Blessed 50

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He stood there frozen and I stood there defiant and angry. I know I had said that I was not going to get angry at

him for the sake of our vacation but who was I kidding. If you cheating and your man is cheating that does not make it a draw. The one who gets caught first is the guilty one. That’s how it’s always been and that’s how it must always be. You are only guilty when caught and you only confess if you want to hurt someone in return. I was so angry. The more I thought about it the angrier it made me feel. How could he go around kissing people and now I was being humiliated on my own Instagram. Already there were over 30 comments all of which of course supporting me telling me what a dog my man was, how man are trash and so on.

“I don’t know who that is!”

He said immediately.

“Yes you do! Why would she tag you in any case? This was the night I got sick right?”

I asked him.

“Even if it was, I did not go out with this person so I don’t know who she is. I am sure she is mistaking me for someone else!”

Where there is smoke there is fire. We tell ourselves that we don’t want it to be true when we find out our man is cheating nut the truth is we do. We do because not trusting him is so hard to go on day by day and even if he says he is innocent it’s hard to trust him again anyway. It’s because men are tainted like that. They carry that stench of deceit where ever they go!

“So you are telling me that this person tagged you out of the blue for the fun of it? Come on Neo, you not that special ok!”

I told him annoyed at his blatant lie. He could not be telling the truth.


He laughed.

“Are you saying I am not special? Thought the whole reason why I was here with you today was because I was special. Takes very little to fall from grace with you!”

He said. I thing he was cracking a joke but now was not the time. It made him look even guiltier as it seemed like he was trying to change the topic and maybe thought I would not notice.

“Don’t go there! Answer me right now! Who is the girl? How long have you been seeing her?”

I demanded to know.

“You are already convinced that I did something with her. Am I that weak that you think I would cheat on you at the very first opportunity?”

He asked me.

“Look at the evidence Neo, it’s overwhelming! You can’t possibly hope to turn this on me and win! Come on!”

I protested.

“What evidence? The fact that someone commented asking saying she is not even sure? Really?”

He asked me. This guy was not taking me seriously.

“Neo just answer me!”

I demanded.

“I am not ignoring your question. I don’t know who she is. DM her and ask her who the girl is and when and where this was? Please do it now so that you can see I am not a shady person! Only dogs cheat on the people they say they love and I am no dog!”

He said. Ouch! That hurt hey. I don’t know if he meant it to hurt me but well it did.

“What’s a DM going to prove?”

I asked him. He went and took his phone from the charger then went to read the comments.

“Everyone here is insulting me now because of your post. I am commenting!”

I ignored him and just stared at him. I was not about to intervene, let him do what suits him. He typed something. My phone flashed with a notification. I had to look to see what he had written.

“Hi, I am Neo, the guy in the picture. I am with my girlfriend who posted this picture away on a holiday. Please @mangmang213 can you tell me where you saw me with your friend because now my girlfriend is fuming and I am not the cheating type!”

He said. I was not sure what to think about this. I was not sure if he was challenging me or daring me. He sounded so confident.

“OMG @mangmang213 you just got this dude in trouble. No it’s not Senzo actually but yes they resemble. Sir I am very sorry and I hope your girlfriend forgives you! My friend o rata drama!”

The girl responded. I felt dumb. I felt stupid.

“I hope you happy now. We are not all the same. Some of us take our relationships seriously.”

He said and he stood up and walked out. I guess the skinny dipping was out of the question now that’s for sure.

“Baby I am sorry!”

I shouted after him. Was I taking out my guilt on him yet again? I am told that there are some men who forgive cheating but I don’t think Neo was one of them. He was too busy being righteous to ever condone such that’s for sure! I followed him and found him sitting by the pool. I went back to the room and took the bottle of wine and the strawberries we had ordered for the room.

“I know you angry at me and I am sorry. I know you think I jumped to conclusion but that was quiet blatant and I did not come to that conclusion on my own.”

