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*Today’s topic is a bit sensitive. We try to keep abreast with current affairs in our storylines. We are not taking sides on this issue as it’s a debate and war that needs to be concluded by better minds than ours. Hope you enjoy.


My mother and I were not that close anymore. I blamed her for a lot of things but your mother is your mother and she is the one who has your best interests at heart even if she does not always get it right. When I woke up my mother was already gone. She always left for work early because Pretoria North in all its architectural genius had one road into town directly and that was the Mabopane highway. With that being the case you don’t want to imagine the traffic congestion there every morning without fail. She therefore had to leave early every day. My sister was off school so it meant it would be day of fights as was typical with us. Annoying brat. Khanyi was still in bed when I went to join her. After yesterdays fight I had to make sure we are cool.


I said when I walked in.

“I didn’t sleep hey, I don’t know what’s stressing me but eish, and it’s going to be a long day!”

She said by way of response.

“I slept like a baby. My mother spoke until we fell asleep. Somehow I feel so refreshed!”

I told her.

“What’s the plan for today?”

She asked me.

“I don’t know but we need to fix that Visa thing. I have money and I don’t want to ask Sam for it because we will seem irresponsible so I think we should do it ourselves!”

I told her sitting on the bed next to her. I knew that the Dubai topic often got her spirits high. She was so excited that we were going probably more than me.

“Yeah I think we should. That will show him that we responsible as well!”

She said. I agreed with her. I am sure at some level every man wants a woman who can take care of themselves.

“I haven’t watched Generations in a long time can we catch it!”

She said coming out of bed. Funny enough I never thought of her as a Generations person. I agreed though and we went to watch. I still don’t get the fascination but oh well, I watched. I don’t what made her change the channel but we found ourselves on the news. We watched in silence and about twenty minutes in Khanyi said,

“I want to go back to campus today but I am not sure if it’s wise!”

Khanyi said looking at the TV. I had been a bit out of touch with what was happening but not so much. Watching the news on TV as a student was beyond scary. It seemed as though there was proper war taking place.

‘I think I will wait until next week!”

I said to her because I had not yet fully recovered. I was not ready to march with other students but I was very much in their corner.

“I think being a policeman in South Africa must be the most stressful job in the world right now!”

A voice said from behind us. It was my sister doing what she does best, eavesdropping in a matter that did not consult her. I had not seen her sneak up behind us. Listen to this shit. She knew she would be on a bursary no matter what so she probably sympathized with the #takewitsback crew.

“Why do you say that?”

Khanyi asked her. I don’t know why she indulged her because she always had answers for everything and when it came to social debates, she always took pleasure in taking the side of the opposition to the majority.

“Well for one the very police you are hitting and throwing stones at have families too. Yes they mean nothing to you because they are not you and there are more of you than them on that campus anyway but he is human. When he goes to work in the morning, his wife and kids kiss him goodbye and pray that he comes home alive. You never ever sympathize with them for doing what they are paid to do plus getting injured for it!”

She said.

“But they are firing teargas and rubber bullets at defenceless students!”

Khanyi protested to her!

“Defenceless? Next time a stone hits you tell me that it’s not an attack on you. In some countries they use stones to kill people! That is painful and the students throwing them are adults meaning they have ability to harm by their sheer strength!”

I fought back immediately. I did not even give her a chance to go to her second point. For someone who was so intelligent she was incredibly naïve.

“That’s what the privileged say though is it not? Not everyone can afford university so what happens to those that cannot?”

I asked her. I was passionate about this fees thing so she must not come here sounding like a clever black. She must join this struggle or shut up without opinion.

“Did you know that there were two policemen plus two security guards who were killed in the days leading up to Marikana? Who mourned for them? Not one of you remembers that but you all remember the miners killed later! Stop bullshitting yourselves into pretending your lives are more important than theirs. Blame the person at the top because their job is to follow orders and if they don’t they get fired! Will you give him and his family money when he is fired? No!”

She said annoyed at the thought that I even spoke. How did we even get to Marikana from here? My sister was smart in a way one day those brains would get her in trouble. She was the type to do illegal experiments on people in the name of human development, for the future good.

“You avoided my question on poor people that can’t afford university though? Where is that argument?”

