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Y.E.S 88

Here is a story for you, a man marries a woman, he promises her the world and for a while it works. He is perfect in every way, takes care of the household and wants kids. Yeah every now and again you disagree on something but things

get sorted quickly as is normal. Somewhere down the line, after the entire struggle you give him kids and he loses interest in you or maybe you lose interest in him this is 2016 after all. You file for divorce and you tell the world that HE was the worst mistake of your life, how he is the devils spawn and how you wish you had never met him. Does this story sound familiar? Its wedding season people and I see all these people so happy in their vows and ask myself how the divorcing couples end up saying such things about their partners. What went wrong and better yet how can I avoid it from happening to me in future? I am so scared of getting married because of men like Bongani? What had he done to my friend and was going away with him like this safe?

“I need to call my police man friend!”

I told him as we got to his car.


He asked me.

“Dude I don’t know where you are taking me and why ok! I want someone to know where I am that’s all!”

I told him. I had to warn him that I was not some naïve little girl. Something told me that something was wrong.

“Suit yourself!”

I called the police man who had helped with the car. I asked if they had caught the guys and he said yes but it’s something I already knew. I made sure he heard me call him by his rank.

“Are you going to drive behind me?”

He asked me.

“Of course I am! Do you want me to leave my car here at a cemetery?”

I think after I said that he realized how stupid he sounded. He walked away to his car and drove off. I followed him. I tried calling Miriam again and still she was not answering. Maybe I should call the police to follow us but how, I did not even know where we were going. We didn’t go far as soon he stopped at house there.

“I am not coming in, she must come out?”

I told him sitting in my car.

“You really are serious about this aint you?”

He said shaking his head.

“Yes I am serious. Just go get my friend ok! That’s all I want!”

I told him. He walked into the house and my house started beating. What if he came out with a gun? I would not be able to come out fast enough. Coming here had been impulsive and fool hardy indeed. Five minutes later, I bet you he made me wait intentionally; the anxiety had built up at this stage there was movement through the curtains. I was ready for anything. Guess what, it was Miriam. She walked right out like she was going to meet the pope!

“Dude why is your phone off?”

I asked her as soon as she got close. I practically ran to her and hugged her.

“Are you ok? God girl you fucken scared the crap out of me! Why is your phone off?”

She looked confused.

“I am sorry I didn’t have a charger so I couldn’t call. Why would you think something happened to me, you knew where I was?”

She asked hugging me back. Yeah I knew whom she was with that’s true but I also under what circumstances she had ended up with him. She must not say it like they had gone for a picnic!

“But you could have called me with Bongani’s phone. I was so worried about you!”

I said so annoyed at her. She is so selfish. Firstly she had just left and secondly she did not have basic common decency to call because she had not come here alone. How can she even think that I did not care where she was though? What kind of nonsense is that? I was so annoyed at her…

“How would I have called you though? You know I am bad with numbers and I always have been!”

She reminded me. It was true that point and we had always laughed at about that but still, it was not cool.

“Your friend thought that maybe I had done things to you. I know I look like a monster to you but I can assure you I am not!”

Bongani said from behind her. I had not seen him approach because I had the back to the door whilst she was facing it. He knew I did not like him. Well he had given me no reason why to. He was a creep and a liar, everything I despised in men no longer why I was single. Most men are liars and I am not making this up at all.

“What would you think after all that happened yesterday? Worse you were late for your friend’s wife’s funeral and did not bring her! Of course I was scared! Where is the other wife?”
I asked.

“You also want to see her?”

They both asked.

“Yes I want to see that she is safe! She too like Miriam did not deserve this!”

I told them both boldly. I think she must have been standing by the door listening because she walked out immediately. She was wearing her nightdress and it was around noon. What the hell was going on?


She said waving. I waved back very confused and I realized that Miriam too was in a night dress! What was I missing here?

“Miriam where is your gun?”

I asked her.

“My gun?”

She asked me.

“Yes, I found the box when I was packing your things, where is the gun?”

I asked her again.

“You brought a gun here? Are you crazy Miriam? You are not licensed to carry one in the first place they could have arrested you had you come across a roadblock where they actually search people!”

Bongani asked angrily.

