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YES 80

I have never been a stronger admirer of kids. I don’t know why I never find myself yearning for them. You will never

find me in a queue in a shop commenting on how cute someone else’s baby is. It’s just not me. I don’t post up baby pictures either for that reason. To me I see maintenance and stressful times the moment I look at them. What will they eat? What do they eat? How often should they eat? What to dress them in? How to react when they are sick? When to worry about them and when not? Then you see those missing posters or some perverts who are interested in kids and for me I can’t handle. I don’t want kids, I don’t like kids and I most certainly double those feelings when those kids are not mine. I am not warm like that and Ntheteng was a case in point. I acknowledged the fact that she was cute and sweet but for me it was not to the extent of wanting to babysit her just to be in the presence of a child. It was not about that. Looking at Sfiso Jnr and Themba therefore confused me a lot because I actually felt sorry for what they had witnessed and the state they were seeing their mother in. Her top was torn and you could see a bit of her bra from the pulling I had done. She was covered yes but it was still an undignified look if I can say so myself. I could feel her pain as well, one minute she was walking in the mall having the time of her life and the next minute she was being beaten up for it. Honestly I wonder how side chicks do it because surely that has to always be in your mind every time you go out! Imagine having the thought that someone would jump you for a man who was not yours. Here is the irony; the side chick in this question could possibly have been the wife because legally, since Miriam had married Bongani in the court she took precedent even though the latter had been lobola’d earlier. This was bound to get even messier!

“Look at you hiding! Are you not even ashamed of what you have done?”

I heard Miriam’s voice as they were ushered by security to the room we were in.

“Yeah you better thank God that these men are standing between us because if they were not I can guarantee you that you will be dead! Wanyela!”

She shouted still but I did not hear him respond. The wife hearing the voices too, I mean the lobola’d wife that is, stood up ready to either defend herself or attack. Like hell she was I stood up too ready for action. She must not act like she was the only one who grew up watching wrestling pshhh! I would pull out my Goldberg spear on her if she tries to make a move on Miriam just watch! Wrestling in Zulu culture is like Generations, you grow up on it!

“I am sorry! I want to explain if you give me a chance but you won’t shut up as usual!”

Bongani said as he walked into the section we were in. His shirt was covered in blood. It looked worse than it actually was to be honest and he deserved more as far as I was concerned.

“In here!”

One of the securities said. He guided them to the room we were in. Her two children clutched on to their mother as Bongani and Miriam entered. They really were scared. The younger one, Themba started crying. It was just a mess.

“Baba what happened to you?”

Sfiso Jnr asked his father. It was so amazing how that one moment made everyone take a breath including Miriam who was breathing angrily.

“Can you take the kids out please Lungi? Is that ok with you whoever you are?”

Miriam asked the wife!

“Hell no! My kids stay with me! Bongani? Who is this woman who can tell me what to do in front of you my husband and you allow it?”

She turned to him holding her waist and I was actually glad she said that, I did not want to baby sit for the enemy, woo Shem!

“Ok then I gave you a chance! What are you doing with my husband? Are you not even ashamed to walk around holding hands with a married man?”

Miriam said going on the war path! I don’t think that was the right question to ask though because when she got to hear what I had heard she possibly was the one who needed to be asked that question…

“He is my husband. 7 years of marriage wena where did you come from?”

She asked back. Seven years is a long time when you think about it. This woman had been married to Bongani even before the world cup and that people is a long time ago.


One of the security guards said when she said that.

“Seven years? You have been married for seven years? Do you realize that you have just made me your second wife wena Bongani? Do you think you are Jacob Zuma?”

The guards laughed at that example but uhm, she had a point. She was a second wife no doubt. For a pregnant woman Miriam is quite agile if I can say so myself for as she said that she managed to slip past the securities that were blocking her from getting to Bongani and landed a punch on him.

“Hold her! Hold her!”

The securities shouted at one another also caught by surprise. Bongani was to slow to block and it caught him on the chest. The guards practically lifted her from there to place her in front of me!

“Bongani when did you marry this woman? What’s going on?”

The wife asked. She was different from Miriam. She was not as loud or as physical. Maybe its maturity but there was a vast difference between the two of them. One thing I noted was that she was not rural looking as you would expect in someone who spoke villages and chiefs. If Bongani was the one taking care of her you could see that he was doing a good job of it.