I asked her. I wanted to hear how Miss I Know It All here would argue this point.

“Well you are right there. There are poor people who can’t afford but how many more are currently under NSFAS, Bursaries and Financial Aid? The very people who want free education are the ones that are saying Social Grants must be done away with and scrapped to create jobs. How selfish is that? There are 16million people receiving social grants if you didn’t know and to satisfy a free education system that will benefit only about 535 000 students it is them that should be sacrificed as the biggest slice of the budget goes to them! So who is protecting the poor better, me or you?”

She asked me! Fuck my sister always argued with facts and the thing is I did not know whether she was telling the truth with these numbers or what. I had to research them.

“It doesn’t matter! The government has money somewhere! If Zuma can build Nkandla then the money is there!”

I argued in desperation for this was a readymade argument which no one could run away from. It was not even a white elephant anymore because Thuli Madonsela had exposed all that and more so we had a good starting point on where to get the money. .

“And where do you suppose that money comes from though? Have you ever read a book other than the books you read at school?”

She asked which made me feel stupid. Even Khanyi knew better than to argue with my sister.

“What’s your point?”

She asked me.

“Its simple really, South Africa loses about r15 billion rand a year to corruption, mismanagement and irregular spending. Even if we were the most perfect country in that respect, mind you not even the most advanced countries are, we would still fall short of the R45 billion a year needed to fund free education every year! That’s the reality so where do you think that your government with the money that you say they have will get the money from?”

She asked me. This girl was irritating. She liked numbers so I could not exactly challenge because I did not know whether she was lying or not.

“You say you are political, let me ask you this, who controls our economy?”

I knew the answer to that.

“White people!”

I responded with confidence. Every black South African knows who the rich people are, who they work for and who to kiss ass to even if their work conditions are not the best.

“Good answer, this means that they know that if the #feesmustfall movement wins they should watch their back because definitely the next fight would be give back our land and resources! With that in mind do you think they want fees to fall? Have you heard any other political party promise free education? Why is that? Every social movement starts with a trigger, if the students win this round that trigger will have been pulled!”

She said. You have to admit my sister is quite though provoking even though she wears blinders as far as I was concerned.

“I don’t get your point on white people and the economy. The ANC has failed to create jobs after us having voted them in for so long.”

I told her rather unnecessarily. I was trying to throw her off her game but she had me.

“Yes of course they were always doomed to fail to create jobs!”

She scoffed at me.

“How so because they are the government?”

Khanyi finally asked a question.

“Palesa here has already said the economy is in the hands of the whites so explain to me how you can create jobs if you do not own, run or manage the very economy you need to do so. It is the most basic need in creating jobs and someone else runs it!”

She said biting into an apple. I felt stupid. Even Khanyi looked stupid.

“All I am saying is don’t be so naïve. The system is set up to fail and will collapse on its head if it’s challenged. If fees fall then great but realistically it’s not sustainable so long as the economy is in the hands of the few. That’s the battle you need to win before you can get all other free things you think you deserve!”

She said and walked out. See why I hated politics. I don’t like talking about it because it makes me emotional. I knew what I wanted, free education, not stories as to why it should not be there. She was irrelevant to me.

“My sister is something else!”

I said to Khanyi as I watched students from Wits running from the rubber bullets. This was the saddest thing ever. These were students like me and this is what they had to do to get an education. They had to be human targets for the police and their rubber bullets. It brought tears to my eyes. Imagine how it felt knowing my sister was taking the side of the police and the oppressive system. What a wasted brain. She had spoiled my morning.

***********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I have always wanted to write to you but never had the courage to do so.

Straight to the point, my mother is cheating on my dad with my uncle who is married to her sister, my aunt. I am very close to my aunt’s children and my mother is all smiles with her sister knowing that she is sleeping with her husband. I know it’s not my business as I am only 17 but I found out last year. I walked in on them kissing and touching. My mother never said a word about the incident to me and I started paying closer attention to them whenever family was around. They always sneak away or end up going to buy drinks or more food together. This is what makes me believe that they are together. My father is still in the picture and has roped my younger brother and me to help him prepare a surprise 15 year wedding anniversary party for my mother. I feel so guilty because of what I know.

What should I do because I hate my mother now for what she is doing? I can’t look at her or take her seriously because she is a bad parent.