“I would have told them it’s my husbands and I thought because we are married then his license becomes ours. I know how to handle police!”

She said and I wanted to laugh at such a stupid statement but I did not because I was angry and I also wanted an answer!

“Where is the gun Miriam? Please tell me you did not throw it away because that is not a toy!”

He asked her again.

“It’s in the car! It’s under the passenger seat that’s why you did not see it!”

She said looking down.

“You had a gun in my car and you did not tell me!”

I bellowed angrily.

“I am sorry! I knew you would have said leave it!”

I was so angry. What if the police had road blocked me? I would not have known what to say to them.

“Damn straight! Take it out right now I don’t want it!”

I told her angrily and guess what, Bongani spoke up.

“Err I don’t think that’s a good idea. Miriam wait, Lungile can I please talk to you on the side!”

He asked me. What did he want? Why would I do this wife beating cheat a favor?

“Are you serious?”

Miriam asked me.

“I am afraid baby I am, please! Ngyacela tu! Please just stay here!”

He said to her and next thing we were walking out of earshot.

“What do you want Bongani?”

I asked him.

“You can’t leave the gun here!”

“I beg your pardon?”

I asked him shocked.

“I am serious! You can’t leave the gun here please! Do you see how volatile the situation is at this moment? You risk Miriam killing us all. Please I beg you; you have to see this from my point of view!”

He pleaded.

“I know you don’t think much of me but I know you love your friend. Please go with it! I am begging you!”

I listened carefully and I guess he had a point but I was risking me.

“Ok then!”

I walked back to the car and I took out Miriam’s bag!

“What are you doing?”

She asked me!

“You are not coming with me! Fix things with your husband. I am going home!”

I told her. I got into the car and I left. I was going home. I did not need any of this craziness in my life. My car phone rang just as I left the last suburb to join the high way.


I said so excited. With everything happening I had even forgotten that he was in hospital. I am so bad because technically he was the closest thing I had to a boyfriend.

“I heard you saved my life!”

He said weakly.

“I did not save it. You have a very intelligent child there, she saved you hands down!”

I said laughing. It was a reassurance laugh so I was not laughing because he was funny.

“Yes she did hey. The doctor said I will be fine. It was not a stroke but there are many tests that they still need to be done.”

He explained to me. I was so glad to hear that but him saying the doctor meant that I was losing him to her.

“When are you coming back?”

He asked me.

“We need to talk about us and don’t worry, it’s in a good way. This near death experience changed a lot for me!”

He explained.

Something told me that he wanted to make us date officially. He was going to ask me to go steady with him. Shit!

Sfiso was back!

*******The End **********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Good Morning

How are you and your readers? Thank you for reading this.

I am a 21 year old male and I am a student in Jozi. I can’t believe I am actually telling such a story and it’s what’s happening in my life right now. I am studying on a bursary from a reputable company also from Jozi. I got the bursary in 2015 after struggling to get one. The firm that gave me the bursary belongs to a family. To cut a long story short I have been sleeping with the wife of the man who gave me the bursary. She is 43 and has two kids one of which is 19 and a first year. After I passed last year the husband invited the people they sponsor to his house for dinner. There is like 8 of us but only 5 could make it. I met his daughter and we just hit it off. Needless to say I started sleeping with the daughter too and worse we go to the same university. I am not a scrawny little kid in built, I used to play rugby so am tall and muscular with tattoos which is what the wife said appealed to her. I am a rather quiet person and to the daughter she said it makes me look humble in spite of my looks. To be honest the mother is hotter than the daughter, small built and runs her own boutiques. I would like to break it off with the mother because at the end of the day it’s going nowhere but she is very influential on her husband. The man eats out of the palm of her hand and I am certain that dinner was her idea. If I dump her I am very certain I will lose my bursary. She is very demanding sexually as every week we do it. The daughter is more the nerdy shy type and sex scares her a bit even now. That’s my story guys and I know I made my bed but how do I get out of it? Oh I don’t get any money from the wife so she aint paying me for sex if that’s what you may think. We having an affair I guess.

Please advise

Thank You


31 thoughts on “Y.E.S 88

    1. Hahahahahahaha yeeeee man I’m thinking the same thing, lol , …whats going na kanti…What memo did we miss thina caba???

