Blessed 46

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Apologies for the mistake in the chapter on Monday. Let’s see if we make this work.


The shopping went well and I got what I needed. A Mr. Price bikini is the same as any other bikini I guess. It covers all the essentials so we did not spend so much money. Khanyi was bored, she wanted to go home. Girls being girls some guys offered to buy us drinks. Khanyi wanted to but I did not want to piss off my mother, not today. I needed her to be happy with me so as to make my going a bit smoother.

“I don’t what I am going to do now because I can’t stay at your house and I can’t go back to res either

Khanyi protested when we went home.

“I told you to make peace with your step mom but you have been insisting on fighting with her!”

I reminded her. It’s nice to do thing when you are school because they are easier to get away with. The problem is when reality hits there is no turning back from that. That was what had just happened here. She could not go home because of the funeral fight so now she was stuck.

“I don’t want to make peace with her. I don’t think you understand how it feels knowing that woman is now my de facto mother!”

She said irritated because I had brought this up again.

“Well it’s not going to change the fact that you are unhappy? So what are you going to do because tomorrow I am leaving?

I asked because up to now she had not said what her plan was.

“I am going to ask your mom if I can stay!”

I loved Khanyi as my friend but this thing she was doing was going to backfire on her.

“Yeah you can ask her but friend listen to me, go home! Try to fix things!”

I told her. She did not respond. She just looked at her phone.

“I think my phone has a virus! There are some numbers I swear I had but I can’t find them!”

She said out loud.

“Is it? Like whose?”

I asked her innocently. She was obviously talking about my dad’s number but now I could not say I deleted it. Why was she looking for it though?

“No its fine!”

She said. She did not want to tell me who. I had quiet satisfaction inside me because I knew my plan had worked. My mum was not home when we got home. At least I beat her home. She arrived probably thirty minutes later.

“Can I help you with the cooking?”

Khanyi asked. This girl was so obvious. She was trying to suck up to my mum.

“Yes I would like that. You should teach these lazy two that’ that’s how it’s done. Palesa, volunteering to help is not a sin you know!”

My mother side. Have you ever seen a Sugarbaby or blessee that is works hard in the house when you think all those Zamaberrie people scrub floors, please? You can’t be me and have black knees and if you think Camphor Cream will help prevent that then you not the smartest person on the block!

“Mum come on! That’s not nice! I am not lazy I just don’t like cooking! It’s not my thing!”

I reminded her.

“So what’s your thing Palesa? Let’s do that then!”

She said and I laughed nervously because she was putting me in a corner.

“What time is Neo coming?”

My mum asked me.

“It was your plan with him not mine so I don’t know!”

I responded.

“Can you call him and find out?”

She asked me.

“You don’t seem too happy with that though? I am making an effort here and you not meeting me half way!”

She complained. I guess in her own way she was but that didn’t make it right for her to invite him.

“I can see that mum! I will call him!”

I called his phone and she stood there hovering over me. When he picked up I immediately said,

“I am standing with my mum and she wants to know what time you are coming?”

I told him. Fortunately he knew that he could not come so I was obviously hinting.

“Ah can I cancel. I am still busy but I will get back to you!”

He said. I did not give him a chance to talk further I immediately hung up!

“He is not coming mom. I am sorry!”

I told her. At first she just looked at me then she eventually spoke.

“Why did you cancel him to come?”

My mother asked clearly confused by it all.

“He had things to do and because we are going away he had to go to Vaal to get some things!”

I explained to her with a straight face. The best liars in the world do it with a straight face that’s why the president never gets away with much. You can’t laugh when you are trying to lie I mean who does that.

“Oh ok that makes sense I guess but I really needed to talk to him about this trip!”

She said.

“So this is what this is about, the trip? But mom let me go and let loose. I want to go back to school next week with a clear mind so let me be!”

I told her laughing because if I had not laughed it would have been taken as serious and I would have been in trouble.

“Go back to school? Are you serious? I don’t mean to be a cynic but this academic year is lost! If you fail the exams do you think they will give you a second chance with all the trouble you have caused?”

She asked me. I was not having this conversation again that’s for sure. I immediately brushed it aside.

“Mum when last did you go on holiday?”

I asked her. My mother had never been the getaway person in spite of all her affairs. She was pretty much local and preferred to come home. On sleeping at home you could not hold that against her.

