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YES 68

“The first day a guy asks you out to officially be his girlfriend, ask him for his phone, don’t be scared, his reaction will tell you all you need to know about the man he is!” Mike Maphoto


I wonder what Nicolene had gone on to say. Was I going to be punished for someone else calling white people racist? It’s amazing how white people get very touchy when you call them that but they don’t want to acknowledge that own and control the economy, they own and control most arable land in South Africa, they own the mines, most of the private sector and you own what, the politics and SAFA? You don’t even own the name Bafana Bafana so who am I kidding. Nicolene needed to chill. Now I had to find something to say to Ms Du Toit. I never really spoke to Mrs Du Toit much because she was significantly older. I had nothing against her and she probably had nothing against me.

“Sir, thank you for coming in. Unfortunately I have to cut our meeting short. I understand and appreciate what you said but you know some things whether true or not are not supposed to be said!”

I told him. I don’t think Mr. Mawela really cared because he smiled as though he had done the right thing.

“No, the problem is far too often we are forced to hide the truth! It’s what makes us not succeed. As long as we apologize for other people success at our expense we will never succeed. Do you know how many times we had to reapply just to get this approved?”

He asked me. He was becoming political now and I had somewhere to go. Miss Du Toit was not going wait forever,

“Yes I do!”

I responded.

“Then you understand then why we have to fight harder and always to get recognition. I promise you if a black man invents a replacement for fossil fuel they will disregard it for as long as they can until a white person does!”

Much I had been conditioned for this conversation I really had to go.

“I really have to go sir but when we have time we really should continue this conversation!”

I told him. He stood up and I walked him to the reception area.

“Thanks again for coming!”

I told him. I actually felt bad. It was as though I had chosen Nicolene’s side and I had kicked him out which was not even the case. Nicolene had probably reported me. I debated whether to go look for her first or just go straight to Ms Du Toit. My phone rang on my way there.

“Esethu hi!”

I said picking up. What did she want?

“Can I please see you this evening? I feel like I owe you an apology for something I said and I really need to say in person.”

She said. The good doctor wanted to confess now all of a sudden. I wonder if Mbuso had said something.

“You really don’t have to though Esethu!”

I told her.

“No I want to and I should. It’s the right thing to do in any case!”

She said. I was not going to shake her off so I agreed that she could come through in the evening. She knew my place. I found myself standing outside her door.

“You came!”

“Good morning maam!”

I said when I entered her office. I looked up and saw the time and realized it was after 12 actually then I corrected myself,

“I meant good afternoon!”

She smiled behind her librarian lookalike thick frame glasses and responded,

“Good afternoon, or rather it’s not the best one. I am afraid a colleague has filed a serious case against you!”

She said to me.

“I take it its Nicolene?”

I said almost sarcastically or rather that’s how it came out. Sometimes sarcasm comes out as arrogance if not rude and I think that’s how it came out because she frowned.

“This is serious, if the allegations against you this is grounds for dismissal. This is very serious!”

She said sternly. I don’t understand why she was saying that.

“I did not say anything; i even tried to protect her so why would she have a case on me!”

I asked annoyed. Nicolene knows the truth; I had already had enough problems with her.

“I never said it was Nicolene but clearly I should be expecting something from her soon!”

She said looking at me from under those glasses.

“If it’s not Nicolene then who is it?”

I asked perplexed.

“Rudzani and if it’s true what she is accusing you, woman to woman, how could you?”

She asked me. I froze. I had no idea what to say or how to justify it. I was not naïve anymore as I knew why I was being called to the office. Rudzani really had not wasted any time. If there is one thing I have learned, women stand together on this one, if you are seen as a home wrecker more often than not, every other woman who finds out about it does not like you. It’s the one time I think as women we stand together because that’s like a sin, a no no! If your man has ever cheated on you that’s the pain that you feel when it happens to someone else. What’s worse was that Rudzani was well liked because she was quiet and she kept in her lane. I was therefore never going to survive this image of being the big bad wolf in this scenario and what’s worse she had been transferred. I could only imagine how the story would be spun once the rumours started to spread. I know of women who develop thick skins and so on but I don’t think I had it in me especially knowing I was guilty.

“I thought you guys were friends what happened?”

She asked me. There was no use lying.

“It’s not what you think I made a lapse of judgment and look at us now!”

I told her. I don’t know why I said it like that but it was as though I was looking for her sympathy.

“Well you have made your problems company problems. Do you understand the implications of this?”

She asked me.

“There are no implications, this happened in our personal time in our personal time so it has nothing to do with work!”

I responded to her or was I missing something?

“Well you are wrong. You are her boss that’s for one, secondly you got her transferred to Cape Town and thirdly it seems you did all this just to sleep with her fiancé. She has grounds to sue on this!”