  1. Iyo TMI, I’m sure 1 of the 4 students or the daughter of the wife etc reads this blog and would probably make you out.

    Just continue dating both the mom and daughter in 2017 (I’m assuming you are doing a 3 year degree) until the moment the company settles your university fees (Around March I assume) and then dump both of them as the situation you are in is going to blow in your face. Isn’t the company expecting you to work for 3 years after paying for your 3 year degree? I hope not cos additional 3 years stuck in this situation will be too long and hope the husband doesn’t find put and blow your brains out (The brain he’s paying for in order to add more knowledge to it)

  2. Student-keep shagging the wife & make sure u dont get caught. She will eventually get tired of you (I hope).
    Look after your future first & that bursary is your meal ticket.
    She didn;t force you into the affair (by the way you describe her body) so you just want re-assurance from us to keep shagging her.

  3. amazing how u people are encouraging this bullshit but if it was a woman all sorts of profanities wouldve been hurled her way.

    1. Very true…remember the lady who wanted to decide between three guys one of them was a ex who slapped her for cheating…wadliwa wafelwa layikhaya, but now that it’s a guy…it’s shag away all round. And he’s only 19 and a student. Mmmh double standards!

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, thoroughly enjoyed.

    I was thinking the same thing @Papas, this is too much info dude because if someone knows of this family then its game over for you, Dafuq was you thinking? You think your rugby playing history will TMO you out of this? Like dude you are near the tryline success wise and you go and spear tackle the wife of the man that is making you a freaking somebody…. You should shoot yourself dead ntwana coz if dude finds out you banging his wife and his daugher, no red or yellow cards will be sufficient enough to give you what you deserve.

    Advice se foet maan wena coz le oughty uyijwayela blind.


  5. People out there have nice life problems huh? yesterday 1 girl 3 guys does not know which 1 to choose and then today 1 guy 2 women???? yeah nice life problems indeed!!!

  6. Ta Mikie.
    Student, U need to ask for a once off R2,000 “clothing or family funeral allowance” from the mom & buy yoself some spy cameras for the next shagging session. Once U have the evidence, save it in your email drafts & destroy the rest so there’s no accidently leaks.
    Then U can dumb the mom & show her the evidence that could also destroy her life if she wants to cut yo bursary. The child is easy, U can friend-zone her since she is still naive anyway when it comes to sex.
    If U don’t make a serious urgent plan, the scenario has potential of blowing in yo face mchana.
    From life experience 80% of ppl who get caught are the ones who become greedy. Don’t be! Gudluck tho.

  7. Lol I thought Mike’Seal are fantacies mara mhmhmhmh. ….Student I think Mike gave a better advice dts a sure case. Anyway if de husband/father catch u den u r dead sure case n dt will better. Cz if I was him, I would just make sure I kill u like dey do on movies where u feel ur u death

  8. Thanx Mike, student you need to dump both of them, that situation is so abnormal, I’m 30, single and doing well in my career, ask Mike for my email, then we can hook up. I also want that muscular body hey. In my head, I am imagining this hot guy with tattoos. Date me, that way you won’t be in a complicated situation boy

  9. Student, welcome to real life, most ppl are creepy & selfish. If UR not using somebody, chances are somebody is using U to fulfil their needs or wants.

  10. Thanks Mike

    Mpho ask for my single n handsome also ok .
    Student just give the wife bad sex ask for chocolate box only maybe she will move on,be a 1minute man .The daughter jst tell her u gay.This is good life problems boi

  11. I enjoy your masterpiece buti Mike. Student, my sincere advice to you is that, you are still very young, and that is proven by the way you explicitely and vividly displayed your problem. Dude! it is easy for someone to recognise you! ok, do you honestly believe that if the husband, the head of the family and the dad, finds out about this, he will be very excited neh? You used your hormones to think dude. The man will shoot you. Honestly, he will. Since it is a bursary, change the institution next year. That’s all. The rest is up to you!

  12. @ Mpho r u going to pay for the fees? Were u single because u wanted to be or something else?. U can ask Mike for my email adres I can help out

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