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Y.E.S 70

“No one else can tell you how great you should be, only you can do that for yourself but having a partner who does not try to make you be better is a waste of your time!” Mike Maphoto


Revenge is a dish best served cold. When she said those words it cut me deep! The way she was so in love with a cheating man who was clearly no good for her made her seem weak and look like she had a low self esteem but I actually don’t think that was her problem. How many women do you know who are CEOs, intelligent and powerful are still submissive to their husbands and still forgive them from cheating? Does Beyonce look like she has a low self esteem to you? Hilary Clinton got cheated on in front of the whole world and today she is running for president with very same lying cheating bastard by her side and not once will anyone accuse those two women of having a low self esteem! Rudzani was calculative and knew exactly what she was doing. The fact that she loved a loser was not sufficient enough for me to think of her as weak because what she was trying to make me do took balls! I once saw a video of a woman on the internet of a woman who was caught cheating and was made to eat human shit for that! That’s deep on its own so no, Rudzani was not weak just sadistic and confused as to what being in love was.

“Well I am not having sex with anyone because I am on my periods!”

I told her confidently. It was not a lie to I really was on my periods and everyone fears periods. Telling a man you are on them is like telling him you have grown a dick!

“What’s that got to do with me? It means Azwindini has a choice to make!”

She said folding her arms.

“What choice is that?”

I asked her.

“Oh wait? Did you think I was going to go down on you princess? Wouldn’t that just be great? Why on earth would I want you to enjoy this as much as I am going to enjoy it?”

She asked and scoffed!

“So you want me to go down on you and I get nothing in return?”

I asked her.

“Of course you are getting nothing in return dwee! Well if you were not on your periods, Azwindini would have given you some pleasure but oh well, your loss!”

This girl was not serious. Where was Azwindini by the way? With all the talking we had been doing I had even forgotten to ask where the beneficiary of all this was!

“Speaking of Azwindini, you know a threesome has three people right! We are two? I am not coming back here again that’s for sure!”

I told you.

“I don’t think you understand me. I am tired of talking!”

So was I.

“Azwindini went downstairs to get ice! I told him I will call him after I have spoken to you. He didn’t want to be in here when I told you where to get off because he wanted me to do it, to gain my power back!”

She said. If only she knew she sounded like an idiot right now.

“Well have you considered what would happen if you give him that threesome and then he still dumps you afterwards?”

I asked her. The question seemed to have confused her yet again meaning it’s something she had actually not considered.

“He loves me; I am just too conservative for him. It’s no lie! Every time he comes to town he wants us to go out but I am always the one with the restrictions. We had a very good chat before we came to your place and he was right! I never even give him a chance to change my mind. This time around I promised that I would try new things and here I am, trying!”

I was a pawn in her mission to show her mind how open minded she was. Part of me even felt sorry for her.

“Are you game or not! I need to call him so he can come back! I am sure he is even sitting looking at his phone!”

She said looking at her wrist as though she had a watch on which she did not.

*And if I do this you will take the charges back?’

I asked her.

“Yes I will but only if you block Azwindini off your phone. I would make you change numbers but that would be cruel!”

She said standing up.

“Block Azwindini? I never had his numbers in the first place! You can even check my phone if you want!”

I told her. She stood there looking at me I think not sure what to say. She really was convinced I wanted that weasel but what she did not know what that I never wanted to see him again.

“I am calling him now!”

She said.

“Wait, why are you calling him? He is not going to be part of this since am on my period right!”

I protested. She ignored me and called him anyway.

“Everything is set. Come back and Ndini, be nice to her, don’t be rude!”

She said. I think the devil was tempting me because this can’t be Jesus.

“He can’t sit there and watch now that won’t be cool!”

I told her.

“You are right but you can still give him a blowjob if I say so! I am sure you good at that!”


The door opened and in entered the guy I hated. He had a huge smile on his face. I think if it was not because of that smile I would have gone through with it.

“This is bullshit! I am doing this! Rudzani, for doing this you are scum. I am messed up and I am sorry but I am not going to be raped by your pervert boyfriend for your pleasure!”

I told her. I walked away.

“Go ahead, think about it though! If your career is worth your pride then pshhh, walk out!”