“Please ladies, sit down please!”

He begged them both. I could see that wife number one was also starting to get angry. She was not happy at all.

“Miriam, sit please!”

I asked her. I wanted us to deal with this once and for all and stop causing a scene with these people. She came and sat next to me. She was breathing heavy at this point because she was very angry.

“You know I am pregnant right? You want me to lose the baby because of your lies! How could you do this?”

She asked. It was only then she broke down crying. I think all the emotions had finally caught up with her. Men though, I don’t know!

“I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you both!”

He started. Everyone always says how they never meant to hurt someone when they knew that their actions could only lead to one result, hurting that very person. Imagine he had married a whole person, had a whole wedding and he then sits there and testifies as to how he never thought it would hurt someone! Like really! I rolled my eyes even Shem!

“So what did you think would happen? You have hurt this woman for no reason and me? Where do I stand now? I go around telling people that I married a man who stood up to his family when deep down you were hoping that I disappear so you can be like the rest of them. Now I am sure they are going around saying that they won! People have been laughing at me in the streets because of you as everyone else knew but me, your wife, and mother of your kids!”

She asked. She was holding her kids still and whilst the tears were going down her cheeks she was not sobbing out loud like Miriam.

“Zanele you know what the situation was. You know I had to do this in order to save my family’s name. I was not being selfish because all this benefits us. I love you; you know that, I also love Miriam. I know you two might never forgive me but that is the truth. When Miriam fell pregnant, we had only dated for a few months…”

Explains the shotgun wedding. Remember me saying I only met him a day before the wedding. She had never mentioned him before in fact amongst her many boyfriends. Was he even the father of that child? Knowing Miriam, he was not!

“She was such a wonderful lady and I liked her. We decided to get married and I have no regrets in making that decision. I could not bring myself to come back and tell you that I had fallen for another woman. I was selfish in that I saw an opportunity to bring myself out of isolation from the family!”

He explained.

“Is this why you refused for us to have a wedding at your families place as I begged for?”

Miriam asked her. Its true there had been no second wedding and that’s rare. She was not going to allow him to get away with it.

“Is it because you were scared she would find out?”

She pressed on. My phone rang breaking the tension be it for a moment. I took it out to stop the call. It was Nthabiseng. I hung up and she called again immediately after. I hung up again and put the phone on silent. Before I could put my phone away a sms came in.

“Pick up your phone now or check your whatsapp now!”

It read. It was from her. What was the emergency? In whatsapp she had sent me a text.

“Lungile is this you?”

She asked me. There was a link in her text. I clicked the link and there I was on the floor of the mall fighting this woman. What? Someone had posted this online.

“Where did you get this?”

I asked her stupidly.

“It’s on Twitter but please I am begging you, tell me that this is not you?”

She asked me again.

“It is but I can explain!”

I told her.

“No. I don’t want you to explain. This is bad Lungi. This could be very bad for our lawsuit against your company!”

Shit, nothing was going to mess with r5m!

********The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike and readers

Firstly thank you Bhuti Mike for the good work you do. I love your stories.

My problem is… I am a lady of 25 years. I have been single for a year now. I decided I’ll start dating a few months ago… Met this really great and amazing guy and we clicked right away. He has such a huge ego, boast a lot but I decided I would put that aside. I loved him too much I guess. However yesterday we had sex… OMG! The guy doesn’t even seem to know the word foreplay… He just got down to business and I didn’t even feel aroused. I’m obviously going to dump him; I don’t think I can tell a guy how to make me happy. That’s not me. My question is… How do guys even do that? Where do they come from? Don’t guys talk about this? Watch movies and staff? I mean girls give each other tips on E V E R Y T H I N G!!!… Don’t guys do the same? Worse what if I meet someone new who will do the exact thing?


13 thoughts on “YES 80

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Concerned tell that guy that his sex game is whack. Guys do that to girls all the time, you should hear them talking about how lazy that girl is in bed, tell him to save him from future embarrassment

  2. If there is anything i dislike about the stories is that their predictable. I knew that Lungi was going to get into shit for fighting for her friend. Mara what are the chances of being filmed in public and tracked in the real world. I mean really now….

