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Y.E.S 89


I was happy to be driving back. Its funny how for the first time in my dating life I actually had clarity. My choice of options for men were between Sfiso and Mbuso and I was more convinced than ever that I wanted Sfiso. Look, it made no sense to me that I must be fighting with the doctor for Mbuso. Its not that she intimidated me its just that she was always there. At times not havng to watch your back makes life all the more beautiful. With Mbuso I will always have to worry about her plus the fact that there was Ntheteng. Much as the fact that she was sweet reality is taking over another woman’s child is not Childs play no matter how you look at it. I am not a cruel person at all and kids deserve to be loved but come on, this was not my child and I can’t be judged for it. Why can’t I start my own family from zero though? Don’t I deserve that? I get it that his wife, her mother died in child birth but how is it my fault. Women with kids often blame men for not wanting to be with them for that reason but take a moment and consider that when you were having your fun not using a condom he was not there and did not tell you to do it? Why then must he be punished because you chose a loser of a man who chose not to love and take care of you and you baby afterwards. People need to chill! These were thoughts that were in my head as I drove out. I did not want to think about Bongani or Miriam. They deserved each other sies! See, the thought of them was even pissing me off and I need peace in my life.

When you are driving long distance alone you always play loud music and oh, you put on your nice sunglasses. It’s like an unwritten law of the road. It was slightly overcast thought but you know what, so what. I looked my part. As my phone is connected to the car when it rang I saw the number, it was my sister.

“Hey sis how are you?”

I said when I picked up. For some reason we had drifted quite a lot since I beat up her husband. I did that for her and she had never really forgiven me for it. This was December though and I really did not want the year to end on such a sour note. I had to fix this then.

“I am ok and you?”

She responded I think surprised at how jovial I was talking to her because I really did not do that with her lately ever since that. If anything I was cautious.

“Am good thanks but there was too much drama that happened here! I am tired of people hey!”

I told her trying to get into gossip mode. I am not really a gossip. I find it difficult to tell on other people but what had happened was just too dramatic not to share!

“No I don’t want to hear it now. You know I am disappointed in you. After we bought mum a birthday gift did you remember to wish her a happy birthday?”

She asked me.

What the hell? Crap! I totally forgot. It was the day I lost my job right? I had so much on my mind it had totally slipped my mind.

“O shit, I forgot!”

I told her.

“Why are you so selfish though? This is our mother I am talking about and I know you two don’t always get along but you don’t forget her birthday! It sounds petty and deliberate!”

She said shouting at me. It now made sense why my mother had been angry at me on the phone for no reason. I had tried to talk to her earlier but she had been mean. She therefore had called my sister to complain.

“I will make it up to her!”

I told my sister who was judging me so hard right now. It did not feel right but she was right.

“That is the problem with you Lungile; you always think you make things right by buying yourself out of it. Go home to mum, sleep at home, take her out and remind her that you love because right now she does not feel your love!”

She explained and then hung up the phone on me. She really knew how to make me feel guilty about the things that I did this one. The idea of sleeping at my mum’s place though was not so nice. My mum was annoying but I really did not have a choice. It will probably be the last thing she would be expecting in any case. I needed to talk to someone though. I was bored even with all the loud music. My phone rang and it was a number I did not recognize.

“Hello! Am I talking to Lungile?”

A heavily Afrikaner accented voice said.

“Yes you are?”

I told him.

“Ah good, this is Mr. Van. Zyl…”

He said and immediately I recognized who he was.

“What can I do for you?”

I asked him.

“Look I am not going to beat around the bush. I have asked them to hold your termination of contract. This has all been a huge misunderstanding and you must come in so that we discuss it properly!”

He said with the confidence that 350 years of oppressing blacks give you. You know that thing that whatever white people ask of us we do. There was no sorry just a fuck off its business as usual. Misunderstanding my ass this guy had the nerve of a black DA member who thinks for one second that just because they vote DA means white people accept them! Yho, I was boiling but I held my nerve.

“I am sorry sir, that won’t be happening anyti…”

He cut me off,

“We will double your salary, give you a bigger office! You can take Gold’s job even!”

He pleaded but what the hell was this guy doing. He wanted to buy me off with money? For my dignity.

“It’s ok. My lawyers said I must not talk to anyone from the company. Good day sir!”

I said politely. With that I hung up. I was not victorious, I was angry. These people really think that we think so little of ourselves. With all these thoughts I did not notice that as I crossed the bend there was a roadblock sign ahead but it was for 2km away. It’s a good thing though that I was not speeding. Arrive Alive season was in full swing. There was no traffic jam as cars were ushered in. Somewhere allowed to pass, the good cars that is. It’s like traffic cops are trained. To check only poor people’s cars and they identify them by how old they are. They will never stop a Mercedes S500 if there was a Bantam or Tazz they can harass! Never!

