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YES 78

People always say that men are successful because they stick to each other. They don’t betray one another and have each other’s back. A man can be friends with a guy who he met through his girlfriend and that man will let him cheat

in front of him and not say a thing. Note, these are men whose only link is the wife. Men have that kind of loyalty and with women, well, it has its moments. She can have your back for now but the moment you start fighting even on something completely unrelated she can bring out your files like she is David Mahlobo! I was supposed to have my oldest friends back in this moment and the only way to do this was by going against her which on its own was a betrayal. To protect her I had to betray her. This was a hard decision to make. Miriam was a fighter and I know she would not hesitate to go physical. With her pregnancy however this would be highly irresponsible of me to let her fight another woman who obviously laid a claim to her husband. In all the years I had known Miriam she was not one to change her mind meaning even if I tried talking her out of it by pointing out the obvious she would never buy it. I had to try,

“Miriam you are pregnant, you are putting your baby and yourself at risk! Come on now! Whatever we find there you can’t be Miriam of old wanting to break people’s heads by throwing bottles!”

I warned her. I once went to the hospital to see her after another woman had hit her with a bottle. She was a brawler and yes she had chilled a bit now, it’s something I knew was still inside her.

“I am not stupid! I have thought about that but I can’t lose my husband so soon into the marriage! He has to respect me!”

She told me. This thing called respect, the more women are empowered the more we fight for it but at times respect does not trump the safety of your life or child.

“If he is cheating why don’t you just leave him? It’s easier than all this. You can’t chase down every skirt he goes after!”

I warned her.

“Do you know why I can’t leave him?”

She asked me.


“Firstly stating the obvious I love my husband ok. Secondly no one expects this to work, not even you! Everyone is waiting for the day I implode and do something stupid. I don’t blame them not having faith in me and relationship because of my past but I will not fail. I am going to prove to everyone that just because I had a life growing up I can keep a man!”

She said and I felt so guilty because she was right. I don’t think many people actually believed this marriage would last. This was Miriam for crying out loud she used to have threesomes for the fun of it! Did I say that out loud? Oops, was meant to be a secret!

“It’s not about us though? It’s about you and what you need!”

I reminded her.

“No Lungile it’s about everyone. Even my own mother warned me that if I don’t settle down I might never get such a man like this again. The irony is I see all these high and mighty girls, the ones that were saints in school and judged people like me struggling to keep their men. To me it’s a victory because not only did I enjoy my youth, I am determined to enjoy my marriage!”

She said and I kept quiet. That was kind of a low blow because one of those girls was me. We had spent our young lives judging the girls that clubbed, partied, had blessers or sugar daddies and for what, only for us to be struggling with our morals when we got older.

“Ok cool, don’t worry I have your back just don’t hurt my niece or nephew in the process!”

I told her. She let out a weak laugh and the she drifted somewhere faraway. She was not going to speak to me and I think it’s because she was thinking of everything we had said. Maybe I had gotten through to her but I was more determined than ever to warn her husband but I didn’t have his number! I never saved the little brothers number either which reminded me, what ever happened to him?

We drove in silence all the way to Nelspruit. I had booked us in BnB called Ubuntu Kraal and the plan was that after a bit of rest we go have an early dinner at Riverside Mall.

“Miriam we are here!”

I told her waking her up. She had slept right through.

“Oh wow I must have been more tired than I thought!”


You are pregnant!

I meant to tell her but I could not. She clearly didn’t care about it because why pick a fight if you have a baby inside you.

“Yes you were!”

We checked in and put our things away.

“I am actually hungry now. I did not eat in the morning. Let’s freshen up and go eat please!”

I told her. She too said she was hungry. It was already 4pm meaning we were going to have an early supper at this rate.

“What time are we going to find my husband?”

Eish there we go again.

“I don’t know hey. You the one that said you have your tracker magic so obviously will hear from you when you want to go!”

I told her I had accepted my fate that there was no coming out of this so oh well let’s see how the cookie crumbles then. My phone rang and it was Simba. I had not informed him that I was now off the case and this time there was no recourse.

“Good afternoon!”

I said in my greeting.

“How are you?”

He said.

“I am good thanks.”

“I understand that there was an incident with Mawela at your offices. I have only just arrived and he told me that you guys called him to explain some of the findings you had found! Is it ok that I come in and see you guys in the office on Monday so that we can clear this up?”

