Blessed 47

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The lies we tell our parents though, amazing! If my mother had come after me and asked to see the pills or the receipt I would have had to tell a new line. Moreover I had a few pills coming out of hospital which I had not even taken and I was not going to either. I was not crazy and my last experience with pills almost killed me. Khanyi was watching TV when I walked past her. She just glanced up continued. It’s not like I was expecting her to say anything. Sam had not been driving, his driver drove him. I actually needed to find out from him when it was that he drove and when he used a driver. I had barely sat down when my phone rang and it was him.

“Did you get in ok?”

He asked me. I guess I had been a little tense when I was talking to him.

“Yes I did!”

He sounded in a good mood.

“I am bored, please send me pictures! You said you bought lingerie I want to see it!”

He said. I could hear he was smiling as he said this.

“Did the driver just hear you say that?”

I asked him funny enough I was embarrassed.

“It’s not his issue so either way I don’t care!”

He said.

“So please do send!”

“But love I left it at school! You didn’t say you would want pictures in any case! I will have to do it when I get back!”

I told him.

“Seeing you today made me realize how sexy you are? That dress suits you!”

He said and I laughed. He had weak lines but strong lines don’t pay the bills either.

“I know you have a weakness for dresses. My mom asked me where I was coming from and I almost got busted! At least she had Khanyi to keep her company otherwise I would have never been able to convince her where I was coming from!”

I told him which was true. I think because Khanyi was there she had pursued me to ask more questions. I am not sure if I was still scared of telling her my love life but discretion is always the safest option.

“Oh so Khanyi is there?”

Sam asked me.

“Yeah why?”

I asked him.

“Well you always say when I ask for pictures you have no one to take them, today you have someone!”

He said sounding excited.

“But I thought I told you that I did not bring the lingerie!”

I reminded him.

“I know and I listened so you don’t have to wear that lingerie! Just send me nudes and any lingerie you have! Actually you still own your school uniform right, you once told me that I remember, dress up for me and get sexy!”

He asked in what now sounded more like a command! He had a way of asking but asking in a way that you could not say no.

“That is so much work though? I have to look for it, my blazer etc!”

I told him.

“Good, that means you better start now!”

He told me and he hung up. Ok so there are perks to dating rich people but on the other side is how they own you. When you are young they expect you to do all these reckless things for them, things they would not expect their daughters to do. What’s worse is, the more educated and travelled they are, the kinkier they become. I called Khanyi! I was not totally embarrassed to ask her because this was not the first time he had asked me for such.

“Sam wants pictures!”

I told her.

“You guys have got to start paying me, you know that right!”

She said laughing. She did not mean it. Most sexy pictures people see out there if they are not bathroom studio quality it’s your friends who take them for you. Girls know that, that’s why we can do sleep over’s and change in front of one another.

“He wants me to dress up in my uniform! I should never have told him I still have it!”

I told her as I rummaged through my wardrobe for it. I found it easy enough though and next thing I was wearing it.

“I never realized that my skirt was this short hey and to think I haven’t gained that much it’s scandalous!”

I told and she laughed.

“Isn’t that always the case, when we in high school we don’t consider them as short, in fact it’s our right but when we in varsity we feel like the skirts are pornographically short?”

She responded and went on to say,

“My skirt I slightly longer than yours but still I would never wear it on its own. It’s too short!”

It was fun having her here settle my nerves. I dressed up in my full uniform and before I could sexify it, my mother knocked on the door and just walked right in.

“And then?”

She asked me. We laughed and I said,

“There is a Halloween party this Friday and I want to wear this as my costume? Do you think it’s too short?”

I asked her so relaxed. Never ever panic when you are asked something. Stay calm.

“It was short then meaning its short now. You can’t dress like June 16 to a costume party though, it loses the point! I just came to say goodnight!”

She said and we both wished her goodnight. Thank heavens she had not walked in five minutes later when now I had slutified it. I had tied the shirt at the bottom into a knot and my belly button was showing. Under my white shirt I wore my red bra so that cleavage could be achieved, I loved my boobs hey. The skirt was short enough I did not even have to touch it.

