Blessed 44

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We live in a world that all of a sudden tells us that fighting for your man is seen as a weakness against the
feminist movement. That’s like saying that overnight killing a snake that enters your house is cruelty to animals so you should not do it. Instead you must give it milk and cookies because that’s the modern thing to do. To be a woman for a woman means so many more things these days than it did before. I can’t even post a picture of my boyfriend on social media to say how much I love him without a gang of girls telling me to stop being happy because he is not worth my love. I stopped paying attention to them though and even deleted my Twitter for a while because it’s suddenly a sin to express your emotions. Beating up a girl that’s trying to get your man is seen as against being this fake sisterhood that doesn’t even exist. The blame I am told must be placed on the man because they are all bad according to those girls who are experts at picking losers. Well this time I was not standing for it, Khanyi was right, we needed to punish that girl.

I had a trip to plan.

“I have to tell my parents about the trip and am not sure how they will react! See why I prefer being at school because there at least I have no one to explain to!”

I told Khanyi and she just laughed.

“I am going outside!”

I said and I walked out. I didn’t want her to hear my mum being herself on the phone because she has a tendency of embarrassing you. I walked all the way to the gate to make the call.

“Hi mum!”

I said as soon as she picked up. I had to listen to hear what mood she was in first before I could say anything.

“Hey baby. Is everything ok?”

My mother had not called me baby since I was, well since forever! I could hear she was with someone in the room which I think was better for me.

“Everything is fine; I just want to talk to you about something?”

I told her. It’s amazing how our mothers are supposed to be the first people we can open up to but reality and lesson have taught us that African mothers hardly ever can lend a friendly ear. Opening up to your mother more often than not comes back to be used against you in her caught of law.

“Ok am listening?”

She said invitingly.

“Mum, tomorrow I am going to Limpopo with Neo. Is that ok?”

I asked her. Note how I said that, I started by starting what was going to happen. I did not ask her at the beginning because that’s an immediate no. She had to know the decision was already made and this was just courtesy.

“No it’s not Palesa come on. You have just come out of hospital I don’t think that’s wise!”

She immediately protested.

“Mum please I need this. You know how I feel about Neo and I need to spend time with him too! Please mom!”

I begged her. I don’t think she could say no for long because truth be told she was kind of scared of what I would do if denied my way.

“Can we discuss this when we get home?”

She asked me.

“Yes we can but he has already booked, I had said yes because I didn’t think you would say no!”

I told her.

“I don’t think you father will agree with this idea though. I am not trying to stand in your way to having fun but the timing is wrong”

She added,

“Ah mum, since when do you ask dad for permission to do anything. I am not asking for money, he has everything covered. He will pick me up from home and we drive to Zebula lodge!”

I told her. I had to give her the name of the place so that she knew the decision had already been made. I was doing all this on purpose.

“We will discuss this when I get home.”

She said again. She hung up soon after. It was never supposed to be easy so I was not gutted about it. I trudged back to the house.

“How did it go?”

Khanyi asked.

“She said no but I know I can convince her!”

“What if she sticks to her no?”

She asked further.

“If she does that I will go anyway. She can’t stop me and she must know that I was just being polite in asking otherwise I would have gone!”

I told her defiantly. I think I was starting to challenge my mom more and more. In the beginning I would have cowered at the thought of going against her but university does things to you. Imagine the parents of the kids in the frontline throwing rocks at the police telling their kids to come home, do you think they will? They would defy too.

“I like the rebel in you lately, it’s refreshing!”

Khanyi said and we both laughed. I went to take a shower and whilst I was in there my phone rang. I had to come out and get it.

It was my dad.

Had my father had said he would get back to me? In the morning when I called him I wanted to hear why he left so abruptly he had hung up unceremoniously. I was glad he was calling because I was very curious.

“I didn’t think you will call me back!”

I said when I picked up.

“But I said I would! When do I ever let you down?”

He asked me.

“Well it’s because you didn’t seem to want to discuss why you left so early hence my surprise!”

I responded.

“I did not call because of that. Your mother tells me you are planning a trip with that boy? Is that true?”

He asked me. That traitor! Did she really do that?

“Yes dad it’s just a trip. Mom should never have told you this though. How do I create a bond with her if I cannot even trust to keep my secrets?”

I asked him rather annoyed.

“Palesa, you cannot go for this trip! You are not old enough to be going away on holidays with boys!”