“I don’t know! I hate holidays because the idea of sleeping in a bed that someone else slept in gets to me! No matter how many times they wash those sheets; they don’t wash the mattress now do they?”

She asked me. I laughed because whilst she was right I had never thought of it that way. You see all these girls who post their pictures on Instagram when they are in a hotel and not once do they ever ask themselves how many people had sex in that bed! The number must be crazy.

“Mum I am sure they clean the beds too!”

I said. Funny enough I think she was actually in a good mood.

“You said dad was coming again today what happened?”

I asked her.

“I don’t know?”

She said shaking her head. She had this sly smile on her face as though she was up to something. Boitumelo walked into the room at that moment.

“Mum I can’t find my memory stick! I know I left it on my table and now it’s gone!”

She said complaining. My sister when she felt the attention was not on her would find a way to make something up, even my mum knew that.

“Come I will help you look? It’s probably in your room anyway so don’t stress too much!”

I was left with Khanyi-.

‘Since when do you cook?”

I asked her and we both laughed. She was those modern girls who said that should sill never do house hold chores. It got dark very quickly. Just before Generations started Sam called and said he was at the garage. As my mother was looking the other way I snuck out to go meet him.

“Sam, what was so urgent that we had to meet?”

I asked showing him that I was confused. He drove round slowly.

“Why were you in hospital and don’t lie to me?”

He said coldly. His tone was that of someone who knew something and I could tell he was unhappy.

“I collapsed nje that’s it!”

I told him.

“I want to take you to my doctor so that they can do a thorough check up!”

He told me without asking me.

“In fact I will make the appointment for tomorrow!”

He said.

“Tomorrow I have a family trip to Limpopo. We will only be back at the weekend!”

I told him but he was not budging.

“Tomorrow we go see my specialist or we break up! I don’t like being kept in the dark!”

He said. I got it now, he thought I was pregnant and now I was hiding it.

“I have hectic period pains I must get a pain killer at least!”

I told him as we approached the garage. That threw him off slightly ad I could see a smile on his face.

“So you not pregnant?”

He asked me.

“No I am not! Why would you even think that though?”

I asked him, I could see his relief.

“No it’s what I heard.”

He said looking a bit sheepish now.

“You must fire that person who lied to you because they just love to see you not happy. Speaking of doctors though, I was not to go put those 6 month contraceptives. I don’t want to go to a public hospital, I want a proper place! Can you help with that because it benefits you?”

I asked him. He readily agreed. In his head I had said we would be having sex without a condom. I think after Dubai I would be done with him. We bought the pills and I bought a chocolate. I then said bye and walked home.

When I got to the house I found my mother standing at the door.

“Where are you coming from?”

She asked arms folded across her chest!

“I went to the shops I needed Panado and a chocolate. My head is sore!”

I told her as I pushed past her. I am not sure if she believed me so I didn’t give her chance to -interrogate me.

At least tomorrow I was out.

*******The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear mike,

Thank you for the daily doses.

I met at a guy in 2012, when I met him his baby was a few days old and I found out through digging around and he said he broke up wit the baby mama,I didn’t see a problem with that, we continued dating and had a very good rship until I found out the is another baby with the same baby mama. We broke up and I took a break, but some how we got back together and suddenly now he has another baby with the same baby mama 3rd child and what hurt me more the it looks like he got us pregnant the same time unfortunately I lost my baby and got pregnant last year and another boom!!! The third baby’s birthday is day before my baby’s bday. So last week went through his phone because ever since I found about the 3rd baby I wanted revenge so I got the number of this baby mama and we spoke woman to woman and we confronted him I decided to leave the relationship but he made it clear to the baby mama of 3 he wants me. Now the lady hates me like its my fault and I was a victim like her and when we spoke we decided we going to raise our kids and she now says to me she doesn’t work and when we met to go confront the guy she was going to buy nappies at Pakistan shops like she made it my problem. And we were both victims I honestly thought they broke up and I feel bad about it and whats worse the guy has still cheated us both and she knew that all long but kept making babies by him.

How do I reach out to her and tell her that I ddint know or should i JUST LET HER BE?


25 thoughts on “Blessed 46

  1. Thanks Mike. Dear Anonymous, you should move on from that relationship. I know its easier said than done, but its never gonna work out. You are just wasting your precious time. move on and put your child first.

