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Y.E.S 79

As women we are strong. We are resilient and are survivors. We have been adapted so much over time to love men even
if we know deep down that they cannot be trusted. It’s like that. There is no woman who is that naïve to not have it at the back of her mind that question of what if her boyfriend or husband cheats yet before that day she will love that man with everything she has. It’s like a knee jack reaction to be honest in which we feel that maybe, just maybe, if I loved him more and gave him more then I would be enough for him on my own and he won’t seek out other women. Amazingly and more often than not, all these efforts are thrown into our faces and are made a mockery out of by the very same men many of us would sacrifice everything for. It’s such a sad reality which makes one wonder how as women we even dare to love someone knowing how much the odds are stacked against us. I looked back at Miriam, sigh… I don’t even know what to say. Your first reaction would be you want to say sorry to her or exclaim shock but mine was anger! It was as though in that moment it was me who had been betrayed! You can never wish such a thing on any woman even if she was your worst enemy. Her pain was palpable and the confusion on Miriam’s face was something I don’t think I will ever forget for as long as I live. I don’t think her eyes and her brain were telling her the same things. I am sure she was seeing what she was seeing but her brain was refusing to process it.

“He has kids!”

She said whispering again. I turned to look at the little boy, probably around 5 years old who ran joyfully to his daddy and jumped on him. He lifted him and swung him in the air and put him down. I turned to Miriam to see if she was looking and she was not there! I turned back to him and there was Miriam walking towards him with purpose. Shit! It was going down and he did not even see it coming. The cafeteria area at the mall is set up in such a way that all the chairs are cantered as the fast food joints surround them. Miriam lifted a chair and she hit him so hard from the back with it even before he or the other woman could see! He fell face first and he hit his nose on the floor and automatically blood came out! I never thought she could be so strong. The chair didn’t break but it bent out of shape. It’s not that heavy the chair but it would take a great amount of force to make it bend no doubt.

“How dare you? How dare you?”

She screamed out loud as he fell to the ground screaming in agony.


He said as he recognized the voice I suppose as he fell on his stomach. I had not seen him turn that’s why I say that and when she jumped on him he was lying face first into the cold slippery floor!

“You married me knowing that you already married! How could you do that to me? I never hurt you ever and you do that to me? How could you Bongani?”

She shouted as people started to gather around as the commotion was obvious! The wife for a second stood frozen, the way Miriam has stood frozen before she sprung into action. Her husband was being attacked and I think it only clicked after a few moments.

“Get off him! Get off my husband!”

She screamed too and she went for Miriam. My friend to her credit is strong! On the one hand she was fighting Bongani as he tried to get up and on the other hand she now had to block off a rampaging wife!

“He is my husband too!”

She shouted back and I could hear a collective


From the gathering crowd when they heard that. One woman shouted from the crowd,

“Beat the dog up! You betrayed both women!”

And there was laughter. Miriam was losing the fight meaning it was my turn to join. Eish forgive me Father for what I am about to do! I have never fought anyone but how hard could it be! I ran into the commotion scene and pulled the wife aside forcefully,

“Leave my friend alone!”

I shouted at her and she took one look at me and she punched me on the face! Let me take a moment right now, no one ever tells you how sore being punched is and when that pain hit me I wanted to scream but that would mean I would have lost the fight already. The anger from Miriam’s betrayal plus the pain made me move forward myself and I started throwing punches of my own, many of which missed. The ones that landed I am sure caused enough damage because next thing we too were on the ground. This was my first official fight and the bitch kept pulling my hair.

“Leave my friend alone!”

I kept saying and I don’t know why because it was not her fighting Miriam it was Bongani!

“Your friend is a whore who attacked my husband and now claiming to be married to him!”

She was shouting when next thing there were security people all over us pulling us apart. When you are fighting, you have more strength when you are being held back and when the skinny hungry looking security man was pulling me away from her this woman was holding a chunk of my hair as she was being pulled away. It was blood sore! Somehow I freed my hand and I punched her hard in the stomach from around my guard and she bellowed in pain whilst the security that was pulling her away was shouting at my security guard for not holding me probably.