“Please don’t stop me, please don’t stop me!”

I whispered to myself several times as I approached the bottle neck. I hated talking to police, I think everyone does. I was driving behind a Tazz so I felt fairly safe.

“The fuck!”

I cursed out loud. He was waving at me and telling me to turn into one of the cones and actually let the Tazz pass! There goes my ego Shem I am getting rid of this car. Just my luck. Why did I even think I was going to escape this with the luck I have been having? Why? I had a bull’s eye written all over me for some reason.

“Good morning I mean good afternoon maam!”

The officer said writing on his notepad. What the hell was he writing? You could see that they had baked in the sun and he was tired. Don’t be fooled, it’s not like the ones you see on the news doing Arrive Alive where the minister is the one taking the details. This are the others, the ones always angry at the world, want a bribe but because it’s a road block they can’t ask for it and I guess that is what doubles their anger.

“Would you please get out of the car? We are searching every car!”

He said. You know it’s funny that being searched without cause or a warrant is actually illegal. In Jhb especially I know the Metro take pleasure in getting people out of the car at night to search for whatever it is they are searching but actually it is not legal. The only reason why people comply is because you never know how they will react. They will probably shoot you for saying no.

“Yes officer please go ahead! I am coming from a funeral though so my car is a bit dirty!”

I told embarrassed by the state of my car.

“Don’t worry about it! People are filthy out there! I have seen cars that will make you cringe all day and I can assure you yours will be far from the worst!”

He said as I stepped outside. This was eating valuable time.

“Do you have anything that I should worry about? Alcohol, drugs, guns!”

He said so casually. He was looking at me right in the face and it was then it hit me, shit, Bongani’s gun was still in the car! My face literally betrayed me because I lost all colour if that makes any sense. I didn’t have to wait long because as he said that he looked under the car seat and there it was.

“Do you have a license for that fire arm?”

He asked me. Of course I did not. It was not even mine.

“No sir it’s not mine. It’s my friend’s husbands!”

I explained but even as I said that I could see how it sounded. I am not dumb you know but for agreeing to take the gun for him I was totally stupid.

“Are you serious right now with that explanation?”

He asked me.

“I can assure you. Let me call my friend so they can send you the license number and allez!”

I said confidently but my heart was beating fast. I had actually not noticed that he had his hand on his gun.

I moved towards my bag which was on the passenger seat and the police man just reacted…

I had watched enough TV to know that with police, especially the uneducated power hungry types you do not make any sudden movements and I just had!

Rookie Mistake!

*****The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike.

The work you and the team do is out of this world… I applaud you. Thank you for reading my letter – its long.

I am 29, a mother to a 9 year old beautiful daughter. Just this month, we were at her school’s awards ceremony and she scooped yet another academic award as she’s always done since she started schooling. She’s my pride and joy and I will kill for her. NB I said WILL KILL.