She said to me. I was not sure if she was kidding or not because she kept a very straight face as she said this. My heart was beating faster at this moment.

“So are you going to suspend me?”

I asked her.

“Nope I am not. It’s not my job. She has not filed those charges yet. I suggest you go find her, where ever she is and you apologize profusely to her. The last thing you want I promise you is this going any further. Take it very seriously Miss Mbatha!”

She concluded. I thanked her and stood up slowly. What had I done? I thought of calling Nthabiseng for legal advice but that would mean my secret was out. If girls know you sleep with other girls men they stop trusting you. Even you own friends would be weary of you. I did not want to be treated like I was a leper. I had to find her. Where to start? The problem was that it way too soon since we fought. It had better sense and logic if I waited a few days not like this. I called her. Her phone just rang. Now in my head I was wondering whether or not she saw the call and just ignored it. I was tempted to put my number on private and try that again but I did not. I was just confused.

When I walked into my office the last person I expected to find was there, my sister Pamela.

“Dude what are you doing here?”

I asked her.

“I thought I would surprise you. Its lunch and we need to go get moms present!”

She said. I had forgotten about that already.

“Do we have to do it today because I am a bit busy?”

I asked her.

“Unfortunately yes unless you have forgotten that her birthday is tomorrow!”

She said to me of which I had indeed forgotten.

“I lost track of days. Yeah, let’s go then. What must we get her?”

I asked her.

“A tracker!”

She said and we both laughed.

“That woman knows how to show up without giving warning and I am tired of it! What’s worse she will embarrass me in my own office!”

My sister said and again we laughed. Yup, we shared the same mom.

“Let’s go to Sandton. It’s better than Melrose and more variety. We only have an hour and a half tops though!”

I told her. She agreed and we also agreed to use two cars this way we will part from the mall. It meant that we could not sit down for lunch. We had fought the last time she called and fortunately she did not bring it up. It took us 45 minutes actually to get what we wanted.

I called Rudzani again and this time she picked up.

“What do you want?”

She asked me.

“Please can we meet up and talk?”

I heard someone in the background say,

“Who is it?”

I did not immediately recognize the voice. I even thought it was Azwindini for a moment but I was not certain.

“It’s Lungile!”

I don’t know what the voice said but I could hear her stand up and walk.

“Please we need to meet and talk. I know you hate me and I don’t blame you but please Rudzani I am begging you, please, can you meet me!”

I begged her. She kept quiet for a moment then she said,

“Protea Hotel Wanderers, Room 306, I hour!”

She said and hung up. One hour? I had to be at work at that time and she knew it too. It was a risk I had to take though. I drove from Sandton straight to her. It’s not that far but with traffic it took me about 45 minutes. I sent Nicolene a message saying I was going to be back late. She did not respond obviously. I am sure she was still writing her book of civil rights! My phone switched off because I had no battery power left. I definitely had to switch it on in case anyone called. When I got there I knocked and she opened the door.

She was coming out of the shower and in a hotel gown.

“This better be good!”

She said.

“I am sorry!”

I told her even there at the door.

“If you came all this way just to say sorry then you have wasted your time. It’s an apology I can’t take back. You tried to ruin me and even got me sent to Cape Town, far away from my family and far away from my fiancé so that you can sleep with him!”

She said angrily. It certainly seemed like so!

“That’s why I am here, to apologize!”

I told her.

“The problem with you is that you think you are high and mighty, you think you are better than everyone else. When you see me you see a dusty Venda girl forgetting that you and I have the same education just that you got there before me!”

She went on. Well she was kind of dusty and dressed funny though I had never actually said it to her in those words. I just encouraged her to try outfits that actually suit her body and when she did she always loved them.

“I am sorry if that’s how you felt I treated you!”

I told her. I guess now was not the time to tell her that she really needed to do her eyebrows!

“I am laying a charge against you. I am sure you have already been told. This has nothing to do with all your racism talk and what not, it’s all about how evil you are as a person. I am told I have a case too! I am also suing the company. I am telling you all this because I don’t want to blind side you like you always do me! I am saying it to your face!”

She said. She was not bluffing this was bad for me in so many ways. Yes I was not guilty in some departments but my professional reputation would be ruined. If I lost my job under these circumstances I would not get a good recommendation that’s for sure and if Nicolene added the racism thing to it I was done for. I had just gotten a new promotion for crying out loud so I could not afford this!

“Rudzani please don’t do this!”

I begged her and I found myself in my pencil skirt on my knees! Yup, even the might get humbled.

“It’s too late. I used to look up to you!”

She said and turned her back.

“Rudzani please!”

I pleaded with her. I even had tears now. This was serious.

“Have you ever had lesbian sex?”

She asked and turned around to look at me. I looked at her confused because I am not sure I had heard her correctly.

“I don’t get you?”