    Good luck

  2. I was in a similar situation and best believe he will lead the both of you on for as long as he can. How do you impregnate someone so many times if you have no intentions of being with them + he’s not using any protection so it puts all 3 of you at risk. Reaching out to the baby mama wont work out. She will believe what she wants, you have tried and failed. It seems that this guy is deceitful and could even do the same thing to you. He might have chose you for now but this situarion shows he is unstable. LET HER BE

  3. eh.. what a situation.. perhaps she thought she could win him over by making the most babies lol! either way, that is not your problem. Do not address that female darly, she really is not your burden to carry. You tried the woman to woman ntoza and still she failed to recognise the reality of the situation. Leave her be.

    Nawe don’t allow that man to mess you around like this.. 3 kids while he was with you??? how does that even happen marora 🙁

    1. looool you can ask that again…. 1st baby she stayed ,2nd baby she stayed, 3rd baby she decided to catch the train and have a baby with the guy … tavuya straight!!!!! and she says she’s also a victim ** anonymous must just tell the babymama ku she knew all along

      1. Or maybe she stayed because he kept choosing she won the competition.. I wonder if she’s ever asked herself if that guy chose her for stability.. she said it herself, baby mama X 3 has no job.. Pakistan shop diapers…

        Anonymous does that guy work yena? he has a lot of time, busy populating the world..

  4. yhooo 3 kids with the same woman and you stayed??? you are strong dear. I get that he lied about breaking up after the 1st baby but you should have left when they made baby no.2. For your own peace of mind leave this relationship coz it is not adding value to you, your child and your lives.

    Ladies, how do you give a man 3 babies without him committing to you??? am I missing something??

  5. This guy is playing with you. He knows that you will stay even if he has kids outside your relationship. Love yourself enough to walk away from something that is does you no good. How many more baby mamas are you willing to deal with? Love yourself enough to know that you deserve better. You are not his mother who keeps on cleaning up his mess.

  6. Loving sum1 takes a lot from a person u love them regardless of their flaws kodwa yoooo hai ubrother has flaws to give u heartache for eternity n nawe u stay givin him that power over u hai sister whats wrong with u mara? 3 kids knwin what his been doin n u still pop 1 for him what kind of love is that. I blame u in this situation cause u allowed him to play u whilst u looked on. just sad

  7. Bt like really anonymous are you gna claim to be a victim?? Honestly you shud hv walked away the moment he found out he was lying…I ha8 to say this bt I think its karma, by the way I dnt believe the guy loves u he is just after sumthng baby mama no1 cnt give him, no man would hv 3 kids wid a woman he dsnt really love, I mean 3 kids?? Am sorry to say this bt u deserve better dear.. All the best thou

  8. When u net him his baby was a few days old yet you proceeded to date him? Women why do we hate each other so much?

    Like ny page Kept Girl Diaries on Facebook…we need to break this thing its wrong.

  9. Ta braMike.
    Anonymous, yo story cud be used to feature in “Generators the Oblivion” the way its so boring. That’s not even settling, more like fighting for a legacy that U don’t know it’s value. That relationship is so toxic it will choke U. Have some self-respect sisi.

  10. Lol to baby making competition. Self love is a real issue hey. Ladies a man who is flawed for example is one who is always you can love and learn to live with that but a man who cheats is flawed he is just ungrateful and greedy and you can’t work with that to much admin. So lady just move on with your life you can’t turn no hoe into a husband

  11. What makes you so sure that the guy will be faithful with you?Let me tell you my dear the fact that he choose you doesn’t guarantee he will be faithful soon or later another child from another women is coming. To come here and bilittle another women wont give you grace. For me is disrespecting and judging another women yet you dont differ fron her. Gore o rekile di pampers ko makuleng and have three kids doesn’t matter what happened happened. The fact that man disrespect us and doesnt see our worth is because other women are allowing them to treat them like they are nothing. YOU dont cone here and tell us about another women’s suffering it could have been better if you tell us how you tried helping her to put sense in her and and how much you gave each other advices to grow as women. Both live that bastard and if he is working go to court so he supports his kids. Waitso it was better if this man was honest from start and found him with those kids,but to brag gore motho o tlogetsi bana ba three to be with you ya bora hle. Your a step mother to those kids so gore ba apara do pampers tsa ma pakistan doesn’t make any differ sperm se yentseng those kids ke same sperm se entseng your kids.

    Women lets start supporting each other and beat this man to their own game hle. Problem here is your man not that women.

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