“Tie up your hair or something!”

Khanyi said at some point. It took about 30 minutes for us to take those pictures and they came out well. He had bought the Iphone meaning the quality was awesome. I really needed to get the Iphone 7 now.

“Now for the striptease!”

Khanyi said as I started to take of the clothes piece by piece! The last pic was a nude BUT I covered my boobs and lady parts with my hand and bra respectively. It was sexy as hell if I can say so myself. Sam called just as I was putting on my pjs after the shoot.

“And then?”

He asked.

“Be patient I am almost done!”

I told him.

“And I am almost home so do it now because my phone will be off in the next 15 minutes. I wanna see them before I get home!”

He said and click… He hung up!

“He is so impatient!”

I told Khanyi and she just laughed. I sent him the pictures Khanyi and I thought were the best. He did not respond so I figured the phone was off at some point.

I slept with a smile.

I love road trips. I think I have said this before. The thought of being on the road for a long distance stopping at every garage enthralls me. If I had a car I think I would always be on the road but I don’t. I am not much of a flying person but to be honest it’s because I have not really been exposed to it that much yet. Airports and the thought of getting stuck there for hours before you travel just weigh too much pressure on me. I want to feel free when I travel. Going by bus is not a road trip; it’s a form of torture but having grown up in Pretoria I was fortunate in that I never actually had to take a long distance bus anywhere. Normally relatives from other provinces visit Gauteng not the other way round especially if your family is from there. On holidays you go with your parents and mine both drove so I skipped the whole bus thing!

I was thinking all this when Sam called. It was around 11am now. Neo had said he would be here at 12.

“I loved the pictures especially the last one!”

Was the first thing he said when I picked up the phone?

“Well thank you very much! I was starting to think that you did not like them!”

I told him.

“Sorry I did not call yesterday when I got them but I had just arrived home! I had to put all those pictures in my vault as soon as they got in meaning I only go to look at them properly at that moment!”

He explained. Vault is an app that allows you to hide pictures, movies and pictures on your phone; he showed me how it works.

“Oh ok cool. I am glad I could make you smile!”

I told him.

“I forgot to ask if you want me to do the appointment for you at the doctor.”

Well good question.

“No I can do it myself; I will just need the money for it! It should be about r500 so it’s not that expensive!”

I have learned that with rich men, r500 to them is like r50 to us. With us if we are going to an event which we have to pay above r50 that event automatically means it’s expensive and we are being robbed. Ok fine that’s a Pretoria thing, Jhb events are more expensive.

“Ok then when can you do it? Must I send the money today?”

He asked me. He really was super eager. I think that’s one of the reasons why I liked him. With most guys you have to wait to receive his blessings but Sam was different. He was attentive. His wife had taught him well. I had watched people drag Zamaberrie on Twitter all day about dating a rich married man but reality is, the more married he is, the more attentive he is. You want an older man who is too lazy to chase every skirt and Sam I think was it. He was content with me there because I have him that whole youthful thing. He loved that. I played my part well also; I was never forward and always acted as though I was eager to learn.

“It’s up to you! As long as I can do this ASAP before I change my mind!”

I told him and he laughed.

“Your health should always come first though so I think by next week try and get it done!”

He said. I did not argue.

“Love am outside!”

Neo said from outside! That felt like magic. I had been waiting for him all day and in that time I had had to deal with Khanyi. She had refused to go home even after I insisted. It’s this thing of disrespecting her parents. My mum had not minded that much and Khanyi and Boitumelo though not friends got along well enough.

“I am going to miss you!”

She said as she helped me pull my bag to the car. I had packed as though I was going for a week even though it will be mostly sun and lounging by the pool. You can’t go shopping in the forest.

“Why is Khanyi staying at your place?”

Neo asked me as soon as we drove out.