My story goes like this…
In April this year, she was almost sexually assaulted by our neighbor. I had sent her to a shop on our street to buy cool drink – the shop is literally 6 houses away. On her way back, wabizwa uMakhelwane saying to her “hawu you just returned from the shops? I wanted someone to get me something from there”. Being the malume who’s our neighbor (same street); she went to him but told him she had to bring the cool drink to me before she could go to the shop again for him. He then called her to the house to take the money. Upon her arrival, he started touching her, telling her that the money could be hers and all that disgusting crap. He closed the door behind them. Fortunately for her, the door latch was broken so it couldn’t lock – and he was drunk. He tried lifting her to the bed, but she fought him off kicked him in his pelvic area and gave him an elbow on the face and she ran to safety. To this day, her bravery is way beyond me and I believe that God and her ancestors (my mom and dad) were with her. I took her to the doctor for thorough check ups in case he did rape her and she was afraid to tell, fortunately she really was untouched. I also took her for counseling sessions as she was having panic attacks and flashbacks at night. But on the 6th counseling session, she asked me not to take her there anymore because akasafuni ukukhuluma ngalento yena, baloku bem’buza into eyodwa nje.
Since then, she has been her normal self but vigilant of “oMalume”
Her father and I broke up while I was still pregnant with her, and he is based in the Eastern Cape due to work whilst we are in KZN. He is a wonderful dad. He is there for her and knows of everything that happens in her life. Whenever he’s around, he’d pick her up from my home, spend the whole day with her even in my absence and bring her back home safely. He randomly calls her, is responsible financially… he’s a great father – and I am no “baby mama”, but the mother of his child. We are good, and he is there bandla.
The case was opened but we all know the justice system yaseMzansi. The police came looking for him ONCE and when they didn’t find him, they just let it slide. Her father and I both decided not to follow up on the case as she would have to relive the ordeal where as she had said she did not want to talk about it anymore. But I can’t let it go. He has resurfaced since the case has died down. Seeing him walking about freely makes my blood boil. Apparently he is known for rape and child molestation but would be released within months of imprisonment. Had he been arrested in April, I am certain he would’ve been out by now, and that is not worth my child talking about this over and over again, only for such mediocre sentence nje.
This past weekend, I saw him – as drunk as Judge Nkola Motata… elahlile, but was with his friends. Had he been alone in those dark alleys, I am 150% sure I would’ve killed him and I mean killed him
Now, one thing that worries me is that, some of your blog readers have been giving their testimonies on their past experiences ngeRape, especially on the #IAmKhwezi story. They would say “I am 32 and I was 7 when it happened.”
As much as my child is her normal self and seems to be okay, will she not grow up with such a testimony herself? The way she describes him, his clothes, his belt color, the room, (there were 3 TV’s, two were broken, he had a DARK GREEN bathing basin on the beer crate which he used as his head board and it was covered with a WHITE cloth that had blue and yellow butterflies on it) – she distinctively describes everything she saw. Will this not be forever embedded in her mind? Will she not think that I failed her by not having him arrested or punished for his act? Will she not have resentment towards me for not doing much about it? Did I do enough as a parent? I feel indebted to her and I want to kill him – for my own vengeance and for her to see that I did do something. Maybe hurt him ke – and I can. I know his drinking and hang out spots. I can’t let it go. Please Mike and the readers, help me.
I had counseling already and we pray, for her and for myself.
I can’t have him parade the streets like this while he preys on young girls who might not be as fortunate as my daughter was. It is quite sad that we were brought up to obey when summoned by elders, and now our kids are attacked when we instill such practices to them.
Pardon my long story.
Thank you

#Mother of the Abused.

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  1. My sister you need to get your self a lawyer who will follow up this case with the police for you. Unfortunately that is the only time they will take this matter seriously. Don’t take matters into your own hands because funny enough the same police who are dragging their feet in arresting the rapist will not do the same when it comes to you.

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Mother, your story cut deep, I have a seven year old and I know I would probably be in Polsmoor if that was the case, the attempt on its own warrants a homicide. Breaking the law is not always advisable but the law fails us, we are left to take care of our own shit even if it means being animals about it. I think your daughter will get over this, this shouldn’t sound light but at least she wasn’t raped, for her the healing process of this attempted satanic act is already under way and she sounds like a bright and strong young girl, be grateful.

    Now for the murder plot, I could go to jail for this but fuck it, abashwe. You have to commit the perfect crime here sisi, you can’t let this come back to you at all, there shouldn’t even be a whisper that it might be you. You know this man’s weakness, you know his hangouts and it shouldn’t be difficult to penetrate and execute your plan, but you have to be a ghost about it. So hire a serial killer if you have some cash so that he can make it look like a botched robbery. Or you burn his fuckin house down while he is passed out drunk like the Judge you mentioned. Waiting for justice from our judiciary is like hoping Zuma will resign soon, AINT HAPPENING.

    Goodluck and I hope you succeed, I hope your conscious is strong enough for this shit.

    The Avenger

    1. I usually agree with your suggestions Jackzorro, however in this instance I do not! Hurt mother, if anything I do know is that their is always a way that the truth reveals itself. Would you yourself be able to live with yourself in the long run knowing that you a murderer? Even when done for the right reasons the emotions that come with it is definetly not worth it.

      Have you ever considered moving away from this area just soo you can minimise having to see this person?

      I wish you all the best in finding a solution that doesn’t involve you breaking the very law that unfortunately was not able to protect your precious creation.

  3. Hey Anon… sorry to tell you but she wont forget. I was 5, was attempted rape and i sometimes can feel his touch, see his smile and can still remember the clothes he was wearing and the place. By the way its been 19yrs and i still cringe at what could have happened if i didnt escape. I was wearing a short dress and fot the past 18 years I stayed away from shorts, dresses and skirts.

  4. your daughter is one strong smart girl!!!!!!
    its painful that such things as that “malume” live right next door to us so close to our kids!!! its actually horrific!!!