I stuttered.

“I said have you ever had lesbian sex?”

I just stared at her and she stared at me arms folded across her chest!

********The End **********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I am a 17 year boy and I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Doctors say that I won’t live till I am 19 and I think I have made peace with that. I am not too sick at the moment and do regular chemotherapy treatments. I am tired though. It’s not that I have given up it’s just that this takes its toll on a person. My question is of a personal nature. There are so many things I won’t be able to do because I am running out of time but one thing is certain I don’t want to die a virgin! That one I can’t do. I don’t have money to hire a prostitute but how do I lose my virginity to one? Secondly how do I ask my mother (single mom) to hire me a prostitute in the first place! The woman hardly let’s me out of her sight and now she is on some religious tip. I can’t hit on a normal girl because all the people at my school know am sick anyway. I am not skinny or anything but when you are terminal everyone thinks HIV no matter how much the school has tried to educate them on my condition Thirdly, I am not that religious but at the back of my mind I ask myself if this will mess up my chances with God? I know I sound very naïve right now but I really want to get some. How do I ask a girl for some without offending her? My time is running out.

Thank You

Jhb North

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  1. QnA My initial thought was to laugh at your question then your condition made me realize that I would be inappropriate and selfish for doing so. I know there are people who will tell you that sex is overrated but if you have never had it before don’t listen to them. It’s all up to to decide what it felt like and not be ridiculed for being naive. I am sure you have an uncle or uncles you talk to. They will be able to help you set it up. I think you right on not going through your mom. Moms are not designed to be open minded but protective so she would say no and make sure you never went out again. You need just one person you are close to, to talk to and they can help arrange that for you. Good luck

  2. well Zuma nna i laughed like really boy, do u know what you getting yourself into.
    iyo lemme wait for others to respond as i think of my 17yr old son, is this what he is thinking kids* madoda*

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, Wow is Rudzani bout to go all lesbo on Lungi, Monday owanini my lord!!!

    Jhb, ntwana if you think you going to kick the bucket then getting a bucket list aint at all bad. I second Zuma on getting a malume to hook you up, if not then Im sure diplomat is stll operational, I hear its pretty cheap there. Good luck bafanas, it must suck giving up at your tender age but then again that treatment can be the worst thing ever. I sincerely hope and pray you go out with a bang charlie, and dont worry about God, he gon’be waiting for you regardless of you tasting the forbidden fruit or not. Im yet to find out where Adam and Eve’s sons got their wives if their parents were the first creation… If they had daughters then that was incest, so you are the least of God’s worried were sins are concerned.
    Happy sexing


    1. you are deceiving the boy. If he has sex before marriage that’s sin and if he dies without confessing his sin then he will not go to heaven (when Jesus comes to fetch His own-who are sportless, that is without sin or rather have confessed their sins). If he actively participates in sin then that sin remains until he confesses it

    2. Hi Jack

      Genesis 5vs 4 going onwards will tell you what happened to the sons of Adam & Eve. They had sons and daughters and their sons married their sisters basically since we are all a product of Adam & Eve

  4. How i wish Lungile recorded the conversation incase Rudzani had other tricks up her sleeves…..I have a feeling Rudzani wants corner Lungile in sleeping with her only for her to screem rape or video tape her and use ti to threaten Lungi to either resign or lick the vid. There is no way Rudzani is lesbian because she would not have been so upset about the betrayal and if she was Bi, im sure she would have imposed on a 3some. You can NEVER trust a heart broken woman or underestimate their power of destroying you especially when you are the source of their heartbreak.

  5. Guys, I’m so sick and tired of this “you got me sent to Cape Town” thing. Someone please explain. The company sent both Susan and rudzani, how did lunging actively influence that. Or was the allegation that rudzani made based on lungi encouraging her to flirt with the white guy strong enough to have them separated in such a way? If that’s the case then rudzani got herself sent away and its her fault for running her big mouth instead of playing it cool. Fork!!!!

    1. Been askong myself the same thing….. Cos Lungi was suspended at that time and when she came back the company had already sent Rudzani and Susan to Cape Town.

  6. I second that Kuani. Trying to act all holy and righteous at Lungi’s expense. And last I remember, this is Azwindini character is a serial cheat.And he went down on Lungi and screwed her silly with his Venda dong. Rudzani just needs to gain confidence and find herself a real man

  7. Rudzani is physco. I hope Lungi refuses and leaves that place. But knowing Lungi she may just agree and suck Rudzani cookie. Lungi must leave that hotel room and not pursue Rudzani again.

