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YES 81

My life was getting too predictable. It seemed like at every turn there was something always going wrong. How do I

get involved in a video which goes viral simply because I was in a fight in Mpumalanga of all places! Is that even normal? At least the DOOM pastor was on TV that’s how everyone knew him but with me I was a nobody. It felt as though my amount of bad luck had increased in the last couple of weeks. I did not want to be here in this situation right now. I had tried to warn Miriam’s husband that this was going to happen and had I been able to without little voices in my head telling me to stay away from him then we would not be in videos. What now? I could not exactly ask them to wrap this up and by the looks of it this was going to take forever. I know I was being selfish but I did not want to be in the mall any longer than was necessary.

“Ok then. I won’t explain but it’s not my fault. I was attacked by a deranged woman I ha d no choice but to defend myself!”

I explained to her.

“Look just keep your head low. We don’t want any complications. Eye on the prize. I have some news, the firm says on Tuesday they are approaching your company. We want to move fast on this so that maybe before Christmas you will have something!”

She explained to me and that brought a smile to my face that it was not all lost.

“We will talk Monday then and stay out of fights!”

She said and hung up. That was not funny. As I walked back I was distracted by a crowd that was outside. People were still expecting drama I guess. I had to get back inside to see what was happening with Miriam. I had left her all alone but I am sure she could handle herself. My phone was ringing and would you believe it, it was Simba for the second time today. This guy does not give up does he? It was only then that I remembered that I had actually blocked him. I probably would have blocked the call had I not wanted to know how come he was able to block me!

“Yes Simba! I am going to sound off but I blocked your number before so how is it you are still able to call me?”

I asked him.

“You did what?”

He asked me surprised.

“It’s nothing personal really. When I quit at work I did not want anything to go wrong like them accusing me of speaking to their clients and the most obvious one they will worry about is you!”

I explained to him. This was also my way of asking him not to call me anymore because we had nothing to talk about. We did not really have a personal relationship outside of the office so I saw no reason.

“But if I tell you then you will block me again!”

He said clearly disappointed. I felt kind of bad because of my brashness in how I had told him that.

“I will be honest though. My phone uses a dual simcard linked to a satellite. This is because when we go to get our bio samples in other African countries we try load on to a strong network frequency forcing it to jump from one sim to the other. You probably have my number saved as under one phone but when I dial depending on the strength of my line it could be the number not saved on your phone dialling but they read as one!”

It made sense, just a little bit though. I did say during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and Liberia, his company had done extensive work there for the World Health Organisation which is why we wanted to work with them. His story of the phones then made sense.

“Ok thanks for that so are you saying that I can’t block you?”

I asked him.

“Yes something like that!”

He said but he was on the verge of laughing so I guess he was pulling my leg.

“I am not working on your account anymore. If you want to call me please it must not be about work and the project. It could get me in trouble! Can we talk some other time though because I am in Mpumalanga for a funeral and everything is a mess!

I explained to him. He hesitated before he answered then he said,

“Ok then I understand. I will call you over the weekend!”

And before I could even ask why he actually wanted to call me after I had told him we have no business to discuss he had hung up.


Someone said from behind me! I knew that voice. I turned around and there was Sfiso. I don’t know why but instinct just told me to run and hug him. It was the emotions from the fighting plus the fact that he had lost someone plus obviously the fact that I had not seen him in a long time.

“I am so glad you are here! What are you doing here though?”

I asked him. I was not even sure whether to say I was sorry for the loss of his wife at this stage or wait for a latter moment. It was just awkward this timing thing.

“I am surprised to see you here hey of all places.”

He said without answering my question but he went on to say,

“As to what am doing here Bongani called me telling me what happened and I was not far. He did not say that you were the other woman involved though! That’s a surprise indeed! Where are they?”

He asked with a serious look on his face. You know when someone has been in mourning you can tell by the look on their face. I looked at his face and he had aged. Girls notice when someone does not take care of their skin and with him I could see the lack of sleep and nourishment was lacking. He was not ok. He was even darker and I had said he was a yellow bone from the beginning.

“Eish I will take you to them but it’s not good. You guys have a lot of answering to do.”