My father said as soon as he picked up. I can’t believe my mother had actually told him. Now they were making me seem like a liar because when I said my parents are enemies I was not kidding. All of a sudden my father was being consulted? My mother always spoke about how she was independent off men and she could make her own decisions. When they were together I remember my dad could not even ask her for water without being told he had his own two legs. No one liked her from both his family and hers. They said she was too harsh on my father. The more my father listened to her the more she thought he was a pushover. It was weird really but I was old enough to see what led to them divorcing minus the cheating. I actually did not think them getting back together was a good idea.

“Dad it’s not like that. He is the only person that makes sense to me right now and the fact that he wants to take me away means a lot to me. Please trust me on this one and don’t fight me!”

I pleaded with him. You know how your father is the one person who should never know about your boyfriend, somehow I had just told my father I am going away with a guy. Was this what modernity meant? These white people tendencies!

“You are unbearably naïve Palesa! Men are bad for you. Growing up is learning that. I can’t stop you from going but know that I did not want you to go!”

He said and with that he hung up. It was never going to stop me as long as I had done my part to inform them. I couldn’t necessarily run away. I sat there for a while wondering to do next because clearly my parents both did not want. I had a bit of a heavy heart

“My parents are both against me going on this trip but I feel like it’s the best thing for us! What must I do?”

I asked Khanyi.

“Ah what happened to the rebel of ten minutes ago? You really asking me that? You know how I think. You do whatever you want when you want!”

She told me. Ok that was a dumb thing to do asking her. I should have known what her answer would be. Defying my mother was one thing but my dad was a whole new thing.

“I guess you right. I am going finish showering just now and then let’s go to Wonderpark so I can buy a few things for the trip. I don’t even have a decent bikini!”

I told her.

Not having a good bikini is like a cardinal sin. It’s like not having at least one good weave or wig. It tells a lot about you. Swimming has always been associated with rich people but let’s be fair, black people don’t care about the nature of swimwear they own until they have to go on holiday.

“You think we can find it there?”

She asked me sceptical.

“I know us in Pretoria North but I can assure you we have nice places here too!”

I said laughing. Pretoria North might be part of Pretoria but it’s different. It’s kind of hard not to if you are next to Soshanguve and Mabopane. We are like the East Rand in that we say we are in Pretoria but we are rather too far to actually believe it with conviction.

“Let me finish bathing!”

I said to her. It was only two hours later when we got done and ready to leave. She is so slow when she wants to be. We took a taxi from outside my house and we went to the mall. I was looking for bikinis and eish they were not the best. I did buy though. We had lunch and we went home. I got home as my mother got home.

“I came home early so we could go out for dinner all of us so we can just talk!”

She said. I was exhausted and besides I had already eaten.

“Is that necessary mom. Can’t we just rent a movie on box office and we can watch together?”

I asked her.

“I don’t know. I invited Neo to come so it’s up to you!”

She said.

“You invited Neo?”

I asked her!


Shit I had lied that Neo paid for the trip! This was not happening!

“And your dad too said he might come!”

Yah neh!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I have been dating my girlfriend for about 3 years now. I love her and I have every intention of marrying her. I bought the ring and have been waiting for the right moment to pop the question. She is sweet, loving and kind not to forget beautiful and intelligent. There is very little I will not do for her. I have never cheated on her neither but recently I found out she is cheating but it’s complicated. I don’t know how to say this. She has always said she was bisexual but I never took her seriously on it because it does sound like a joke. I tolerate gay people and lesbians but I cannot say I am an advocate for them. I found out that she has been seeing a girl behind my back. Mind you we live together already and the girl of it I know her as her friend. I found out because my brother pointed out that they were too close and I had noticed it too. I eventually asked for her phone (in front of her) and went through their messages. She did not tell me but allowed me to see the messages. They are in love but in the same messages she says she loves me more and does not want to lose me. She then called for us to have a meeting the three of us. The other girl came through and my girlfriend told us both that she can’t let go of either of us so we need to work it out between the two of us what’s going to happen. Needless to say I was stunned! She has met my parents, they have seen the ring even and this person can’t even choose me? I am not a lustful man and this is not a situation where I think I can get threesomes out of her. I want her to want me on my own not to make me negotiate with another person. My friends think I am stupid and say they would die to be in my shoes but there is nothing honourable about this.

Can anyone please advise me? If anyone has ever been in a threesome please how does it work? Do you feel guilty or closer to your partner afterwards? I just don’t know what to do or think!