  8. I’m also asking myself why they keep saying Lungi sent her to Cape Town somehow felt like I missed some detail cos Lungi ain’t protesting that part either…. who and where is the person that Rudzani was talking to when Lungi called? Perhaps she’s gonna ask Lungi to sleep with that person and it’s a woman while she watches… Monday is far though

  9. Good evening Mike. I need help from the team please. Going to write a test tomorrow and I am Namibian, in Namibia. Can someone explain to me Batho Pele in simple words please. I hope someone gets this before 09h00 tomorrow morning. Sorry Mike for making my problems yours

    1. It means when you are working in public service you must pt “PEOPLE FIRST” of which there are 8 principles

      1. Consultation
      Citizens should be consulted about the level and quality of the public services they receive and, wherever possible, should be given a choice about the services that are offered.

      2. Service standards
      Citizens should be told what level and quality of public service they will receive so that they are aware of what to expect.

      3. Access
      All citizens should have equal access to the services to which they are entitled.

      4. Courtesy
      Citizens should be treated with courtesy and consideration.

      5. Information
      Citizens should be given full accurate information about the public services they are entitled to receive.

      6. Openness and transparency
      Citizens should be told how national and provincial departments are run, how much they cost and who is in charge.

      7. Redress
      If the promised standard of service is not delivered, citizens should be offered an apology, a full explanation and a speedy and effective remedy; and when complaints are made, citizens should receive a sympathetic, positive response.

      8. Value for money
      Public services should be provided economically and efficiently in order to give citizens the best possible value for money.

  10. Rudzani is such a coward. She doesn’t know how to stand up for herself without dragging other parties to back her up. She’s too insecure of herself and secretly has been hating on lungi all along and it’s no lie. Insecurity has got her asking for things her prudish ways won’t allow her to do. As for lungi, going there and beggining like a hungry dog was a big mistake. Now this insecure woman has her in the palm of her hand. Lungi should have thought this one through instead of reacting out of guilt.

    As for the young boy, your spiritually immature and sadly you don’t even believe in your creator. God can open up opportunities you have never imagined. Your mother’s prayers aren’t going unanswered but the Lord is waiting for a perfect timing to revealing himself. All this doubt of the Lord is due to impatience and challenged faith. I say wait on the Lord even when challenged.

    As for the sex, it is overrated. Id stay physically pure 😂

    1. Mel what you said there to this young ma is profound, God is great all the time, miracles happen all the time time. I raed his letter and I though op Ontlametse Phatsi, I hope I got her name and surname right, that little girl is an epitome of GREATNESS. She was told she would not live to see her 14th birthday and she is now 17 and still going strong from what I understand. To you Son I say start praying, you need to have faith in what you would be praying about for what is a prayer when you do not believe? I will be praying for you and for your healing, I am hoping 5 years down the line you would be typing us a letter telling us that you are in varsity and are enjoying life. As for Sex I say wait, often we are misinformed about the dangers of having sex unready, I dont mean diseases but more of how this can affect you emotionally by sleeping with someone whom you do not care about. I wish I had waited for my husband before having sex, do not be like some of us whom didnt have people guiding them to upon marriage before sex, many of us live in regrets, so do not be like us, pray my boy and you get to see the power of the Living God.

  11. Rudzani is crazy she got sent to CPT coz of her big mouth, why is she punishing Lungi and not her man? It takes two to tango, Lungi was tipsy and her man took advantage of that she was not in her right mind. This Rudzani woman must get her act together and leave Lungi alone this man of hers is cheating with other woman as well

  12. q.a hi pls do not sleep with a prostitude no matter wat happens. i personaly think you should try my church ECG which is in pretoria show grouds. i am 1000% sure u wil get ur healing if u jst believe and hv faith. jst try it i beg of you. a revelation was said tht the lord does nt see marriage like we humas do so wena when u slip wth someone tht marriage to him. when u slip wth a prostitude he sees u as one to. ths is all in the bible am telling you. so pls try my church.

  13. QnA
    Young man, I read your question this morning and thought to myself, this would be one bucket list item I would like to cross if I was in your situation. I know that there is a statement that sex is overrated, but it is from those who have done it multiple times and would not miss another good opportunity to do it. So ignore them and try to tick your Box in the list.

    There is no better suggestion like that of a naughty uncle or older cousin whom you know that is very much into women to help you. The bad part about it is that you will want to do it again (remember once you pop you cant stop; on the other hand is hard to stop the desire to pop)

    On the issue of being right with God, I can tell you that if you confess your sins He is just to forgive them. Now here is the bad advice I will give you but is the most realistic; do what many Christians do! Go and indulge yourself then ask forgiveness, but you must pray that you don’t die on “duty”.

    Rhino – the endangered species

  14. It’s hard advising somebody in yo situation bcz most if not all of us haven’t been in similar stance. Then again putting myself in yo shoes, I wud go out with a naughty friend on a double date in an area they don’t know of yo condition. Do this thing & be the one saying it’s overrated or what not. They all lie, this sh!t is gud if 2ppl connect.

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