I told him. He did not say anything but instead just looked at the pool. We were not the only ones there. There was an older couple sitting on the other side. They were talking in whispers.

“Married or having an affair?”

I asked Neo.


He asked.

“Those two over there! Do you think they are married or having an affair!”

I asked him. He looked at them for a while then said,

“Definitely an affair!”

That was his answer.

“Why do you say so?”

I asked him.

“It’s the middle of the week that’s the most telling sign. Most men who cheat use the excuse that I am going away for work and she could have used the same one too. Where have you seen a couple that old, a black couple at that being all touchy touchy especially in front of young people like us? If they had kids as a husband and wife I doubt very much they would do it in front of us. These two see us as young and they feel as though they too are young at heart. Before the evening is over I bet they will try making conversation with us as it will bring normalcy to their lives. A married couple would never do for the simple reason that they won’t do that with their kids!”

I looked at him in awe. He had not even broken a sweat saying all that,


He said,

“I could be wrong about all that and they are happily married with five kids waiting for them at home,”

And we both laughed. I doubt he was wrong though because they really were a bit too touchy.

“Nah, if you have five kids I doubt you can afford to go on holiday and besides, that woman’s body does not look like five kids later!”

I said as she stood up to stretch. She was never going to swim even though she was wearing a full body swimming costume with shorts on top. It’s like a law of nature; old black people do not swim, and must only swim at the ocean when they go in large groups to Durban but not at resorts like this. It drives away young customers! Lately old people have been trying to be young again, getting married at 50 wtf, no wonder why there is no rain! The ancestors are not happy and must be shaking their heads. As soon as I thought that I found myself laughing.

“What’s funny?”

He asked me.

“I was just thinking that are those two not too old to be swimming? Can they even swim?”

I asked him and after a few songs responded,

“Do you think there were swimming pools during apartheid?”

And we burst out laughing. This was the Neo I had fallen in love with. A guy that can make me laugh and cracks jokes with such ease. I don’t know why many men out there are so complicated and can’t even communicate with their partners, Neo was different. I opened the wine and started drinking it. Neo was not drinking at this moment and besides I would not have allowed him. Earlier when he was drinking he was saying all the wrong things.

“I have been trying to call you; your phone has been off. Anyway I want to see you tonight! After those pictures last night, I can’t stop thinking about you!”

He said in his message.

“Your wife called me today. I stuck to the plan. I think tonight let’s take a rain check as I am pretty traumatized by it!”

Was my response. I immediately switched off my phone because Neo walked in. I don’t think he noticed that.

“Are you ready for that skinny dip?”

He asked me.

“I thought we established that we are not doing it?”

I said to him.

“Hell no! We are! You always complain that am predictable so let’s do this!”

He said and came and knelt in from me.

“I must tick it off my bucket list!”

He said with a cheesy grin.

“Ok cool, but if we get caught and get kicked out its all your fault!”

I told him.

“Lol you will wear your new swimwear tomorrow! For now let’s just go be crazy!”

And we went out. He took our towels meaning we were going to be there for a bit. It was a beautiful night, I had a bit of alcohol in my system so why not. It took us two hours to get back in the room.

“I need to take a shower, I am a bit itchy.”

He told me when we entered.

“Knock yourself! I am going to shower after we make love!”

I said bluntly and he laughed.

“I will shower fast then!”

He said and he left the room. I went straight to my phone and switched it on. A text came in immediately.

“But I am outside your house! Can’t you sneak out for just two minutes? My wife left for Cape Town regardless!”

He pleaded in his text back. I had not seen this and it’s not like I could do anything about it! The texts started coming in.

“Are you ignoring me now?”


“Did you not here I am parked outside by the garage?”


“I am not a child, don’t treat me like one!”

“Are you there?”


“You know what, fuck off! Never call me again!”