“Beats me! I tried to make her go home but she said she is better off here! Remember I told you of the huge fight she had with her dad when we were at the funeral?”

I told him or rather reminded him. He kind of frowned because that was not a comfortable topic as we had gone on to fight after that. On the other hand, me bringing it up and Khanyi being at my house gave my story more legitimacy because at the time he had not believed me even though I had tried to prove it to him.

“I think she must go home and fix things!”

My phone was ringing and I had not put it on silent! I had blocked Sam’s number so I did not know who this was.

“Are you not going to pick it up?”

Neo said without taking his eye of the road. Now I was trapped.


I said cautiously.

“Yes hi, am I talking to Palesa!”

A woman’s voice said from the other side! I did not know this voice and it sounded older though refined.

“Yes this is Palesa, who is this?”

I asked.

“You talking to Sam’s wife, I understand you know my husband?”

I swallowed spit, Neo was looking at me!

*********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you Mike for the lovely work you does each and every day!!

My mother was professed the other day and she was told that wherever she goes a tokoloshi is following her and she was also told that her life is at danger; she may die anytime soon from now on. She is unemployed, single mother of 5 children and I wonder why they are after her so bad? My grandmother is the traditional doctor she knows common things and it is said that we are only alive because of her and once she is dead we will all follow her just like that! At home traditional ceremony has never been done for anyone; we are a lost generation starting with my grandmother as she doesn’t know her tradition at all.
Now I want people who believe in tradition to please help me, I know it is too late to save everyone but I want to at least try. I’m scared of the unknown and for my little sisters as I don’t want them to lose our mother at their young age; by the way I am 20years and a varsity student. I haven’t lost hope on prayer but I believe some other things needs to be done traditionally. My grandmother doesn’t want to hear any of the professed words so performing a ceremony it will be a difficult thing as my mother is still staying with her.

Advice on what to do/where to go from here will be highly appreciated.

Thank you
Desperate generation

12 thoughts on “Blessed 47

  1. You are not Desperate. I believe that with every problem a prophet or a traditional doctor must tell you how to overcome. Good MUST and WILL triumph over evil. I think as one of the older ones fight for your siblings. If you believe it , it will surely pass. My mum sometimes go to these prophets where its all gloom and doom since I can remember but here I am successful. Whilst you still can, go knocking at the doors or prophets and traditionalists who can give you hope. Try by seeing how far you can go on your own without granny and mum and please continue to pray pray pray. There are these prophets from Zim you may see around. look for those who only wear white and do not ask for payment. Most will help you honestly but I say FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! GOD BLESS!

  2. QnA From my minimal knowledge on the topic I believe for a tokoloshi to follow you someone must have sent it. It does not attach itself to someone for the fun of it. In the same breathe that means that it it can also be unlatched from its victim the same way it was attached. You need to find a sangoma who knows how to do these things. It’s not the end of the road so stop being defeatist like this. You never give in to evil and that’s a theme across all religions. Wish you all the best

  3. QnA
    From what I can tell you, your grandmother as a traditional healer, knows the traditions that needs to be done and why she is not doing them. These things include factors that once blood is spilled (slaughtering in the family), a grave is opened such that people start dying in an ongoing process.

    My suggestion is that talk to the grandmother about these things on why she has abandoned them, you will understand somethings in family history.

  4. QnA I have a friend of mine who was in the same situation as your mom, someone told her she was going to die and that people wanted her dead and she had to do some traditionl thing. from that dy forth she ran to church and started believing in God fully as she believed that only God would allow for her to die (not take her-God takes no one but to allow for her to die)-that was more than 10 years ago and she is still alive…. I guess it goes with what you believe, my friend’s dad was also a traditional healer but stopped at some stage and stopped believing so they too had stopped doing traditional ceremonies by the time she was “prophesied” on

  5. Desperate go find a sangoma/inyanga mayb dey will help coz the prophet has seen wats gng to happen they should come up with a solution of how to get rid of this darkness n mayb do a cleansing n do pray n all the best

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