  3. Sthandwa sam, you should tell that guy that he is bad in bed or not, your choice. But it’s true, guys will go on acting like they have game, but dololo on deliverance it is pathetic and childish. Men are selfish in bed and I do not know where they get this notion that satisfaction for them = satisfaction for you. Here are some tips for future use ke girl: 1. If I am comfortable enough to be naked with you, then I should be comfortable enough to tell you and for us to discuss how we both want it. We should be comfortable enough to admit when it’s bad. 2. If you cannot give yourself an orgasm, how do you expect someone else to? therefore, explore your body. 3. No such thing as bad pronyakas should exist, because; where were you when it was happening? This ties in with point 1. All the best for the future girl

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, This is all twisted much hey 🙂

    Confused, Firstly my dear I think you ought to learn more about the world coz you seem to be clueless about these things…. This wasnt your first right, so how was the first one before you took a break? This dude was a douche from beginning so what did you expect? Ofcourse we talk about such, hell we proly discuss this more than ladies do. The key factor is what your person makes of all the shared knowledge amongst fellows. If he is an idiot, chances are not even a sexologist can help him understand that sex is not only about releasing future bloodlines.

    Some guys are plain dumb sisi, you just need to smart enoug to see that and go for someone who can challenge you with intellect. Ezi bari zama Kanye West egos are always trying to make up for their short comings by acting holier than 2minute noodles… But ke not all of them.
    Choose wisely next time vha, and just a free tip for next time, if he is able to make you reach the gate of heaven without taking your clothes off, thats a keeper.


  5. Concerned in my own personal experience the only time I rush to hit it is when I really dnt care about the girl and all I wanna do is just cum and call it a day, however if I really like you I will take my time and really explore your body before I go in… so what Im saying is that theres two ways of looking at this, (1) the guy really doesn’t like you much and your just a means to him cumming without him doing it himself, (2) the guy can just be totally clueless and theres nothing you can do about it. Either way you are screwed until you find a guy that knows his story… good luck sister

  6. Or you can work on him. I started screwing my bf last year and it was horrible and painful for the 1st three months but after the talk, we’ve had theeeee most bomb ass sex, one year three months and we’re still going hard at it almost everyday ( excuse the pun)

  7. Thought some would answer.
    Guys do talk as well. BUT when it comes to boastful guys the talks are about boasting especially if those guys are of a certain age and certain experience level. Just imagine his misinterpretation of your action “I hit Concerned to an extent that she did not want me anymore cause I am causing her pain”. His boys get impression that you cant contain his size or strength, missing that he does not warmup.

    Oh, there is little chat on teaching especially if dealing with some ego driven person but will join him on boasting.

    Talk to him about how you want it and dont forget to “reward”him if he is playing nice and complement his game when it improving. Unless you want to leave him for other reasons.

  8. Thanks mike I guess the Mmamane ngaka was right.

    QnA yes we talk but we always lie to each other lol n porn its the biggest problem for some of us.My Q is if ur not ready as a lady y allow him to pernetrate?its ur cokie ,there is ur solution ladies.If u cant communicate for ur happiness then u will always be looking for a good sex partner.Guess ur fingers will be your friend for a long time lol

  9. BraMike, ppl can play around everything else but not close to one’s family & their food (read money).
    R5meter is at stake here!
    Sista Concerned, I think half the problems in bad sex in any relationship needs to be shared as much as U shud share the gud sex responsibility.
    Make that nigga work hard for that pant to drop. How do U rush to take off the bra & the pant like it’s some kind of quickie at yo parents’ home.
    U shud have initiated the foreplay. Some men are leaders & some are followers. U can tell that from the first kiss U share. Then if UR that gud yoself, then U shud have taken the lead & be the captain.
    Next time ke make sure even for the dress (or blouse & jeans/trousers) to go off, yo guy has to work hard to make the “heat moment” really hot. Teach him the art of the game. If he breaks that bra he must pay for another one. That’s the cost of his lessons.
    What is women empowerment without them liberating themselves from being recipients to being providers of their sexual needs & their partners. Be the BBBEE woman in bed & teach that brother yo game. If U said U tried all actions, then I wudn’t blame U for yo 50%.
    Charity begins at home. Stop blaming. Actually, most women who blame men for bad sex are like dead logs in bed themselves & wait for the guy to do everything to make them climax. A men has half the tool for your satisfaction & U have the other half. Some women buy sex toys but I don’t hear them blame their sex toys for bad sex. Come on now, take charge!

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