********The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike and readers
Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on the good work you constantly deliver on the blog. Well done and I hope you grow in recognition and revenue.
My situation is last year Aug I fell pregnant. My boyfriend and I had been dating for a month. In retrospect I can see that I pushed to get married because of the fear of having a child out of wedlock. We went on to get married in Dec. It was just a thing where I was welcomed into his family but no lobola was paid.
In Feb this year when I was 6 months pregnant I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and I had to be on bed rest in hospital. I stayed until April but thankfully I came out with a healthy and strong baby.
During the hospital stay my husband was very supportive as he always came to visit me. However I found out later that during the time when I was in hospital he had gone back to his ex and he was sleeping around like nobody’s business.
Fast-foward August his family came to our house ba kopa ngoana, my family denied their request because of lobola. After that things just went downhill between us to the point where he was physically and verbally abusive.
He left our place and went back to stay with his parents. Am I wrong for wanting to move on with my life and just raise my baby on my own? I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle and there’s nothing to hold on to.
I’m sorry I went on for so long I didn’t realize I have this much to say.

16 thoughts on “Blessed 50

  1. Thanks Mike, eish Palesa must just let Sam be theses blessers got too much drama..

    Dear Confused
    I’m sorry to hear about the abuse you went through but you are right it is time to let go hun. Its time to sign those Divorce papers, The world is beautiful and awaits you out there. All the best

    1. Hahahahaaha hay man posh 😂😂 and uLife uGqwirhy mntaka Dad.. Aint no time for losers up in here…. Makayozi qengqa qha yena….

  2. Confuse sis ingane isikhona nd you cant just decide that you wanna raise the child on your own just because u realized ukithi u made mistake n fall for a men u hardly knew, i mean u fall preg in 1 month of the relationship!!! Ingane belong s to both families without lobolo or damages money.

    1. At Zandi I disagree with u….she has the rite to deny access especially seeing his abusive.. N damages he has to pay especially if the guy wants the bby to use his last name….confused just move on there is nothing there before u contract HIV or stis.

  3. Uhmm Sam said his wife went to cape town hmmm wouldnt it be interestin if the couple that neo n his girl saw at da pool was actually sam’s wife who is also cheatin hmmmm haha K.A.R.M.A

  4. The person you need to talk with is your partner. Things happened in your relationship but you have a child together so in all the decisions you make you need to realise that they will affect your child in the long run.

    So my advise to you is, talk with your man. Talk and not fight!! Talk about the relationship and ask the hard questions on whether you want to make it work or not. If you want to make it work then he has to do things properly like paying for lobola and damages . And with all that you seek counselling because there is so much that has happened between the two of you.

    If you decide to part ways, talk about that as well, talk about how you will raise your child together even though you are no longer dating. And he would need to pay damages to your family.

    Do things right, regardless of what happened. Things are ruined with talking and they are also fixed with it.

  5. Tjo confused n why are you calling him your hubby when he only introduced you to his family coz you are just gf n bf ?unless ofcoz if you weren’t n signed to be his wife at home affairs.
    He must pay damages for him his family to see the child whether you decide to stay with/leave him, it’s only the right thing to do.
    Beware though coz he might want to fix things only to get free access to the baby so if you guys fix things, he should still pay damages before he can have access to the baby, that’s our TRADITION!

  6. Swt angel my thoughts exactly dear!

    Confused you’re not wrong to want to move on when the relationship is no longer working for you. However, remember that baby still needs to have a relationship with his father for the baby’s sake. Not for the father’s or his family’s sake but for the baby. Also within reason. In our country there is no more custody given to one parent because a child is not an asset but a human being who has a right to have relationships with both parents. I know this might make some of you angry because of your experiences but it is a fact. You and the father are not getting along or are bad together but the child is not to suffer. The child is not fighting with either parent. The only time access is denied or restricted is when a parent poses harm in any form to that child. So Confused when you are ready get some counseling so that you’re able to fulfil this with your child. All the best dear!

  7. Ta brada Mike.
    Like S….’s advice: “……talk, ask the hard questions….things are ruined by taking & fixed by ‘talking'”

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