“Take them to the holding room!”

The security was shouting. From how I was being held I could not see Miriam but I could hear her shouting,

“I am going to kill you for this if you don’t kill me today!”

She was fuming and I can’t blame her. Imagine finding out that your husband, the one that impregnated you, threw you a white wedding even had a wife and a whole family elsewhere? It’s not even betrayal on your part alone that breaks you but you question your own intellect for having failed to see something was wrong.

“Don’t leave my children!”

The other woman was also shouting at the same time but the guard with her was not listening. Crap, I had even forgotten about them and for them to have witnessed such I think made me feel guilty. This was a fight for adults which should never ever have played out in front them. My jaw was sore from where she had punched me and what’s worse; she had knocked out a ‘filling’ in my wisdom tooth! I can’t even tell if it’s because she was strong or simply because I had never been punched before that’s why it hurt this much.

“My children, my children…”

She turned the shouting into crying as though someone had died.

“Give my children! Give my children!”

A female security woman is the one I think who put two and two together and came to ask her!

“Mama where are your children! I will get them for you! Where are they?”

She asked. The other woman wife thing told her their names.

“The older one is Sfiso and the younger one is David or Themba! Sfiso is wearing a Spiderman t-shirt. Find him and he will take you to his brother!”

She said desperately. Much as she was my enemy right now, I could not help but feel sorry for her. Imagine losing your child, no I don’t mean through death but you go to a mall and you lose your child! That’s like death. The child’s name was Sfiso, clearly named after his father’s best friend meaning grieving Sfiso knew that this guy was married already yet had come all the way from England to wish them well on their wedding! Imagine such cruelty! It must be all a big joke to them. Is this why he had found it so easy to cheat on his wife with me? So far the battle I had fought was for Miriam but now I was feeling played too.

“Where is my friend?”

I asked the guards when they sat me down in I think the manager’s office as we had been separated be it temporarily. Two more entered I think to stop us from going at it again. I did not see any more fight in her though all she wanted were her kids.

“I take it your friend is the one fighting the man, they are in the next room and we are going to join them just now!”

One of the guards told me. The wife was staring at me with a look that said she wanted to kill me but not now.

“I don’t understand how you don’t know that he married my friend a few months ago. His family was there even, so how is it that you don’t know?”

I asked her curiously and in an accusatory manner.

“He gave her a white wedding?”

She asked me shocked. I could see that part meant something to her. It hurt her so much she had that defeated look on her face.

“Yes he did it and it was huge! Everyone came so tell me how is it you don’t know all this if you are his wife? Also tell me this, when he is in Jhb all that time where do you think he is because as a wife you should know where your husband is based!”

I told her. I said the part of the wedding being huge just too rub in that salt a lit bit more because I could still feel the full weight of that punch!

“I don’t know what history you know of Bongani. We grew up in the same village at some point before my family moved to another village. We didn’t just move we were kicked out after they lied about my mother being a witch but the real reason was the family did not think I was good enough for Bongani. Where we come from such an accusation means something. We practically ran for our lives. Bongani didn’t care about that he came and paid Lobola for me. His family told him that they would never accept me as a wife and would disinherit him. It was a very messy affair!”

She explained. I kind of got it but not fully and worse my educated free woman side told me not to accept her submissiveness to her fate.

“Why would he be scared of getting disinherited, he works and all?”

She looked at me with even more confusion because clearly it was my turn not to know something.

“Bongani is next in line to be the chief in our area and it has two mines and a new one being spoken about. He has a lot to lose. He always said he would never put money before us but if he married her and the family celebrated it means that he chose the money over his kids and me!”

She said so pitifully my heart broke for her too! Where was my loyalty? At that moment the lady security guard walked in with her two kids in tow!

“Mommy what happened to you?”

The older one asked as they ran to their mom. They looked so scared and confused but who could blame them.

This was bad.

******** The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Dear Mike and Readers

Thank you for the great stories and the platform you provide for advice.