Thank You


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  1. Dear 17 are you black? If you are please stay away from it because your own mother can turn against you when you decide to sell her out. Rather tell her that you know and aren’t impressed, do not threaten her or anything bcos even if you think your father will protect you it will not be enough.

  2. If you expose your mom, you will get a beating fromher, from her sister & probably from other family members as well.

    Best solution – keep your stories to yourself & save your happy family….if its buring u, tell your mom – but beware of the hot clap that will follow

  3. Being a Student myself Id Like To Say Thank You Bhuti Mike,And Yes This Is A sensitive debate but we must not forget that reality is gunning for Free Education will leave us with too much to consider especially when it comes to our economy…..Corruption is a huge problem that has left us vulnerable as a country

  4. Enkosi bhut’Mike and Team
    Eish seems like Palesa’s sis has read my mind about this debate….
    17 what worries me is that your mom knows that you know and has not spoken to you about it; maybe she thinks you approve. I would suggest that you speak to her (don’t confront her); tell her how this makes you feel and how unfair it is to both your father and your aunt. If you are scared to speak to her on a one on one basis write her an e-mail or whatsapp message and just let her know what this is doing to you and what it may do to the whole family should this come out and just politely ask if that is what she wants (that is the consequences of what they are doing coz they will not be something to smile about)

  5. 17 I think you should give your mother an ultimatum. she stops or you tell. The secret isn’t your burden. you aren’t the one destroying your family she is!!! Your aunt and dad deserve better.

  6. I think we give white people too much credit,yes the white man was given a headstart and runs the private sector but the black man steals the peoples money for his own selfish benefit ,money goes missing in official offices in millions yearly and not even one culprit will ever say s/he used it to help pick up his people or benefit them. I free education a possibility? maybe but i don’t see it happening …. universities need electricity ,water ,and resources to run never mind the the employees that need to be paid ,the fees can be reduces significantly but to fall completely? I dont

  7. I wrote a lengthy reply but in short, these varsities can privatize, decrease enrollment or only really exceptional students will be accepted. You dont see MOnash saying fees must fall as most of their students are foreign or white. Im too lazy to write it out again but if a church like ZCC funnelled their funds and tithe money into eduaction they could create a very competitve school for grade R till tertiary financing tuition, accomodation and most importantly research and attracting talented students and leadership so that it can be highly ranked globally.. At the moment we need them but if we sponsor black excellence, in the long term, they will need us. let us foster black monopoly capital as capitalism still runs the world. I think the protests show the trauma of being black in SA and in general but guess what? noone cares about our pain. we need to put our ,money into pooled reources that foster and protects the black child. #GenerationalBlackExcellence #FeesMustFall

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, very interesting debate in that room and though the lil sis has some valid points, I still maintain fees falling can be achieved. Take what Dali was saying at Wits the other day, we have 9 provinces, each has a premier and a bunch of MEC’s driving luxury cars, getting expensive pay and most of these people are catching on kak. Then you have a cabinet that is already bloated with stupid people, stupid portfolios that can be merged and given to competent people and that’s not even the most drastic issue. If all these positions would be reviewed, money would be available to fund at least some of the over half a million students. Fact is, by us ignoring the reality that government is failing us, we continuously dig our own graves. If Fees must fall were to be a reality, society ought to have been more critical of Zuma must fall. Instead of black people jumping ship to the DA and other minority parties, we ought to have fought to free our liberation movement from the clutches of the corrupt, the state capturing parasites and all people that sought self-enrichment within our legendary movement. But no, people are outchea defending and willing to strip naked for one man that has cost this county so much, for one executive that has repeatedly shamed our country on the world stage, for one party which looks good on paper, yet is just nothing but a mafia organisation. I say fees must fall would be a reality if we even had an inch of blood as the Egyptians had when they ousted their president, Like Libyans, like Syrians( God bless their souls) as they continue to fight for their freedom. And more recently like our neighbours in Zimbabwe as they struggle to free themselves from tyrant Mugabe.

