No Post Today

Hey guys there will be no post today. Mike is a bit unwell and was admitted. I hope he will be fine tomorrow. I will update how he is when I see him later today at the hospital.

Thank You

Sfiso Themba

100 thoughts on “No Post Today

  1. Hau, Bhut Sfiso, all this time you dont say you know Bhut Mike. You shall explain.

    I hope he gets well soon, and that not simply because i want my daily doses back.

  2. We sometimes don’t appreciate the efforts one make until they no more. I wish you a super speedy recovery. …..

  3. Eix to think I was frustrated when I saw ‘no post’. Now am heart broken, am very sorry Mike hope you get well soon.

  4. Get well! Can you please give us atleast 2or 3 chapters at once when you come back cous looking at things next week you going for the holidays….n we could use with a bit of our daily dosage before the holidays starts…GET WELL lots of love from your supporter

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