is extremely poor! Mindset is damaged!!!

    Bra Mike!

    Thanks for exposing what the average you g person dreams of and sees what a supposed future should be like! Only God can save our generation. Otherwise is it possible for u to maybe post up follow up letters for eg people who had problems like wanting to swap husbands, the raped girl who is now in love with the possible rapist! So we can see nje how things either ended or turned out to be!


  10. I predict that the girls will be tangled up in a weird sex transaction, which I think we are all leaning towards, some sort of sex ring. On the other hand, drug trafficking among young people is a crisis we are faced with.
    Yay, nay???? I am going crazy making up possible plot lines of what to expect on the next episode of DragonBallz.

    Jackzorro to call Dee a prostitute is harsh. That said, I can understand your moral outrage. We must accept the simple truth that all relationships are transactional, in one form or another. We all have our own intentions in the relationships we build. What those are depend on each individual.
    Frankly I am disappointing in your strong judgement of Dee when you have previously given advice without judgement. You have been stern when did not agree with something, but to call someone a prostitute is not okay.

    I have no doubt that marriage is hard and there are people who still believe in the sanctity of that union but times have changed, drastically. It is not to say that the institution of marriage has changed but how we use (for lack of a better word) it has.

  11. I would say prolong the engagement. Since you just finished your degree you might be lucky enough to get a job that will give you the financial stability you are looking for. If you have not loved him for five years, I hardly doubt much that will change. I am sure you will cheat on him, he only forgave you because you are his girlfriend now but he will not when you are his wife. You need to also discuss whether you will be married through community of property. In the end you might walk of out this empty handed. All the best of luck making your decision.

  12. Dee only u knw wat u want sisi n if u wana be rich n miserable for the rest of ur life n den go ahead marry the guy n sumtimes u can grow to love the person but i doubt its gonna happen in ur case coz 5 years is a long time mele ngabe usuyamuthanda n dnt forget no amount of money can buy u happiness but futhi u still young ingakho usacabanga kanje its most girls dream ukuthi i wana grow up n marry rich n nalama reality series that we watch of these rich wives eyenza gals envy n want that rich lifestyle
    as for calling her a prostitute jackzorro ayi cha ku wrong n i dnt understand how she is a hoe futhi??? Jst bcos she is strategic enuf to open her legs for a wealthy man rather then sum boy hu will eat the cookie n leave her like dat

  13. i so happen to agree w Jack…isnt this blesser thing prostitution disguised w fancy names i wuld prefer a prostitute bcoz i kno she is nt decietful she wants money nothng more bt these women who hide w finger are a disgrace to e African society n values


  15. Dee my sister let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m 22 turning 23 this year and dating a monied 49 year old & I’d be lying to say that I love him. He does everything for me AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. Worse part is I don’t come from a poor background but have gotten used to his money and I feel it’s better to have a monied guy than a poor or average one because at the end of the day, eventually he will cheat or expect a bit of disappointment, and I’d rather have his money to console me and to cry In a Ferrari than a four room house somewhere . U are even lucky that he wants to marry you, I’m the side as my boo is married. I’m making the most out of this situation I’m in and if I was in your shoes I’d jump at the opportunity, you will learn to love him dear! #Blessee

  16. These comments though,so sad. that time we have 16 year old kids reading this blog. Such a disappointment mara. What’s sad is some of us have daughters growing up in this messed up society and witnessing people pimping themselves all in the name of money,the root of all evil. I’m so saddened to raise a daughter in such times,and worse thing is grown women are advocating this whole notion of glorified prostitution and see nothing wrong with it. Wow!

  17. Dee…I say, marry a man who loves you and one you can respect.

    You don’t respect this man, so my advice is, no don’t marry him.

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