I am a black woman 34 years with 3 children and have been married for 11 years now.My husband is a coloured and we are quite comfortable financially and otherwise. My husband is an entrepreneur and he recently expanded his company. He has been looking for an investor and he has finally found one and their deal is great and will benefit my husband’s business profoundly. My problem with this is that the business partner is my side nigga! The side guy is a white French man who lives and works in SA. I have been having an affair with this guy for 5 years now and it has been wonderful.My husband has never suspected a thing and I always made sure that sideguy’s wife is taken care of and never suspect anything either.

I am a Dr and Pharmacist my husband put me through varsity for both my degrees. Sideguy helped me start my pharmacy and invested a lot into it, I now have 6 pharmacies across 4 provinces and 20 practices around the country where I employ other doctors. All of this happened because he introduced me to his contacts and financed some of my ventures. Some of his money that he makes in “not so clean” ways we hide it through my business and we are doing well. We are like a legit couple! We have a “home” of our own in an estate, he bought it in my mother’s name and we have made it our house. We have pictures of us on the walls and have clothes and groceries there! It is our house away from our homes! Sometimes we stay in it for weeks together.

I love both these men equally and I do not want to lose either of them. I spoke to sideguy about this business with my hubby and he said it would be foolish of him to let it pass. Usually in business you will host dinners for your investors and clients. Now Sideguy knows where I stay and I do not like that. He never knew my house, my kids or my husband before this business thing! Now his wife is all friendly with me and inviting me to all sorts of rich women’s things and introducing me to her circles. Even our children are becoming friends the are doing sleep overs! I want nothing to do with her, I am sleeping with her man for crying out loud! She is genuinely nice person and she is very warm and welcoming. She is even talking about going on a tour to France for a month just me and her to bond because she likes me so much. She is asking me for sex tips because she heard that black women rock in bed!

I suggested to Sideguy that we must cool things off and lay low for a while and he will have none of it. We are always having dinner and going to functions and outings as couples and he gets jealous when hubby gets touchy feely with me. Last week we went to dinner and my husband kissed me in the elevator, sideguy sent me a burning sms complaining! We both left the table to go have a quicky in the bathroom and came back as if nothing happened. To be honest I also get jealous when he pays attention to his wife in my presence. We had planned a holiday in LA for my birthday at the end of the month. I am worried that my hubby and his wife will figure it out that we are always away at the same time! Nayi indoda ingidonsela amanzi ngomsele iwaletha endlini. I can’t get Sideguy to see the danger awaiting for us if we don’t lay low, he says we are either together or not and there is no in between. He says the fact that I am getting closer to his wife is even better because we will now have inside intel when planning our affairs. What do I do guys? I want my bread buttered on both sides!

Thank You


58 thoughts on “Y.E.S 79

  1. Ihhheee, Guilty are you for real or trying to make my broke ass jealous on a Monday morning, a few days before payday!!! Hhayi bandla, will need to re-read and read futhi again before I can think clearly. You have got nice life problems – hey?

    Miriam and Lungi – ….sorry guys,

    1. Yhooo such nice life problems. Can i be you hle or at least hook me up with one of your business associates… its december and umuntu ubroke

  2. Guilty : You selfish and I like that a lot . Do what makes you happy sisi, kudala sadlalwa ngamadoda. Just play safe, if you ever get caught, deny, deny, deny. As Nonzwakazi would say, MABANDE BAFAZI.

  3. Tell me about it KaManyosi. Its such a drama but they way you described yourself so specifically, people who know you now know whats up. French men cheat its in their cuture so he will be a problem forever. i think you and Frenchie need to agree on boundaries since you dont want to let him go and clearly so does he. Also dont get pregnant

  4. Guilty, you such beautiful life problems ey…. just don’t get caught ey by SARS and your husband… look after everything well…. A part of me thinks your side guys wife knows but ooooh well

  5. Hayi no Guilty!!! and yet some of us are still fasting and praying for a husband like yours sigh , you are blessed shame!!!!!!