Like I said Azwindini standing there smiling changed everything.

“Yes get me fired! I will live!”

I told her and I walked out. Part of me wanted to go back because I knew what the consequences were but I had to roll the dice on this one. It was not even about morals but the thought of me going down on another woman that did not work for me. If you are a man imagine being told to have gay sex! You will not do it. I walked to my car briskly, the tears stinging on my eyes because even though nothing had happened I felt humiliated. It was still before four so. I chose to go home straight. I could not see people today because the world was full of animals that wanted take advantage of others. As soon as I got home my phone rang, it was legal!

“Second time today I am talking to you!”

She said sounding rather displeased.

“Where are you I was looking for you in the office?”

She asked me. I told her I had left because I needed to investigate something for my client. She sounded sceptical when she responded

“Nicolene filed a case of racism against your client and named you as a witness! You seem to be in the thick of it today. I need you in the office today so you can give your statement whilst it’s still fresh!”

She told me. She was not asking me. Do you have how annoying it is to get home and have to go back to work especially after you have taken off your shoes and started to rub your feet? Let no girl fool you, heels are painful and there is no greater relief in the day than when you take them off finally and let that blood floor once more when you get home from work. I promise absolutely nothing beats that feeling.

“Ok I am on my way!”

I told her. I put on pumps *hides eish, I could not deal. My blood pressure I am sure was high as is after the nonsense I had gone through with Rudzani. I now had a new problem, white people cry foul over things they do every day. If you are to say something racist against a white person they will take you to court same day yet they do this more often than you. I am not saying that Mr. Mawela had been particularly tactful in how he had addressed our concerns but I don’t think he had been racist either and this is where my problem lay. If I did not take Nicolene’s side I would further isolate myself from the company but not doing so meant I would be telling the truth that he had not been racist but frank. It is an open secret in matters that deal with technology or scientific research our companies get more scrutiny than others. He was therefore right.

“Is Ms Du Toit still in?”

I asked when I got to reception. It was already after 5 and people had left.

“I think her car is still in!”

The security told me. I did not even know which one was her car so that was a yes to me. I went to her office and she was there still going through some papers. Talk about work ethic! Normally with me 1630 when work is done I knock off. Everything else I will see tomorrow.

“Good evening Ms Du Toit I am here!”

I said to her as I entered. She looked up from her books then gave me a quick smile before she said,

“Oh good, let me call Nicolene so you can give your statement!”

She said as a matter of fact.

“Call Nicolene for what? I don’t understand!”

I told her.

“So you can give your statement!”

She sort of explained but that was not the answer I wanted to hear.

“How does that work? If I am to give a statement I must give it alone, even I know that!”

I told her frankly. She looked a bit surprised at my response but that was standard procedure.

“No I just thought that you would want to collaborate your stories that’s all?”

She said. Something fishy was going on here. White people are good at one thing, very good in fact and that’s sticking together. They demand loyalty from us black folk and often we give it because well, we need the jobs but should it be your turn under the bus, they will help bury you under it. To them you are on your own when that day comes and they will remind you how must take responsibility for your actions.

“I will give my statement alone please; I am not comfortable in doing it with someone else looking over me. When she gave her statement you didn’t call me to sit with her and collaborate, you did it the two of you! I will do my own statement thank you!”

She was quite taken aback at my tone but so was I at her assumption that I did not know what my rights were or what company procedure was!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I finally got the courage to write this letter, I have been thinking about it for a long time.

I am in a complicated situation. Two years ago I made two girls pregnant. I was dating girl A and we broke up before she knew she was pregnant. I moved on two months later and I started dating a new girl B about three months later when I moved from Jhb to Cape Town. As I was using a company line I changed numbers when I moved meaning girl A could not tell me she was pregnant. Girl B got pregnant as well during that time. Eventually girl a found a friend of mine and he contacted me and told me the situation. I am a responsible man, I told Girl B what had happened and she was so angry she dumped me (temporarily). I went back to see Girl A so I could see the child and what could be done. Girl A was already seeing someone who she had lied to and told that the baby was his meaning that when we were together she could have been cheating. She chased me away and said she had made a mistake the baby was not mine and where she was she was happy she did not want me to rock the boat. My friends advised me that it was for the best as she had “trapped” a rich guy. I went back to Cape Town and fixed things with Girl B and we had a still born. She blamed it on the emotional stress I had caused her when I went back to see Girl A. I feel so guilty but what’s worse is I am convinced the baby Girl A is mine. My friend recently sent me a pic of the baby as he has her on whatsapp and the baby looks exactly like me!