    I really feel and understand your pain my sister ,I don’t have a kid of my own but I have a niece and I would probably kill (or at least permanently destroy one of their limbs) anyone who would try such on her with my bare hands . Killing that person might be the only thought you have right now but think about your daughter the ,it sounds like you have done a great job at raising her now imagine if her mother was to be arrested for killing the guy who almost raped her she would take on the blame for as long as she lives ….the idea of murder sounds like great payback but at what cost!? you only seeing your daughter for the next couple of years through bars or with restrictions and time limits
    yes you love her and want to do justice for her but don’t let her loss her mother

    rather you bring together all victims of this animal and go to the cops and demand that they actually do something about him or the community and the victims will take matters into their own hands and also have the members of the community partition to have him taken out of your community

  5. put sleeping tablets in his drink, kidnap him when he’s passed out, hide him preferably in a farmhouse far from prying eyes and torture the shit out of him till he succumbs.
    I have a 9yr old pretty princess and if anything like that happened to her, I would be in Max prison for the most gruesome murder, I will go down smiling. he doesn’t deserve to live, especially not when you daughter has anxiety and panic attack.

    And what assurance do you have that he won’t attempt this again with your child and maybe this time rape her for real. He has done it several times before and gotten away with it, what will stop him no? certainly not you, cause you gave up on pursuing the case.

    I vote for killing him slowly and in the most gruesomely most painful way possible. if the justice system doesn’t want to help you then take Justice into your own hands.

    He is the scum of the earth and honestly in my opinion I would have killed the sucker and bragged about it.

  6. Thank you Bhut Mike yhoooo ….Lungi 🙁

    Mother , yhooo Sis Wam …I have a 2 year old daughter and I promise you I would KILL myself a bastard if he dare touched my angel… I’m sure I would be in Polmsoor right now…I am angry as I am reading your letter, angry at the fool for doing this to your daughter and to you. I can only imagine the guilt , the pain you as the mother are feeling when your daughter says all these things…but I can assure I am pretty sure your daughter does not feel like you have let her down nor failed her…Atleast she can talk to you about this without feeling like she is judged or worse, you don’t believe her…. So continue supporting her , you are doing great Mama ….

    As for the murder part, much as I am not condoning violence but yhooo hay sisi I am with Jack on this one….. Another thing I would do mna…is get a sjambok..and when he is in his drunk state , you beat the molesting , raping shit out of him ,bloody fool…. Put oil on the sjambok and moer his ass….

    But I must say Mama, I applaud you for supporting your daughter through this trying time… Keep it up nhe….


  7. Touching story indeed, but im sure ur daughter would rather have her mother around than have her in jail, dont do it sisi. If its hard for u then consider moving to a different neighbourhood . Your daughter will b ok, she sounds like a strong person…

  8. Thanks Mike for posting and thank you guys for your imput/input. Was speaking to my daughter the other day reminding her not to stray off as the Malume is back in town. She seems to really be “over” it. Eish, ukuthi she won’t forget about it as she grows just nailed another fatal dagger right there… Following up on the case – babygirl reliving all this – I don’t know. I’ll have to think long and hard about it, thanks. Going savage on him sounds really tempting and very much doable…

  9. I am so sorry for your ordeal. Your daughter is one brave young lady. Ask your daughter how she would feel if you pursued the case and explain to her what it would entail.

    Alternatively, sneak into his house one night. Snap the back of his neck , hell be unconscious for a few hours. While he is passed out, shove some chillies up his ass. Then with a shoelace, tie up his penis as tightly as you can. Uyijijele yonke. Then drop some viagra in his mouth and gag him so that he swallows. Then leave. Make sure you’re wearing latex gloves don’t leave evidence. Wear condoms over your sneakers. Leave no evidence.

    Xa evuka uzonya.

  10. I have 2 sons but the way this world is so sick… you can never be safe , the fact that MEN can even compliment the beauty of my son gives me shivers I think we have the perfect revenge plots and murders all layed out here…. Dont forget the Condoms on your sneakers…. JUSTICE… The MOTHER WAY …

  11. Dear Mother,

    I really thank God for her bravery on that day! I am a rape victor, I was raped when I was 11, again at 22 and attempted when I was 21. The pain is still there and am over protective of my 10 year old boy. Her knowing that you and her daddy are with her means a lot and when she is old enough she will appreciate your presence in her life during this time. My mom blamed me for my rape that happened when I was 11.
    I pray that God strengthens both of you.