    1. Something tells me french wifey knows something, in regards to the France Tour-Just make sure you on the safe side before we see yet another episode of deadly affairs with you featured in it.

      1. I have the same thoughts Chedza, women always know. It gets even more when you socialise together! That trip alone is suspect. That’s if all of this is true. So be careful dear Guilty maybe time for your relationship to either end or be reviewed into being permanent for everyone to know has come!!

  6. Today’s letter.mmmmm I’m still trying to digest everything. I Bible itsi ungayifisi indlu yamakhelwane wakho,isho kona loku, I’m sooooo jealous 20 practices, 2pharmacies ayiiiii

  7. Guilty. Are you really guilty or enjoying the benefits of having your bread buttered both sides i think that u r greedy and u don’t see what effect this two side relationship will bring, not only u will loose the business and your man also what about the children,actually is all about money to u there is no love.

  8. Mogalammakapaaa #Guilty I have no words shemmm stunt is what I am,, but one thing I can tell you is ,,,you and your side have nice life problems but the lightining thts cumin for you both is still doing push ups, yoga and all the shit you can think of

  9. Poor wife hle….

    The letter is a bit far fetched hey. I can’t deal. And if it’s true, so much details will definitely get her caught

  10. Lol.. Guilty tells fascinating stories shem.. You have nice life problems.. you must be stinking rich.. ng’cela imali sisi?

  11. QnA Everyone has been blinded by the wealth behind the story when the bottom line is we are discussing CHEATING… the last time you were cheated on did you think you had “nice life problems “? I don’t think so because rich or poor the pain that comes to people being cheated on is real. If the French wife really doesn’t know as a woman I can imagine how painful it is to love a man who will one day prove you were never good enough or simply enough for him. That’s the truth. As for your husband to you it’s fine because the guy invested in his business so it’s ok to fuck his wife? Are you for real right now? In your head you saying your promiscuity did him a favor and again it’s not true because your promiscuity has the potential to destroy not only you but your family as well. As a mother do you think you have succeeded when you see your children playing with your side man’s kids?come on now have some pride. Pride does not come from money but from inside. You lack that. You have no respect for either men actually and the reason why Frenchie can fuck you at dinner with your husband at the table is because he has no respect for him either, sies on both of you.

    1. You just Nailed it, Thank you Nantha ,,,mxm bottom line is, Guilty you are cheating do you understand how dangerous this game you playing is? Haibo mina I am shocked on how laid back she is about this whole thing. Can someone please explain to me about this Cheating trend that’s going on in this world will we ever find true love in this day and age I am so scared for our youth and kids.

  12. Ai Mike this letter seems like a little teaser to a future blog and if it is I can’t wait for the real deal…if it’s real then Guilty I should enjoy it while it lasts cause this will only end in one way and it wnt be good for anyone…. Thanks for the read Mike and I look forward to this new future blog 😀

    1. Yes please! Bra Mile draw inspiration from this! Let your imagination run wild, let’s have a blog discussing nice life problems 😂 2017 on to bigger things.

  13. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy

    Guilty, You are one dishonest person and the thing that gets me the most is the fact that you aint even feeling bad about this shit… If your husband is the typical coloured guy that I know, you better pray in your moer he never finds out because when he does…. Die poppe sal in jou bek dans ek se vir jou.

    Bubuthakathi bantoni obu emini.


    1. You can say that again Jackzorro ubu febe kodwa haibo kunzima laphandle… The fact that she does not feel bad about this whole thing is worse I don’t have words she is selfish and it seems like she’s the devil just the female version.


  15. Welcome back Jackzorro :-* , I have missed you so much
    Please come to Windhoek for December holidays 🙂

    Thank you Mike

  16. i have not commented in a while and the only reason i am doing so is because of this atrocity of a woman who refers to herself as a “wife”. You are selfish period. whether you want to justify your affair by what you got out of it just know that you are the lowest excuse of a human being, you have a whole other life outside your marriage, you might as well end it. i hope you get caught.

    1. And a doctor and pharmacist at that. An intellectual at Best But I guess that’s how she’s kept her other life secret for 5 years. Moral fiber on the other hand? Compromised.