What do I do? What should I do? Am I being selfish in wanting my child? How will me fighting for my child affect Girl B?

Am I being selfish?

Thank You


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  1. This makes me so mad. Thank you Mike for putting to light how racism happens in the workplace> the nerve of NIcolene to file a racism claim! As if what the client said was “racist” or “hate speech”. I swear if another white person accuses a black person of racism I will punch them. they cry foul over black people airing out their experiences of discrimination that they ignore or directly benefit from. As for Ekapa, yaz I dont know , how will you live with this child should Girl A lsoe her marriage whilst you are with Girl B? I suggest Girl A does a DNA test with you and then from there decide what you will do after knowing for sure . I know someone who was so convinced but the baby turned out to be his. Dont get worked up about assumptions first of all because you cant undo what will happen next.

  2. Okay. I am back…. Thank you Tate Mike. I could kiss the ground you wall for this chapter .
    You gotta love Lungi 🙂

  3. E kapa- so you want to mess up someone’s life because you lost a baby? You chose to go to GirlB. Leave other ppl in peace.

    1. where does it say he wants to mess someone’s life up because he lost a baby??? Haibo.. it could very well be his child, how is he messing anyone’s life up by claiming his child?? that girl chose to lie, she messed her own life up. He started seeing girl B months after the break up with girl A.. kanti how did you read this letter weRoses??

    2. Awu its his child, he has a right to the baby.

      Azwindini went to Lungi to cnfess her love mors, i wonder if Rudzani know that.

  4. Thank you Mike, thatha Lungi a lady who knows her rights.

    Kapa you are being selfish, I mean if you cared about girl A child you would’ve asked for a partenity to be done but because you knew you expecting a child from girl B then it didn’t matter, you made your choice so live with it.n what do you think you going back to girl A to want some truth will ruin girl B n not just hers but girl A’s too,i mean she tried to move on after you left her to Kapa n just because she found herself a bf doesn’t mean she cheated, it only takes few minutes for a woman to conceive, n and one can meet the other in minutes n end up having sex so it doesn’t take months to have sex with another. O tshwarisitse a willing guy hands ball so why would you want to waste that??? Probably by the time she realised she was pregnant you were long gone n out of reach as you say you changed numbers n she pointed the next guy available. just Move on

  5. Solid advice w.r.t paternity test Nana.. dude, do not let girl A to rob you of this. You say you are responsible, well her mess up is not your responsibility, she chose to lie to her partner, that has nothing to do with you. You have a right to have access to your child. What if years from now the truth comes out? how will you explain your absence to your child? girl B naye cant want to be selfish like this… yes, sure, yall experienced a loss no one deserves, but fact of the matter is girl A got pregnant before she(girl B) was in the picture; she should love you enough to allow you to love and raise your child (if it is yours).

    That could very well be the only child you will ever have. Do not mess this up please, go get your child.

  6. I was in the same situation a guy got us pregnant together but I didn’t know. I lost my baby I blamed him because he treated me bad when I was pregnant the pain was too much, I just found out recently about the other baby two years later, the blame is worse because I feel maybe he treated the other lady better and her baby got to leave. Now I am happy with a child and he is after me. Men are selfish. You left Girl A because you had back up with girl B now, now she lost the baby, can’t you see you are affecting both thee ladies feelings. A built a new life if you were responsible you would have fought for the truth.

  7. Thanks Mike was worried Lungi will fall into that trap.

    EKapa… Initially when girl A told u to leave her n the baby you did so cos you knew you had another baby coming…. If you are as responsible you should have asked for proof that that time she told u. Now u only want the baby cos u lost this baby with Girl B.
    Might be that Girl A and her boyfriend decided to keep and raise ur baby together… So dont make assumptions that she cheated n stuff….