  12. Ta brada Mikie.
    Yho! Creepy stuff there @Chezz.
    I wud do something “stupid” like circumsise the WHOLE d!ck so he doesn’t have the tool to do harm on other poor kids. In the old Bible days didn’t they cut off arms (not just fingers) of thieves. An eye for an eye!

  13. Wish you all a Merry Xmas and please be safe over the weekend guys, travel safe to those making last minute journeys.

    Love ya’ll


  14. Dear mother, I understand you are hurting, but your daughter need you in her life, she don’t need you behind bars. That malume is an excuse for a man, follow up on the case and get a good lawyer.

  15. The truth is you will never forget even if you kill him and yes she will never forget too…its something that can never be erased from one’s mind no matter how young or old the person is….Be strong for your daughter….with time it gets better.

  16. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers so you can find strength. As for the man wa ko next door ena just visit a witch doctor and bewitch him so that every time on the hour he tried to rape your daughter his penis hurts for like an hour, it works I know some guy who raped a girl and the police took their time and the parents of the girl bewitched him and around four to six he would scream in pain while giving himself a hand job and he committed suicide because he could not live with the shame no more

  17. Just take note of his drinking time, when he’s a away…go get his house burned down so he can relocate. Don’t kill him you won’t be able to live with yourself. Just burn his house

  18. I have a 4yrs old daughter, yazini if a dog where to try anything on her, mxm killing it would be easy, ngizofunda ukuloya ngayo, loye nje inja ugwayi ubole uphume iybungu

  19. thanks Ta Mike.

    mother of the abused, the world we live in is so scary and dangerous we can’t even trust people in our own homes to look after our babies anymore. I’m so sorry for what your daughter had to go through and i’m glad she got out of it still unharmed (physically that is). I have a two year old daughter who is so friendly and loving, I get shivers every time I think of how cruel the world is out there. I swear I would beat and kill the hell out of that bastard if I were you. I don’t even think I would have time to report the matter to the police coz they would just drag their feet and take forever. spike the mother f*cker’s drink and watch him die a slow and painful death.
    Stay strong and keep praying

  20. Hurt mother I feel u cause in 2007 I was almost raped I also fought with the guy till he lost my grip n I run for my life n he chased me with a knife but likely my dad was in the street so he chased the guy n he ran away..I opened a case but could not continue with it cus I was writing my final m3k exams…I could not sleep at nyt I just had dreams of being raped but I prayed n prayed n two months after the incident I met with him passing my house n I told him leke kak looking him right in his eyes n I told him he will never do that to me again..I know ur child is way too young to b as brave as I was but with time it fades away n talking about helps a lot I pray that God comes into your heart and ur child’s heart and make u well..give it all to God because I know he will take care of that guy if u r lucky u will get to c him pay for wat he did n God will always heal u n ur daughter completely without u doing something stupid pray with faith n believe all shall be well n pray that this guy changes n never do such a thing to any other girl again stay strong mwahh👊

  21. it happened to me just as the little warrior… wangthuma umalume 2 houses from my house,when I came back he told me to bring his cigarettes to the outside toilet where sat told on the toilet seat…he told me to come inside the toilet and take my “blomas” off I just stood there traumatized he pulled my hand to come inside I bite his hand and ran away from a tender age of 8 I knew I was violated…

  22. I hope you are still reading these comments. You know that memory trigger you get when you smell something. You’re walking down the road and someone brushes past you and suddenly you remember a day in 1998. You remember everything, from the way you felt to who said what and when? Unfortunately, your daughter will always remember this ordeal involuntarily, and at the worst possible times. She will experience that and no amount of therapy will make her memory forget this, she may cope with it, live through it, but she will never get over it. I feel as though when you wrote this and are now reading it, the person you are would never allow you to let this go. So, do not! That gut feeling you have to do the right thing, listen to it. That anxious feeling of not being enough with just letting things go, listen to it. Do not take the law into your hands please sisi, but do not let this go. Use the little law we have in this country to fight this man, use the people in your community to speak out about the abuse suffered by their children at this man’s hands. Gather allies, if you have to, go from pillar to post. Take it to court and do not tire of disappointments along the way. Your daughter will grow up to learn of rape, molestation, of young girl’s like her who did not have brave strong moms like you, who have been let down by the justice system, do not be on the list of people who let her down. But do not take the law into your own hands, your daughter needs you, those young girls in your community need you.

  23. Well i was repeatedly raped when i was 6 years old. Im 35 years old now and i would like to be there when u kill him. Like will help u shem. These savages deserve a slow death to be honest. Thst man killed me . I went on counseling even now as a mother i dont trust anyone with my kids all because of “umalume” who raped me as a child.

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