    Truth is the white men have our economy because we allow it, and while our sisters and brothers are fighting their brothers and fathers the police, the white man is getting richer. And all the damage which is caused by the protests puts us in even more shit. We need smart people to lead this, and by my view , the SRC leaders

    #DataMustFall and most importanly


  9. And to qna, You better out your mother because she is not behaving like someone that even deserves to be called mom. She and your Uncle and filthy and deserve their filth to be hanged with the laundry outside. Expose those mischievous people for what they are.

  10. ” Fees must fall movement is indeed the ansa to
    youth empowerment simply because there is no
    better empowerment you can give young people
    than quality education. Quality education is the
    conception of Human Freedom.
    If you give me the right to life then why you let
    me live that life without education?
    If you give me the right to freedom of speech
    then what will I ever say if I am not educated? I
    will suffer humiliation of not being able to read
    numbers in front of the entire nation like our
    This is why education should be free and not just
    education but Free Quality Education. When
    people say they want education, it is evil to send
    them to loan sharks (BoMashonisa) like Eduloan
    and Nsfas. It is also evil to send bouncers and
    police to assault the future of the country with
    fists, rubber bullets and arrest them. Wake up
    South Africa. Let’s support the youth. It is now
    or never.
    There is no amount of lies that can hide what
    this youth is fighting for. I was saddened by the
    situation at Wits yesterday when Police whom
    themselves don’t afford to pay fees for their kids
    brutally assaults our Students.
    I am paying tax R1800 sometimes R2000 or
    more while I am also paying NSFAS LOAN which
    I will be paying for the rest of my life I guess. I
    was put in debt before I start working. So Free
    education must be implemented now. It is time
    for all institutions to shut down all their
    campuses and stop selling out the revolution.”
    Victory is certain.
    # Alutakontinuwa
    # MayihlomeIhlasele
    by Mawethu mabitse

  11. @ 17 be very careful of what you choose to do.. In black families we all know how it works. The one who speaks first is the one creating conflict and therefor is blamed for everything. Everything that is done in the dark is bound to be exposed at some point. Keep out of your mom’s business, who do you think they’ll trust?! You or the elders?! This can go really bad for the both families and relationship but believe me your aunt will hate your mother for life and everything she comes with( you included) remember no good deed goes unpunished. Just think about it b4 taking any decision

  12. This fees must fall strike is just a waste of time, fees will not fall even if people strike naked. They’ve missed alot of time of school next thing they will be complaining that they don’t have enough time to prepare for their exams. Lucky us uj students we are attending and writing our tests no problems. Mind you I’m also struggling with my fees but I know this is not wise.

  13. I think in many cases we as blacks go to a fight like fees must fall without proper amunition. The calibre of the students that these universities have are out of the world so in order to achieve and force the government to take you seriously u give them well researched facts and data and timeline for implementation and follow. In many cases we end not getting what we want because a commitee of enquiry is set up to investigate against the people that pays their salary which always give government time to come up with a plan to avoid these issues. SRC members need to come together and give our leaders an ultimatium about this issue so that this this does not eventual turn out like another Marikana and Nkandla issue…

  14. My opinion/view from what I have seen in our beautiful mzansi… anything that is free, has no quality nor quantity so I’m just asking myself once education is free will it be of good quality???

  15. Big debate there brada Mike. My suggestion cud upset some but pls bear with me: I feel the fees must fall for those who can’t afford & let those who can afford pay. For starters the fees are too high. The Govmnt must take responsibility by setting fees limits & manage the increases in relation to inflation. Instead of Nasfas, those who can’t afford can be put in a Gov database so when they start working they can have a “special tax” to recover part of the portion of the free education they got. That fund needs proper mangmnt thru SARS to help fund the ” free” education
    R500 to R1,000 per month deduction from 50,000 to 100,000 gradutes. That’s enough to sustain the system. For those who want to use their qualifications overseas before a certain period say 5years shud pay back that money. Unless we can afford it absolutely.
    Public administration is whole complex issue which cud take years to correct but when eventually it happens, the freed money can go to other 101 services needed.
    Right now we need more dams to be built for Gauteng water & more water purification centres. That’s job creation right there. Just my humble view.

  16. Many people have been saying that those who can afford must pay and those who can’t, be financed. We can’t afford but NSFAS won’t give us the goodies. “They” will find a way to screw that system too.

    The poor shud get free education
    The rich can continue paying
    Fees exemption shud apply to Universities too

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