  8. Morning family.
    Thank goodness Lungi did not give in to Rudzani’s stupid demands.
    Hai these white people are annoying, they know that is not right they just want Lungi to side with Nicolene; good going Lungi.
    Kapa I agree with THAT girl; get a paternity test to be 100% sure that that child is yours or NOT – you cant spend the rest of your life wondering. Girl B must take a chill pill, you did tell her that there is a possibility that that child could be yours right? Girl A is also selfish for not being honest with her new man. Why do people always put money before values and don’t tell me values wont pay the bills tu…there are always consequences to these things. She also should have told her boyfriend for incase the baby is yours. If girl A feels that you want to mess things up for her just tell her to get over herself coz she messed things up herself when she was dishonest. And if she is sure that the baby is not yours she should not have a problem taking the test now should she?
    All the best bhuti

    1. Gogo, the day you are in this situation Girl A is in you will understand, woman are vulnerable when they are pregnant and no one wants a fatherless child or a baby daddy. this guy left Girl A and went on for Girl B changed numbers who knows maybe Girl A was trying to reach him, plan b is to get the guy next door and it happens that the guy it is rich. Ekapa wants to use Girl A’s child as a rebound(if these a baby rebound) since he lost the baby with Girl B. i bet if Girl B’s child made it he could have not written this letter. Kapa is just selfish leave Girl A in peace and leave in a lie with the new guy, the truth will just come eventually. Ekapa doesnt have to intervene as he left without fighting.

      1. the truth will come out eventually? LMAO! hebathong! ITS HIS CHILD! how do you suppose this man will explain to his child the reason he was absent years from now? guys stop playing please.

      2. Well I have been in a similar situation; I found out I was preggies after me and my ex broke up. I was honest with the person who wanted to date me after that (was not showing at the time) so girl A also had a choice to tell the new guy that she was preggies and leave it to him to decide whether he wanted to be involved with her or not instead of lying about the paternity of the child. When girl A met her new guy she was supposedly more than 2 months preggies (according to the letter – they broke up before they knew she was preggies and he moved on two months later); so surely this new dude can count the months if the baby was born full term unless she lied and said the baby was pre-term plus we do not know when she actually met and had sex with new guy. Kapa might be selfish but he needs to know the truth, don’t you think? and WOW plan B is to get the guy next door??? I am speechless

  9. thumbs up Lungi! Be careful though, they want you off this contract remember! Be smart on this one please! wow, this is getting more interesting. Well, it’s very tough in private sectors. Nice one buti Mike.

  10. Wow, this is getting more interesting. Thumbs up Lungi! Remember though, they want you out off that contract, pleasssssseeeeee dear be smart, very smart. Nice one buti Mike.

  11. I’m still looking for the part where this guy said he wants to be a responsible father to baby A because he lost baby B… the way people just draw guys. We have enough absent fathers in this world, this guy wants to do right by his child and yall think he is being selfish?????????? *puzzled*

    1. eKapa says he didn’t bother Girl A after she told him that the child is not his and that she’s happy. The general assumption is he was looking forward to having a baby and be a responsible father to Girl B’s child and unfortunately umntwana uzalwe athule. Does he now think that he can go rock the boat that Girl A does not want rocked? He should cut his losses and try again with Girl B.

      1. Please go read again MissVee.. he didnt say he didnt bother. He said girl A chased him away and told him she had made a mistake. And he has a right to rock that boat if the that child is his. GO ROCK THAT BOAT WENA EKAPA!

  12. eKapa… Whatever happened to using condoms? Had you used them with girl B, you wouldn’t be feeling guilty about losing a baby. Girl A in my mind is smart, she did what every mom should do. Protect and provide for her child. I think you should try again with Girl B and be responsible there (marry her) and leave Girl A out of it. If Girl A comes back in a few years, you have every right to chase her out. Goodluck

  13. Ekapa, u have a right to know if the child is yours or not and by wanting to know doesn’t make you selfish. If girl A didn’t want u to know about the child she wouldn’t have told your friend . Now that she found a man she denies u knowing if a child belongs to you or not. I think you should ask her for DNA test however if the baby turns out to be yours think about the consequences either way maybe Girl A is trying to protect her marriage as well as the child’s future but will it be far on you and the baby if it’s yours? You sound like a very responsible man and I commend you for it some of us our kids r growing up without fathers because they dissapeard. Good luck with your decision.