He asked me politely.

“I am afraid I won’t be your point person on this anymore. You will have to call the company directly and they will tell you who to speak to. I left them yesterday! It’s a long story but I am sure they will give you someone capable as my replacement!”

I explained to him politely. I did not want to sound dramatic about what had happened because I don’t know how much discretion I had now that I had left. Imagine messing up my law suit because I spoke too much.

“You are joking right?”

He asked me in total disbelief.

“I am afraid not. I am very sorry for this. Good day Mr. Tizora!”

I said to him and hung up the phone immediately. I had not realized that Miriam was standing behind me.

“You lost your job?”

She asked me!

“I did not lose it ok, I quit. You should stop eavesdropping on peoples conversations its bad!”

I told her rather annoyed that she had heard that exchange.

“We in a small space I don’t think I could not have heard what you were saying unfortunately. Are you ok?”

She asked me and my answer was a snappy,


I did not want to talk about it so I stood up and walked outside! This was my problem which I was going to deal with alone as best as I could. I did not want too many people passing judgment or giving their opinion on it. It was not about them and entirely about me.

“I am sorry I listened in. I think we should go to the mall now because I am starving!”

She said. I did not respond but went back inside to take my car keys then headed back out again. I am not even sure I was angry at her anymore; possibly it was my annoyance with what was going on.

“Please don’t tell your mom!”

I told her and somehow we both burst out laughing. If that woman found out she would tell the whole street that I got fired. When it came to gossip and rumours that woman was without a doubt a god in her own right! She was a force of nature!

“Of course I won’t! My mum can make a small story turn relevant so fast so that the last thing I would ever dream of doing!”

She reassured me. I believed her. Her mum had ruined a lot of things for us in the past simply by saying all the wrong things. We found our way to Riverside Mall.

“Let’s find the food court. I don’t want some restaurant where we have to wait hours for food!”

She said as soon as we walked into the mall. I agreed with that too because much as I was hungry I did not want a heavy meal.

“I am buying since you drove us all this way and I didn’t pay for fuel as yet!”

She said. One thing about Miriam, she was always fair when it came to the bill. She was not that friend that took advantage of you simply because you earned more.

“Ok cool!”

As we got to the counters there were different fast food restaurants everywhere with chairs in the centre. I was slightly ahead of her.

“Goodness it’s packed!”

I said to Miriam but she did not respond. I turned to look at her and she stood there frozen looking at something. It’s not a lie what they say when they say the woman always knows. We did not even have to go look for her husband. There was Bongani her husband and he was holding hands with this woman. We had not even gone to look for him, he was right there but that’s not all, from the play area some kid ran to him and said,

“Daddy, why must we leave now? I want to play some more and besides David is still playing!”

Mpumalanga people and the name David! You would think they were Jews!

“He has kids?”

Miriam asked me rhetorically but the confusion in her at this moment was palpable forget the fact that he had another woman possibly a wife!


********The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter. Greetings to everyone.

I have a problem guys, it’s my husband. He is the laziest man when it comes to sex and I have tried everything from watching porn, buying toys and even going for therapy. He is simply not interested. We have been married for 13 years now and I am 36 he is 40. At the beginning of the relationship he was sexual but not over the top. In the last five years things just deteriorated. We have reached a point where we can go three months without sex and the day that we do have it the sex won’t last ten minutes. As a husband he is a wonderful man. He drinks at home, takes the kids and I out shopping and outings at least once a month. He is funny and charming and everyone loves him. I once thought he was having an affair because of his disinterest in me until I realized no other woman in her right mind would stand for this. I go to the gym, I dress sexy and attractive for him but I don’t think he even notices. So many men hit on me young and old but I am loyal and faithful to my sexless husband. I don’t know what to do. I am so horny half the time even at work not because I am lustful but because I am not getting it. I have toys, but what’s the point when a man is lying next to me. The temptation to cheat is growing stronger by the day and I don’t want to do this. Please anyone can you help me get through to this man.

Thank You

Big Fan

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  1. Big Fan. Talk to your husband about how you feel and explain what thoughts are starting to grow in your mind. Tell him you love him but he has to satisfy you in the bed as you are human. Let him know that he is pushing you to temptation which is something you don’t want. I hate it when men think women are not sexual beings. Sort your situation first, if you fail rather leave than cheat since it’s not you.