I told him as I led the way. I remembered now I was angry at him because as his friend he had known what his friend was doing. It also meant that if Bongani and Miriam broke up, which was the most likely conclusion; I could never talk to Sfiso again. That’s how loyalty lies. Guys are very good at it, girls, well not so much! If your friend is dating a guy and you become friends with that guys best friend, when they break up you have no business remaining friends with that guy especially if the breakup was due to cheating and this friend knew. You simply have no justification.

“Finally I thought you were not coming anymore!”

Bongani said when Sfiso walked in. I walked to the side were Miriam was to show which team I belonged to.

“Yes I was coming!”

One of the securities seemed to know Sfiso. He greeted him with a man hug and said,

“How are you holding up?”

Turns out there were cousins. That what happens with small towns, everyone is related somehow! It’s amazing. I once went to Rustenburg with Nthabiseng and everyone literally knew everyone and they are super respectful of one another. In Jhb you are on your own, in fact people are scared of each other.

“I am good; your wife has been there every day helping, we really appreciate that!”

Sfiso responded. They definitely had a close relationship.

“These are tough times. I take it you have come to take these guys. I did not call the police and I spoke to my boss to allow them to go solve their problems at home!”

So this meeting was not opportunistic. Bongani had called Sfiso because he knew Sfiso knew people here. White people will call it corruption but black people will call it ubuntu. I had genuinely been expecting the police to come arrest us any moment for public violence but I was so relieved to know that for this one moment we got lucky. If it was me, in Jhb I would probably be demanding that people be arrested, we are heartless like that. Jhb teaches you self preservation above all else and as long its not affecting you then to hell with the rest. In small towns good neighbourliness comes first.

“Thank you very much. Bongani, ladies, please let’s go. This is not a fight you have in public!”

He said very calmly. I half expected Miriam to says something to extend the fight but the way Sfiso had spoken was so surreal and polite. It was hard to shout at him. He did not have to be here but he was when he was supposed to be with his family.

“Please no fighting along the way. Just leave and fight somewhere else because we will be forced to arrest you and I really don’t want that.”

His relative said as we walked out.

“Lungi we are going back to Jhb. I don’t think I can be here!”

Miriam said as we walked out. After seeing Sfiso and reading the situation I did not agree.

“No Miriam, you are not running. We need to discuss this because his family would be here and you are here! We need to go see whoever we must see today so that we know what to do next!”

I told her. I was right. Going to Jhb was just going to prolong the misery. I was not saying she must divorce her husband today but that she must meet his family, have the other wife there plus Sfiso because this was not a good situation.

“Never get married you hear me! Men are liars and can waste your time. You think you are doing everything right meanwhile these are the games they are playing!”

She told me.

I looked at her as we walked and she was right!

Why would anyone want to get married?

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Good morning sir thank you for reading my letter.

I am a bit under aged to read your blogs but I love them. I am 16 years old and I live at home with my parents and two siblings. I am the eldest. Three weeks ago I found out that my father was having an affair with a girl in grade 11 at my school. I am in Grade 10. She is one of the most popular girls at school, very pretty and very rich. Her father is the mayor in my town and this is important to my story. If I tell my mother and she reacts the only way my mother reacts by attacking everyone in her space she will go after the girl and beat her up. This would then mean that her parents will get involved and it could be bad for my parents. In my town there are always rumours about political killings and bad things happening to people who mess with those in power. I am from KZN. I don’t want to get my parents into even more trouble because this is serious. I love my mother and as her first born daughter it’s my duty to protect but I don’t know how. My father is a Zulu man, you can’t approach him, he is like a king in the house and I can’t bring it up. The kids at school who know are expecting me to start a fight with this girl but I am not a violent person either and I said she is very popular.

How should I approach this?

Thank You


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  1. Thanks Mikeesto, robbed kancane on Black Friday or is it me 🙂 #PayDay

    Kwazulu, lil sis you need to ignore this like Zuma is ignoring our calls for him to step down. Your story is so clear and whether you do A or B the consequences don’t justify the risk. Let it go mntaka Mom coz this could end badly for all involved, including you. I would spread rumours about my father being sick with Aids but then again that on its own may cause irreparable damage. Stay out of it and just pray that girl gets over this useless phase of dating ancestors.


  2. I have a feeling Marriam lied when she said Sfiso asked for Lungi to come to the funeral cos why else would Sfiso be supriced to see Lungi in Mpumalanga and say he didn’t know she was the other woman…

  3. Lil Sis, buy a simcard from the street and send your dad a message pretending to be someone from the girls family. Threaten the shit out of him, you can break it and throw it away once you are done.