    1. @ Bloo lol I am finished at that Leon Schuster shade.

      I actually found this chapter super boring, it lacked something, some va va voomnyana.

  17. hey guilty you have a lot of money man, please pay for my university registration next year

    uhm just try to keep your secret on the low forever

    and hey Guilty I’m serious about my registration

  18. lmao guys Lungi had a filling punched out…? smh.

    Guilty, just let me be your affairs manager, I’ll ensure that the situation is under control? lol lol lol

    on a serious note though, I’d say cut ties with this guy, he’s in too deep and clearly doesn’t respect both your marriages (not that I expected him to, considering that he’s cheating anyway) but you seem to worry about yours a bit… when he loses it, he will ensure you lose everything that he has had a hand in and you will lose your family too… it’s not worth it honey, just rent out that fancy house and give your mom an income uyeke ububanxa

    all the best

  19. hey guilty I don’t have advice for you but request I’m broke and dead broke at that angiphe mali please maybe one day I will help you by hiding you in my place when shit is coming after you for this shenanigans of yours

    Mike give my email please

  20. At times we ask for advice even if we know what to do or what not to do. I imagine you have now read your letter and have seen whatever it is that you wanted from writing it. Not the responses, but solely from just the letter. Maybe you felt bad about the quickie or something about your disloyalty, or not, maybe it reassured you that 5 years is a long time, what’s another 5? Maybe you’ve checked your guiltometer after reading it and find yourself fine or in panic mode or maybe you’ve already confessed ( I doubt you are that person though), or maybe you are just fine-I hope you are. I applaud you ngofeba ngedirection girl, what you have achieved is beyond amazing both for your career, family and as a woman in 2016. Your dilema is a true testament of how the idea of monagamy is so flawed. In an open world, you could have your bread buttered on both sides, I wish we lived in such a world but we do not. Do what you think is best girl, for you and your family. Nothing stays hidden forever, there’s no fomula to life, sex, love and living. All the best.

    1. I must agree though, this ideal of monogamy is a flawed one. Often than not we cannot stay emotionally attached to one person only not to mention physically. Unfortunately, she has chosen to act on these feeling and thus her dilemma

  21. talk about nice life problems siswele amadoda khona abantu abangasazi bazowenzani ubuningi it safe sisi man also cheat all the time just make sure awubanjwa and if it happen denie denie

    thanks mike for a daily dose

  22. All I wish and pray for is that your finances are in order. I hope you have accumulated enough wealth that when shit hits the fan and I believe it will, if not today but one day, you will be able to live the comfortable life you are used to. Have you not seen If Loving You Is Wrong? There is no way out except through pain from the way you’ve described Francois. Be prepared for that. As for running off for quickies, that is very risky and irresponsible. Through all this you have neglected to mentionyour relationship with husband. Are you happy? Do you love him? How about couples therapy? Other than being the ultimate liked of things there must be a reason kodwa why you’re pushing this agenda as hard as you do, I mean y’all own a love nest in your mothers name?? All the best sisi.

  23. For sum1 who dsnt wana get caught u sure gave enough evidence to b caught by pple who knw u….if unyanisile ….bt all in all ur 1 lucky woman ccsta

  24. This series is probably new or something but we will notice it when we finally come across it. Platinum gold digger this one. U dug the hubby and he sent u to school , now you digging French man to accumulate your wealth. Uzonya mtaka mama God will show u ubathanda bonke abantu bakhe. Get out of this before u die in France or LA. You are the devil’s incarnate wena.

  25. Ta braMike.
    Somebody wake me up pls, I think I was dreaming Tyler Perry’s Temptations 2 scrips before the movie is even cast.
    Go deeper sistaz & destroy all that U built with hoerism. U will survive the aftermath, I’m sho U have lots of assets if only U don’t get killed sooner by yo hubby. Can’t give U advice on how to “practice” rich ppl feberism to unheard-of Heights. Keep dodging the bullets & swimming with sharks.

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