    1. Maybe Simba called with other number or his work number. As for Bongani Hayi ndincamile “indoda/amadoda azakumangaza struu”

      Sad part before their big day he was all loving and committed kanti unjani nje uBongani .

  2. @ Purity she had, now he is calling her, I understand that Mike is pressured but these small mistakes hle are getting worse each day and to be quiet honest its getting annoying, I know some people whom unfortunately suffer from verbal diarrhea and whom are in most cases do not appreciate the power of literacy will attack me but I am not bothered so you know, @ Mike I am happy to proof read this for you at no charge before sending through.

    @ Sex deprived sister I suggest you play with yourself in his presence maybe that will open him up and make him realize that he is denying you your right , haowa the honeypot needs to be stirred at least every third day if not everyday, 3 months feels like a prison life sentence when in a marriage.

    1. Uyabora yaz, Mike explained he’s situation and besides while reading u can get what he was trying to say so in a nutshell stop being a grammar nazi asomblief

    2. Yazi, my boyfriend blocked my calls a week ago but I still called him with my 3rd phone. these things happen uyabo?

  3. Kwabuhlungu kumina wemom…Why madoda why…

    Big Fan, talk to your husband please. explain to him as you explained to us. Cheating will hurt the both of you…

  4. Hayibo Lungy blockd simbas number nje awu buthi Mike u confusing us now but anyways cnt wait for the next chapter n the bongani sagga…
    Yho okwabani staying 3 months wifout any numnum n a man next to u ayi its understandable for us single ladies hayibo wat kinda of a man hu doesnt like these nyc deeds, anyways they ryt tlk to ur man n tell him u have sexual needs n as ur hubby he needs to fulfill them

    1. It could be possible that simba was phoning with the work phone he did say. He arrived today and was informed of what’s happening so that means he is at work.

  5. Thanks for an awesome episode bra Mike….forget those who are complaining about the small mishap!
    I love this bombshell!
    Uthi Mirriam’s husband has KIDS!!!!TJOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  6. Big fan simply send this letter to him, and pretend you sent it to him by mistake, aker he can’t read the signs so better send that letter to him probably it will bring you guys to talk about your sexual life n then advise him to go to mens clinic

  7. What a wonderful read. I understand that Lungi might have blocked Simba’s number but it might have been that Simba called her with a different number. Sometimes indicating small mistakes is a good thing but complaining about it is just not on.

    Good work Ta-Mike.

  8. Thanks Mike for the awesome blog that you are given us…keeping us entertained all the time…KEEP UP the good work…we shall continue reading never mind the mistakes…everyone must be grateful and understand. For those that understand that Mike is human you can do better start your own blog!!!! and lets see if you will do BETTER.

  9. You guys are proving to be dumb unimaginative readers! Lungi blocked Simba’s cell number. Did she block his office line? Did she block all private numbers? What if he is calling from his PA’s phone? hai maan sebenzisani ingqiqo and stop complaining ngezinto ezingekho.

    Dear Miss Sex starved wife.

    Girl you got it bad eh! I have a question though, How does hubby react when you initiate the sex? Like just start sucking his dick without asking unexpectedly aand ride him. Have you tried that?

    You need to speak to your husband and tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels. Find out why he is not interested in sex and what you can do to help him. Make him understand why sex is important to you and how he can enjoy exploration with you. Good luck.

    1. You can ask that again Chezz..its like Mike said Simba has only one number (cell ) to make calls and Lungi blocked that number the way they complaining.

  10. Some people have a tendency to see bad in things, they so quick to notice negative things and they criticize too much
    Does that small mistake spoil the whole chapter???? A simple thanks to Mike for writing interesting stories on a daily base wont hurt anyone.. lets remember that he’s not a machine.

    Thanks Mike for a great chapter.

  11. The way Miriam’s husband was so against Miriam hooking lungi and Sfiso up,I thought its because he doesn’t approve of infidelity.

  12. Thanks Mike good job.

    Big fan cc if you already pointed out this to him just play with your TOY in front of him make sure your hit hot spot he will see how starve you.

    3months is too long especial in marriage. wenzani loBaba eganga amadoda eyithanda kanje inkomo. Maybe his sick Big Fan

  13. Comeonn people yes she did block him, and he realised that ,that is why he used a landline to call her. Or nikufuna in writting lokho.