  14. The thing is, our generation today likes thinking and acting in the moment instead of looking at things a long way down the line. This young man is considering not claiming paternity based on how GirlB will feel or react to him. GirlB is a girlfriend, you’ve not even been together for that long. There’s a child’s whole life and fate to consider. Just cos you don’t wanna hurt someone else’s feelings Kama. Etooo! You are going to hurt that baby’s feelings! We’ve all watched khumbul ‘e khaya too many times and seen grief stricken kids go all over east n west cape and Guateng looking for their dads. Don’t be that dad. Kama “your mom and I had a very big fall out is why I chose to leave” DONT BE THAT DAD! Settles your scores on paternity issues and move on with a clear conscience. This will forever hang over your head if you consider to ignore it and Perdue GirlB. If she chooses to stay after this, it’s a bonus. If not, tough look. Mara asseblief, Don’t be THAT DAD!

  15. Lungi must go see her Sangoma aunt she might make all of this disappear.
    @Ekapa: this is my story- my father cheated on his wife with my mother is was the product his wife was pregnant at the time my sister and I were born months apart. I was told my father denied me in order to protect his marriage. He tried to reach out several times but my mother would here none of it although she had secured herself a husband and claimed to be happy she held on to that bitterness. I eventually met my dad when I was 16 on the verge of being adopted by another man he was able to stop this. However our relationship continued to be a secret because again his wife wanted nothing that reminded her of my dad’s indiscretions. He tried for years to try and get me to meet my other siblings but his wife wouldn’t allow for that until one day my little brother searched for me. You can find anything on the net these days. I met all of them when I was 23. Their mother still wants nothing to do with me and I continue to be a secret. My father assisted financially for the things I asked for such as school fees. My point is I ended up being caught up in the middle of my parents’ issues all 4 of them, I was not there when they met and because no one considered how any of their decisions were going to affect me. Here we are today….I’m left as a bitter 29 year old woman. Who can’t keep a relationship who doesn’t know which clan name to identify with because still today people are protecting their feelings and families instead of acknowledging me “the secret”. I am not exposed to the same benefits my siblings have because of this. Most importantly I’ve lost an opportunity to get to know my father growing up and not because of my doing because of decisions people took when I couldn’t make any myself. I was open to abuse by my step father physical and emotional. 3 suicide attempts later I tried to let go but it’s hard. Ekapa whatever you decide think long and hard of how it’s going to affect your child in the long run. Its sad how most comments here have little concern for this child’s heritage. As far as I know South Africans are deep rooted in culture and ancestors. Answer me this if this child starts to fall sick because “the rich guy’s” ancestors won’t accept him/her is girl A allowed to go seek out Ekapa so that the necessary ceremonies are performed? Be it years later, who would be selfish then? A word loosely used in this forum. Feel free to educate me please

  16. Yhooooo! Hay Lungi’s problems would give me a heart attention. Ndingabhubha bhubhiyane. I feel so exhausted for her.

  17. Thanks you bra Mike

    Lungi inspires me in so many levels shem. So Rudzani wanted Lungi to go down on her and her man😈😈😈😈 wa Penga shem …

    You are being selfish mntasekhaya. You took your friend’s advice because you knew that you have baby B coming, now that Baby B is no longer in the picture you want to claim baby A no it doesn’t work like.
    if you claim baby A you will crush girl B

  18. Kuyamangaza ukuthi imbokodo yonke engafuni ukuthi ubhuti azi ukuthi lomtwana owakhe noma cha. Ingoba abantu bazicangela bona hhai ingane. Ubani ke o selfish laa? Is it the woman yoll protecting cos unendoda or umtwana?

  19. It is very concerning to see a lot of people especially ladies giving such nonsense advice in this column. I mean in a country where there is such a huge outcry regarding fathers abandoning their kids how can one even say this guy is being selfish because he wants to be responsible and be the “Real Man” everyone always cries about? It’s actually sickening to see grown ups think like this SIES niya nyanyisa strue.
    Wena Ekapa you are not being selfish go get that DNA and if the child is yours just step up and be the father you want to be to that child, the other BF will just have to understand that he is a step dad to that child, wena just go and take care of your child.

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