  4. Thanks bra Mike,u at a star!.this chapter explains the misunderstanding of the call on a blocked number.pple don’t be quick to comment unnecessarily.good day y’all!

  5. KwaZulu I suggest you text/whatsapp your dad and tell him you’ve found out about the affair with the girl (name), let him know how you feel (without being confrontational) and your fears when this comes out. Please do remind him how your mom is what she will possible do when she finds out.
    all the best

  6. I agree, Who wants to get married?! 🤔

    Baby girl so young yet so matured. Judging by how you wrote this letter. I suggest you ignore everything and focus on you. If her father is a mayor, he’s on someone’s payroll and that means trouble for family. Askies!!

  7. kwaZulu darling if I was in this situation trust me nana I would have beaten that bitch for dating my father and disrespecting me as she knows I am my father’s daughter… mtrape nana rich or not rich you need to stand up not for yourself but for your mom, then send your dad a message telling him you know about the affair and that you just beat the hell out of his bitch… mxm sies these kids mara dating ancestors are just a stress.

  8. Kwazulu, like others have stated, send a private message to your dad. Give out as much facts as you can to show that you know the story.

    I am a bit worried about Lungi though attending Sfiso’s wife funeral. What if Sfiso starts seeing her otherwise and thinks she has no self respect. i think Mirriam was right they should have left, why would LUngi want Mirriam’s inlaws to hold a meeting, when its a friend’s funeral. Mpumalanga is not that far they can still go back in a week or two.

  9. Thank u buthi mike greater chapter, as for the blocked number thank u thank u for explaining i was among the confused ones n now sengikhululekile coz i understand now coz reali as much as ppl tried to explain ukuthi landline or other number bengazwakali kumina
    kwazulu eyi ibuhlungu lento wakho n if u nt scared of the chick jst beat the crap out of her yhoo the nerve nxah ayi i dnt knw wat this world has come down to, dis gal should be focussing on school n nt ama ancestors

  10. Lil sis, let it go sisi. I know Zulu men, he just might turn on you or worse demand that you befriend the girl. Your dad being the adult in the relationship will get what’s coming to him. Do your best and stay positive and happy at school that will eat her joy bit by bit. Sorry you have to go through such at your age.

  11. Loling at those that defended the “blocking” by saying Simba used a landline. Insulting others for asking as if they are not entitled to pose questions if they don’t understand. Anywayz, thanks Mike for the clarity.

  12. Yoh talk about a short & boring chapter. Only thing of significance was Sfiso’s face. On a serious note though, there’s starting to be a lack of creativity here Mike. Our comments and assumptions seem to be taken as part of the script a little too much. Eg. Bongani is married to someone else, Lungi having a calling. These books are losing the element of surprise. I actually get the shakes every time someone comments with their own theory. I’m already expecting Sfiso to not know that Lungi was coming to town and that Bonolo is the wife ya blesser ya Palesa

    zulugirl I think you should tell her parents. Let them deal with it and keep your mom safe from harms way. So sorry that you have to deal with this in the first place

    1. Papi I honestly have to agree with your constructive criticism there. I remember in the past we would all think we have figured out how the ball would roll but then Mike would surprise us with a plot twist. I miss that. However, taking nothing away from Mike’s great writing talent and the everyday lessons that I personally take out from literally every chapter.

  13. Yooooooo crop top Mike .somehow I agree with Pabi your stories are becoming predictable because now as the readers we know you take our comments seriously and you justify them. It’s lacking that gwaaaaa effect ngempela both blessed and YES. Sticking to your storyline is far better than justifying all our confusion.
    Great work though. We want to stay intrigued.

  14. Why is everyone blaming the girl here and emphasising that she should me moered by Zulugirl? While the man is the adult here, she might even be a minor. Men always get away with bad behaviour. Zulugirl, i agree with Tish send an anounymous message to your father and threaten to tell her parents about it.

  15. Zazain this case they are both wrong , she cant exactly go up to her dad and beat him up, . This girl is in grade 11 she knows what she is doing, the trapping is for the disrespect . Even though I don’t believe that beating her up is a smart thing to do, people with power could ruin your life.

  16. Violence won’t help,what if you try to moer the girl,then she moers u??? I think you should anonymously text your father and tell the girl’s parents

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