  14. Thanks Mike and Team…
    @Big Fan – hhayi bandla, he must be getting it feom somewhere else, can either be a man or a woman…(hides)….

  15. Lets up our cards on the table, if you comment with Men will suprise you, then kante wena dont you suprise the husband of wife with your actions? The actions we do today will be the same actions the next generation will do, but in a different enviroment….

  16. I always say I dont want a man from emakhaya. Those people are shady. They are the reason why there is Khumbulekhaya and utatakho. Did Bonganis’ family not come to the wedding. Shuuuuu!

  17. @Big Fan please take him to mens clinic maybe he needs the zing. Your husband needs to stop being selfish… 40 is a young age, he must try exercising too.

  18. @bigfan ur man is most likely doing self service And sleeping with you is probably not he’s biggest fantasy hence the long wait between sessions, your best bet is to talk to him and hear what he says and you tell him what your needs are if that fails to resolve things then go get it somewhere else the big man up stairs will understand

  19. Just when Mariam decides to change from being a wild chick to being a good wife this happens. A lerato la nnete le lenyalo le santse le bonwa this days? Its sad for people who are side chicks or in FWB type of relationships but maybe they have the last laugh when they are not in the dark and the ones we all think are in happy relationships are living a lie. How’s this world mare, we all want to be happy in relationships with no lies.

  20. Thank you bro Mike.

    Big Fan. Usengxakini sisi. I am worried about you. It might happen that your husband is GAY hence lost of interest to Pornya koss. I don’t even know how to advise on this one. I feel sorry for you.

  21. Mirriam’s husband didn’t want Mirriam to hook up Lungi & the friend… thats because he knew that if ba jola, then lungi was gonna find out about the *other wife*.Being friends with mirriam means Lungi would’ve told mirriam! The husband & the friend both come from same kasi! lol! It also explains why the friend was surprised when Lungi was angry when she first found out that he is married! maybe the friend *assumed* that Mirriam knew her hubby already had a wife…hence her hooking up Lungi with the friend (who also had a wife then!)!

  22. Yaz people can be a bore! we can not stress this enough “if u are not happy with this blog leave” it’s as simple as that. just because Simba called can’t u b imaginative nd assume that he called with another number? and what u fail to realise is that the more thrs this proof reading thing, we get our daily dose late just because of ungrateful entitled people. So annoying!!

  23. I don’t usually comment but I reckon your husband has a problem far deeper than we might realise. The guy could be gay for all we know (just saying). No normal straight man doesn’t wanna have sex especially when they have a wife as well. what I suggest you do is, print this e-mail out and leave it in a space where he is sure to see it. see what happens after that. maybe when he reads about your frustrations he’s gonna catch a wake up call. and if he doesn’t say anything or doesn’t change even even after reading the letter, then sit him down and start finding out why he is punishing you kangaka. Good luck sisi, I hope you get through your man and you guys can continhe with your beautiful marriage.

  24. @ big fan u r writing story of my life. Hubby N I don’t make love like how we use to. N when I try n initiate he will respond but his touch will be so “weak” n I get annoyed N stop the whole thing. He’s gone so boring that we don’t kiss even anymore. I love him n outside the bedroom we r the perfect couple. I also thot he was maybe getting it some where but I did my investigation n I can confidently say he’s not cheating. We need help guys pls as dis starvation is not good for relationship. HELP PLS.

  25. Heeeee! Roses you just opened my eyes. That would explain why he appeared as this forthright character. Uyazikhusela. Andabi samsizela uMirriam shame

  26. Ta abuti Mike. This is real stuff that is happening hey. Especially if U don’t take yo time to know yo partner. Do yo FBI duty. Background check. Go meet his family. Nice life lessons there.
    Big fan, I fail to understand yo hubby. Some of us get moody when she is on periods, I’m sho yoz buys a 6pack & pizza to celebrate extention of his off duty. Visit maDlamini for some libido herbs or buy losts of vitamins.

  27. @Bigfan talk to your husband do not think the worst,he might have some sort of erectile dysfunction disorder if when you try to initiate sex by attempting to go down on him and he says no. He MIGHT be cheating wether he is or he isn’t! he musnt fuck with your conjugal rights as his wife,he is supposed to tend to your sexual needs too. talk to him ,in your letter you say nothing about him coming home late or that you think he may be cheating so I really think he is being let down by his dick. find out where your nearest men’s clinic is and research your husband must understand this is serious

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