Thank You

Cape Town

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  1. Thank you Mike , another enjoyable read as always. Dear Cape Town.. you are the man in this situation so act like it please . You cannot have such little self worth that you allowing her to treat you like second best. She needs to make the choice not you now trying to accommodate her cheating. Wtf man whether it’s a girl or guy how can you even sit and be confused about this! Cheating is cheating no matter what the gender . For your girlfriend to not even feel remorse and asking you both to work it out makes her seem arrogant! She needs to know it’s either you only or she can go be with her women. Please rememebr you deserve honesty and for someone to love you as much as you love them. All the best!

  2. Thank you Mike great as always.
    Cape town your gf can’t have it both ways, I mean like Mary said ‘cheating is cheating ‘ and whether it’s a girl or boy it doesn’t justify her mischievous, she needs to decide which one of you she wants period!

  3. Dear Cape Town: I say let her be. trust me I’ve heard and watched documents of such things and marriage actually work if one partner becomes honest about their sexual identity. to us blacks it’s a taboo. so denying her to be her she might suffer from depression and other mental diseases , she will not be happy in your marriage . so I’d advise you to go to professional help before poping your question.


  4. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Kaapstad, I don’t understand why you ouchea bitching and moaning like a little girl. You have a woman here, freaky as f, who loves you and doesnt want to lose you, who has confessed to your face that she is bisexual and loves another female…. F is wrong with that bruh? If it was another dude then I would get your confusion but duude!!! It’s another woman… Like Couldn’t the Gods smile on your any better?

    Look man, the same reason we don’t have problems with gays but don’t want that to see that ish, the same thing we like lesbians and love seeing them do it… Its beautiful magic. You are granted a first class front row seat to arguably the best show you will ever attend in your life and you crying foul? May I just point out how gay you sound?

    Dude you have it good and if I were to give you advice, it would be for the three of you to have some boundaries set up so as to not confuse the roles. If A wants B and C want B and B is the third wheel, will A get access to C too? If that’s the case and its threesomes galore, I don’t see a straight or gay man who would turn that shit down for the world brother… I think your closet needs cleaning.


    1. lol somehow I knew you’d say that jack. But look the problem here is not whether or not cape town is willing to go for a 3um or not problem is that the lady is being a self absorbed and insensitive about this. This might be an enjoyable life changing event for him but it might also just be the total opposite, if it would be a deal breaker if it was a guy why shouldn’t it be now that its with another girl? double standards there if you ask me. Cheating is cheating and it shouldn’t matter who one is doing it with, if she is inconsiderate of both these peoples feelings now how more so when they married or should this 3sum occur?

      1. Phillis I hear you right, but what I don’t understand is why this guy is crying foul now after having been told upfront that she was bisexual? If he found out for the first time when he learnt that she was cheating then yes I would understand. He is saying that HE consciously didn’t take her being bi as serious so how is she insensitive in this regard? Lol. I think dude is just overwhelmed by the prospect of playing Msholozi otherwise I don’t see anything wrong with what this girl did. I can’t understand how she’s being called arrogant for being who she is, she didn’t ask him to pop the q, she didn’t ask him to stay with her, she even allowed him access to the phone so that he could know the truth. She has given the guy the option, with the other chick to find a way forward, one of which would be for Cape Town to opt out on his own terms… How is she arrogant?

        Mna I’m playing for the girl’s team here and this dude is acting rather Somizi-like. His questions at the end say nothing about him wanting to leave her for the cheating, rather he seeks advice on someone that has encountered such, which basically means he wants to stay and fix things. Being bisexual is not something you fix, it’s who she is so he either accepts that or he gets the next single chick that’s been heartbroken coz of a douchebag who had twenty leven sidechicks 🙂

      2. And I get that cheating is cheating right, so if your man cheats on you with a dude then that’s on you. If my girl cheats on me with a girl… Hell I’m getting airwaves and black Halls X2 coz the load is double if you know what I mean 🙂

  5. A “traditional” (and i use this word loosely) relationship is between 2 people.. which is what you desire. I do not see what your friends are raving about, calling you gay and the like when your woman betrayed you… She cheated on you, albeit with another woman.. a woman she has feelings for and is not willing to let go. The ball is in your court, either you share her or you up and leave, sir. Sounds to me like you’re an upright guy, and the others are right, she is extremely arrogant in expecting you to settle for a love-triangle… this is not even a 3sum.. do we even know if the woman she cheated with is lesbian or bisexual??? nope, we don’t.. so why are we getting excited and calling this guy gay for not wanting to share his woman??? what guarantee does he even have that he will get to be with both these women??? he doesn’t even WANT to be with both of them..

    Monogamous men still exist.. how refreshing.

    Me I say don’t settle wena Cape Town, do not allow that confused women to drag you into her uncertainty. The world has enough two-timers, cheats, liars.. Don’t lose yourself because a few people think having 2 women is more “manly” or “straight” than monogamy.

    1. Superb blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any resndmenmatiooc? Cheers!

  6. Popping a question means you need a future with her .so how is it gona werk?what do u tell your family about the third party?get real this is not generation the legacy its real life let her go n stick to her lady find a woman whos yours n yours only this I dont wana loose u nonsense wasnt gona apply if roles were reversed n u were inlove with anada man ….have some decency let her do herself n u do u

  7. Thanks mikey . I agree with Ur boy Cee this girl is rude and arrogant . from my experience if the other partner say decide what you want you must just know. Its a message to say lets break up. you the kind that say its not you its me. leave this woman doesn’t appreciate you

  8. Cape Town, Cape Town, Jackzo, Cape Town, firstly, is the other lady a fling or will she accept marriage to you. If not, please understand that after this one your future wife will want another one. To answer your question, the only way you would be closer to your loved one after a threesome is after you out perform the other lady. Which is impossible of I can say so. Secondly will you be able to change the third wheel of you fiance no longer likes/love her? On a lighter note; what of you’re the third wheel.

  9. Cape Town..your woman is selfish.,finish en klaar. Unfortunately you now have to decide whether you can handle this situation or not.But please believe it will continue.

    P.s I’m bisexual doesn’t mean an automatic threesome no sorry buddy!

  10. cape town I think in this case then you need to be selfish too, tell her that if she involves the 3rd person (threesome) then you get to fuck both…. (you didn’t clarify if she already offered to fuck both of them)

  11. ” That’s like saying that overnight killing a snake that enters your house is cruelty to animals so you should not do it.”😂😂😂 this line gets to me.. .
    Cape Town.. .
    You are obviously not happy, why stay with someone who does not make you their first priority.. ? We are not in a soapie, she can’t have you both. So I say leave that girl since she doesn’t know what she wants, it will hurt but rather it be sooner rather than later.

    Ps: there are loads of ladies who will appreciate a man like you. *hint**hint*me*hint*hint*lol..

  12. Lol Cape Town are you by any chance older than 30? Lol sikhona apha ekapa and wena you are busy crying over a woman who clearly doesn’t want you?!! Holla @ me I won’t go bisexual on you *winx*

  13. Threesuns.can b very confusing for man cos dey always excited about something new,wat if u want more frm C in d future.Do not go dt route if u mentally,sexually nd emotionally not ready for it!!but surely z one exciting experience. As for lady she z not ready for dt ring brother!!

  14. Hao there’s no chapter 45 😢😢😢, no this can’t be happening.

    Cape Town, Your story sounds hela hectic. I don’t understand why you’re asking about threesomes when the actual problem is that your fiance is cheating on you. Think about the future of your marriage, i don’t think you want start one of the biggest commitments of your life like this.

  15. Thanks Mike

    CT If we knew ur age n hers cause if she is young probably let her find who or what she is.U a confused by her beauty bra its ok to take a break from this cause nje u also like things u knew she is bi.Normally the other woman could want ur woman for herself bra, so don’t get excited yet lol.U really need to know if she sees a future with u n having kids other wise u going to be hard broken, I think u want her alone n ur scared to start again.Shit happens move on dude or u will cry.

    It wouldn’t kill u to try 3some be4 u leave lol

  16. CT your girlfriend is cheating you’ve already established that,why are you confused? Cheating is cheating regardless of the sex,she told you she is bisexual,great,lesson here is please believe your partner when she tells you stuff the first time around,you sound curious to try the threesome suggestion,your curiosity indicates tht you are willing to share her, and to me that’s not a good sign…so forget about marrying her,enjoy the whole thing while it lasts and be prepared to start afresh

  17. My advice its either u marry dem both or u leave my brother. Cz u cnt change her de same way u cnt change a gay person to be strait, its geneticaly not mentaly. She had made her decision so its up to u to accept or leave. She is not having her bread butterd both sides, its only buttered one side cz she is bi-sexual. Bi means two

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